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Quote: "Tony fucked away at my wife and Bob popped out of the wardrobe and my wife said how many more of you are there"

The Story...

The window cleaner called round when I was at work. Well I should have been at work but happened to leave early.

I recognised his van but couldn’t see where he was. His ladders were against the rear wall of our house.

I normally called out when I entered the house but for some reason when I saw the door a jar I crept in.

An hour before my wife was doing some ironing when the windon cleaner knocked at the door and offered to clean our windows.

My wife agreed and one of the men put the ladder up at the front and started washing the windows.

My wife finished the ironing and went up stairs to put the clothes away and decided to have a shower.

One of the window cleaners was a cheeky chap and came in through the kitchen door to help him self to a cup of tea.

When he didn’t see my wife about downstairs he crept upstairs.

He heard the shower going and thought he would have a peep.

By this time his mate had put the ladder up at the back and Bob the cheeky chap whispered through the bedroom window and told him to come on in.

When Tony the other window cleaner entered the bedroom Bob whispered they better hide in the wardrobe as my wife was getting out the shower.

Bob had removed the clothes that my wife had placed by the shower and so my wife had to enter the bedroom naked.

When they saw her enormous boobs and very bushy twat they could hardly believe their eyes.

My wife started to put on some stockings ready for her husband and she heard a noise coming from on of the wardrobes.

She opened the door to find one of the windows cleaners.

She was not afraid and boldly stood in front of him feeling rather turned on by his presence. What do you want She asked and Tony just stared with his mouth open.

Do you want to fuck me

Yes Tony replied looking at my wife with utter amazement.

Well you better get on with it before my husband comes home from work.

Tony fucked away at my wife and Bob popped out of the wardrobe and my wife said how many more of you are there

At the time I crept up the stairs and opened the bedroom door Bob was filling my wife’s twat and Tony was the other side of the threesome giving it to her up the ass.

I could not believe it but as it turned me on I simply went over to my wife and stuffed my cock in her mouth and we all fucked as frantically as we could.

Our windows are now the cleanest in the street.

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  • Cleanest Windows in Town
  • Published: Jun 10, 2005
  • Author: Kevin Blake
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  • Category: Voyeur Stories
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