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  • Runners
  • Published: Jan 16, 2011
  • Author: StoneyPoint
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  • Category: Short stories
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About: "She climbed all over my body kissing me everywhere and I could feel her boobs pressing firmly into my chest"

Title: Runners

I remember it well. All too well in fact, to be honest. That day, four years ago, I started walking, daily, and after work I enjoyed the freshness the open weather provided me. However, it was not enough so I jogged, a little, and then I jogged more...and then more after that. Still, it wasn't enough. I jogged more but before I knew it I started running. Harder and harder and longer too. Within months, I was running for an hour plus a day.

The traffic was a bitch. It always slowed me down. It was terrible but I was losing some weight and also toning up my body. Still that traffic was my only restriction. I had to find somewhere else to run, to jog, and even walk if I needed...but mainly I was only running.

I suited up. Running shirt, jogging shorts, socks, and then I tied my shoes. I stretched and prepared myself for my evening run. Ready, I asked myself. Ready, I told myself. Good. Let's go. Before I knew it, I was running the opposite way, and I headed for the park. Wow. Lot's of cars here, I thought as I entered it. I made my way. I continued to run. I was doing well...real well...running, slowly, but running nonetheless. Great. Cool. Nice breeze. Sunny. Hardly any people, or so I thought, but nonetheless hardly any people.

I rounded the corner. Whoa! Damn! Look at that...that crowd of...women. There had to be at least...20 or so women running. Whoa! All of them were running. I stayed behind. Yep, I slowed down, a little. I watched. Legs upon legs upon legs. Mmmmm, nice legs. Really nice legs too. And then my eyes decided to move. Yes. They moved...that's right. You guessed it. They went to the "Twin Peaks" of nature.

Asses upon asses upon asses. I slowed down even more. Now I was jogging but watching and yes, I was pleasurably seeking the best ass in the group. I searched, as did two other men who I caught up with. They turned and smiled. They nodded as their eyes looked ahead. They looked at each other and then at me. They both smiled and nodded, again. Yes. I came to the right place. These women were on display or they came here so they now could display their physiques. I came to the right place.

Quietly, I said to my new running mates "Uh...nice landscapes...right"

They looked at me and nodded as they remained behind the numerous behinds. Mmmm. I had to agree wholeheartedly. They were wholesome and more then shapely asses, and bodies. Oh yes they were but I was not there to watch and be pleasured. I told my running mates that and I sped up. I started running around the women's group.

"Well hello there" I heard and then I heard more...and more hellos.

"Hi ladies...nice evening...isn't it" I said as I looked at a few nice looking faces.

"Well that you've arrived...I think it is" I heard. Maybe they sped up. Because they stayed close behind me and I heard their feet on the pavement or running course. I kept pace. They stayed behind me. This was interesting. I ran and finished my run. The night, well it was an interesting say the least. "You come here often" I heard. I was bent over, catching my breath when I heard the words.

"Nooo" I said as I straightened up. "First timer" I told what turned out to be an adorable looking young 30 year old. I had no idea if she was married or not. I had no idea if she had kids. I looked at both her hands. Nothing, so far. "What about you" I asked.

"Oh no...been here for months. Something to do. It's fun. All sorts of...people come" she said, offering a nice smile to boot. I that why she comes "Like you for instance" she went on to add. "It's nice that guys use this facility too."

"Why's that" I asked.

"You know" she said. I think she assumed I came for great social interaction. No I didn't. I came to run. "I mean...that's why we come here...the others and I. We run...well jog, I suppose, and well some men have come. They run. They enjoy the...the quality of the surroundings. We like the quality of the surroundings too." She smiled some more. I liked the tone of her voice. "It's a very, very nice place to come to after work...don't you think" she told me.

I caught a glimpse of her breasts. Nice boobs. Pert. Quality. Succulent too Yes, succulent too...that is if she and I, well you know...she and I...never mind. That thought was going nowhere, quickly. "Yes. It is a very nice place. Great surroundings too. I'll agree with you there." I nodded, smiled also, and we stopped speaking momentarily as we kind of stared at each other.

