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Title: My Wife and the Mechanic - Chapter 2 - Author: Thom M.

Published: Mar 7, 2014 - Contact:

It was a bizarre scene. Charles was naked,on his hands and knees with Josh ,also naked, riding him pony style around the room. As they went,Josh slapped Charles' bare ass.

Cecil started laughing while Pam looked on in shock. Her husband was being thoroughly humiliated by the young black man. As Josh realized that Cecil and Pam had come out of the bedroom,he grinned at his buddy and smacked the white man's ass again. Charles grunted in pain. "We got bored waitin for you to finish fuckin his wife so me and nancy boy here went for a little ride. Here,take a shot of this," he said,tossing his phone to Cecil. The burly mechanic snapped three pictures in quick succession,making sure they all showed Charles' face.

"what else did y'all do in here,"he asked.

"Oh nothin much. . . cept this pony turned out to be a hot little faggot. Gave me a real nice blowjob".

He grabbed a handful of Charles' hair and pulled his head up.

"Make a nice 'O' with your mouth,nancy. . . show 'em how it looked when you were suckin my dick. "

Charles obeyed and Cecil laughed again.

" I swear,boy. . . you are sump'n else. Looks like we got some good blackmail pictures of both these high class motherfuckers now, don't it"

Josh climbed off the man's back. As he did so,his hard cock was standing at full attention.

Pam gasped at the size of it. She had never seen one that big! And to think,she was going to have to accommodate it. Of course she had never even come close to being intimate with a black person. She dreaded the thought of being forced to do it now. But seeing Charles being used in such a shameful manner brought home the reality with unmistakeable clarity. She really didn't know if her husband had been forced to suck Josh's cock. . . or if he had actually participated of his own free will. She had wondered from time to time about her husband's sexual orientation,due to remarks made here and there. She knew he wasn't a rough and tough kind of guy. . . that was one thing she liked about him,so she never really gave it much thought. But now,either way,it no longer much mattered. Both she and her husband were obviously at the mercy of these two rowdy mechanics, made undeniably clear by the fact that she herself was standing nude except for heels and hose,freshly fucked by "Master Cecil" and on the verge of another enforced trip to the bedroom. . . this time with a black man twenty some years her junior. Josh was eyeing her body leeringly. He had yet to touch her,but he was about to change that. While her husband was still on the floor,Josh took Pam's hand and led her toward the other room. He looked at Cecil. "I'm so hot. . . I'm afraid this ain't gone take too long. Shit. Wait for me. " he pushed Pam ahead of him and closed the door.

Cecil sat down on the couch and summoned Charles to crawl to him. Charles envisioned himself taking the other man's cock in his mouth. In a way,he hoped so. But Josh had told him Cecil didn't go for "that queer shit",so he had no idea what was about to happen. Cecil looked at the pictures Josh had taken with his phone. There was the one of Charles between his legs,looking up at Josh,with his lips wrapped around the black man's cock. Then there were the ones of Charles dancing naked,bending over,stroking his own penis and with a sick,forced smile on his face.

"Seems like my boy Josh got hisself a real fine cocksucker,pansy boy. "

Charles was humiliated,but it didn't feel like it did when Josh verbally abused him.

Cecil then proceeded to tell Charles what he had done with Pam.

"It didn't take me long to pull your wife's panties off and strip her naked. Man,for a woman of her age,she looks pretty damn good. Nice tits and a sweet little bush. Pammy's a good fuck,Chuck.

Heh,heh. . . but you know that dontcha" Charles nodded,beginning to feel aroused at listening to this crude fellow talking so intimately and disrespectfully about his wife of many years. Charles had to admit that all this was thrilling beyond words. Cecil continued,"Just so you know, this don't end here tonight. Matter of fact it's just getting started. From now until I get tired of it,you and your hot wife are gonna do everything I say,whenever I want you to. Your wife is already playing by my rules. She calls me Master when she speaks to me. . . so I guess you should too. "

"Yes. . . master,"Charles replied,feeling his boner getting even harder.

Charles was told to remain in his subservient pose on the floor while Cecil fixed himself a drink.

"Hot work,fuckin Pamela Davis. " He took a long gulp.

