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Title: Masturbating and Fucking Using Skype - Author: Tryer

Published: Mar 12, 2014 - Contact:

I went to a campsite in the south of France and there I met an English couple Peter and Amy. They told me that they go to a naturist beach a few mines from the campsite.

"Would like to come with us Tom" Amy asked.

"I`ve never been naked with others, Amy. I don`t know if I should do it".

"Of course you can, Tom. Give it a try".

I said I would and they took me in there in their car. On the beach Peter and Amy stripped naked and put their clothes on the sand. It was the first time I`d seen a naked woman and I confess that I liked it and my cock grew a little.

"Come on, Tom. Strip off". Peter said

Rather slowly I did and, my goodness, I liked being naked in front of naked Amy but I realised that she could see my slightly swollen cock so I apologised.

"Don`t worry, Tom. When we first came here last year Peter got an enormous erection when he first saw a naked lady other than me".

I had a wonderful holiday and when I left we exchanged our email addresses and telephone numbers agreed to keep in touch.

Om return to my bungalow I went back to my work and in the evenings and week ends I walked about in the nude.

One evening I set an email telling Peter and and Amy that whenever I could I walked about in the nude and attached a photo of me in the nude.

They sent me an email and asked if I had Skype on my computer. As we has exchanged telephone numbers I was able to tell them that I did and they said that they did, too, so we could use Skype to see each other and also talk to each other. We did that and I saw that Peter and Amy were quite naked and they could see that I was as naked as them. They could see that I had a slight erection.

Amy said "Why don`t you show us how big you can make your cock".

I stroked it until it to full erection as Peter and Amy watched on their computer and they saw me with a full hard-on.

"Not bad, Tom. Now watch me give Peter a full erection" and I did.

"Peter`s erection is as big as mine, Amy. I have masturbated myself to full erection as you have done to Peter. . Rather naughty".

"Now Peter is going to masturbate me until I have orgasms. Why don`t you and Peter do the same to yourselves".

"I`ll do it, Amy and you`ll see me cumming and I`ll see Peter ejaculating. Is that what you want"

"Of course, Tom. We will all be cumming".

We did and I was the first time I`d ejaculated watched by a woman. It was very nice and I said so.

"Peter wants to fuck me the next time we use Skype. Would that offend you, Tom"

"I`ve never seen anyone having sex and I would like to see Peter fucking you. I`ll masturbate myself as I watch".

It was a couple of evenings later when we used Skype and again we were all naked. Amy got her husband to full hard-on and I did it to myself. Amy and Peter were standing and I saw her open her legs. Peter slid his erection into Amy`s cunt and I saw her close her legs to hold his cock, I suppose. Then he fucked her as I jerked myself off. My cum shot out of me and Amy cried out "I`m cumming, Tom. It`s lovely. I can feel Peter` cum coming into me". She seemed to have several orgasms then Peter pulled his cock out of her.

"Did you like seeing Peter fucking me, Tom"

"Very much. I hope you won`t mind but I wish it was me fucking you Amy".

"I don`t mind at all but Peter wants to say something".

"It`s all right Tom. What I wanted to say was why don`t you visit us for a few days and you can fuck Amy while I watch you".

"You won`t mind if I fuck your wife, Peter"

"It`s something she wants and I`d like to see you doing her".

They gave me their address which was only a few miles from my place and two weeks later I went to their house. That evening Peter said I could fuck Amy in bed, not standing up as he had done two weeks ago. He said that they fucked like that so that I could see them. If they had lain down I would not be able to see them.

We all stripped naked and went to the bedroom that had been arranged for me. Amy lay on the bed and I lay beside her. She stroked me to full erection, something I liked very much because I was being masturbated by Peter`s wife.

"Now fuck me Tom" she said and opened her legs for me. I rolled over and pushed my cock into her cunt and she closed her legs.

"Make me cum and cum Tom. I`m ready".

How I fucked her and it was wonderful for me. My cum shot into her and she cried out that she was cumming. I gave her several orgasms before she was satisfied then I withdrew from her. Peter had masturbated on to a newspaper as he willingly watched his wife committing adultery with me.

"Did you enjoy fucking Amy, Tom"

"Very much"

"Then you can have her again tomorrow before you leave".

I did and we arranged that they would visit me at my place and I would fuck Amy there.

When they arrived Peter said that h would fuck Amy after me. It would mean that his wife would be fucked by two men Amy said she would like that. It would be something different. I would have two cocks in me, one after the other.

That`s what we did that evening.

The next morning Amy surprised me when she said "I want you and Peter to both put your cocks together into me and both fuck me like that".

I asked Peter what he thought about that and he said when Amy suggested it in bed that night he thought it was a good idea. So let`s go ahead and do it.

We did. Peter and I found it somewhat difficult at fist to get both our erections into Amy`s cunt but with her help we managed it. Peter and I found that it was best that first one would thrust in and out of her cunt until he ejaculated while the other kept his cock in her. Then the other would fuck her while the other kept his cock in her. Personally, I did not think much of it and would not want to do that again. I did not say so but Amy said she liked it very much.