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Title: My Best Friends Wife - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Jan 23, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

I have been a friend of Paul since we went to infant school and even worked at the same place for a while we both got married in the same year and still live in the same town just on different sides of it.

I the only big difference between us is women I am 50 and only ever had three women in my life where Paul has had to many to count, my wife is only 4' 7" inches tall and on the bigger side of medium should I say as have the other two women I have ever made love to.

Paul's wife on the other hand is 5' 11" or there a bout's slender with long legs that seam to go on forever, she has long jet black hair and super Blue eyes that make you melt when she looks at you and smiles.

I have always fancied her and Paul knows this and he also knows that I would never do anything to get her into bed behind his back as I said we have been friends for to long to do that to him.

Paul does not mind me flirting with her as he knows it is in fun but I must say I would give anything to have a woman like her just the once to feel those long long legs around me and to kiss and lick my way up the inside of those long legs until you get to the wonderful honey pot at the top of them,( Oh we all dream).

Most Fridays Paul and I go out for a drink and either I stop at his or stop's over at mine so we can take turns in drinking without the worry of driving home, or wives are happy with this and there do the same on another night.

So last week was my birthday and so Paul said that he would do the driving so I could have a drink for my Birthday he picked me up and off we went, after a great evening where Paul brought all my beer as a birthday gift we set of to his, I used the spare room and had a double bed all to myself so I took myself off for a shower and when I got back to my room I stood in the door way shocked as there was Di Paul's wife laying in the bed .

She threw back the sheets that she had had up round her neck and said Happy Birthday Dave, she was laying there naked and my eyes went to her fanny bush which was jet black hair and boy Oh boy was this woman hairy I do not think I had ever seen such a hair cunt before real of photos.

Her breast's were firm and sticking up like jelly's not flopping flat her nipples were hard and standing up hard about 3/4 inch long if not more I must admit I had to pinch myself to see if this was a dream, No it was no dream this woman that I had always fancied was indeed laying naked in the bed inviting me into it.

I said wow your everything I have ever dreamed off and more but what about Paul I can not get in there with you as I would never do anything to hurt him, don't worry she smiled he knows it was his idea and I am all for it now stop talking and get into this fucking bed and lets get to it I have wanted you for a long time and Paul knew it.

I did not need telling twice I let the towel drop to the floor my cock to started to get hard but still over six inches semi hard and Di took a deep breath when she saw it then licked her lips, I walked over to the bed and lay down beside her , we kissed full on our tongues entwined in out mouths and I felt her hand slow wrap round my stiffening cock and Di started to move her hand up and down my cock pulling my foreskin back and forth over the swelling head.

This was sending shivers though me as she did this and I placed one hand on her very firm breast and she shuddered as I squeezed and gave out a low moan, we stayed like this for a while then I pulled my head away and mover my mouth round and nibbled on her ear and kissing her neck up and down, my cock had now grown to its biggest and was standing 7 1/2 " long and 5" thick Di pulled away and told me to lay on my back as she wanted to taste my cock and see how much she could take into her mouth as she said Paul's was only just over 5" and my cock was going to be a great treat for her to.

So I lay back placing a pillow under my head and Di knelt over my head and leaned forward so I had her hairy pussy now a few inches from my nose and tongue, I felt Di place her hand gently round my shaft and slowly watch as my foreskin slid back over the now big purple head which was gleaming with per cum she gave out a Mmmmmm as she flicked the top of the head and my cock jumped in her hand as she did this again and again then slowly she took the head of my rock had cock into her wide open mouth folding her lips round it and running her tongue round and over my sensitive head making it throb inside her mouth.

I brought my hands up and placed them on her behind and gently pulled her down lower so her hairy fanny came closer and closer to my now drooling mouth and as this heavenly cunt came nearer I pushed my tongue out as far as I could get it and the tip of my tongue touch her hair and slowly pushed it's way though until it entered her slit, I started to run my tongue up and down the length of this wet slit taking in the taste and smell.

I push her down further and my tongue found her clit and when my tongue touched it she clammed her mouth round my cock hard as took a sharp intake of breath as a pleasure ran though her again and again I flicked her clit feeling it grow harder under my touch she started to shake as the feeling of pleasure ran all over her body she forced her cunt down now my mouth and I pushed my tongue inside her waiting and willing hole her juice ran down my tongue and onto the back of my throat and god it tasted so fucking good.

