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Title: One Very Hot Weekend - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Oct 26, 2013 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

On Saturday morning I woke to fine Pat my best friends wife kneeling over me with my cock down her throat she had started the day from where we had left of the night before.

Graham and my wife were still asleep beside us Pat had gone to sleep holding Graham's big cock and was still holding onto it turning my attention back to Di her head was bobbing up and down my shaft taking my whole length into her mouth the head of my cock was rubbing the back of her throat each time she got to rock bottom and it felt so good I put my hand up and started to gently rub her body and as I did she made soft mewing sounds letting me know that she was enjoying.

Soon I was moaning softly trying to hold back some loud moans as I did not want to wake Pat and Graham I was now running my fingers up and down Di's back and down into her ass and round to her now dripping pussy making sure I touched her clitoris as I did so she shuddered and moaned even when her mouth was full of my rampant hard cock.

After a while she let my cock fall from her mouth and came up and kissed me fully on the lips pushing her tongue into my mouth so I could taste my own cock's pre cum on her tongue we kissed for some time and I cupped her breasts in my hands and played with her nipples pulling at them hard and nipping them between my fingers, after a bit she got up and knelt over me facing away from me lifting herself up over my cock that was standing up like a flag pole.

I took hold of my cock and guided it into her soaking wet pussy her lips gave way to let my cock's big blood full head slip into her sticky wet insides and watching her pussy fold it's way round my cock was one of the sexiest things I have seen, down and down she when until her bottom was hard down on me and she just sat there and I could feel her mussels contract around my cock squeezing it as she did so I brought my hands up and ran then round her body and cup her breast's once more and as I cupped them in my hands I pulled her back so she was now laying with her back on my chest and I started to move my cock in and out of her pussy and it was making a lot of squelching sounds as Di's juices flowed out of her and was running down over my balls.

It was at this point Pat woke up with the bed bouncing up and down she looked over at me and said god what have we been missing out on I said don't blame me this sexy beast woke me by sucking my cock back to life so what could I do, Di said hope you didn't mind me helping myself Pat just wanted a lot more of what we had last night, Pat replied help yourself I am going to of your husband that's for sure.

I was now slamming hard into Di and my balls were soaked with her cum juice and Pat slid down the bed and I just thought she was of to the loo but no the next thing I felt was her hot lips suck my balls into her mouth and licking them and Di's juices off them I looked over and Graham was watching what was going on and he was rubbing his cock and his big 10" was rock hard at what he was looking at, then next thing is he slid down the bed and knelt behind my wife and started to rub her pussy lips and push a finger or two into her and now two pussy's were slurping and dripping juice.

Di's was still moaning as she climaxed her body shook as it ripped though her cum was poring out of her and Pat was getting near to cumming to as she was starting to moan loud and she was sucking even harder on my balls when she came she lets my balls fall from her mouth so she could scream out "Yes Yes oh my god Yes Keep going Graham, and as she stared to Climax Graham still rubbing her citrous stood up and pushed his 10" fully home in one big thrust Pat came again and again as Graham rode though each of her climaxes she was screaming so loud the people next door must have thought she was being murdered I was waiting for someone to either knock on the door or see the police turn up but luckily no-one did, but Graham was still thrusting into Pat with all his might with each thrust she was pushed forward and her face was being pushed into Di's pussy and onto my balls.

I do know know how many times Pat came that time but it sounded like six or seven times and they were big climaxes what with my cock ramming Di's pussy and Pats face rubbing against us both I could not hold back any longer and I gave one last hard ram forward and held it fully inside Di as I emptied my load up inside her steaming cunt and as I did Di had a big Climax to we lay there panting worn out with sexual pleasure and Graham now had his hands on Pat's waste and was thrusting in and out of her bringing his full 10" out of her before thrusting it fully home with a loud slap as the body's meet, Pat screamed Yes Yes Oh my god Yes And as she came once again Graham gave one last thrust fully into her holding himself as far inside her as he could get, it's a wonder the tip was not popping out her mouth he was so far into her and he let loose his cum filling her up again and again we could see Graham's cock shudder as it spurt cum inside my wife.

Di got of my softening cock and turned round and got into the 69 so she could lick me clean and I could lick her drinking each other mixed juices, when we looked Pat and Graham they were doing the same.

When we cleaned up Graham started to put on his cloths and I said what are you doing mate he said going down for breakfast I told him sorry my old mate this is a Naked weekender as far as I am concerned you wont need your pants or anything else until you go home Sunday I hope thats ok with you both , Graham & Di both said yea you bet so off for breakfast we went.

