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Title: Dancing Instructions - Author: StonyPoint

Published: Nov 11, 2010 - Contact:

She laid in the bathtub, smiling, from ear to ear. "They are never ever going to believe me" she said as she rubbed her tummy, then her boobs. She looked at her watch on the counter. "Okay, lunch" and with that she stood up and drained the tub. She closed her eyes, still smiling from the morning's event. "No, not even I can believe this one" she said aloud half laughing at what happened.

Later, at close to 12:45, she sat amongst her three other friends for lunch. They talked. They laughed. They gossiped too. Her mind, more then half the time was elsewhere- His cock in her vagina. She could still feel the orgasms. She smiled at off times. They'd look and wonder. Why is she smiling about that or what is she smiling about None knew yet. It had been two hours ago when he left but Jillian Spain could still feel her neighbors cock inside her pussy. Michael Runnels was his name. Nice boy, she thought. Very good looking too, she told herself. What a body...from top, including his hair all the way to his feet she thought. Mmmmm, I sure will do that again...if the chance comes.

"Are you off in nowhere land Jillian" one of them said.

"Oh...uh...no...just thinking about some...thing" she replied. Ohhh he could fuck, she thought too. Oh, he sure could...

An hour later, two of the three left leaving her best friend Marsha Collins and her. Marsha was talking when Jillian rudely interrupted her. She whispered "I got...fucked today...this morning." At first Marsha didn't hear her or catch on to what she'd said. "Did you hear me Marsha" Marsha shook her head. Jillian whispered again. "I got some action...I was fucked by the nicest...well let's just say I had sex today."

"You had what" Marsha exclaimed.

"You heard me- sex...I had sex with another man" and she paused and then added "a very, very...nice looking and I mean handsome as ever...young man." Marsha looked at her with that "do-tell" look. Jillian, the almost 62 year old mother of three grown children stared back at her but with a mischievous smile on her looks. "Yes...that's right...I had sex and you won't ever believe with whom...either" she said to Marsha.

Marsha threw out at least nine names of guys closer in age to themselves. She was way off. "Well, let me tell you how it all began. Last week I was at this local neighborhood party. There were all these guys...very young men in fact...and me and a few others heard them talking...about some ball, some dance they were going to. It is a formal many of them were invited to but none of them knew how to dance in that elegant manner and were looking for a way to learn. I thought about it thinking I know all that stuff, but I wasn't going to throw my hand up and say 'I could teach you. I know how to dance like that.' I mean no guy wants to dance with a woman like me, right"

Marsha said why wouldn't they Jillian, like Marsha, still had a fantastic figure. She was still extremely young looking...say 10 to 15 years younger looking then she looked. And her frame was still relatively tight and curvy at 62.

They laughed and then Marsha told Jillian to tell her how it all happened. Jillian did. "It all started out truly innocent. He came in, we talked, I discussed the basics of this type of dancing, and from there I turned on the music. We sat, next to one another, I thought this is weird...he smells great, which he did, I knew I smelled great too because of what I put on that morning, and we listened, quietly, to the music he'd be dancing too. We sat close to one another on the couch. It felt great to sit next to a man, again, I told myself. I didn't say anything to him, but I thought those thoughts."

The two smiled as Marsha listened. "Then it was time...to dance. I stood up. I took his hand. I smiled at him. He smile back and showed him how to dance with a lady. This hand here in the air and the other hand 'politely' against her back." Marsha nodded. "As the music played we 'kept our distances' from one another. I watched his eyes, he stared at mine. I didn't know what he was thinking but I thought 'Hey, he's doing okay.'" Jillian laughed a small laugh at this point. "I told him to listen to the music...to feel it...feel its tempo, its warmth...just listen to how it...sends messages, I said. And he did. He actually listened to its rhythm and what its message was to the person listening, and dancing to it."