"Soon as Josh gets through fuckin your wife. . . or makin her suck his dick like you did,we're gonna let you and Pam go home. Me and Josh will spend the night here. We're gonna drink some more from the mini bar here and maybe watch a little porn on the tv. By the way,on your way out stop by the front desk and tell 'em that us two gentlemen are honored guests of you and your wife,and any thing they want,just put it on your credit card. I bet the room service food is pretty good here. "

Charles was at once a little disappointed that the evening's events were almost over,but relieved that he and Pam were going to be able to leave unharmed. He really was in fear of what the two may have decided to do to them.

"Two nights from now I'm gonna come over to your house. Then you know what's gonna happen then,dontcha" Charles said," I think I do. "

"Unh Unh. . . what did you forgetTry it again".

"Sorry. . I meant I think I do. . . . master. "

"Better,"Cecil said with a smug smile,"You learn fast. "

He told Charles to get to his feet. The two crossed the room and Cecil opened the bedroom door just a little. Charles looked inside. He saw the black man's ass pumping in and out,Pam's widespread legs with her high heels pointed toward the ceiling. He heard his wife gasping and moaning,her breathing ragged. He knew that Josh was touching his wife where she had never been touched before,at least three inches beyond the point he had ever reached with her. Evidently Pam had been able to endure whatever pain or discomfort the big black cock was causing her. As a matter of fact,Charles heard the unmistakeable sounds Pam made when she orgasmed,only they were more intense that he had ever heard them At the peak,he saw her hands reach up and grasp the shoulders of the brawny negro. In a very few minutes,he heard her again. Damn,she never came that often with him.

Cecil closed the door. "That's all you get to see this time,Chucky,but I promise you there will be a lot for you to look at in a couple of days. I got so turned on by your wife that I just had to jump right in and fuck her. It was great,but I didn't get a blow job out of her. That's gonna happen next time. . . and you're gonna get a ringside seat. See she knows she's mine now,and so are you. . . so that please don't make me do this in front of my dear hubby shit just don't fly no more. She'll do any goddam thing I command and so will you. That is unless y'all want everybody in town to get a look at her pussy and you suckin a nigger's dick. So you may as well face it. . . Mrs. Pamela Davis,soon to be on the city council,is gonna be in bed with me any time I get the urge. . . and with her I'm gonna get the urge real often. "

Charles again felt the strange dichotomy of emotions,outrage at being bossed around so blatantly by a lewd,arrogant man so obviously inferior,but undeniably more horny than he had ever been.

He could barely choke out a reply. "Yes. . . . . master. I understand and will obey. "

Cecil was elated at the cringing willingness Charles displayed. About then Josh came in,naked and smiling,his cock hanging down,spent of passion and apparently satisfied.

"Man,that honky bitch is one fine piece of ass! Once I got her cummin she couldn't stop. I do believe nobody ever fucked her that deep before,specially not nancy here. "

"She gettin dressed now"

"Yeah. I'm through with her for now. "

Pam came into the room,dressed but with downcast eyes,unable to look at any of the men. . . especially her husband.

"Okay Pammy. You done good. Now you two can go home. I'll see both of you in a couple of days. You'll be all ready to give me some more of that high class poontang then,woncha"

"Yes. . . . Master Cecil" Pam breathed in resignation.

Cecil laughed,pulled the matronly blonde close to him rubbing her shapely butt and French kissing her . Then the married couple was allowed to leave.

Once they were in the car,they both knew that they had a lot to talk about and a sixty mile drive ahead of them.

What they didn't know was that before Josh and Cecil had come up to the suite,they had secreted a voice activated audio recorder in the car. Every word they uttered on the ride home would be available for the two lustful mechanics to hear when they came over.

Cecil smiled at the thought of producing the device in front of them and making them listen to their private conversation with him and his black cohort. He couldn't wait to hear it.

"Talk about a fly on the wall,huh"

The couple were silent for the first few miles of the ride home. Eventually Charles said "Well,that went well didn't it" For a moment Pam said nothing. Then she began to laugh. Her laughter became almost uncontrollable and Charles was afraid she was about to become hysterical.

However,her laughter subsided and she said"Oh my god,Charles. Can you believe what happened to us It's like something no body would ever imagine. Do you think we will ever be the same again" He considered his answer carefully. "Honey, I just want you to know that nothing could ever possibly change my love for you,no matter what. I'm just so sorry my stupidity got us. . . especially you. . . in this mess. "

"It looked like you were being used as much as I was. But I'm with you. Whatever happened. . . or will happen. . We will always be together just as well as we ever were. "

Charles was tremendously relieved to hear that his wife was not totally freaking out,because he had to admit to himself that the evening had been a ball. The most exciting time of his life. So far.

