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Title: First Time for My Wife and I - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Oct 12, 2013 - Contact:

I have known my wife since school and started dating in our late teens and she has never had sex with anyone but me I have often talk to her about if she ever wondered if she was missing out by never having sex with anyone else , she has always said no she was happy with having just me.

So what I am about to tell you took me by surprise.

We have some good friends Graham & Diana who we have both know since school and every Wednesday my wife Patricia and Diana would go out for a girls evening out while Graham & me would settle down with beer and a film or two.

Once the girls had gone we would get out the porn DVD's sit back on the sofa and would be ready for a evening of porn film's and it would normally end with us getting our cocks out and having a wank.

This night was no different and Graham said I can not stand it any more I have got to have a wank so he stood up and dropped his jeans and pants sat back down and started to rub his cock.

Well I followed and there we were sitting on the sofa legs wide apart wanking and watching the film, Graham's cock was about 10" long and 5 to 6" thick much bigger than mine at 7" and 3 1/2" thick.

We had always up and till now only ever wanked ourselves but tonight Graham said can I wank you Dave I have always wanted to know what another man's cock feels like I was a bit taken back but said if you want so Graham moved up next to me and put his hand around my shaft and started to work his hand up and down and I have to say it felt so good totally different to when Pat does it and I said this to Graham, he turned to me and said how about you showing me then so I took this monster cock into my hand and I could hardly get my fingers around it and I said god I wish I had a cock this big.

Graham just put his head back as I rubbed my hand up and down his long shaft he was starting to breath heavy as I was what we did not hear was the door open and Pat and Di walk in how long they had been there I don't know but we heard Pat say to Di got how do you take that massive cock and Di said you get use to it Graham and I jumped up and started to pull up our pants and jeans Pat and Di both said together don't be shy boys carry on you did not think we did not know what you got up to when we are out did you but we must admit we did not know you wanked each other we both said that this was the first time we had done it.

Pat shocked me by saying come on get them off and carry on while we go and get into something more comfortable I just stood there with mouth open wide but after a few seconds Graham dropped his trousers again so I followed but this time stripped completely and sat back down on the sofa and we got back into the film and we started to wank each other again just like we had been told to.

About five minutes later Pat and Di can back into the room Pat had dressed in her stocking and suspenders with a nice frilly bodice and Di had stocking and suspenders with a bra with nipple holes that she had borrowed from Pat, they came round and stood in front of us and just stood there watching us and said go on keep at it boy's we don't want you going soft on us.

I said there's no fucking chance of that with you to sexy fuckers standing there like that they turned and looked at each other and then leaned in and kissed each other I could not believe it Pats hand went up and cupped Di's breast and squeezed it and we heard Di give a little moan as my wife pushed her tongue inside Di's mouth, I looked at Graham and like me he just sat there with his mouth open at what we were seeing.

Pat pulled Di close and they hugged each other while still kissing and I saw Pat's hand go round to undo Di's bra and she pulled it round and over her arms and letting it fall to the ground I could only see Di's tits from side on but from what I could see they were very firm and I would not call them small but not big either her nipples were dark brown and must have been about 3/4" long and rock hard then Di did the same to Pat now my wife's tit are big but firm and her nipples are light and not as long as Di's but just as hard.

Pat bent down and took one of Di's nipples into her mouth and sucked it in and nibbled on it making Di grown out loud while Pat was doing this, Di had both of Pats tit in each hand and was squeezing her nipples between her thumb and fingers I knew Pat would love that as it has always turned her on, Pat saw panting hard by now and and she dropped to her knees and started to undo the suspenders holding Di's stocking up when she had undo them on each leg she began to slowly roll her stocking down her legs kissing her inner thighs as she went Di had cupped both her breasts and was pinching her own nipples and had her eyes close and moaning very loudly her legs were starting to shake with pleasure.

Pat then completely had Di standing before her nude I could see that Di's pussy was shaven and Pat but her hand between Di's legs and moved them apart lent forward and placed her mouth on Di's pussy Di let go of her tits and placed her hands on the back of Pats head pushing her hard against her pussy we could hear Pat licking and slurping at her and Di's moans got loader and loader and them she screamed as she came into my wife's mouth we could hear Pat drinking Di's juices and I could stand no more and shot my load, it shot up all over my chest and nipples and Graham's hand, Graham shocked me by just lifting his hand and licking it clean and then smiling at me and said MMMmmm very nice Dave.

He then lent forward and started to lick my chest and licked up all the cum I had shot and when he reached my nipples he sucked it into his mouth biting on it while flicking his tongue over the end I was going dizzy with the pleasure and I was still wanking his big rock hard cork, when Graham sat back up Di had gotten Pat Undress fully and for the first time ever she was naked in front of another man and she seamed to be enjoying showing her self of.