Jillian became serious faced when she looked at Marsha. Marsha asked what was wrong. "He loved the music as it played on and on. It was rather a romantic piece actually and as we danced, hand in hand, and his other hand behind me, I felt his other hand...moving a little, over my lower back. At first, it was kind of cute, but he was getting attuned to it very quickly. We settled down and he was moving with me, adjusting very quickly. I said something to him, quietly, and he asked that I just quiet down and listen to the intimacy of the music. He said it was great music...as his hand continued moving, slowly, up and down my lower back. I liked how he caressed my lower back and let him play it out for some reason. My eyes eventually closed as I let him take over and lead." And then she, in front of Marsha said "Mmmmmm."

"What...what" Marsha said.

"Well, it got stranger in a neat sort of way." She paused as she recalled the events. "His hand, his other hand, on my back, did something...weird...actually wild, I thought. Before I knew it, his hand, slithered down to my...to my buttocks...and I let it remain there too. Can you believe that Marsha This kid, a 22 or 23 year old started to come on to me. He...actually was...coming on...to me, Marsha...or so I thought he might be."

"Noooo way" Marsha said.

Jillian looked into Marsha's eyes and nodded yes, but with smile on her lips too. "I found myself liking it...a lot too. Before I knew it, we were against one another's bodies. It was not only fascinating but it was...it was...ooohh Marsha...it was moving as...as hell. I felt him, against me, pulling at me with his hands. His body, it felt tighter against me then I can ever recall too. But even weirder then that...I found myself wanting more...more and I found myself pulling back at him, wanting to feel his...manhood, his body all over me."

They looked at one another with amazement. "I do not know how the rest started but somehow...god only knows...somehow...we were getting into it all. He dropped my hand and pulled me against him. His arms, his hands were fully around me, dancing a slow dance with me as the music played." She paused and thought about it. "God, he was exciting and wonderful and romantic as hell Marsha. Before I knew it he and I were staring into one another's eyes as the music kept on. He held me close and get this...I started having those...feelings." Her voice got a little louder for a moment. "OH GOD, MARSHA...MARSHA..." and then it lowered again "I was...horny. He had me feeling like I was...horny. Do you have any idea at all how long it's been since I've felt...horny like that Do you...do you Marsha"

Marsha had no idea but knew she'd love to meet this guy and wanted to ask Jillian the guy's name. Marsha smiled and giggled too at the thought. "Before either of us knew it, this guy's hands were all over me, and not in your typical manner. He rubbed my back and my ass, of course, but before I knew it, his hands were beginning to crawl around to the front of me as he gazed steadily into my eyes." She looked at Marsha deeply. "He looked at me as his hands rubbed, first my tummy, and then I let him caress soon...rub my tits. I can't believe I did that, but" and she became suddenly louder "IT FELT INCREDIBLY...SUPERB" she said to Marsha. Marsha now was horny as hell too just listening to the story Jillian was telling her. A grand smile settled on Jillian's face. "Before I knew it, I was letting him feel me...all over" and then she let her eyes direct Marsha's eyes down at her pussy. Jillian smiled and nodded. "Yes, down there for one... against my dress...and do you know what...I put my hand against his. I pressed down on it harder... I mean against my vagina." She looked at her friend and said "I so wanted something to occur this morning at that point and it did too."

"IT REALLY HAPPENED" Marsha said loud enough for the area around them to hear.

"Oh my god...yes...it did. Before I knew it we were dancing close and I mean very close as his hand began pulling up my dress. I let him...I REALLY LET HIM TOO." She paused and looked around. Let's pay and get out of here. Let me tell you the rest of it." They paid and tipped and walked down the street. Seeing as it was a nice day, they took a walk around town. "He was rubbing me around the vagina. I was letting him. He rubbed my ass. I let him do that too. And all of a sudden, the young man was rubbing my breasts and I couldn't...I couldn't and didn't stop him from doing it either. I didn't want to. To feel him, to feel that...something I haven't felt in" and she took a deep breath and said "in god...almost a decade since Richard died, I could not stop that from happening. He felt my body all over and my clothes were still on. I wanted them off as soon as possible if anything was going to happen."