And he knew there was more to come. And he couldn't wait.

Of course he had to pretend to be chagrined and outraged at the treatment they had gotten at the hands of the coarse working men.

"You can't imagine how difficult it was to watch you with those guys. And when Josh did what he did to me. . . . that was horrible" "I know you must feel so, I don't know, so. . . helpless and defeated. "

"Exactly," he replied. "And you must feel worse,being used like you were. "

Pam shivered at the recollection.

"I mean,from the cries and moans you were making when that awful negro had you in the bedroom. . . it sounded intense"

Pam looked out the window at the darkness. "Yes,it was. . . but. . . and please don't take this the wrong way. . . but he literally touched me deeper than I've ever been touched before. . . and. . god help me. . I couldn't stop orgasming. Is that terrible"

Charles was glad she wasn't looking at him. She may have seen the delighted expression on his face. Hot damn! She obviously wasn't going to have much of a problem fucking Josh again.

"No it isn't terrible. As a matter of fact it may be the saving grace in all of this. "

She just kind of nodded.

"But what about the other guy. . . that damned Cecil prick He's one smug,cocky son of a bitch. "

"Cocky Is that a pun"

"Oh god no! I meant. . . "

Again Pam surprised him with a laugh. " I know dear. Let me tell you how I dealt with that. I've never told you this,but when I was about twelve years old my stepbrother went away to college and left some stuff forgotten in his room. I found a small book. It was titled 'The Kidnapped Bride' and on the cover it had a drawing of girl in bed with a fat,ugly man. The story was that the bride had been abducted by a group of criminals and was being made to service this man in crude and humiliating ways. I had never read anything like it. It used words like titties and fuck and cock. You know. . . that kind of language. Any way I couldn't get it off my mind,fantasizing that I was that girl. I didn't know then why it appealed to me so much. And to be honest,I still don't. "

"Pam, I had no idea . Why didn't you ever tell me this"

" I couldn't. I thought it was crazy and perverted. It was too embarrassing to admit. But now that all this has happened I guess nothing is that . . . private any more. "

"So you're saying that fantasy is what you used with Cecil"

"Yes. I slipped into my kidnapped bride mode to keep it from being unbearable. And as a matter of fact. . . I. . I. . well . . I almost got lost in it. Charles. . . it. . it. . made me wet. "

"Do you think it would have been better with,say, a young handsome guy"

Pam thought for a second. "No. . no. As strange as it sounds,it was more in keeping with my fantasy that he was a fat,crude,dirty disgusting pig. . . . which he certainly is. "

So it seemed that the blackmailed couple had rationalized their predicament into something they could at least live with. Charles was elated. Even more so when his wife said," I'm hungry. Let's find a burger joint. "

Cecil had listened to every word that was said on the ride home. He had retrieved the recorder without the couple's knowledge and was happy with what had been revealed to him.

On the last part of their trip Charles and Pam discussed frankly the situation they were in and what to do about it. The bottom line was that they had very little choice. They were resigned to their roles as submissives to the domineering mechanics. Josh seemed to prefer to simply fuck Pam without the embellishments of humiliation,saving that part of his personality for Charles.

They had no way of knowing that he had been shaped that way from time he spent behind bars,sometimes being forced into the role of bitch to a bigger,more powerful inmate.

But he hated that and swore he would turn the tables on society once he was out.

Charles had become his most satisfactory victim so he heaped on degradation and abuse with great pleasure. He loved a good fuck however,especially an attractive older white woman like Pamela Davis,and more especially because she was married to his favorite sub. The idea pleased him that Charles had no choice but to passively endure his wife being fucked by a big dicked nigger. Josh considered Charles as victim number one,with Pam in the number two spot.

Cecil,however,was a completely different story. He relished being in total control of a classy,intelligent,good looking wife who was his to do whatever he wanted. And as he listened to the recording his imagination went wild with more things for the lovely Pam to do.

He decided not to let them know about the bug he had planted in their car. . . he might want to use that plan again. He certainly got some useful information from it this time. he chuckled as he heard Pam referring to him as filthy,repulsive,dirty and disgusting. Great. That's exactly how he wanted her to regard him. . . so her subjugation would be even sweeter,knowing that she was slavishly obeying every command of a man she loathed. Her fear of the brute overwhelmed her reluctance to his aggressive intimate demands. And that ' Kidnapped Bride' stuff she talked about made his dominance of her more enticing. So it wasn't surprising that he was already sporting a huge boner as he drove to the Davis' house. He had given explicit instructions of how he wanted the encounter to go. He had spoken on the phone at length to Charles,who had meekly accepted his demands and insured Cecil that he understood and would see that Pam followed "Master Cecil's" orders. Josh was not along tonight so he would be the only one calling the shots.