After we had finished we all took turns to shower and Pat and I went first as while the other two were showering I wanted Pat to myself for a bit and I took her hand and took her and gently laid her down on the bed I said you seam to like having Graham cock inside you yes she said it is nice but don't worry this is just fun I love you and would never think about doing it with Graham without you there I lent forded and kissed her gently on the lips, I stated to kiss her slowly all over her face and nibbled on her ear lobs as I knew that would get her going again and I was right she started to moan softly and as I worked down her neck she arched her back moaning a little louder I ran my hands ever so lightly over her body just brushing her Harding nipples, slowly I was kissing down her upper chest and then reach her now rock hard breasts and took one of her nipples into my mouth sucking gently and lightly touching the tip with my tongue said gave out a loud moan and said Oh my God yes yes that is wonderful darling.

After doing this for a few minutes it was time to move on and as before slowly started on my way down to that dark forest of jet black hair that was covering her warm wet honey pot that I wanted to drink from as I got to the top line of her pubic hair I moved round so I was now laying between her legs which she gladly opened, by this time Graham and Di had come back into the room and had taken a seat on the two chairs we have in the room and were watching the show and they must have known that I wanted this time with Pat to be the two of us so they sat back and enjoyed the show.

As I said I had reached the top of her pubic hair but did not go into the forest I worked round it and started kissing down the inside of her thighs and ended up by sucking her toes and then back up and across the top of her hair once more before travelling down the other leg and toes, Pat was tossing her head back and forth and shouting Yes Yes Oh my God and she placed a hand on her pussy and started to rub her own citrous Yes Yes Yes she still screamed as she came you could see the cum juice running from her.

I worked my way back up her leg until I was back above her pussy hair and as I kissed her there I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders and so her lips parted showing her wet inner lips and her hard clit was showing that it wanted my tongue to get to work on it and I did not want any more asking, I ran my Tongue down through her thick hair and reach the top of her slit and slowly flicked my tongue a crossed the top of of her hard clit and as I did she but her hands on the back of my head and pushed me tight against her pussy with that I pushed my Tongue into her opening up her love tunnel pushing my tongue in as far as it would go and she shuddered again as her climax rip though her filling my mouth with juice.

She let go of my head and as I pulled my head away I slipped two fingers into her soaking wet hole and as I did this she came once more not such a large climax as before but I felt her mussels clamp round my fingers and she was tugging at her nipples pulling then like she was trying to rip them from her body.

I still had her legs up on my shoulders as I worked back up her body kissing her as I went and then the tip of my cock hit her now tender pussy lips and she shuddered as this happened and slowly I eased into her fully pushing my hard cock into her until my balls were hitting her firm bum cheeks and I just held it there for a while soaking in her juice which were running from her lips and down my balls.

And slowly I started to move back and forth pulling out until the head of my swollen cock touched her clit then slid it slowly back into her until fully home once more, Pat was moaning softly with each in and out movement , I then pulled out of her and told her to get on her hands and knees and as she got into position Graham and Di were sitting there taking it all in and enjoying the show as Graham had a big hard back on and was rubbing himself slowly and Di had her legs spread wide and had two fingers up inside her and the other hand was rubbing her clit in slow round movements and I could see the cum juice dripping from her smooth pussy.

Pat was now up on all fours and I took hold of her waist and got my cock up against her and started to rub it up and down her slip up over her anus and then down to her hard clit she kept pushing back so my dick would slid into her but I stop it from doing so, Fuck me you sod she shouted stop teasing me I want your cock fuck me please fuck me, I ran my cock up and down over her pussy and ass a few more times and then as as I reached her cunt I gave one big push and rammed into her with as much force as I could it made a big slapping sound as our body's came together, OH YES YES she screamed that;'s what I want Fuck me fuck me hard OH oh yes and I pulled back and rammed in once more and after all the teasing I had done she was so worked up she Came in bucket loads it just ran out of her.

I got into a good hard rhythm slamming into my wife and as I was doing this I was running my hands lightly down her spine to the top of her bum cheeks she was shouting out ,that's it you Bastard fuck me fuck my hard and as she she came again I pushed a finger into her ass hole and that made her cum even harder and I kept on Fingering her ass and slamming into her hard and then as her climax slowed I pulled out and started to run my cock up and down her slit and up over her ass once more but this time instead of ramming into her waiting pussy I rammed it into her ass Oh FUCK she screamed you bastard you could have warned me, where the fun in that I laughed, I heard Graham take a deep breath as I entered her ass and he said got I did not know Pat like it in the ass.