I was now breathing hard as Di took more and more of my cock entered her mouth and she was now taking in 6" only another 1 1/2 to go before she was taking the whole lot Di 's head was bobbing up and down like a see saw she was made for it Moaning while still having her mouth full then she did something no one had ever done to me before she pushed a finger into my ass at first I tightened my ass stop her but then relaxed as she pushed on and she had her finger fully into me and started to finger fuck my ass and once I had relaxed it felt wonderful and I was thrusting my cock up into her mouth and now she was taking the whole thing and I could feel the swollen head of my cock open her throat each time I pushed up to meet her head coming down.

I knew I was not going to last must longer and started to thrust faster and faster and without warming Di pushed down hard and I felt the walls of her cunt grip my tongue as she orgasmed again and again her juices flowed out of her like a river as I drunk down ever drop and this sent me over the edge and I gave one last thrust pushing my cock into her mouth and throat as far as I could get it and my cum juice was just spat spurt after spurt down her waiting throat when I was empty she pulled her head up and licked every last drop from me the same as I was doing to her licking clean her now wet pussy hair and hole her cum tasting much different then my wife's.

Di got of and moved round so we were laying together again and she said wow you taste very nice and what a wonderful cock I am going to enjoy riding that soon she gave my one of her wicked smiles she got up and said she need the loo so laid there thinking how I could be so lucky and I must say feeling guilty over cheating on my wife.

I lay there with my eyes close when I felt the bed dip as someone got onto it then someone said well did you enjoy that my darling husband my eyes shot open to see my wife sitting there naked next to me, I was so stunned I just could not say a thing, she went on to say you are not the only one that's been having a great time you know I have been in the next room with Paul they have some wonderful toys to play with.

Di came back into the room and got on the bed and took my cock in her hand and said how long before this cock is up and ready to fuck me them Dave, Oh it will not take long Di said my wife he is up and running again in about 15 minutes so did you fuck then you to my wife said No not yet Di answered we have just been drinking each others cum and and she gave that sexy smile again.

Just then Paul walked naked into the room saying well good birthday present mate I reply if Di was my birthday present then how come you have been fucking my wife it's not your birthday until a couple of months then I laughed, and carried on to say so far it's been the best gift ever but I hope I get to feel what it's like to have that wonderful hairy cunt wrapped round my cock Oh you have not fuck yet then well maybe we should leave them to it Jane he said to my wife, sey maybe you should I said then after I have fuck this wonderful woman maybe you would like to come and join us for some fun, now that a great idea Paul said so of went my wife and paul and left me and Di to it.

Di now got between my legs and spread them open taking my Harding cock into her hand once more and started to move it looking at my foreskin moving freely over the swelling head and it started to get harder in her hands she lent forward again and took the full length into her mouth I could feel it growing inside her her warm wet mouth she was running her tongue round the top and I started to pant taking in deep breaths as she did this, It was not long before it was fully hard and ready for action again.

Di straddled with her pussy resting on my cock I could feel the warmth from her snatch going into my cock she lent forward and kissed me then said lets see what this big mother fucker feels like inside my hot wet cunt then, be my gust I said and with that she sat up and lifted herself up on her knees and took my hard throbbing cock in her fingers and placed the blood filled head at the entrance to her hot dripping pussy and I could feel the long hair round the head as she lowered herself down onto my cock.

The head popped into her and she took a deep breath as it did this and she said OH that feel bloody wonderful Dave what a great cock you have a so fucking hard, well I said it's the first time it has ever been near a woman that is as Beautiful as you and a body like you have so lets take our time and savour the moment, sure she said as she lowered herself very slowly down on my cock she dropped a inch or two the took herself up so the head just came out but before it could fall out of her wet dripping slit she slid down again and took another inch into her, while she was doing this I was looking into her wonderful blue eyes.

Di was down down fully on my throbbing cock which was now filling her wet hot horny hole she just sat there smiling at me and then said I do not think I have ever been so full up as you are filling me right now Dave you are wonderful and I have always wanted you and Paul has told me you have always fancied me , Yea have always wanted this with you Di your body is wonderful and I reached up and cupped her breasts in each hand nipping her hard nipples between my finger and thumb and she opened her mouth and gave out a long soft moan or of yes I love that MMMMmmmmm and I felt her pussy mussels grip my cock as she did this.

