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Title: New Cock for Wife - Shaven Pussy for Me - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Oct 15, 2013 - Contact:

Well Friday night is here and Graham & Di will be here in half and hour I told my wife as we set the table for our meal I said are you sure you want to carry on from last Wednesday you know you do not have to if you feel you do not want Graham to fuck you, Pat turned and said after making love to Di & sucking Graham's big cock it has opened my eye's to what I have been missing and to have Graham fuck me will be the cherry on the cake.

She went on you know I love you and this will not make any difference to us I love you but you have always said I should try it with another man just to see what it would be like I must admit I did not think it would be with a man who has a 10" cock but lets see how it goes.

I said OK I am happy for you to have Graham and hope your OK with me fucking Di I know it will not make any difference to us as we both love each other very much and I walked over and kissed my wife tenderly and took a hard nipple in my hand and nipped it hard, she pushed me back and smiled there is plenty of time for that you horny devil.

Dead on Time Graham & Pat arrived and we sat down for a meal and we opened a bottle of wine or two and we talked over about what happened last Wednesday and how Pat & Di have made love to each other and how Graham & myself has sucked each other of & drank each others cum, I also made sure that Graham knew that this would be the first time Pat had had sex with another man and as he was so big he would have to take it easy the first time.

Graham said he understood and he said that he thanked Pat for letting him be the only other man to have sex with her and he promised he would stop if it hurt her to much but if she was as wet as she was on Wednesday it would slide on with out any problems and Di said she would make sure Pat was wet and laughed,

We drank or wine eat our food the just put the dishes in the sink and took our places on the sofa we put on a porn film and I started to kiss Pat and fondle her tits Graham was doing the same with Di, after about 15 minutes Pat got up and dragged Di out of the room and said as she left just sit there boy's we will be back.

Soon we heard them coming down the stairs and as they walked into the room they took our breath way as they were dress in the same very sexy outfits, Both in red and the bra's had nipple hold and frills round them and both ladies had rock hard nipples sticking out though the holes, they had g strings that were crotchless and Pats hairy jet black hair was hanging though the slit and Di's shave pussy was glistering with her juice already, and they were finished of with fishnet stockings.

They came and stood before us just like last time and we got up to undress and Di said stop right there we will undress you when we are ready to and not before as we are going to but a show on for you first so sit back and keep your hands to yourself or each other if you must as the most you two can do is get your cocks out and wank.

Pat and Di then turned to each other and pulled each other close and kissed passionately and we could see their tongues going in and out of each other mouths, Pat was playing with one of Di's rock hard nipples pulling and twisting it making her moan and kisser her even harder.

Then Di pulled her head away and lowered it down onto Pats nipple sucking it into her mouth and we could hear her sucking on it and flicking her tongue over the tip now they were both moaning soft and low as they each played with each others nipples I could see Di's pussy getting very wet though the slit in her crotchless tong.

By now Graham had a hand on my cock and me on his and we were slowly wanking each other while looking at our wives making love to each other soon Pat dropped to her knees and pushed Di's legs apart and pushed her face hard into her willing pussy eating her,licking,and drinking down her juice the sight of this was getting to much to bare, soon they were laying on the floor Pat reached out and from under the sofa pulled out a bag and from inside she brought two dildos both about the same size of my cock 7" and just as thick Pat gave one to Di and opened Di's legs wide and started to work the head of this vibrating dildo of her slit and into her pussy making sure she hit her stiff clit as she went.

Di had pushed her dildo into Pat right the the hilt and was now fucking her hard with it and also licking her juices that were flowing out of her both where now screaming out in pleasure and they fucked each other and soon Pat just lay back and her hole body shook as a big climax ripped though her she was screaming so load I wondered what next door was thinking as there was know way they would not here what was going on, when Pat had recovered she pushed Di onto her back and pushed her legs open and push the dildo fully in and started to fuck her with it then started to lick her clit sucking it into her mouth and nipping it between her teeth she then pushed a finger into Di's Rear hole and this took Di over the top and she came flooding Pat's face with cum.

Once they had got their breath back they both stood up and said why guys its your turn and by the look of your rock hard cocks you enjoyed the show.

As they walked over to us Pat went to Graham and Di to me the knelt down in front of us and put their hands round or cocks and started to rub up and down our shafts then together they lent forward and like the top of our cock which had pre cum all over them by now I just put my head back closed my eyes and took a deep breath as Di took my cock into her warm wet mouth until she had the full 7" completely in and I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat and she just kept it there for a while then eased herself back up the shaft until she just had the very tip touching her lips she pushed her tongue into my slit and sucked at the same time pulling per cum up my shaft and she started to lick it and drink it down by now I was in haven and moaning very loud.

Graham was enjoying it to by the sound of him I slid of the sofa and lay on my back on the floor getting Di into the 69 her legs spread over my head while she went back to sucking and licking my cock.

Looking up at this wonderful hairless slit just above my face with her juice glistening on her lips wich was parted just enough to see the top of her rock hard clitoris slowly she lowered her self down and I could smell her female sent as it got closer and closer to my now protruding tongue and as her wet pussy touch my tongue she had a shiver go over her and my tongue found the spot it was after and I started to flick the top of her clit and working it round and round Di was given out muffled moans as she still had the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat.

I look over at Pat and she was laying on her back and Graham was fucking her tip for all he was worth and each time he shoved his cock forward his foreskin pulled back and the head of his big cock was dripping pre cum over Pat's face as sometime she opened her mouth and took his cock inside her mouth.

