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Title: The National Geographic: Tits and Ass - Author: Mike Marino

Published: Mar 3, 2014 - Contact:

Coming of age in the jet age, our male hormones were being fuel injected with the power of a red lining nitro fueled engine taking on the Bonneville Salt Flat going for the erection record! Everwhere all around us we were surrounded by the phallic symbols of the space age that included everything from the sleek sexy cylindrical shaped rocket nosecone with boosters poised to launch and penetrate and rape the vaginal void of outer space blasting high into the hymen heavens above. On terra firma there were the sexy protruding "dagmar tits" shaped like a pair of firm breasts tha could belong to the actress Dagmar herself now neatly welded onto the front grill of the family Oldsmobile. All these symbols of mechanical sexuality held out the promiscuous promise of sexual gratification to help aleviate the budding bulge in our jeans and increase our curiousity factor concerning the natural state of nudity.

First it was dads hidden secret stash of Playboy magazines, as they were our holy grail of flesh, at the time, airbrushed white buxom beauties with centerfold breasts that defied imagine. Furry delta's that were pristine and clean as the old fishing hole on a sunny day, and perfectly round mounds of bottoms up, poised and spread, ready for exploration and a good spelunking. We were horny for hymens. Instead we had to settle for drooling over our best friends mom (I will refrain from using her name to protect her not so innocence!) in her summer see through dress, causing delayed mastabutory activity laer on under the sheets in the privacy of our rooms, and jack off conversations about her with the rest of the gang who also wanted nothing more than to breast feed from her and be "mothered" and smothered by her. Of course your "best friend" never understood why you wanted to hang around his house so much instead of going to the railroad tracks to watch the trains flatten pennies you put on the rails. We were all Eddie Haskells at heart and we loved her beaver! You might say, and you will probably, that it was sort of a transposed Oedipal transference inference and interference. You never talked about the mom to your best friend, whose mom she was or you could get a punch landed smack in the middle of your grinning face. I still remember when breaking each others chops when you would jokingly say something clever like, "Hey, I got some nude pictures of your mom, wanna buy some" Damn you only wished you really had them...you wouldn't sell them but trade them for other kids moms photos...like naked moms trading cards!

We had other coming of age tools of drool in the form of publications with gardens of flesh heretofore unknown. For instance, the jackoff bible book of Genital Genesis has to be the JC Penney Catalogue with the magic "L" section with a playground of lingerie photos from panties to bra's and nightwear. Women personified as perfection dressed in lace and frills to tittilate the senses of a young boy. Sears had a lingerie section too but the catalogue was more in tune with the male of the species and offered more lawnmowers and weed whackers then lingerie and sexy models to whack off to. We gave the catalogues Whack Off Standings, much as you do in college sports, and JC Penney was the odds on hands on favorite to score a pubescent touchdown under the covers in the dark of night alone in your room with only the dim glow of the nightlight to enhance the solo mood of self gratification.

Then...it happened...the sexual seas parted...water was turned into sexual wine...and you became Adam and a world of tribal Eves opened wide their gate to the garden of delights..it was the the opening of the Garden of Hedon and a world of Tribal Tits and Tribal Ass beckoned as you saw our first copy of National Geographic. Nat Geo we call her. Now for the first time you saw giant nipples, round breasts and tufts of pubic hair moist and shiny all framed on the statuesque dark bodies of African and South American nude females in some hidden village in the bush. Sleek brown skin, exotic and enticing with round bottoms ready for exploration and tits to examine at will and a furry delta to launch your canoe into and go slowly up her stream...Nat Geo...our first encounter of the tribal kind...we wondered...so this is what our best friends mom looks like "down under" her underwear. Those JC Penney models are alright..but damn..these tribal girls are worth two in the bush...and you wanted to get two of them in their bush! Dr. Livingston I presume These photos were better then Maureen O'Sullivan in a slit skirt in Tarzan films.

What could pass for anthropological photographic geographic pornography began as a private club for the wealthy and a few academics, scientists and explorers whose main interest was in travel. Bear in mind this was in 1883 and not the age where you loaded up the family car and headed for Knotts Berry Farm. This was the Victorian age of travel...exotic safaris to far off places that are mere specks on the maps. They called themselves the National Geographic Society. One of the early presidents of the Society was Alexander Graham Bell, yes, the father of Ma Bell. It was his idea to come out with a publication that would in addition to words use drawings, maps and photos to tell the travel tales to give the piece a somewhat three dimensional look.