Well I said still fucking her ass you were the first other man to fuck her pussy you might as well be the first one to fuck her ass if she can take that fucking monster of yours, I now but both hand up onto Pats shoulders so I could pull her back and I slammed forward making sure we came together as hard as we could, Then as Pat came again I rammed in once more and held her back against me as I filled her up with more cum than I think I have ever shot out ever before.

As we collapsed onto the bed Di moaned out load as she brought herself to a great climax by the sound of it and then Graham stood up and sprayed his cum all over me and Pat as we lay there once he had finished covering us with his load Di got up and went down on her knees and lick and sucked him dry once that was do she turned her attention to us crawling up the bed licking Graham cum from the both of us.

We were all worn out and so we all curled up on the bed and fell asleep for another two hours or so.

When we woke we all agreed that food was the order of the day so we all went down Naked as I said no clothing this weekend, Graham & Di laid the table while Pat & I cooked up a meal the wine was opened and we had a mid afternoon meal when we had finished and clean away the things we sat on the sofa Pat with Graham and Di with me we all agreed on what porno film to watch and we sat back with wine glass in hands and got cosy, after about 15 minutes of watching the film my cock was getting hard and Di took it in her hand and slowly started to rub up and down it's length she was very tender slowly just taking her hand to the top and them pulling my foreskin back as she brought her hand back down then she got up and sat back down into my cock and started to ride me nice and slow I put my hands round under her arms and cupped her breasts and started to squeeze them twisting her nipples between my finger and thumb, I lent forward and kissed down as far as I could go in this position and back up to her neck making her shiver each time I did this.

Pat was now kneeling on the floor and had her head between Graham's legs taking as much of his cock into her mouth and at times she started to gag when she tried to take a little to much she was taking it slowly, the girls did not want it over to quickly and that was fine with me and I sure Graham to, Di placed a hand down between her legs and took hold of my balls and that felt so bloody good and as she squeezed my balls I nipped her nipples harder.

Pat had pulled Graham forward so he was only just sitting on the edge of the sofa and I knew what she had planed as she had done it to me loads of times, while sucking his cock and by now she must have been getting use to it as she had all but a inch of it down her throat and I saw her hands rubbing up and down of Graham's inner legs and then I heard Graham take a sharp intake of breath as Pat shoved a finger into his ass and if I know Pat it was the whole finger and she started to finger fuck his ass while taking 9" out of the 10" in her mouth.

After a while I lifted Di of my cock as I wanted a taste of her pussy as I knew it was soaking wet due to it making my balls wet, I stood up and lifted Di up in my arms and took her over to the dinning table and laid her on her back upon the table I placed two chairs so she could rest her feet on them while her bum was just on the edge of the table and there was enough room for me to kneel between her legs and lick her gleaming wet pussy, Oh that taste so sweet as I licked her I pushed three fingers into her and she arched her back and moans OooooHHHH yes that's wonderful Dave like Pat had said about the difference in taste between my cum and Graham's there pussy juice tasted totally different to Di's was a lot sweeter than Pat's It was wonderful and I could not get enough of it so on and on I licked and sucked at this river of cum that was pouring from her pussy lips.

I finally got up and ordered Di's to play with her pussy until I returned I went of to the kitchen and went to the freezer and took out four ice cubes and went back to Di who was now shoving three of her own fingers into her pussy while rubbing her clit with the other hand her whole body was shaking as she came again and again.

I took two of the ice cubes and started to rub them on her nipples she moaned out load OH GOD DAVE THAT'S FANSTSTIC god that feels wonderful I then bent and kissed them making them warm again and again I placed the ice cubes there and so this went on for a while and all this time she was playing with herself she was on the verge of cumming again when I told her to stop touching her self and she looked at me as if to say no not now I want to come, I said again stop it now and so she did giving me a very evil look.

I went round between her legs but instead of kneeling between them I got one hand and pushed two fingers into her and opened up her pussy hole so I could get right up inside her and without warning I pushed all four ice cubes up inside her and then removed my fingers trapping the ice cubes inside her.