"I'm Tricia" she said. "And" her hand came out "you are" I told her. "Gary...nice name. I like it" and she smiled some more. Her eyes did not trail off mine. What was happening here Was she trying to pick me up I looked around. Almost all her friends were gone, except a few. They were doing the same thing as Tricia...speaking to men that were running. This was new. Picking up guys at parks like this, instead of bars or clubs. "Maybe I will see you out here tomorrow or later this week What time do you normally come out I'm here at around 5:30, 5:45 at the latest."

I told her the same time. By that point, I had already checked out all of her, but I thought she probably did the same to me too. I smiled because I thought that. But before I knew it something weird started happening- I started seeing her all over the place. And I mean everywhere. When she saw me, every time, she waved and smiled and it seemed to me she'd watch me walk away as if studying my every feature...not that I'd look back or anything, but I could feel her eyes on me...looking at me.

There she was again, the very next day, and the next day, and the next day...everywhere too. Sometimes it even seemed as if I'd seen her twice in a day. Weird but true, I'd see her and when I did, she looked...good...really good. Slacks, skirts, and really short ones too...some were tight. Some outfits hugged her body showing off her ass and hips and of course her tits as well. Her luscious boobs appeared as if truly crying out for me. I knew, in the back of my head that I now wanted to ask her out. If that was the case and she wanted me to ask her out...why hadn't she asked me out first

"Gary" she called out as we walked outside but not together "I'm not sure this is appropriate but" and she stalled, pausing to ask the question anyway "I have a question for you" I had stopped and turned around. I said yes and smiled, congenially. She looked away but looked back. "Are anyone" Strange question but I said no. "Would you be interested, at all, in going out sometime, with me"

My heartbeat soared. I felt warm, all over. I was getting way ahead of myself here. To me all of a sudden I could feel the woman next to me, in bed, naked too, and all I wanted was to play around. Not necessarily all out sex, but good old playful romantic sex including foreplay and all that. Yes, I was getting ahead of myself.

"I'd love to Tricia" and I looked right at her and nodded.

She smiled, told me a couple dates she was available, and I agreed to both. She laughed and said she'd start out with one of them and she'd see about the other or others. I picked her up. We went to dinner. We had a very nice dinner. Then she dropped the bombshell on me.

"Do you enjoy sex" she asked.

She stunned me. Hell yes. Do I enjoy sex Hell yes. "Sure...doesn't everybody" I said.

" do I. Care to go back to my place, spend a few hours with me. I think it would be fun, wouldn't you" she came back.

I felt hot all over. I wanted her more then ever. I wanted sex with her, and all her friends for that matter. Was this a good beginning You bet your ass it was. Let's pay and get it started. I paid and we left.

Her hands were all over my arm as I drove back to her place. She felt seductive, warm, and more alluring to me then all the other times we'd seen one another. I felt it. My body tingled. I felt it so much that the tingling pangs of grandeur coursed through me...straight to my thighs more to the point. My cock felt the needs. My urges urged it all on.

"Feel my crotch" I suddenly whispered.

"What" she said. I repeated myself. She felt it, my erection, instantly. "Oooooohh, nice Gary...real nice" and with that, she took hold of my hardened cock and squeezed it. "Did you like that" she asked, sweetly. "I did."

I tightened up all over. My ass firmed up. So did my thighs. I wanted to reach over and feel her beautiful pointy boobs. I wanted to feel all of her body...all of it. I could have pulled over and started stripping her clothes off...if I was some high school kid not knowing what he was doing, but I did. I waited. I waited some more.

I grew hungrier then hell for her, for this as we came closer, and closer to her house. Finally, we pulled in. She didn't get out. I didn't either. We turned and looked at each other. She smiled. "Guest house" she said. She had a guest house. On this small property Yes she did and before we even got out of the car, she leaned in and her lips presented me with what I called a battalion of an attack on mine. She sweetly sucked me in and I loved how they did it too. I couldn't, if I wanted to, pull away. This woman was good...real good too. I felt her tongue. It was soft and intruding as she sucked me down into her throat. She sucked me into her kingdom as our arms enveloped one another and we went at each other's lips right there in my car.