She looked out into no where as they walked remaining silent for a moment. Then she started telling the rest of the story. "I was so aroused by that point I took his hands and placed them against my tits. I kept them there as I looked, happily, into his eyes, and I pressed them harder then ever to emphasize to him I wanted him. I wanted this to happen. Before long he was rubbing and squeezing my boobs while we danced and listened to the music." She felt his presence as they walked as if they were doing it again.

She was horny, again, but happy too. "Before long, I felt his hands grabbing at my dress, and I wanted it removed so I did it for him. He didn't stop me either. I wore this long slip, for some reason underneath, but when the dress finally came off...his eyes seemed to light up once he saw me in it. For whatever reason...I knew I had won this one over and I knew I had the young man for the morning." Jillian smiled brilliantly.

"I undid his shirt and pulled it off him. I started feeling his chest and then started kissing it too...as well as his shoulders, and get this... I even kissed and rubbed his stomach and he let me. Can you believe that He let me do all these things to his upper body." She paused and went on to say "I so wanted him. I so wanted him... I could feel this...hunger for him inside me. I was feeling him and his...his flesh with my own hands and fingers, and I was tasting his upper body with my...tongue. I was standing there...and I was kissing this guy's chest and all. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, god Marsha...I so wanted sex with this young, sweet man and my body...me...my whole being was saying...get this 'do it...fuck him...fuck him all over' or something like that." She paused again. "But here he is. He kept caressing me and before I knew it he turned around so that my back and his front were against one another and we swayed back and forth as he held me close and tight and he was shirtless and I was in my slip...to that music we danced too. His arms" and she closed her eyes "were around me. He was...get this...holding me against his body, firmly, and we snuggled like that for a few minutes. It felt great. It felt awesome as ever Marsha. But before I knew it, he was raising my slip up...over my head."

They continued to walk. "His arms held me closely as we danced. He was a gentleman Marsha...a real gentleman...and also one great lover. He felt my body all over. He was astonishing, I thought, how he played with my body as we danced back and forth. He was...incredible. Everything about this morning was remarkable. I mean before I knew it, somehow, our clothes came off, except of course my underwear and bra and his cute tight and I mean tight boxers." She stopped and turned and looked at Marsha. "I took one look at what was inside those boxers" and her eyes grew wider "and I knew" nodding her head "this young man had some 'tools' Marsha. He...had...one...hell of a...tool inside there."

"Was it...big like you said it was" Marsha asked.

Jillian nodded. "And once I felt it...and yes, I put my hands inside his underwear...I think my eyes were closed. Yes, they were closed. I put my hand inside his boxers, then my fingers around his, oh I don't know, this...this monster of a penis" and she paused and emphasized the words "OH MY LORD MARSHA...he has one big...he has one big load of a penis! Should I use that word His...dick, or cock, for something that big... Oh I don't mean that it was humongous, but it had...length and it had thickness and I played with it too. He let me. I was...ohhh Marsha...I played with it and I played with it and he loved it too. He never thought a woman, my age, knew how to do that sort of thing I think but as I did it, I smiled up into his eyes as if I was very experienced at it. What woman isn't" Both smiled at her words. "Finally, I pulled his boxers down, and off him too, and I looked at it and at him...and well you know...I got down on my knees, Marsha and I..."

They looked at one another as Jillian prepared to tell her "I put my lips on it. I really did." She thought back to the morning hours as she went on to say "I licked his dick Marsha. I actually licked and put his dick into my mouth." She paused, thinking about it then said "It was...incredible to feel it inside my mouth and when I licked it...when I licked his cock...ohhhhhhh Marsha...Marsha...I got him hard as ever. I got it very, very erect." She smiled once she said it thinking of that moment.

"He absolutely loved it. He never once stopped me except when I asked that he lick out my uhhh...pussy, which he did without question. Our clothes now were completely off once he spread me out on the bed. He spread out my legs and... Yes, I know, you think about vaginal hair...well lately...get this...I'd been shaving-"

"You...shave" Marsha said interrupting her. Jillian shrugged saying yes. "At 62 you shave, really" Jillian nodded again with a smile.