His mind went back to that hot day when he had first seen Mrs. Davis. . . standing in the driveway while he worked on her car. He remembered thinking how hot she was. . . how he would love to fuck her. . . how he would love to have her lips wrapped around his prick. He marveled at the piece of luck that had actually put her in his hands. . . furthermore helpless to resist anything he wanted her to do. Those thoughts had his dick drooling and straining to get out of his pants. He was SO DAMN HOT!

Arriving at the couple's house he threw his cigarette stub on the lawn and rang the doorbell.

Charles immediately opened the door and ushered him inside. "Good evening,sir" he greeted. . . as instructed. He was also dressed as instructed ,wearing a frilly apron tied in the back with a lacy bow. His ass was completely exposed. He looked ridiculous,a laughingstock for a dominant man to humiliate. He looked at Charles and gave a derisive cackle,them smacked Charles soundly on his bare ass with the palm of his hand. It made a sharp crack and Charles gasped and yelped in pain,outrage and surprise. Nonetheless,he continued to curtsy to the mechanic,ushering him into the living room and inviting him to sit on the sofa. Once Cecil was seated,Charles mixed him a drink and served it to him,bowing in condescension. To himself,Charles was thinking how much he would love to drop to his knees,fish Cecil's cock out of his pants and blow him. He felt his own cock hardening at the masochistic scene in his head.

"Where's my slut" said Cecil.

"She's waiting for you to summon her,sir. "

"Tell her that her master is ready. "

Charles walked to the bedroom door,acutely aware that his bare butt was on display to Cecil.

"Pam,your. . . master is here. "

So far so good. Cecil's orders were being carried out. He held his breath unconsciously,waiting to see if Pam was going to be as cooperative.

The door opened and Pam entered the room and stood before her blackmailer,eyes averted shyly. She was wearing a bracelet,a necklace,her wedding rings and a pair of sexy, white high heels.

That was it. She posed as she had been told,hands clasped behind her head and feet wide apart,giving Cecil a provocative view of her naked body. His eyes roamed greedily over her exposed flesh,lingering on her full breasts,pink nipples standing out invitingly,either from lust or embarrassment. Cecil didn't care which. He was just happy to get an eyeful. Pam had trimmed her pubic hair a bit and the honey colored triangle was within reach of the lewd mechanic's hands.

"Good evening,MasterCecil,"Pam murmured.

He sensed a great change in her demeanor from the last time. Evidently the book she had read as a young girl had colored her thinking. Brainwashed into her "slave girl mode".

Pressing his advantage he summoned Charles kneel beside him.

"You know,Chucky, I like comin to visit you and the misses here. Saves me a trip to them titty bars downtown. Shit, I'd much rather look at your wife's titties. She's got some beauties. "

Charles agreed and thanked him for saying so. Pam remained in the wanton pose,her face flaming red with hot embarrassment.

"Plus,"Cecil continued," they don't allow no touching at the strip joints. And I do love to touch. Come here,sugar. " The married blonde moved closer to Cecil who put his hands on the back of her calves and slid upward slowly,feeling her soft bare skin. Further up he went,caressing her knees and full thighs. Pam made no move to resist. When he reached her buttocks he squeezed them thoroughly,rubbing and fondling to his heart's content. He pulled forward and kissed her deeply,his tongue sliding between her lips. As Charles raptly watched,he could have sworn that his wife returned the kiss with more passion than before. Her hands still clasped behind her head,Pam's ripe breasts were within easy reach of the mechanic's lustful hands and he wasted no time in feeling them all over,tweaking her delicate pink nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He continued his exploration of her nude body for a full ten minutes,kissing her several more times during the process. Pam gasped when his fingers moved between her legs and teased at the lips of her pussy. Cecil noticed a definite moisture there. Good sign,he thought.