I could have, without thinking, fucked her right there on the spot. "God, this...this is amazing. You're amazing" I said. She wholeheartedly agreed. She sucked me back into her mouth and as she did her hand found mine and quickly placed it down inside her thighs. "Ohhhhh...god...I'm...horny as hell."

"Me too honey. Me too" she said. "Let's go" and she kissed me, again, and as a result we stayed another five minutes, kissing heavily.

Inside her guest house, our clothes were off. Inside that guest house, she climbed all over my body, kissing me, rustling with me, everywhere, and as he kissed I could feel her boobs pressing firmly into my chest. Seeing as I was hard, and horny, I pressed my almost naked body into hers...and I heard her moan each time I did. I pulled away, slightly. She smiled but didn't let up a bit.

Her hand sliced underneath his boxers, moving swiftly, I felt it inside the cheeks of my ass. God her hand felt awesome in there. My body moved about as I felt it crawling slowly inside it...mmmmm, that was awesome. But before I knew it, her hand moved to the others side...inside my legs. I felt her fingers touching my hard cock. Ohhhh shit, yeah I thought. Take it...take it and...and hold it, squeeze it too...NOW, but she didn't.

She looked at me, smiling as if a very experienced woman. It was like she knew what she was doing and she knew what she wanted. Suddenly, I felt her hand again. This time it took hold of mine and she placed it against her bra but looked at my face and smiled some more as s he pressed my hand into her breasts. I tingled more. I so wanted to cum. I hoped she did too. I felt her boobs. I played with them as intimately as I thought I could. I had fun as I looked at them and tinkered around with them. She let me too. Of course she did. That's what she wanted. Sex. But foreplays is always a good thing...always.

Playing not only with her tits, and she with my chest was good. We hugged. We played. We kissed. We toyed around, a lot, but before I knew it...her bra was off and on the floor. So were her cute panties. Yes, she shaved it. Yes, my fingers played around down there. Yes, I fingered her clit. And yes, I eased my way inside it. The walls of her pussy were awesome. It was tight. It was wet. It wanted me, badly. She took me to the bedroom and we went at it.

"Lick me out" I heard her say quietly.

I did. I licked her out and eventually went inside that hungry warm cunt of hers. She tasted delicious...extremely delicious. I kept doing it. She seemed to love it too. I squeezed her ass with my hands, as she moved, and as I ate her out. God, this was way to good to be true I thought. But we kept at it. We kept at it, for sure. My hands floated about her. My hands, as I kept eating her out, reached up and I felt and squeezed her breasts. Her nipples were hard. I stopped eating her out and climbed her body. I was all over her boobs, especially her nipples. She cried out, more then enough times as her body rose and fell and rose and fell and shifted for more and more.

I was hard. I was horny. I hoped she was ready. I was. I moved in, or my cock did, and she naturally split her legs for me as I pushed inward...into her pussy. "Ohhhh...Gary..." and she wailed loudly as I went in further. "OH...GARY...OH...MY GOD...YES GARY...YES" she cried out as she pulled on me to go in further. I couldn't. I was all the way in. All the way. She felt incredible. Thick, warm, wet, and here I was...her man for the night. "I love this...I love you" she said, surprising the hell out of me. Now, what do I say back to her

I said nothing as we fucked and we fucked hard. She screamed and screamed as I plowed down into her more and more. She held on to me. She reached out and held on to blankets and then sheets and then me again. This was real good.

She came again and as she did, I could feel it. I was ready to come. Badly too... "I'm...I am going to...cum Tricia" I called out.

"Then...cum...inside me baby. Do it. Now" she said.

So I did. I let it blow. Inside her, my cock released all it had stored up and it flowed all over her beautiful, luscious cunt. She took hold of me and brought me down on top of her. Before I knew it, her lips were all over me, again. Finally, we stopped. She pulled me close and whispered.

"You and I have to go out again...that is...if my husband goes out of town, again soon."

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