She then started to ride my cock rising to the very limit before plunging down on it filling herself with every inch on my cock her body slapping down against my each time we were both sweating and panting for breast as I placed my hands on her hips and forced her down harder onto me,Slap slap our bodies when her juice was running from her every time she reach the top of my shaft making my cock so sticky she took each and every inch with downward thrust,

I pulled her forward and kissed her hard my tongue darting into her mouth and I rolled her over and I was now laying between her long long legs and she wrapped them around me and Oh that felt so wonderful and I told her that I had always dreamt of this having a beautiful woman below me while I fucked her and her to wrap her long legs around me.

With all this I was beginning to feel as if I was nearing to shoot my load again and I did not want that just yet so I pulled out of her and she said Oh Dave come on don't take it out I want you deep inside me, Don't worry my dear I said I just need a rest or I will shoot to soon it just having a woman as sexy, good looking and with long legs that go on forever, and to top the lot such a wonderful hair cunt it would not be long before I came again and I want to take you to heaven and back.

With that I eased myself down the bed and place my mouth on her wet sticky snatch and pushed my tongue forward and into her Di arched her back as my tongue hit her throbbing clit and she had a small orgasm and I started to give her a great licking flicking my tongue over her very sensitive clit I grasped a pillow and placed it under her pushing her pussy higher into the air on and on I licked sending her over the edge to have many small orgasms.

I now placed two fingers inside her and Di was thrashing about the bed her nipples were looking like rockets on a launch pad they were so hard then I had three fingers inside I curled them up with each thrust in and found her G spot each time and each time I did she shook and went ridged I then brought my other hand under her and I was now going to finger her ass like she had mine and I pushed forward and she took my finger and then another and I was now fucking her hard in her pussy and ass and licking her clit all at the same time.

All of a sudden her whole body went ridge and she came into my mouth with such force I just could not drink it fast enough it ran down my chin and onto the bed sheets her cunt gripped my fingers like a vice and her ass hole did the same then her body was shaking she she relaxed I pulls my fingers out of her and I started to kiss up her waiting body stopping at her navel to kiss and lick round that, we were both hot and sweating and I carried on kissing her as I moved slowly up her panting body,

I reached her rock hard nipples and took one into my mouth and bit on it she screamed out and she came again, fuck me fuck me she said thou gritted teeth so I smiled at her and moved over to the other nipple and done the same to that one then ran my tongue up between her heaving breasts and now the top of my cock was just touching her hair pussy and she kept trying to push herself onto it but I would not let her and I carried on kissing her now up her neck kissing and running my tongue up and down her lovely long neck reaching her ear lobes nibbling on then and breathing my hot breath into her ear I lifted myself up by my arms and my cock was now facing her pussy hole and with a smile on my face I just thrust forward into her without stopping until my body slammed into hers.

She screamed at the top of her voice OH OH OH yes fuck me fuck me fuck me deep you son of a bitch fill me up and she was breathing so hard as I pulled out and rammed home once more and I took her wonderful long legs and pushed them up and now they rested on my shoulders and I pushed my body forward so I was now slamming down right into her she still had the pillow under her and that pushed her pussy up so I could fuck her even harder and get deeper into her , She was digging her nails into my back as she cam again and again shouting yes yes that's it fuck me hard I was given her as much as I had and it would not be long before I came again but this time it would be with my cock as deep as possible inside her cunt.

I could feel her getting ready to cum again as her body was going ridged so I said try not to cum just yet lets see if we can come together and that sexy smile done it for me

I said I am ready when you are and speed up my ass must have been going fifty miles an hour as I rammed into Di YES YES YES she screamed NOW I am cumming NOW and with that her whole body went ridged and I gave one last hard thrust and held my throbbing cock into her as far as it could go.

Spurt after Spurt my cum shot into her and her mussels gripped my cock and it felt like they were milking every last drop of my seed for it I could feel the rippling of her mussels as she cam and cam the bed was soaked from her cum, my balls were sticky and wet from it all to after our climax's ebbed away we relaxed and the door opened and as it did I rolled of Di and she removed the pillow and Paul said fuck sake you to sounded like you wanted to bring the house down, we all burst out laughing and before I knew it Jane was between my legs licking up the mixture of my cum and Di's cum, Paul went down and did the same with Di.

But what happened after then is another story for another time.

If you enjoyed this please let me know Deepprobsix - Deepprobsix@gmail.com