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Title: Clothing is a Barrier - Author: Anon

Published: Mar 4, 2014 - Contact:

For some reason, clothes were still on. That was something that would soon be amended as his hands slid under her pajama shirt and his rough fingertips glided over the skin of her back. Brushing them along the lower part of her back and up her spine, he caressed his way back down and gripped the hem of her shirt to pull it off.

Naughty girl, she wasn't wearing a bra and now she could feel the cold of the door against her shoulder blades. She barely even noticed as she wrapped her arms back around his neck and he leaned in. Now that her shoulders were available, he braced himself by placing one hand against the door and the other on the small of her back, then bent down to press his lips on her neck. He enveloped her boundaries. Having moved himself closer and all around her, he seemed to dominate the small space that remained between them.

Her fingers clenched in his hair and she made small, breathy sounds in her throat while he moved his lips down her neck and shoulder. Warm and soft, his lips demanded a sensual arousal as they roved over her smooth skin.

Pressing into him, she could feel against her stomach how much he wanted this. He still had a pair of khaki shorts on and it seemed like, once again, their clothing was only a barrier to what they really wanted. The feel of his excitement against her was as if it had flipped a switch to bring out a kind of carnal instinct. She moved her hands down to grapple with his buttons and, her breath heaving, without waiting to shove the shorts down over his waist, she reached in, needing to feel the velvet-smooth skin.

She closed her eyes and unconsciously bit her lower lip, reveling in how perfect it felt in her hand. She closed her fingers around it, gliding over the smooth length of it. He shifted his weight to lean fully against the door and hung his head next to hers.

Since his eyes were closed, he didn't see her movement as she leaned in to return what he had been doing a moment ago. Her lips caressed along his jaw and slowly down along his neck, then back up over the edge of his ear. Running her mouth over his skin, back down the outside of his ear and to his jaw, she dug her nails into his shoulder with her other hand.

He moved his hand down and slipped it under her pajama shorts, causing a soft moan to escape from the lips that, a second ago, had been pressed into his neck. He circled his middle finger around while she clutched his shoulder, unable to stop the sounds of pleasure she was making. She squeezed her eyes shut and gasped as he slid his finger inside. Realizing how wet she was, she whispered about her building desire, "Now. I need you now."

They ran around the corner to the couch, undressing on the way. He lay sideways with his back against the cushions and she pressed against him. Running his hands up her body and pulling her closer, he said in a soft tone, "Turn around."

She shifted to face away from him, pressing her back against his body as he wrapped his arm around her stomach. She could feel it against her, between her legs.

Now. She needed this now. It was as if that part of her body was craving something and she was so close to satisfying the urge.

She reached down and, arching her hips at a better angle, gasped as it glided in. He moved his hand down to her hip and started to guide their movement, in and out. Her fingers clenched around the edge of the couch cushion and she braced her arm out against the coffee table so she could push against him in time with his movements.

As he slid in, pushing against the hot, tight walls, he looked down at her. Her eyes were scrunched closed and her lips were parted as she made soft moans of ecstasy. A tension was building and neither one of them would stop until the tension had been released. Moving in time with the other, she started to feel a heat building. With it came the sensation of a coil tightening, winding tighter and tighter until it finally sprung apart, creating a ripple effect of excitement through her whole body.

He tightened his arm around her as a small tension started in him and, as she moved her body against his, grew and spread. Feeling close to release, he pulled out and finished over her soft skin.

In the aftermath, nuzzling his nose in her hair, a quiet sense of satisfaction took over as she sighed and closed her eyes.