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Title: Microphilia: Follow the Yellow Brick Road for Midget Sex and Sensuality - Author: Mike Marino

Published: Mar 10, 2014 - Contact:

Imagine traveling in another dimension, a dimension of sight, sound and imagination....imagine if you will a person who can stand up and give a blowjob without having to resort to kneepads Is this the Rod Serling opening for a sex filled journey into the libidinous Twilight Zone Wrong! Besides a stand up blowjob No such thing...I don't believe it...it's impossible you say Don't bet on it. Welcome to the world of Microphilia,the bizarro turned upside world of Macrophilia where the fetish fantasy is the lust for giant females. Microphilia is the sexual yang to Macrophilias sexual yin located at the crosshairs of the the sexual crossroads where Twilight Zone Boulevard and the Yellow Brick Road meet in a fornication of fetish and fantasy.

This is the psyco-sexual universe where the Microphile, a person of standard verticle stature can get his many rocks off with fantasies of making it with a female dwarf, a little person, a Munchkin and a mindset where Dorothy adn Oz have been replaced by Bridget the Midget! Just as Macrophiles fantasize about female giants, the Microphile's fetish is on a much smaller scale where the ultimate sexual fantasy is to dominate and sexually penetrate or engage in oral sex with a diminuitive female that he can sexaully engage in intercourse with a feeling of dominance. This lustful dwelling on dwarves is different from the Macrophile who lusts for the sublime sense of submission to the giant female. The Microphile wants the reverse, to dominanate a little person sexually, yet, the other side of that carnal coin is that the Microphile also relishes the role of being submissive to the female dwarf in the role of Mistress. Microphilia has two films of interest...the Wizard of Oz of course with it's pletora of hot bod Munchkin babes with rotund behinds ready to be mounted by man or woman, and the ultimate subliminal Microphilia film....Gullivers Travels where the kingdom of the Lilliputians entice, engross and eventually enslave him. The are small fry by any standard and on a sliding scale his penis must be the relative size of a giant redwood on California's northern coast!

Microphilia is not just all about dwarves. Toss some fairies and leprecauns and other "tiny mythological creatures" into the sexual mix and goddamned if Tinkerbell ain't hot to trot and a couple of doses of her fairy dust will have the same effect on the Microphile as a full load of viagara! So on St. Patricks Day don't be surprised if that stranger next to you on the street is looking high and low for more than a pot of gold. No Siree...he's after something better than gold and rainbows and four leaf clovers. He wants to get down and dirty with a leprecauns overcharged labia.

Dwarfs have been coveted by the courts of kings and queens, have been featured in human zoos and sideshows and used as actual pony sized ponygirls pulling carts for their larger Masters. Fascination with dwarfs is age old and complicated. At Coney Island in New York in the early 20th Century they set up a Midget Village in the section known as Dreamland. They rounded up 300 midgets to inhabit this miniature village that came complete with it's own circus, beach, fire department and it's own government of the little people, by the little people and for the little people. On ocassion as part of the "entertainment" normal sized people referred to as "giants" would walk through the village to frighten them or at least to have them act frightened.

Dwarf Wrestling was also big in the 1950s and midget wrestlers small in stature made big names for themselves. Of course the ultimate little person experience has to be the huge cast of little people assembled to play the hundreds of Munchkins in the 1939 production of the Wizard of Oz. A veritable sexual symphony was at play here...while most of us watch the Oz film and marvel at the technicolor and sets and colorful costumes and characters...someone in the back row, a Microphile, is whacking off to the Munkin dance sequence in Munchkinland!

There are also female Microphiles who fantasize about little men that they can dominate or be dominated by. Microphilia is not as gender specific as Macrophilia is. Its merely a world of sex and fantasy in miniature. The little females have all the body parts necessary to get a man off, and the males have a smaller penis than most perhaps, but in both cases...it is possible to actually "handle" the merchandise and move it in and out of sexual positions by hand as if they were a small sex toy. A small female can straddle a mans penis while he is in a sitting position and he can easily move her up and down over his appendage which by the way will enjoy one hell of tight fit due to her small size. The breasts make for great handles to grab onto for this forced motion so that maximum depth on penetration can be achieved. Many little women now work as sex workers in strip clubs and massage parlors and call girls. Dwarf prostitution is on the rise so to speak and they are also popular at bachelor parties. Some are employed as a Dominatrix for submissive men and women and the males are more and more being used by females as male prostitutes. The main advantage of this according to some is that the dwarf males appendage is small enough so it can be taken orally whole into the mouth and more power can be applied in the sucking action by the female. He is also small enough that he can be lifted up for better leverage and his stature lends him to the role of submissive to a non-dwarf female who craves the empowerment dominating a male gives her. Both submissive dwarf males and females fit into small cages for training by a Dominatrix and of course there is also the sexual relationship of dwarf lesbians and homosexuals with their regular sized counter parts.

In the world of sexuality people like Betty Page, the pin-up with a whip comes to mind...or Carol Doda...the pioneering topless stripper who ruled the boob roost of San Francisco's North Beach club scene in the free sex atmostphere of the 1960's. Both of them and most sex kittens were "normal sized" females on a mission with a message of sexual freedom of expression. Is there a place in this world of "size concious" sex and glamour for a "miniature" nymph with mighty midget tits and ass that can take swallow an 8" cock whole and give a real cocksucking blow job performance on camera with the best of them Is there a midget who enjoys a good filmed dual gangbang by two 5' 8" males while she is on her hands and knees with one hard pumping cock entering her back door doggie style while eating another one whole like a Nathans Hotdog with the exhuberance of competitor in an extreme eating contest at Coney Island simultaneously and whose vaginal prowess is that of a vixen virtuoso while at her blow jobs have the power of an automatic milking machine in a barn full of fully loaded cows.

Never mind Gulliver, who was too gullible to have survived one hour in bed with the notorious Bridget the Midget! Bridget Powers had midget pussy power with a G-Spot G-Force of Mach 10. On bottom or top she was the Top Gun in midget pornography. Born in 1980 in Boise, Idaho, not exactly Oz but it will do for our small tail tale.

She was in a Goth nightclub one night, Gothing it up and camping it up with a Microphile was entranced by her and offered her a job in a vampire sex flick filmed in 1999 with a plethora of blood sucking and cock sucking. The vampire sucked the blood, Bridget sucked the cocks. Through out her film career she had appeared in over 140 porn films with her as the featured star performing sexually with men and women for girl on girl action. Most of the films have her handling two men at a time and two females. She has also appeared in films suck as Cofessions of a Dangerous Mind and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. She's appeared on the History Channel in the Wild West Tech series and also in an HBO documentary that explores the world of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel in Nevada. Today she has her own video on demand site and is in a band called Blackout.

Today midget porn is a growing field of fantasy and fetish and they are rocking and rolling with the times. Today there are brothels that feature only midget girls, and some midget males also work the circuit. Midgets are hired as strippers in clubs, are excellent nude mud wrestlers and midget pornography is making it big thanks to pioneers like Bridget Powers. It's a small world indeed....and lets face it...less is more to the Microphile!