I looked over a Pat and Graham while I waited for the ice cubes to take affect inside Di and Pat was now ridding that big 10" dick in cowboy stile while she watched what I was up to with Di, I turned back to Di and she said god my pussy is so cold please take then out I said no they say there and with that I pulled her forward so her bum was now off the table and she was just resting on her back and I stood between her legs and ran the head of my cock up and down her slit flicking her clit each time and then I pushed into her, Her insides were really cold and the ice cubes hit the top of my cock as it entered her and I shuddered as I felt the ice cubes rub down my shaft as I went further in and Di's was now saying Oh God Oh god yes yes as I started to fuck her cold pussy we both felt the ice cubes moving around as my cock rode hard into her,

With her being so cold I knew from doing this with Pat I would last a lot longer, as I carried on pumping into her I heard Pat scream out Fuck Fuck Fuck that's it Graham fuck me hard yes yes I am cumming , Fill me up with your cum come you you bastard fill me up and fuck me and by the sound of it they had just both exploded in a earth shattering climax.

I pulled out of Di and the ice cubes were nearly melted and told her to turn round and lean over the table and kneel on the chairs and she did with out question and I got back up behind her and feed my cock back into her now warming pussy taking hold of her waist I pulled her back hard onto my cock as I rammed in hard and I started to ride this wonderful woman hard but not fast as I left it deep inside her after each thrust for a few seconds before pulling out and ramming it home once more.

I finally started with a good hard rhythm and Di came again and again and now her pussy was back to being warm and wet after about ten minutes of this hard fucking I was getting ready to fill her up and my cock started to grow as it got ready to release this hot and sticky cum, I rammed home harder and harder until I could hold back no longer and took hold of her shoulders and one last hard push so my cock was as far into her as Possible and I came so hard, again and again my cock throbbed inside her as Di came again and her mussels gripped my throbbing cock as she climax.

I just held her back onto me as we both got our breaths back and after a while my cock had softened and slipped out of her Graham was standing beside me and told his wife to turn over at get back onto her back on the table and Graham got down and liked her pussy out drinking down my cum and his wife's cum juices Pat came over and started to suck on her nipples and Di came once again.

I left the room as I wanted a pee bad and I also went up to the bedroom and picked up a few of Pat's toys as I was sure we could all find a use for them, when I got back down to the living room things had changed around.

Pat was now laying on her back across the table Di was between her legs eating her pussy as if she had not eaten for weeks, Graham was behind her fucking her pussy and fingering her ass both women were moaning loudly I put the toys down beside Pat and moved up to where her head was, I was still soft from that great fuck I had just had with Di so I placed my limp cock into her mouth and Pat started to suck it god that wife of mine was so fucking good at a blow job it was not long before I started to rise up,slowly but rising non the less.

Every time Graham thrust into his wife it pushed her forward and her face buried her face hard into Pat's pussy and each time that happened Pat was pulling on my now Harding cock, Graham lent forward and picked up a 8" dildo and took his cock out of Di's cunt and pushed in the vibrating Dildo and thrust it into her a few times then took it out and replaced it with his monster cock once more.

The dildo was now wet with the stick sweet cum of his wife so when he put the tip of it against her bum hole it did not take a lots to push in and all 8" disappeared into her ass and with the dildo on full vibrate it sent her over the top once more and she came and came hard as she did she clenched down on Pat's pussy biting her clit and this made pat cum right into her mouth, Graham started not only to fuck her with his monster cock but was also fucking her with the dildo at the same speed and hardness as he was doing with her pussy and it was not long before Di was cumming again.

After a while Graham took out the dildo and his cock and told Di that he wanted her to sit on him so Graham lay on the floor Di got over him and lowered herself onto his rock hard cock Graham then pulled her down so she was laying flat on him and he said to me come on Dave you can fuck her ass lets fill up both her holes and we will make her cum like she has never cum before I said fine as long as we do the same for Pat afterwards Graham smiled and said you try and stop me, so I knelt down behind Di and started to rim her first and she shuddered and as I kissed up her spin and my cock came up to meet her bum slit and as it rose I pushed forward as it came in line to her waiting hole.

The head of my cock just slipped in and I pushed hard filling her up and I could feel Graham's cock moving inside her pussy Di was in Heaven and was saying yes yes that's it fuck my holes fill me up Oh yes yes yes, while this was going on Pat had gone over to the bag of toys and game back to me and without warning shoved a small vibrating butt plug into my ass and that felt so good as Pat knew I liked it, then she walked round and asked Di if she could sit up just a bit as she wanted to sit on Graham's face and I saw that she had also placed a butt plug into her own ass.

