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Title: My Wife and I on Holiday - Chapter 1 - Author: deepprobsix

Published: Apr 11, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

Some 27 years ago my wife and I took a two week break do in Devon we have rented a caravan and a holiday site, we loaded the car and of we set.

Now I was 25 and back then had long brown hair, 5'10" tall and slim build but I did have a cock of 10" in length and 6" in girth so well equipped in that department, My wife was 23 long flowing black hair, a nice size pair of tits not to big not to small nice and firm, she to was 5' 9" tall so just a inch below me.

Driving to Devon would take us about 6 hours so it was put a tape in back in those days and we set off, after about two hours Pat my Wife wanted a loo stop so the next garage we came to I pulled over and lucky enough it had a cafe built to it so we stopped of for a coffee while we were there, once back on the road Pat sat next to me as we had a Ford Zepher and they had a long bench seat at the front as well as the back, so as I said she slid across the seat and as she lent against me she place a hand on my leg and started to rub up and down the inside of my leg.

When Pat starts to do that it can only mean one thing and that is she horny and wants some cock, I said look dear I can not stop now can't you wait until we get to the caravan site, she looked at me and smiled and said but dear I want some cock now not in three or four hours.

Well I replied if you want some cock then the only thing your going to get until we reach the site is my cock in your mouth, Well then she replied that will have to do and with that she lent over my lap and pulled down my zippier un-buttoned my jeans put her hand into my pants and pulled out my cock, she curled her long slender fingers around it and started to pull my foreskin back over my swelling cock.

After she had rubbed it for a short while if was fully erect and standing up from my lap like a tent pole, she placed her head under my arm and slowly licked the head of my cock making it twitch as she did this and she giggled and said it must like that my dear.

Pat kept on running her tongue around the head licking it and then taking it into her mouth before taking it back out of her mouth to lick it some more, it was getting hard to concentrate on my driving and I was started to breathe a bit harder as she licked up and down the full length of my shaft and she placed her hands into my jeans and hooked out my balls to and now she started to lick them as well as my dick, soon she raised her head and then lowered it over my big purple head that had pre-cum all over it by now.

Slowly she took it in inch by inch she swallowed my cock and boy was she good at it she could open her throat to take the whole 10" until I met my wife I had never had a girl that could take the whole thing in her mouth, but Pat Oh how she could take it and she was taking it now the whole bloody thing her face was buried into my pubic hair each time she reached the bottom that is haw far she took it in, and I looked over and saw that she had her other hand up underneath her skirt and was playing with her self while licking and sucking my cock.

After about 15 minutes of this I was ready to blow and she could always tell when I was ready to unload mu cum , she always said that the head of my cock swelled just a bit more and filled her throat more and so I never had to tell her when I was going to fill her mouth, she was now moaning and panting with her fingers rubbing at her clit I could only guess that her knickers would be so wet by now but how wrong I was as when I glanced her knickers were down round her ankles so not only was she rubbing her clit she must have been shoving her fingers inside her wet wet pussy to.

A few seconds later and I came shooting a bucket load into her mouth shot after shot left the slit in my cock and Pat was drinking it as fast as I was shooting it out as the last shot of cum left my dick she swallowed it and raised her head and screamed out OH OH OH Yesssssssssssssas her orgasm ripped thou her body when she had her breath back she said she was going to lay down on the back set as she was content for a while so she climbed over the front seat and went to sleep on the back seat with her hand up her skirt and as far as I knew her fingers stuck into her pussy.

I still had my cock hanging out when we reached the site and had to hurry and put it away before I got out the car to sign in and get the keys, Pat had been laying on the back seat wake for a while and had been playing with herself of and on she had had one more orgasm and I could tell I was in for one sexy night ahead.

