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Title: Female Bodybuilder - Author: Greg

Published: Nov 5, 2010 - Contact:

I had always been turned on by female bodybuilders but had never met one up close and personal. After spending countless hours jacking off to pictures and movies of bodybuilders, I decided to meet one by answering an ad in a muscle magazine.

I called Jackie and told her I was interested in the wrestling session she advertised in the magazine. We set up an appointment and she happened to mention that she did topless posing. Needless to say I was really worked up over that.

I arrived at her apartment the next day. She answered the door wearing a towel. No sooner did she shake my hand and let me into the apartment did she say "Well I know what you came to see." And she dropped the towel showing off her muscular body in bikini briefs and a tight workout halter top. She immediately struck a double bicep pose which made my cock stand at attention.

After watching her hot muscles in action for a minute or so, I reminded her that she had mentioned topless posing. "Topless, bottomless, whatever you want", she cooed. She also told me I was welcome to go bottomless myself!

I told her I would keep my underwear on. Then she suggested some wrestling. I had never felt a muscle woman's power before. It was amazing to feel her strength as she easily pinned me down. She asked if I would like to start out on top the next time. My cock was in a frenzy as I rubbed against her incredible thighs.

Jackie noticed my hard-on and asked if I would like to remove my underwear. I certainly did. She then asked what I liked to do with girls when I had them in this position. I nervously said that I like to fuck them. "Well", she said.

I told her I did not feel comfortable going inside her, so she suggested a handjob. She went to the bedroom and got some baby oil as I lay down on a blanket in her living room. She began massaging my cock as I started manipulating her huge clit. I had never seen anything like it. It was beyond the size of any woman I'd ever been with.

I wanted to shoot my load as I alternated between her big clit, her lush breasts and her silky smooth legs and thighs. She asked me if there was anything else I would like. I said that it would really turn me on if I could hear a true story about how she used her muscles against a man.

Jackie, without hesitation, told me about a time she was at the gym and was approached by a large male bodybuilder. He would not leave her alone and made crude comments to her. After he became too fresh, she doubled him over with a shot to the solar plexus. As he reeled, she battered him with five or six blows. She then applied a full nelson until he passed out.

At that, I couldn't take it any more and I shot one of my biggest loads ever. Jackie continued milking my cock until it was completely spent. That was an experience I will never forget.