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Title: Anal Joy 3 - Author: Robbie

Published: Jun 3, 2010 - Contact:

Readers of Anal Joy 2 will now know that my wife Kate and I both received anal sex from Tom who we met online. Although only married a few months, we really appreciated each other and enjoyed Tom so much that we saw him on a weekly basis

As our friendship grew, we discussed many things and Tom had many friends who participated in threesomes, gang bangs and group sex. Being so much older than us meant that his experience matched his age and at 58 was 25 years older than Kate.

In the months ahead, Tom introduced us to other bi-sexual men and it was soon common practice for our weekly session to be foursomes. With that meant that I got a regular spit roasting which Kate enjoyed to watch. It was always nice to feel cock in my mouth and arse that Kate was also getting.

Kate's 24th birthday was approaching and would fall on one of our regular Saturdays at Tom's. To suggested that we do something really special and that both of us could be gang banged. This sounded exciting as the 3 men Tom was inviting had already had had us both. There was Jim who was 52, a Terry who was just 40 and another Tom who was 63. Each of them were great and had satisfied Kate and myself completely.

Well Kate's birthday arrived and we shot over to Tom's where the men were waiting, Very soon all the men had just their boxer shorts on whilst I was naked and Kate with just her knickers. Tom (Junior) told me to trust them but they had done this before and it would be exciting.

Before I could answer, the other three had grabbed me and sat me in a chair where I was tied up tight, I was trying to get loose and telling them that I was not happy but they said it would be worth it and just to trust them.

They then placed quilts and pillows on the floor and Kate was a little tearful because I was upset. Each of them said to relax and not to worry and to trust them reminding us that we were not strangers. Tom and Tom sat up by Kate's head and in turn every half minute or so she would stop sucking on one penis for another, meanwhile down below, Terry was fucking Jim as Jim was fucking Kate. After a while it was switch around with Terry removing the condom from fucking Jim. This went on for ages and I found why they had left my hand free, I was wanking and wanking. Tom the older then said it was time to cum, In turn they wanked over Kate's face until they came pushing their cocks deep into Kate's mouth for her to swallow. By now I had come but was hard again in minutes.

My turn would come later and it was great to be fucked by four great fuckers, to suck their cocks was ecstasy and to taste their load like Kate was cracking. Kate loved being fucked by older men and would masturbate whilst I was being fucked. Those men know how to satisfy for sure. Kate certainly saw her birthday in with a bag or should I say we both did.....