The first issue came out of the Society's womb from it's headquaters in Washington, DC in 1888, just nine months after the society was founded! From then it had begun to make it's iconic look a mainstay of the publishing world with it's yellow rectangular border, later dramatic photos were included to enhance the attractive look and today. Photography was in it's teen years at the time but over the years the magazine has secured it's place as the place to place your photos for the sheer prestige of having bragging rights to the coveted cover spot. The first "photographic layout" was in January of 1905 where full page photos of Tibet were included moving the publication from a position as merely an academic study in words to a multi-platform of visual art that depicted corners of the world that were still mysterious and fascinated the public at large. Most of the photos at the time were the kind you see and are reminiscent of Matthew Brady...huge tripod affairs with glass plates, but by the early part of the 20th Century color photography was making itself visible though still a rarity but by the 1930's one of their staff photogs, Luis Marden convinced the magazine to allow photographers to use the newer smaller compact 35mm cameras and as a bonus..Kodachrome film for brilliant colors that made the magazine pages come to life as never before.

So when did all this "tribal nudity" begin Some of earliest breasts preserved photographically and display graphically in a National Geographically expressed way was in the Victorian Era year of 1896. Since then the fascination with the breasts and nipples of black and brown tribal women has been an obsession with Nat Geo-ites and their readers, and yes, I can appreciate and am fond of those exotic and magnificent breasts and nipples myself and in real life my own penchant and history of fondling these exotic "tribal" breasts is due to various personal sexual relationships that brought me into close proximity to them. Mounds of brown are world reknowned! I can trace the roots of my fascination directly to ...NAT GEO!

Then of course while the western world enjoys a good gander at the "n" words, that is Nudity and Nipples, whereas the more conservative Muslim countries tend to frown on those two visible items mounted on a chest looking like big game heads mounted on a sportsmans wall. To protect the public from anything pubic, they will actually have them blacked them out! Yes, there is some protest and there are reports that some muslim readers complain although not too loudly or openly mind you about this practice and how obsucring a good boob shot decreases the "artistic merits" of the magazine! Remember in some of these countries a thief can have his hand chopped off, imagine what damage to the male extremity might occur should there be a Nat Geo induced erection rising to the ocassion!

Anthropologically it is curious that the Nat Geo seems fixated on "tribal nudity" where it is considered art and not porn if the bare breasts and penis presentations are of those of brown skinned people. Granted, they are delightfully delicious looking and to the truly sheltered in the world they are delicious in reality as well. You see very little "white" nudity in the magazines, which is the yin to the yang of the history of published nudity...in regular skin mags..it was always voluptuous white babes baring all and black women had a boob barrier of acceptibility to break on through to the other side...in Nat Geo..it's the reverse...it's mainly Black females and not white that we can gaze in wonder at. Go figure...so in effect is Nat Geo ahead of the racial curve, or is it something more sinister as the exploitation of "tribal races" considered more as something on display in Nat Geos idea of a human tribal zoo where the displayed human animals are just that...animals and not human beings in the eyes of the publisher

There were human zoos in parts of the world in the 1800's where Latina, Native American, Negro and Arab women were displayed in traveling human zoos in Europe where the visitors would plunk down a few pences or pfennigs to see caged naked tribal women and some men on display. This practice extended to the early part of the 20th Century, coinciding coincidentally with the beginning of publication of the National Geographic Society's magazine! Remember too this was also a practice at the tail end of slavery that proliferated in the United States until 1865 where African females and males were auctioned off nude for white buyers and examined on the block as though they were animals and not human beings. This all being said...the white perception of tribal people is just that...they were conditioned to look at them as sub-humans and more animal in nature and nudity a natural state for them. Nat Geo merely was susceptible to the same cancerous thinking and of course that was reflected in their depiction of tribal culture. While most of the shots in the formative years were of tribal women going about their business, this all morphed as the 20th Century progressed, and the proliferation of magazines like Playboy and Hustler were flying off the shelf. As the disco ball sun rose on the golden age of polyester in the the bellbottom 1970's the photos of naked tribal tits and ass became more frequent and the use of more teenage girls in posed shots jsut shy of the training bra stage was common practice. Naked teens from Yap Island to Tahiti were replacing the pin-up girl calendars in auto shops across America. Pubic hair displays also became more popular through public pubic acceptance, as long as they were shown on people of color. You could say a streak of mammarial racism was running rampant through the publishing jungle Many explanations have been given, how much clear water creedence we should give them is still up for the great masturbate debate. Jacking off to photos of jungle women is an old American male pastime. One school of thought is that the Nat Geo group felt black and brown women were not desirable enough so the photos couldn't possibly be considered pornography, but mere science for antropology's sake...no apology for anthropology. The yang side of the unspoken yin then was that white women were regarded not as subhuman animal types but rather the ideal of womanhood and therefore shown in the context of Nat Geo they were not "anthropologically viable"

Either way, whether it's the underwear section of a JC Penney catalogue or naked teenage tribal girls and full grown women in Africa or Yap Island...lets face it...Nat Geo has been there in the foreground of photographic pornographic masturbatory foreplay around the world. So drop your drawers gentlemen, grab it in hand, and whack off to Nat Geo's Mass of Tribal Tits and Ass! It's the anthropological thing to do.