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Title: Yes Master - Author: Vicky

Published: Oct 15, 2013 - Contact:

I struggled against the leather cuffs, drenched in total darkness. I could hear my Master's footsteps as he circled me, his blindfolded, bound and gagged submissive, totally helpless and vulnerable for him. I was suspended from the ceiling, my legs held open by a spreader bar. I felt something that felt like a riding crop strike my thigh.

"No struggling, slut. You know better," He chastised. I immediately went still, my thigh stinging from the blow. He walked behind me, and I strained my ears to hear him. He shuffled some things around on the small coffee table that stood near the back of the room, then headed back towards me. I jumped a bit as I felt him spread something cold on my asshole. "This will only hurt for a moment, my dear. You just need to relax, understand" I could only nod in response.

I bit down on the ball gag and tried to relax as he slowly pushed a butt plug into my ass. I could feel myself stretching to fit it, and I whimpered in pain. "Just a little more, slut...and that's all. See I told you it wouldn't be so bad," he said as he slipped the rest of it in. I gasped a little as it sank into place, surprised at the fact that I very nearly liked it. I heard my Master chuckle a bit, and then he poked the butt plug. It started vibrating and I couldn't help but moan.

"My slut likes that, doesn't she" he asked. I nodded, wishing I wasn't gagged so I could answer him properly. I could practically hear him smile as he spoke again. "Do you want my cock inside of you, slut" I nodded, still moaning a bit from the plug. I felt him teasing the entrance to my dripping pussy with his fingers. "I need you to get it hard for me. I'm going to let you down, but the plug stays in and you will suck me until I'm hard. Understand" I nodded.

As soon as I was on the ground again, I sank to my knees. He took the gag off of me and unzipped his pants. I felt his cock pressing against my cheek, and I turned to lick up and down his shaft. He placed a hand on top of my head and whispered, "Good girl..." I loved it when he called me a good girl. I brought my still-bound hands up to gently stroke his shaft as I flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock, going so fast that it was nearly vibrating. When he was half-erect, I took half of him into my mouth and sucked hard, massaging his shaft with my tongue. His cock grew rock-hard in my mouth, and I tasted just a teensy bit of his precum. I loved the way he tasted.

He took his cock out of my mouth and moved behind me, teasing the lips of my pussy with his cock. "Beg me, slut," he commanded. I looked back at him with my best puppydog eyes and begged. "Please, Master, may I feel your hard cock inside of me I want it so bad...please fuck your little slut, Master." He thought for a moment, then decided to accept my begging. He slammed into me hard, and the feeling of him filling me combined with the butt plug was nearly too much. I screamed in pelasure, a bit shocked at how loud I was.

He went slowly fron there, moving inside of me at a snail's pace to tease me. I moaned softly and looked back at him, again showing him my puppydog eyes. "Master, please...please fuck me harder...I'll be good, I promise, just please fuck me hard..." He smirked back at me and rammed inside me again, his hard cock hitting my cervix hard. I opened my mouth in a silent scream of pleasure as he eased his cock out, then rammed into me again and again. It was all I could do to keep from losing it and cumming right there.

He fucked me roughly for what seemed like an eternity, his fingers digging into my hips as he pulled me back with each thrust, ramming my cervix each time with just the right amount of force. After a while, he reached down to twist and tug at my nipples, squeezing my breasts roughly as he fucked me hard. I was in heaven.

"Cum now, slut." I arched my back as the orgasm swept over me, triggered simply by his command. His breathing got a bit harder as he felt my pussy contracting around him. I struggled not to collapse beneath him. He made me cum six more times, then pulled out of me.

He ordered me to my knees and stood over me, his hard cock in my face. "Lick it clean, slut," he commanded. I leaned foreward and licked and sucked his cock until not a drop of my cum was left on him. He took his cock in his hand and stroked it a bit, blowing his load all over my face. At his command, I licked my lips clean, and then scooped up the rest of his cum with my fingers and licked them clean.

He smiled down at me, then knelt down to undo my cuffs and let me out of the spreader bar. He pulled me to my feet and hugged me tightly. "You did well, my dear. Master is proud." I beamed up at him, insanely proud of earning his praise. He kissed my forehead and smiled at me. "That was good, for a first run. Leave the butt plug in all night," he added casually. I blushed and nodded. "Yes, Master."