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Title: Bad Betty - Author: Thexxxee

Published: Mar 12, 2014 - Contact:

Disclaimer: this story contains graphic BDSM, CBT


There is an earlier story about how my penis was made larger, by two female urology nurses. That story covers the equivalent of having a surgery effect, but without the actual specific surgery. That surgery, to release the suspensory ligament, has been used for over 40 years to enlarge men. It is no joke.


Sandy was one of the original urology surgical nurses, who knew how to get around any surgery, to slowly tear loose the suspensory ligament inside a male by...hand. It is a ligament that usually 'over tightly' holds a fair amount of penis INSIDE the male, and keeps it INSIDE. So, Jill and Sandy, both urology surgical nurses at a specialty clinic, knew of the process. And, again, that is another story, of how they were working me "out" over time, and without surgery...

This is the story about Sandy's lover, Betty. Lesbian tendencies, homosexual tendencies in female relationships are accepted by me. Betty was special, because she had more than such a tendency. She had other characteristics that made her want to literally tear into a male. Some sadism, some over zealousness, some muscle power, a tall stature and long fingers and long nails, were all contributing to her actions on the day that I met her.

It all happened when the main nurse, Jill, had to miss my treatment in her own home. She sent Sandy to cover for her. Sandy was at Jill's house, when I arrived. She explained Jill's absence, and took me in to the living area, where Jill had been working on me for the 6 weeks prior. She had me get nude, and began the stretching exercises, exercises that always finally included a slight more microscopic tearing of the restricting ligament. That was so more penis would finally dangle on the outside of my body - a goal that was desired by a local female artist group. They wanted more dangle to draw than, say, what showed on famous statues like the Michelangelo's "David". Actually, they wanted a lot more to dangle ! On that day, when Sandy substituted for Jill, I already knew and expected many variations of stretching and the minor tearing...tearing that I did not necessarily feel much more than the stretching.

I did not expect Betty. About 5 to 15 minutes into the process, Betty just walked into the room. I had no idea who had just walked in on a process of pulling very hard on a nude male's penis! Sandy casually introduced Betty as her own lover. I was immediately concerned, realizing the combination of different desires in that room. Sandy had told Betty where she would be, and what she would be doing. That included details of Jill's ongoing project to create a large dangle on a male art model, even when, or especially when soft. But that got Betty energized or "turned on" about the project, in her own special way. So, soon after Sandy left for Jill's house, so did Betty. And with Betty's arrival, it was apparent that Sandy's objectivity left. She began to show off for Betty by handling my penis with a much rougher technique.

Then later, she let Betty join in, with what was still a technique that would have done the original stretching goal. But Betty increasingly seemed to enjoy watching me grimace and associating her hand use with my facial expressions. I could tell that she normally did not get to handle a penis, and that she wanted to do a lot with one in a short time. She wanted to learn all the ins and outs of the penis device - literally. The two women snapped and tore my ligament more than Jill ever had, with more of me finally hanging out than during Jill's work; perhaps Jill's work provided the necessary foundation, but, now, several more inches was hanging, than in all those many weeks prior. As time passed, and they continued to work their four hands on my penis, Betty only became more wild.

Betty whispered something to Sandy. At first, Sandy was shaking her head no. After a few more whispers, Sandy, all while continuing the work on my penis, shook her head yes. At that moment, they had my torso on an ottoman or cushioned foot stool; that is, my feet were on the floor past one end of the ottoman, my head was on the floor just past the other end, with my torso raised up on the ottoman in the center, like the arch of a bridge. Betty was pulling up on my penis with both hands, lifting me off the ottoman by my penis, while Sandy held the ligament area firm and pressed back down on my pelvic area. Sandy leaned over to my head and whispered that she wanted to now let Betty do something that Betty had wanted to do for most of her adult sexual life. At the moment when she said that to me, Sandy was also stretching my penis straight up with one hand, and opening my meatus tip with a couple of fingers, as Betty pulled away and lubricated the little finger on her left hand. To this day, I believe the lube to be both penis numbing and mind numbing in character. Betty then came back and straight into my penis opening with her little finger. Before I could startle, Betty was past her first knuckle into me. Sandy was saying, "Don't move much. She might tear you inside." In the next instant, Betty was past her second joint into me, and, before I could take another breath, she had it stuck all the way into my penis. They both raised me to a standing position. I felt that I had to do EXACTLY what they wanted. Though, I never considered this an act of rape; since I had voluntarily accepted some rather sadistic moves for months, from that very start of the Jill and Sandy exercises, I guess, at the moment, I was thinking more like "rough internal massage"

They then walked me over to edge of the huge picture window that extended almost from the floor to the ceiling; central to the window pane, there was an artistic steel pole frame structure which did reach from below that floor to above that ceiling. Evidently Betty was a well prepared girl scout. For with her free hand, Betty reached into her purse, and grabbed a pair of...handcuffs. Both women worked me into position at the sturdy pole frame. And both pulled my hands behind me and behind the main pole of the frame. Then the handcuffs were latched in place.