Soon Di was screaming,shaking, swearing, as climax after climax ripped though her body as we both fucked her and in the end she said that we had to stop she could not cum any more she was completely worn out and needed a rest so it was now Pat's turn for a good double fucking and she thought that it was going to be the same way round but when I lay down still with the butt plug inside me Graham saw it and said I did not know you liked something up your ass mate.

So Pat looked and Graham and said I know you got that fucking monster inside my pussy but there is no way in hell will you get that inside my ass that's for sure, Oh we will see Graham said and told her to stop talking and get on my cock she looked a bit surprised but done what she was told and sat fully down on my cock it felt good being fully in bedded to the full in my wife's hot warm worn out pussy as Pat did she lent forward and I kissed me fully on the mouth and our tongues entwined.

Graham got behind her and pulled out her butt plug and we heard it come out with a popping sound and Di had come over with some KY gel and was now spreading it over my wife's waiting hole and then she pushed in a finger and worked the gel inside her then placed more gel and pushed two fingers inside her, it was not long before she was stretching my wife's hole open with her fingers it was getting to the time she would soon be filled up with Graham's 10".

I Kissed her fully and held her to me as Graham got up behind her and ran his cock up and down stopping each time at the entrance to her hole and each time Pat held her breath waiting for it to enter her, and then a sigh as Graham went on and moved his cock on past her hole time and time again Graham did this and then as he came down and stopped at her hole this time he pushed forward and the monster snake head popped into her she pulled away and screamed out OH fuck Oh fuck that hurts and Graham pulled out and Di placed some more KY gel in her ass and over Graham's cock and he went back to moving up and down her ass again and then once again pushed his head in and pop it back out, Graham done this half-a-dozen times or more.

Then Graham pushed in and this time kept it there this time Pat just Screamed OH Oh fuck please No but Graham just Kept it there and did not try to push it any further in, slowly Pat relaxed and came back and started to kiss me again and slowly started to ride my still hard cock that was still buried fully inside her up and down she rode my cock and this was intern moving Graham's cock about inside her hole soon Graham pushed forward again and did not stop until 5" were buried inside my wife.

Pat pulled away again and I thought she was going to tell Graham to take it out as it was hurting to much but she moaned and groaned Oh that still hurts but Fuck it feels good ,Di said you wait until he has it full inside you Pat then you will know how bloody good it feels, with that Pat started to kiss me again and ride my cock once more and Graham started to ride he ass only going in the 5" each time then after a while she was moaning Oh that's is so Fucking good I can feel both your cock rubbing me filling me Oh my God, Graham was still only 5" in and now he pushed in another inch by inch and it was not long before all 10" were inside my wife's eager ass which was now stretched fully to take his long and thick cock.

Pat was now Shaking all over and she was cumming and cumming as if it was just long long lasting climax her juice was flooding out of her and what she was moaning and screaming was Fuck Fuck Oh my God Fuck Yes yes Oh fuck and she was so worn out and I could not last any longer I came inside spurt after spurt filling her up and I could feel it run down the side of my throbbing cock then I felt Graham's cock started to throb inside my wife's ass and I could not believe how wonderful that felt to feel his cock empty he seed inside my wife, strange but fucking sexy feeling.

Pat had collapsed on top of me worn out with all her cumming but Graham kept of fucking her until he was empty and as he pulled out he replaced the butt plug making sure that all his cum stayed inside her. Pat just lay there and without warning Di got down between my legs and brought her face up to pat's now sore hole and pulled out the butt plug and placed her mouth over Pat's ass and let Graham's cum run out and into her mouth and she started to lick Pat's ass clean this made Pat start to moan again and it was not long before she came once again.

She could not get up she was so worn out that she just had to roll of me and before I could move Di was there licking me cock and balls cleaning me up and drinking Pats cum and my cum down when she had finished she sat up licking her lips and saying god that tasted great all those cum's mixed together, we were all worn out and we all agreed that we all needed a long rest before carrying on again we still had all Sunday to go as yet, so we got wine,cheese,biscuits and sat there naked watching the TV,drinking,eating,and still naked.

Just after the news at 10 we all agreed we were ready for bed we had all fucked ourselves silly so I cleaned up while Graham,Di & Pat went up by the time I had cleared up when I got up to the bed room Pat and Graham were asleep Di was just laying there and she smiled as I entered the room and blew me a kiss, I said I was going to take a shower before turning in and she said OK see you soon , so off I went and had a shave then got into the shower the warm water on my body felt good I don't think I have ever been so worn out.