She went on with her story. "He is...good Marsha...really good too. He made me easily begin to cum as he played with my clitoris and as he fingered it too. Ohhhhhhh...when he fingered me down there...when he played with...my clit...ohhhhhhh it was...it was...it was so astounding...just utterly astounding. I felt his tongue and fingers...instantly. I wanted so much more. My body did things to me internally I never ever felt it do to me before. Oh god...it's like I can feel him down there...now, almost" she said.

"He went on and sucked my boobs as he fingered me too. He squeezed them. He made love to my body all over. How he did things...how he...ohhh how he...fucked my...pussy...ohhhhhhh god how he fucked me, Marsha" she said. "Somehow his cock went up inside and I don't even remember when it did, but when it did let it stay in me."

She stopped and looked at Marsha with a committed look on her face. "He fucked me all over...I mean from the side, from behind, from the front, and I even...I even sat on top of his body... My boobs, they bounced...can you picture that...my boobs, they bounced when we fucked like that- him lying down and me on top of him"

Marsha was horny as ever wishing she was as lucky like Jillian was. She wanted what Jillian had. She wanted it badly too. Jillian continued. "I mean picture yourself on a guy. A young guy too and he's doing you...fucking you from every position possible. And get this...he's doing, playing with your breasts at the very same time. Also, I'd be holding his hands as they played with my tits."

At that moment, Jillian almost put a hand to her own boob as she recalled the moment. "But feeling...that cock inside me was...ohhhhhhh god...god...there aren't enough words to describe it at all." Jillian closed her eyes for a moment. "I felt so alive having that time with him as my sexual partner, so to speak. He fucked me like a real man should and he fucked me with the greatest respect I thought. He fucked me for a long time and he fucked me hard too, I think. And get this...I came three times, if you can believe that"

"Ohhh god Jillian... I want a man like him. I soooo want that man...I don't care how young he is....I really don't care...I'd have sex with him" Marsha said.

"I so want him to do it again too Marsha" Jillian came back. "I mean he did me, an older woman and-"

"You are not an old woman and you surely don't look it either" Marsha said cutting her off. "I can attest to that."

"Yes, I suppose so now that you say that. I mean...he did fuck me didn't he"

"Yes he did...you lucky goat you" Marsha said. They laughed a long laugh.

"OH...OH MY...god... It's him...there...over there...there" Jillian said as she pointed towards him, wondering what to do next.

He saw her and smiled and waved. He turned and headed in their direction. Both ladies grew excited as the young and very handsome man smiled as he headed towards them. As casually as anyone saying hi to another person he said "Hi Jillian...thanks for that dance lesson this morning. It's going to be real helpful I think." The three of them smiled at one another as his eyes meandered over Marsha' mature figure. "And you are" asking Jillian for an introduction.

"Oh, I'm sorry," and Jillian introduced the two of them. "Marsha, he is the young man who I mentioned wanted that dance lesson. He's a very good student" Jillian said as she and Michael Runnels gazed upon one another knowing their little secret.

"Oh and I have to get myself some more singing lessons too, and soon" Michael said.

"Singing, really...you sing do you" Marsha asked. Michael said yes, sort of, as a hand hit Marsha's body, at least twice. "I was quite the singer in my day...maybe I can help you with that...I mean...that's if you want some help with your singing and all" Marsha told him.

His eyes ambled over her body, again. He'd been smiling and looked into her eyes. "Oh sure of course I would. I'd love that...I mean if it's not too much bother of course" and with that Marsha gave Michael her phone number hoping for the same things to happen to her that happened with Jillian. He said he'd call her and thanked her again, as well as Jillian, and then he walked away.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh Jillian...am I going to get as lucky as you were"

"I don't know but if his hands do what they did to me, for me...you're in for a wonderful and I mean wonderful treat Marsha" Jillian replied.

They laughed all the way back to their cars and said goodbye...and good luck too.