Betty was smiling, appearing happy for the first time that evening. She thanked Sandy for allowing her to be inside... me! She told Sandy that it felt great to be inside a man's penis. And then she began stroking her finger in and out. She smiled more and more as she pumped away. It was very painful, at first. Then, the strangest thing happened. After a burn through the middle of my penis, I then started to have a tingle. I could feel her going a fair length, even with her little finger and its little nail. Sandy was pulling my penis up and out each time Betty went down in. It was as if Sandy was sliding my penis up and over Betty's finger, like putting on a sock, just as Betty pushed in hard. For some reason, the combination was triggering a jerky fuck response from me. My hips tensed and spasmed, pushing my pelvis forward onto her finger. I was ramming the opening of my own penis past her finger and onto her knuckle of that smallest finger. That spread my opening very wide upon the small end of her fist. It was at that time, that I noticed the woman outside, walking on the sidewalk, and approaching that very large front room window. The girls had the drapes wide open. The lady began to get close, just as Sandy and Betty instantly tried to substitute Betty's large middle finger of her right hand for that little finger of the left hand. Betty was over 70 inches tall, thin and muscular. This middle finger of hers was huge to me. And, at its front, she had a long sharp nail. Once again, before I could do anything, she was in past the first joint, then the second. This was greatly stretching me inside, like having a small penis go inside another penis. Except hers had that long sharp nail !

I did not see her arrive. But as the woman, outside, did arrive at the window, Betty got her entire large finger into me. I went through all the pain, as strong or stronger, again. She was twisting and reaming, as she smiled and laughed. Every once in a while, she would look at my face while she pumped. I felt my penis burn, and tear, to a larger diameter inside. I could see that her finger inside me, made me wider. I could also see her finger actually running up and down through the penis. Occasionally she would twitch it and slightly curl her nail. Betty was very happy, when she got a special moan out of me at those times. She was even more extremely pleased, when my body once again began those unnatural movements of humping and fucking, this time against her large finger. She looked at Sandy, and Sandy nodded back. Perhaps, Sandy, the urology nurse, had predicted this to her lover Betty But I did start involuntarily shoving my penis down upon the finger. That is when I noticed the woman was at the window, obviously startled, aghast, and horrified. But she would not turn away. She kept her eyes fixed on what Betty was doing to this nude man's penis. Betty looked at the woman, and did still another kind of nod, and a wink, as if to say, 'I have this man right where I want him'.

Distracted by the pain, the tingle, the urge to do a doggie type fuck upon her finger, I then missed still another big change. About four of Sandy's and Betty's friends came through the front door. They, had been either notified by Sandy or Betty, or both, that this might be going on at Jill's place. All to be done while Jill was absent from her own home, and from her own original project. It was not difficult to understand that the new four women shared sexual preferences with the Sandy and Betty team.

They were bright eyed when they saw that Betty had me skewered upon her finger. Lots of laughing, "Get him girl!" and other phrases. Two of the girls appeared to be over 21, two appeared much younger. Much...younger. I was not in control, and was in no condition to ask for age ID. Actually, I spent most of the time grunting, going uhhhh, going oooof, ugh, arrrgh, and bending forward with every one of her shoves. But, at the end of the shove, I would always jerk forward with the doggie type thrust. In between her deep pokes, without thinking about it, I would do several of the quick doggie fucks. In total, there were a lot of those jerking movements going on, all around and in between what Betty was doing.

Betty turned the head of my penis, and its opening, toward the woman at the window. Betty had the head touching the window pane. The opening of my penis was into the bright sunlight and less than a total of two feet away from the face of the woman outside. That position allowed Betty to do a slightly sideways poke and twist. She nodded at the woman again, and twisted hard. That caused my meatus to tear a bit. There was some slight blood for the woman outside to see. Both the woman and I almost fainted. Still, Betty kept me open, continuing to ream. All this time, Sandy was continuing to assist perfectly by pulling that meatus open and stretching my penis over Betty's finger, pulling it up further, now more like a longer sock or even hose. The poking, the pulling and my thrusts, had me deep upon the large base knuckle of that very large finger. My opening was deformed and stretched wide all over and beyond the knuckle with every cycle of the pulling, poking and thrusting.