I was washing my hair when I felt a pair of hands on my head rubbing the shampoo in with me and I knew without looking that it was Di, once I had rinsed my hair she stood in front of me her nipples just a few cm's from my chest and she lent forward and kissed me very tenderly on the lips and said do you know I have always wanted to fuck to you ever since I got to know you though Graham I never thought I would ever get the chance to but here we are been fucking the whole day, she lent forward but this time pulled me forward so her breasts pushed into my chest and I could feel her nipple harden as she kissed me,

We kissed for sometime and I was running my hands up and down her spine making her shiver even thou the water was hot, with her body pushing me back against the wall it was not long before something else started to get hard and started to rise I did not think it was possible to get so many hard on's in one day. Di lowered her hand and found my Hardening cock and started to stroke it making sure it was rock hard before going down and taking me in her mouth and started to suck on my dick.

I had been fucking this woman on and off all day but this felt different she was softer more tenter in her touch not in such a rush as she cupped my balls in her hand taking them into her mouth and sucking them she knelt up and placed my dick between her tits and pushed then together and tit fucked me while still playing with my balls, she then slowly moved up my body kissing me as she came she stopped at my nipples sucking one and then the other sucking them into her mouth and then flicking them with her tongue and nipping them between her teeth,

I now stood there eyes close breathing heavy legs shaking with the feeling's going though my body and then she planted her lips back onto mine.

I placed my hands round her and cupped her bum cheeks in my hands and lifted her up and then slowly lowered her down onto my now raging hard cock and it found her slit and slid along it until it found home and slipped inside her slowly filling her as inch by inch in it went and then it was fully home and I pushed her so she now had her back on the other shower wall and she Lifted her legs up and crossed them behind me and with the warm water running all over us we fucked slowly and tenderly, taking or time and slowly reaching our climax's Di came and as she did she bit my neck and this took me over the top and I pumped what I had left in my ball sack into her and after what I had got rid of during the day it was not much but still felt out of this world as my cock throbbed inside her contracting pussy, Di held my cock inside her as long as she could by gripping it with her pussy mussels.

My cock slipped out after a while and we washed each other slowly and tenderly and we kissed long and hard before going of to join the already sleeping Pat & Graham.

Sunday was another day of fucking and being naked until Graham and Di had to leave about 9pm once they had gone I took Pat into my arms and Kissed her saying I hope she had enjoyed the weekend and that she still wanted my 7" after having Graham's 10" , she smiled and said now let me think, She said I would not change you for the world my darling I must admit it was nice to see and feel what it was like to have another man's cock inside me as I have only ever had yours up till now and the difference in the taste of your cock's and your cum, she went on to say I hope you had a great time as well, yes I said very nice thank you my dear.

With that I took her hand we showered each other and then went to bed where I took her in my hands and slowly rubbed all over her body taking her breast's in each hand and working them round and twisting her nipples between my finger and thumb, I leant over and pulled open the draw to the bedside cabinet and took out some nipple clamps and placed them on her Pat moaned softly Oh yes Dave that's so nice do them up hard which I did, then I took out a large Butt plug and slowly pushed this into her waiting ass Pat gave out a soft OOOoooh that's so nice Dave next came out of the draw was a rampant Rabbit and I opened up her pussy lips with one hand and pushed the dildo into wait wet hole and switch it on and Pat was on the verge of an exploding climax within minutes on and on I thrust it into her and each time the little rabbit ears hit her clit I bent down and licked her clit and sucked it into my mouth and Pat arched her back high into the air as she came spurting out her juice.

I removed the rabbit but left the butt plug in and kissed my way up to her breasts and then onto her next and whispered into her ear I love you my darling as I pushed home my cock into her, I could feel her soaking wet pussy fold round my cock as in it went until my balls hit onto her ass cheeks and I slowly took my time and fucked her really slow Pat was on her way to another big climax and I was not far behind and as she came her pussy mussels tightened around my cock and with one last push I emptied all the cum I had left up inside my wife's pussy where so much cum had been placed over this last weekend.

Once my cock had softened and slipped out her pussy juice and my cum slowly seeped out of her and ran down her ass and onto the bed sheets I lowered my head and licked her pussy clean before we fell into a deep sleep with me facing her back and my arm over her shoulder and my hand on her breast.

If you have enjoyed this story let me know, it did happen and it is as near to what happened as I can remember. I would love to hear your thoughts on this story , deepprobsix@gmail.com