Now Pat as I said has big tits and she has a jet black hairy pussy and I could see that his eyes were out on storks looking at my wife's cunt and what it had to offer, Di told pat to lie on the floor and spread her legs and she done just that and Di got into a 69 with my wife and she sat her pussy right down on Pats face and Pat went straight to work eating her out again, Di lowered her head and placed her arms round under Pat's legs she pulled her cunt wide open and just dived into Pats wet cunt forcing her tongue into her Pat screamed Yes Yes O God Yes her whole body was shaking as Di worked on her and she shoved two fingers into her as Pat cum and cum she was still screaming and her body went ridged as her climax when though her.

If was Graham's turn now shooting his load and by god what a load as he can he turned to me and it shot all over me and him we were both coved and I did not think a man could shoot so much but as Graham had licked me clean I only felt it right I tried to do the same for him as I lent forward to lick him he said just because I licked you clean you do not have to do that to me, I just pushed him back and lowered my head and started to lick and to my surprise it tasted nice salty but nice and I just kept on licking and drinking it down and but what I could hear Di had just cum again with load screams.

By this time I was getting hard again and as I still had cum from Graham over me Graham pushed me back and told me to lay down on the sofa which I did Pat and Di were now fingering each other like made while rolling around the floor, Graham knelt on the floor and bent over me and started to lick me clean once more this time he had started with my nipples and really went to town on them biting and pulling them between his teeth making me moan and I pushed his head down onto them so he knew I liked what he was doing then he slowly started to lick and kiss me as he went down over me and when he reached my now sniffing cock I could not believe it when he took it into his mouth and started to give me a blow job.

I let out a long moan of pleasure as the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat and I saw Pat and Di look up the look on Pat's face was priceless as she watched Graham give my a good sucking by now he had cupped my balls in his hands and was kneading them.

In the corner of my eye I saw Pat & Di stand up and started to walk over to us and the next thing I knew was Pat had got down on her back and was sliding between Graham's legs, Graham gave out a moan so I knew Pat had either taken hold of his cock or started to lick it Di then got onto the sofa knelt over me and lowered her wet,dripping, pussy onto my face and started to rub it back and forth filling my mouth with her juice, Pat had never shaved her pussy so eating this one was a real treat and my tongue was working over time pushing it's way into this wonderful sweet tasting cunt.

Graham must have been getting a good blow job from Pat as he kept taking my cock from his mouth and saying 'O' my got Pat that is Bloody fantastic then he would go back to sucking and wanking my cock, Di gave out a cry as her body shuddered as she came into my mouth and by now my face and neck were drenched in her cum as her final climax ripped though her she forced herself down on me making sure that I got all of her juice's down into me and I was sorry when that wonderful smooth pussy was lifted from my face Di got of and than lent over me and kissed me fully on the lips licking her own juices from inside my mouth.

As she pulled away I shouted out that I was coming again a Graham just took all of my cock into his mouth and I shot my load down the back of his throat when I was finished he raised his head and look at his wife Di and opened his mouth it was full of my cum and she went over to him and kissed him and she took the cum from his mouth and drank it down, she wiped her mouth on her arm and said god Graham that tastes as good as yours she had a very wicked smile on her face.

Pat was still between Graham's leg and as I sat up I could see she was taking 3/4 of Graham's cock into her mouth and was also playing with his balls and by the noises Graham was making I knew it would not be long before he filled her mouth with his sticky sweet cum, Di got behind he and put her arms round him and started to pinch his nipples pulling them hard she then sat down on Pats grinding her pussy into hers soon Graham shouted out and filled my wife's mouth with the first lot of another man's cum if there was as much cum as there had been when I wanked Graham off I knew Pat was going to have a hard time swallowing that lot I could she her drinking as much as she could but it was spilling from the corners of her mouth.

I said to Graham did he know that he was the first man to ever cum into my wife's mouth apart from me, he looked surprised but said well I am glad she let me as she sure knows how to give one hell of a blow job, I smiled and said yes I taut her well and also said that this was the first time that she had even been in a room naked with another man as she had only ever been with me let alone with a man and a woman.

Pat was now licking all the cum from Graham's slowly softening cock and she took a moment to say that she did not know what came over her tonight when she saw us wanking each other but she was Bloody glad it did as she said that it was great to have another man's cock in her mouth and to taste his cum shooting into her mouth and to see how different it tasted to mine.

As we were all worn out from the last couple of hours we sat there naked chatting and drinking and just talking over what had just happened and where we went from there. I asked Pat how she felt and she said that she had enjoyed it so much and had hoped we could all doing again some time Graham and Di both agreed.

I said that the weekend was going up and none of us had work so why not come over for the weekend and we can spend the whole weekend in bed, Pat agreed that it was a great idea and so did Graham & Di so that was that we were going to have a fun and full sex weekend ahead and this time my wife would not only get cum in her mouth but up inside her pussy to as long as Graham could get that monster inside her, and I must admit I could not wait to fuck Di's shaven pussy.