The woman at the window still stayed, frozen in place, with wild wide eyes and her mouth hanging open. Betty kept me in that lady's view, but turned me slightly toward her friends, and pumped away, harder than ever for those friends. Another ten or so minutes went by, as Betty demonstrated what it was like to really tear into a guy. They all got to watch her twist her finger and jerk my penis from inside.

She muttered something to her friends about 'I'll rip out his sphincters' ! Smiled. Then '...Isn't gonna be able to pee normal.' And added that she wanted 'his piss and cum to just drain out anytime, all the time'. Sandy continued to both work my penis out and open for Betty, all while helping hold me upright against the pole. All the other girls moved to the exact site of Betty's action. Looking down, occasionally, between hits, it was strange to see four female heads hovering directly over Betty's fist, as it banged away. The youngest girls seemed to want to be the closest, and did lean in, to within only inches of Betty's working finger. They, obviously, were excited to see every detail of a guy getting really shafted. Those two youngest even exchanged satisfactions, at being able to see their friend 'getting the head of his penis to split open' !!!

Betty finished her show by getting her index finger in, at the same time as that middle finger, and poking me with the full length of BOTH fingers, repeatedly, as hard as fighter body shots . When in at her deepest, crunching my length like an accordian, she was probably past the bladder neck. There, I could feel her nails, evidently continuing to try to tear apart, to truly ream me out even more In between the body shots, she would pry open her fingers (like opening scissors), opening not only my meatus, but my entire shaft, as a now giant, irregular, tube being distorted repeatedly in multiple directions, each time its inside going just as wide as those fingers could pry apart - all that, so her friends would do their own oooohs, aaaaahs, and squeals for Betty's performance. Adding to the visual, in between all the girls' sounds, Betty's prying was actually causing my penis to make sounds - lots of snapping and popping ! When I looked down, it was a surreal scene; I began to think that Betty might just rip it off and hand it to the other girls as a token.

After her last, and deepest, body shot through my penis, she pulled out her fingers. Both fingers had blood on them. She turned the bottom of her nails up, to show what tissue she had been able to tear out of me. A bunch of "wow", "oh my gosh", "very good" and similar comments came from the friends. Betty looked into my face, then licked and sucked her fingers clean. Exhausted, I slid down the pole and fell to my knees. Sandy was there quickly with a tissue, so that I might not mess up the rug ! They took away the handcuffs. I picked up my limp, but long, penis; it was, an externally and internally beaten meat, almost ground meat And it now appeared as well over 8 inches of ridiculously soft dangle. Guess, just as the progressive female artists had hoped for, the referral to Jill, Sandy and finally, the gang, was successful. My male member certainly was never going to look like a classic "David" in front of the local figurative art class; not with a minimum of 8 inches always hanging down.

There were many additional changes, that the art group had not suggested...mostly compliments of Betty. I looked at my penis's new opening. That meatus was very wide, with a large tear now, down toward the underside, well past where the frenulum was supposed to have been attached. My meatus was now a slit that was at least 1/4 of the length of the entire head. And the deeper urethra felt like it looked, like an open water hose. It was bright red as far down inside as I could see. I was still a cooperative masochistic male, at that moment. So, when Betty's friends asked to see, I held it up and open, so they could see what their friend had done to me. All the girls displayed their brightest faces, and their biggest smiles. It was as if they could not be happier. The two young ones even congratulated Betty, on having been "able to do that!".

So, was Betty successful Yes, I needed to use a plug after I healed. Without it, I really do just "drain out any time, all the time", like she predicted. Have to be careful to prep for any figurative modeling. You know, empty bladder, etc. Emptying the bladder does not negate the other; that is, I have leaked cum during sessions. Oh, well, the female artists usually think it is a nice extra effect and then put that addition right into the working drawing ! As to the kinky rewards that occurred during Betty's work, they were not forgotten. I have a present generation, very young woman, who likes to ream. She gets three fingers inside almost immediately and, finally, works four in for any audience she can find. With a hole that size, and way beyond the 8 inch dangle, my art/photographer associates have suggested rings and other adornment for both sides of the split head. Uh, have not done that...YET.