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Title: Macrophilia: The Sexual Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - Author: Mike Marino

Published: Mar 7, 2014 - Contact:

Ok, I admit it, along with many others in my cmap who like to camp it up with a good romp under the covers and who had space-aged wet dreams over "The 50Attack of the 50 Foot Woman" starring Allyson Hayes in the sex dripping sci-fi thriller of the rock and roll drive-in movie Fifties. Here was a "normal" sized earth babe, adn babe she was, who with a little help from her alien friends grows faster than a Chia pet before our very eyes to an astoundingly fantasy fetching size where her breasts ballooned equally to amazing proportions exploding on the silver screen into a giant pair of huge huggable fun filled, milk filled, fantasy filled masses resembling two hot-air balloons over Albuquerque. The 50 Foot Woman had been cheated on by a philandering husband when she was normal size, whatever that is, and once she exploded in size sought revenge and retribution on her husband who was now mighty miniscule in proportion, weak and he was now reduced to mere penis putty in her hands. That's what you call a 50 foot hand job!

Lets face it a 50 foot woman with ten feet of solid protruding flesh breasts are a sex dream come true for the natural breast feeding nippple sucking instincts that we keep hidden under the covers of pre-maturity mandatory masturbation were we dare no breath a word of it to even our best friend who is still whacking off to Nat Geos!. C'mon...a 50 foot woman along with badda bing badda boom boobs has to have a hungry voracious vagina with a three foot opening surrounded by a lumber jungle of pubic hair so thick you could build a raft of them and sail inside her "tunnel of love" to explore the orgasmic river of no return that will take you deep inside her magic kingdom of orgasm as a full grown human dildo on a journey to the center of her moist sexual earth.

Lets face reality, there are no 50 foot women...believe me I've looked for them and they do not exist, at least in the carnival atmosphere of a purely carnal context, but, there are "real" female giants. They are seen on basketball courts around the world and generally can top off at 7 feet or so. Some giant females may be in the 6 foot something range and not rank out at a fully blossomed 7 full feet. They don't all need basketballs in hand to whet our sexual fantasies. Forget the basketballs and volleyballs, they can grab a hold of our own balls in a firm grip in their capable hands, and for most of us that would do nicely. More than nicely. These "giantesses" as they are referred to are viewed as not just large tall voluptuous women, I guess statuesque is the more socially accepted genteel terminology, but they are real giants gazed at in glazed over wonder through the submissive eyes of the manic Macrophile as she placed on a pedastal being a dominant sexual force to the extreme by the male who wishes to meet the fetish dream date of a giant female to dominate him sexually.

Macrophilia...what exactly is Macrophilia Simple. It's a raging inferno of a red hot fetish and sexual fantasy involving giants, specifically giant females. The female led fantasy is pretty primitive and primal in that the male simply wishes to be dominated in all aspects by a larger woman. The difference in this fantasy is that in reality she may be only a few inches taller than he is, but in his male maelstrom of Macrophilia he can envsion her as hundreds of feet tall!!! She in his sexual architectural mindset is the Empire State Building or Toronto's CN Tower. Now that is something I thought could only be attained on an acid trip, but apparently it's a free trip through the looking glass of a fertile mind laying out a smorgasbord of sexual fantasy at an all you can eat macrophile buffet!

In simplistic terms and allowing the appreciative male perspective of the long and the short of it to creep into this piece, we love breasts. They excite the male of the species better than a ribbed condom on a virgin, and these very same, fine, firm breasts are also responsible for pushing the lesbian envelope through the sound barrier with at a gravity defying G-Force for the internal G-Spot as well. Some of the male species like small breasts on a woman and a boyish body much as Hemingway did, but, for the most part...Give Me A 50 Foot Woman..or Give Me Death! Here's the bizarre part..the submissive Macrophile can actually visualize themselves shrinking in size before a normal sized woman, or on the flip side of the fantasy coin they see their sex partner actually growing in size! Where the hell is Rick Moranis and what is this anyway, "Hey, Honey, I Shrunk My Submissive Husband and The Kids!"

There is a euphemism in here somewhere for Jack and his Beanstalk. How Freudian is that. While Jack was whacking off his beanstalk he dreamed of a giant and a goose! The giant was a male so there probably are homosexual undertones in this tale of fe fi fo fummery with a good goose tossed in for good measure! It's all very confusing, like the lust of making love to a midget..what is that then..Microphilia and how the hell would Thumbelina survive a gang rape by normal sized peckers. It would be like trying fill a pint glass with a gallon of sex juice!

In the world of Macrophilia Sports, the "small" person is naturally the sub person and enjoys the feeling of being dominated, used and abused by the tall person, tallness itself being associated with dominance and power over all things smaller. Macrophilia adds gasoline to the fetish fire by also increasing the sexual juice of the macrophile to pinacles of fetish fantasy whereby they are also degraded and abused for the "giants" personal pleasure. Female Giants are viewed as powerful beings and in most cases as true goddesses sent to rule the earth!

The fantasy is mostly explored by male macrophiles. Females don't seem to have the same fetish fantasy as the male species. The male who is generally considered in most societies as the dominant species enjoys the role exchange and assuming the submissive role as a sexual release while literally worshipping his "giant goddess" The giantess on the other hand enjoys this exchange as it is a hypodermic needle that fills the need in her for empowerment and the sexual pleasure of being worshipped by an inferior male. Even though the giantess may only be a few inches taller, the macrophile may envision her at hundreds of feet taller in his minds fantasy...hundreds of feet taller is a little to tall for my tastes in a dominant giant female...so I'll settle for the standard off the shelf attack of a regualr 50 foot woman..or a 7 foot female basketball player who wants to use me as a ball and shoot hoops!