He pulled Pam down onto the couch with him and slid his hand up between her legs,boldly sticking his finger into the married woman's cunt,causing her to gasp with shock at the intimate intrusion. Then he turned to Charles,who was still kneeling and watching his wife being ravished by the aggressive blackmailer. "Boy,go out to my truck and bring me that bag of stuff in the front seat. . . oh yeah,and bring me that sign you got in the front yard. "

Charles got up and headed for the back of the house. "Where the fuck are you goin"

" I just want to put on a coat or something. I mean I can't go outside like this. " He gestured to the frilly apron he was wearing. "Sure you can. If you're real fast maybe the neighbors won't see what a fuckin pansy you are. Now get your ass out there and do what I told you. Meantime I'm just gonna sit here finger fuckin your naked assed wife. Her cunt's gettin nice and juicy for me. "

Panic stricken,Charles timidly looked out the door,gulped and dashed outside. His heart was racing as he pulled the "vote for Pamela Davis for city council" sign from the lawn,grabbed the bag from Cecil's truck and hurried back inside. Thank god no one saw him. Cecil,true to his word,was still sliding now two fingers lewdly in and out of Pam's pussy while she writhed in humiliation,and perhaps excitement.

"Put the sign right here," he said,motioning to a place right beside him. Charles did.

"Now reach in that bag and take out the camera. " Charles did. " Now take some pictures showin the sign,and me and Pammy. Move around and get lots of different angles. And Pam,you better smile like you was havin a good old time,cause if you don't I'm gonna have fairy boy just keep on takin 'em til I'm satisfied".

Pam's heart sank. Those would be the most destructive pictures possible. . . . and Cecil knew it. They would cement his grip on her and force her to continue to obey his every perverted demand. She had no choice but to allow herself to be trapped completely. She forced a sick semblance of a smile on her face and looked into the lens as Charles followed the mechanic's orders and snapped shot after damning shot. When Cecil was content he told Pam,"Now baby,I'm ready for you to suck my dick. "

Pam felt her stomach turn in revulsion. " I don't even do that for my husband. I only did that once or twice. . . tell him,Charles. " Her husband nodded,"That's true" he said.

"You still tryin to give me some shit about that Well believe it or not, I don't give a rat's ass what you do for this faggot you're married to. . . but you're gonna do it for me. "

Pam tried to wriggle from his grasp to avoid having to do what wanted.

"Reach in that bag and gimme them handcuffs". Pam was terrified by that,but her husband was handing over the cuffs,which were different from police type restraints. They had soft material on the parts which actually held the wrists imprisoned,like a pair bought for erotic action. The kind sold at Adam and Eve stores. The mechanic snapped them on the frightened blonde with her hands in front of her body. Then,pulling her to her feet,he retrieved a length of rope from his bag of goodies,marched Pam to the bedroom door,looped the rope around the cuffs and tossed the end over the door frame. Then he pulled it snug and tied it around the doorknob.

The result was that Pam's hands were now pulled high over her head,leaving her helpless and exposed. She squirmed as Cecil began to run his fingers along her rib cage. Ohmigod! he was tickling her! Charles knew that his wife could absolutely not stand to be tickled. It drove her up a wall. She frantically wiggled and squirmed trying to free her hands,but they remained totally of no help. She was laughing,crying frantically begging him to stop,but the lewd mechanic was having entirely too much fun. Her panicky struggles were making him even more horny. Pam was blubbering,barely able to speak. "Pl. . pl. . please. oh stop. I can't stand. . . . oh quit. . . oh god . . . no. . no. . pleeeeze!"

"Areyou ready to suck my dick now,slut"

"Oh. . . oh. . ahhh,please. . no. . no"

Finally,unable to tolerate the sadistic tickle torture,she screamed out,"Yess. . yes. oh. . oh . . anything. . just stop. "

"Well now i'm not so sure I want you to. Maybe you better beg me. Beg me to let you suck my cock. "

When she didn't immediately respond he renewed the maddening tickling,both hands all over her.

Pam squealed and fought mightily to free herself to no avail. "Yes. . yes. . alright. . . please . . . . please let me. . . su. . . suck your. . . c,c,. . cock. Please Master Cecil. . . let me suck your cock!"

"You really want to,Pammy" he teased,continuing to tickle her unceasingly.

"Yes. . . I really want to. oh. . . . oh. . stop!" "You mean you're ready to suck me off and swallow my cum. . . right in front of your queer husband"

The miserable woman could not stand any more or his torture.

"Yes,whatever you say. . . just please. . pl. . please stop!"

Cecil laughed. "Okay then. But I really liked seeing you squirm and beg. And make no mistake,if you disobey me ever. . . . EVER. . I'll string you up again and won't let up for a solid thirty minutes,got it"

"Yes Master Cecil. "

She saw that Charles made no effort to come to her aid. He was cowed by Cecil.