I wanted some of that so I asked Di to move so she was on the floor and I got over her and Di squeezed her tits around my shaft and I started to fuck her tits hard pushing with each forward push I was keeping this up when next to me I heard Graham moan loud and as I looked over he covered Pat's face in cum it was all over her face ,her hair, and mouth she was trying to catch as much as she could into her mouth and took his cock into her mouth to suck it dry, when that was done she licked as much of her face as she could before wiping her face with her hand and then licking them clean the sight of this took me over the top and I exploded all over Di and like Pat she took most in her mouth but it went all over her face to, when I had finished spurting Di lay there with her mouth open and I watch as the last drop of my cum came out of the top of my cock drop of the tip and as if slow motion dropped into Di's open mouth and I saw it hit the back of her throat.

Di smiled and took my cock deep into her mouth and sucked on it hard making sure she had every last drop and she did, licking her lips she said Mmmmm very tasty in deed what about your Pat like the taste Pat yes yes she loved it and was surprised how different it tasted to mine Di agreed.

We all got on the sofa and had a glass of wine just to get our breaths back and talk of what next.

I said I think we should go to the bedroom and be more comfortable so that is what we did taking the wine with us, I said I wanted to see if Pat could take Graham's massive cock inside her and see how much of it she could squeeze in to her tight pussy and I reminded Graham not to forget that his would be only the second cock ever to enter Pat's pussy, Pat said yea and the sooner I get it the better I want to try to get that monster all in if I can.

So we climbed onto the bed and and the Girls were ready so they started to kiss and finger each other while us boys watched, within a few moments we could her the girls pussy squelching with juice as they fingered each other hard and it was not long before Graham and I were rising up once more.

It was now time for my dear wife to get Graham's 10" cock inside her wet and willing pussy and I wanted to watch as it slid into her so Pat lay on the bed Graham down between her legs licking her clitoris and making her shudder and wave after wave of pleasure ran though her body Di was kneeling on one side of her and I was on the other we were working on her rock hard nipples sucking on then into our mouths and flicking then with our tongues and nipping them between our teeth Pat was going wild when she came very hard and her cum shoot out all over Graham's face she was now ready for the big one.

Pat's jet black pussy hair was soaked with her cum and you could see her slit and her love tunnel was open ready to take this massive cock which was on is way to dive deep within her, Graham placed a one of Pats legs on each shoulder as he came up her body so her pussy was high and fully open ready to be invaded Graham eased himself into position and Di took hold of is cock and ran the head of it up and down Pats wet cunt Di made sure that it hit Pat's clit each time Pat was so work up she was screaming out in pleasure as the tip of the cock ran over her and her juice flowed like a river out of her and down her bum crack.

Di how placed it tip of this monster cock at the entrance of my wife's waiting pussy and I got as close as I could to watch, gently Graham pushed forward and the tip of his cock started on it's way my wife's pussy lips started to open up and fold round the head of this cock as it went into her, Graham pushed a bit more and the head was now inside my wife Pat had brought her hands up and was squeegeeing both nipples in between her fingers and she was now panting very hard and in it went a few more inches until half of it was in Oh it looked so good to see my wife's pussy so full with a monster cock it was stretching her wide I could see Pat pushing her self up trying to get more of it inside her this was a sign to Graham not to hold back any longer and on he went until there was only about 2" left to go but he started to pull out and as his cock came out it was covered in my wife's slimy cum juice he pulled out until just the head was in then thrust forward diving down to where it was before he done this a few times with each withdraw and each thrust pat was screaming and moaning out loud for Graham not to stop and keep on fucking her , Fuck me fuck me she was screaming out and so Graham did and then without warming he gave one big thrust forward and buried in to the full inside my wife Di and I could hear the slap of there skin hitting together as his cock hit home and was buried to his balls this took Pat over the top and she came again and again her body shaking at one point she was panting so hard I though she was going to pass out.

Graham slammed into her a few more times before getting into a rhythm of out until the tip was just touching her wet cunt then sliding back into her to the full and I could see that Pat was really enjoying having another man's cock inside her.

I had seen enough now I knew my wife could take it and how it looked as a cock slid inside her something I will remember for a very long time and by the look on Pat's face I think she will to.

I lay back on the bed beside my wife and Graham and Di came and got back into the 69 so I could make her wet by eating her pussy I was licking her clit and running my tongue up and down her slit and was working towards her anus and then licked it she when wild and pushed her ass down onto my face and I push my tongue inside her and I felt her cum and after a while she got up and turned round and placed a knee either side of me and reached round taking hold of my cock and placed it at her pussy hold and with one hard downward thrust she slid down my shaft taking it all in it took my breath away.

Di was now Matching Graham with the rhythm going up and down the noise of there wet wet pussy was great you could just hear how wet they both were Pat had come about four time by now and Di's body shook as a climax ripped though her and I could feel her juices running down over my balls as this was going on I took Di's tits in my hand and pulled the nipples hard and twisted them she came again and she just flopped forward worn out and I round her over and got into the same position as Graham and started to pump Di's shaven pussy forcing it deep within her making sure I rubbed my pubic hair a crossed her clit as I did so which brought her to another climax..

Just as Di came I saw Graham give one very had thrust and hold it there and I guessed he was filling the inside of my wife with her first lot of another's man's cum and if what I had seen him shoot before it would be a lot of cum at that.

Pat's legs slid down of Graham's shoulders and Graham collapsed onto her and Pat looked at me and blew me a kiss and smiled that said that you for letting me do that and she was now watching me fuck Di in the same way she had just been and she brought her hand over and slid it between me and Di and pushing it down until she was playing with Di's clit and feeling me thrust into her at the same time, this was such a great feeling it brought me over the top and I slammed into Di filling her with my hot sticky cum she clamped her legs around me and held me to her tight.

Graham and I were told to lay on the bed and Di got to work on Graham and Pat on me so they could taste each others cum on us, then once we were nice and clean we just cuddled and kissed for a while and we all fell asleep.