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Title: The Game After the Game - Author: Ric

Published: Jun 24, 2013 - Contact:

My wife and I have an open marriage and also like to play S and M games together where Karen, my wife, is the dominatrix and I am the submissive. It is not serious and is quite light hearted and does not feature in our day to day lives. Both of us hold responsible public sector jobs. We like to remain anonymous and keep our proclivities discreet.

Karen dresses in red and black corset with elaborate embroidery when we role play. Our sessions are restricted to when Karen wears this corset. Typically Karen tells me to perform task for her pleasure. Such things as preparing drinks and food, giving her full body massage, tickling and, washing and massaging her feet.

Last Saturday afternoon I got home from work and Karen was waiting for me in the lounge. She was wearing a black satin robe over the corset and, black lace topped thigh high stockings with black patent leather heels. She looked stunning and I felt my heart rate race and a tingle of arousal shoot through my body to my cock.

Karen said, "Come". I followed her upstairs in a strip stream of elegant perfume and the swing and thrust of her buttocks.  In the bedroom she looked at me and said, "Strip". I enjoy my wife speaking like this to me during role plays and, I eagerly removed all my clothing. Karen then threw a pair of white lacey satin knickers to me and commanded, "Put those on". I was now sporting a massive erection which the panties just contained. My wife smirked and said, "Yes I thought you would like those." And I did. They even had a pretty ribbon bow on the front.

My wife then sat on a chair and told me to massage her feet. I knelt before her and removed her shoes and stockings as she raised each leg in turn. As she did this the robe fell open revealing that she was not wearing and knickers herself. I also noticed that she had cropped her pubic hair very short so that the shape and form of her sex could be clearly seen.

Using an expensive moisturizer I massaged my wife's feet thoroughly and she was clearly enjoying my work. Karen allowed the robe to fall away and parted her thighs. She then applied the cream to her vagina and began to masturbate while I continued to massage her feet. A damp spot appeared in the front of 'my' panties as pre-come began to ooze from my swollen aching cock. In short order Karen reached her climax and stood by the bed.

I now knew it was my turn for some sexual relief. Karen commanded in a husky voice, "Get on the bed." I obeyed and lay on my back. Karen stripped the panties away from me. She twirled the flimsy knickers around her finger while she appeared to be considering something. She then picked up her stockings and tied my hands to the bed frame. She then placed the knickers into my mouth. All I could do was groan as my cock stood like a flag pole from my body.

Karen then straddled me, took hold of my organ and guided it to her opening. The ever so slowly lowered herself until completely impaled on it. My wife then gently rocked back and forth. After a moment she began to manipulate her labia and clitoris with her fingers until again climaxing, but this time I could feel her orgasms one after another as her vagina made muscular spasms with her pleasure. Karen will sometimes do this and is almost insatiable when she is in this mood. Karen leant forward so her hair brushed and tickled my face and chest while at the same time moving sensually up and down on my penis. As my breathing became more rapid Karen watched my face carefully.

The as my moment of release approached she got off me. She stood and moved to the dresser, where she brushed her hair, touched up her makeup and slipped into a short black cocktail dress. She untied me and put her stockings back on. Karen plucked the panties from my mouth and said, "Put those back on: While putting her shoes on she casually announced, "I'm going out for a while." She picked up a small matching clutch bag and my car keys and handed me a list of jobs. Karen then said, "I want those done while I'm out." She then gave me stern look and said, "Don't touch yourself either while I'm out or you won't have any fun with me for a long long time. Clear"

With that my wife left. While I was moving about the house dressed only in the white panties doing chores I wondered what my wife was doing and with who.

My midnight I had done all the jobs and went to bed. About 8am I was woken when Karen returned. Karen's hair was trussed in and in disarray which made her even sexier. Her lip stick was gone. She was carrying the corset, stockings and shoes.

Karen removed her dress and dress and was no naked. She slid into the bed next to me and as she did I could smell semen. My penis sprang to life and my need to have her now was intense. Karen removed my panties and gently stroked my cock and balls. She then asked, "Would you like me to tell you about my night" In a choked and hoarse voice I replied, "Yes. Tell me everything."  Karen told me to, "Climb on while I tell you. You'll like that won't you" My wife knows I get a thrill from being cuckolded and by way of answer I moved between her legs and slid full length into her. It was obvious without a word that she had had unprotected sex. The sensation of a wet, loose, well prepared vadge and the unique silky smooth feeling of semen is unmistakable. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

I took my time and actively delayed my own orgasm savoring the physical feeling of pleasure and the psychological thrill of the adulterous and illicit act my wife was describing to me.

She described how she had gone to the football club and met Susan, her boss from work there. I know Susan and her husband are into the same lifestyle as Karen and I because my wife had used me to introduce Susan to it. That is another story though. The club was busy after the day's games. Karen and Susan sat at the bar where the men buying drinks could readily enjoy the sight of her cleavage and stocking clad lace topped thighs.

One of the players had caught her eye and she had noticed him looking at her so ever so discretely she moved on the stool so her dress rode up and by crossing hers legs so so gave him a glimpse of her vadge. Karen knew he had seen her because he knocked his drink over.

Karen and Susan had gone to his table where Karen apologized saying, "Was that my fault I'm soo soorry." The boys were confused and awkward at first but settled into talking to, perving on, and ultimately touching up the two wives. Karen and Susan asked two of the keenest boys to come to a nearby motel with them so they could congratulate them on their days win. They leapt at the offer.

At the motel Susan and Karen talked the boys into doing strip tease for them music on their phones. Telling them that it turned them on. They then conned the boys into posing in compromising gay positions telling them that guys liked to see girl on girl action and it was the same for women to watch boy on boy action and, if they did they would do anything they wanted. While Karen directed the action and distracted them Susan got the video on her phone.

The ladies were as good as their word though and did a strip tease for the boys. Susan then took first pick of the boys and the queen size bed (as Karen's boss) and Karen got the king single. Karen described it as vigorous vanilla sex, but still exiting because of their youth and that two couples were copulating at the same time in the same room.  The young athletes stamina and virility also added to the experience when they swapped beds and the wives got to experience both players. They checked out relatively early because it doesn't pay to be out and about like this in broad day light.

I was now close to my much delayed release and was put over the edge as my mind imagined what my wife now told me. The boys had invited them to the change room after this Saturday's game to 'meet' the rest of the team. Karen had teasingly asked if women were allowed in there with all those naked men around. Her new friend assured her, "Sure girls often do it. Most of the guys make the most of it too." My orgasm as I pictured my wife being gang banged by the whole team was intense and lasted a long time. Karen gave a throaty chuckle and said, "Good hubby. It's right to share. I might have a special treat for you next Saturday."