The lowlife sex predator was definitely in charge in this house.

Cecil removed the cuffs,then reapplied them,this time with Pam's hands behind her.

He turned to the couch again dropping his pants and kicking them off. He peeled off his dingy,once white,tee shirt,revealing his hairy chest and bulging belly,then pulled down his boxer shorts,exposing his rock hard penis,the head slick with love juice. Some had oozed into his coarse wiry pubic hair,and there were big wet spots on the discarded underwear.

Charles stared,thinking how obscene. . . but how tremendously thrilling the sight was.

Pam. . . not so much. Resigned to what she was being forced to do,she studiously avoided looking at her husband,but mesmerized by the sight of Cecil sitting naked except for a pair of flip flops on his feet. His legs were splayed wide,his cock,balls and even his asshole plainly visible.

He ordered Pam to knee walk over to him. She obeyed. He wrapped his hand in her hair and pulled her face closer and closer to his crotch. "Kiss it,honey,and kiss it good"

Reluctantly,Pam touched her lips to the tip of his penis,shuddering with shame. She kissed it as chastely as she dared. Cecil allowed her to take her time,slowly coming to grips with the fact that she actually had her mouth in contact with her blackmailer's cock.

Cecil was watching her closely,enjoying what he was forcing the married woman to do.

"Now,Pammy,put a little tongue into it. Let me see you lick the head of my dick,and just keep doin it til I tell you to stop". Pam made herself follow his order,tasting the pre cum dribble .

She turned her mind to the "Kidnapped Bride" words she had found so hypnotizing as a young girl. . . . "The girl opened her mouth and surrounded her kidnapper's throbbing prick. She was surprised that it wasn't the foul taste she had been dreading. She heard his vast groan of pleasure and knew her ministrations were all he had demanded. "

With that,Pam ran her tongue all over the mushroom head,and,just as in her book,she heard a "vast moan of pleasure". It stirred something deep in her psyche and she unexpectedly began to feel masochistic pleasure herself as she slavishly served her demanding tormentor.

"Look at me,slut. "he commanded. "Look right into my eyes and don't dare look away. Watch me watching you with your sweet lips wrapped around my dick. Damn,that's fuckin wonderful. "

Pam's emotions were going crazy. . . she hated the thought of what she was doing. . . but. . . but. . she was becoming. . TURNED ON BY IT! Ohmigod,she thought. . what is happening to me

She saw Cecil pick up his phone and start snapping photos of her with her mouth encircling his boner,her eyes wide open and fixed on his ugly face.

"Suck it now,Pam. Make it feel good to me. That's right. . . suck it like the slave you are. "

The more the mechanic debased her,the more submissive she became. It was a domino effect.

She took more of his shaft into her mouth,sucking it ,judging the best way to give him the most pleasure. Just as she was reaching a steady rhythm,he unexpectedly pulled her hair,taking his dick out of her mouth.

"God,that feels so good. But I don't wanna cum yet. I'm aching to get into that sweet pussy of yours. Climb up here and straddle me. "

Pam struggled to her feet unsteadily,her hands cuffed behind her. She spread her legs wide and crawled on top of Cecil,giving him the ultimate lap dance. She felt him guiding his hard cock between the wet lips of her vagina,then felt the fullness as he thrust himself deep into her. Without being told she started hunching up and down on him,doing all the work. . . pressing her bare body into his.

"Jeez,baby,what a great fuck you are. Ride that dick. . that's right,in and out. . . just like that. "

He could not hold back his mounting passion any longer. He pulled her tight against him and French kissed her deeply. Pam tasted bourbon and cigarettes on his breath and wondered if he could taste his own cock from her mouth. If he did,it didn't seem to bother him,because he started cumming,grinding into the blonde and grunting in an explosion of pleasure.

Pam was amazed as she suddenly found herself cumming as well.

"Oh. . . oh. . ahhh. . goddd. . . . ohhh. "

Slowly their bodies relaxed. Cecil rubbed his hands over Pam's bare back and kissed her a few more times. She didn't resist. They heard Charles making gurgling sounds as he finished jacking off,shooting semen onto his apron.

They all three knew that this was not the last time they would be together like this.

Cecil had all he needed to fuck Mrs. Pamela Davis any time and any way he wanted.

He couldn't wait for her to be elected to the city council. What fun it would be to have a prominent citizen as his personal sex slave.

He decided then and there that he would register to vote.