Well we went out got in some shopping and unpacked and we went for a pint or two at the bar of site, we got talking to a couple from up north they were in there 30's I would say, she was about 5'6" long ginger hair a bit on the plump side but would not say fat in the least, he was about 5'8" of medium build drown hair but thinning a little on top but both very pleasant to talk to and they said that they were there for the next two week to and as we left we both say that we hoped we would see them soon.

On the way back to our caravan Pat said she was still feeling frisky and the drink she had had helped and she dragged me of into the the bushed as the site we were on was in a forest, she pushed me back against a tree and kissed me hard on the lips and was undoing my belt before I knew it, soon my jeans were down around my ankles and she was on her knees taking my stiffening cock into her hands and then placed her mouth around the head and started moving back and forth up and down my shaft, I placed my hands on the back of her head and held it there as I fucked her face, as I said before Pat could take my whole 10" and so I did not have to worry about how much I was pushing in to her.

I could tell by the way she was moaning she was playing with herself once again making her self wet and ready for me cock to slip into her, after a while Pat stood up and kissed me again. We changed places and now Pat had her back towards the tree and I was running my hand up her leg under her dress she was wearing as I reached the top of her leg to my surprise she had no knickers on which was the first time I had ever know her to go out without wearing any.

So I slid my hand round and cupped her well trimmed pussy Pat did not like to shave it all off but she always had it nicely trimmed, I pushed my finger into her wet slit and found her hard clit just waiting for my finger to get working on it, I started to rub it and she was getting very worked up breathing heavy moaning out loud from time to time, then we thought we heard someone walking by so I kissed her to make sure she could not make anymore noise as I still carried on working on her clit I could tell she wanted to moan out loud so I pushed my tongue into her mouth to make sure she could not, then her whole body shook as she climaxed all over my hand I lifted her dress up and the front and slid my cock up between her legs and it found the entrance it was looking for and with all her cum still running from her slid into her willing pussy.

Her pussy lips folded around my cock as it slipped into her and when fully home Pat lifted her long legs and wrapped them around me and I started to fuck her against the tree, by now we were both panting and moaning and we just did not care if anyone heard us, I was fucking her hard as again Pat climax and her pussy lips gripped my cock as she came, the tightening on her mussels around my cock pushed my over the edge and with a hard push I slammed her back into the tree and filled her wanting cunt with my cum, once I had finished we just stood there kissing and out breath was laboured as we both tried to get our breath back, after a while Pat put her legs down and I slipped my semi hard cock from her dripping cunt pulled up my pants and jeans and we walked back to the caravan.

By the time we got back to the caravan her and my cum had run down the inside of her legs as she had no knickers to soak it up, so she went of to have a shower, after a minute or two I went in and joined her the shower room was small so I had to put my harding cock back inside her to make more room or that's what I told her with a smile on my face.

I pushed her back against the wall and she stood there with her legs closed trapping my cock inside her as fucking her like this was great as it made her cunt extra tight and as I pushed into and out of her I could feel my foreskin going back and forth over the head of my cock then I pulled out and turned her around so she had her arms up and resting on her elbows, I opened her legs a bit and the warm water washed down over us and I placed my dick back up between her legs and it slid back into her waiting pussy Pat loved it this way as with every thrust the head of my cock ran over her G spot and it was not long before she climax like always when we did it this way.

But I did not stop then I slipped out of her and with one push entered her ass which she loved also, she pushed back against me as my cock slid inch by inch into her tight ass, soon I was ramming into her and her well formed ass was banging up against me and it was not long before I filled her with cum again this time deep in her ass.

We stood there with the water still washing down over us and as it did I slipped my cock from her and stood back and she turned round and kissed me again, she took the shower gel and started to wash me all over and when she got to my cock she made sure she washed it good pulling the foreskin back and running her soap covered hand all over it, as she worked around to my ass she ran her fingers up and down in my bum crease and finding my hole pushed a finger into me and started to fuck my ass with her finger and it was not long before she had two fingers inside me and that in turn did not take long to get me hard for the third time tonight.

We washed each other of and dried each other and I said let finish this of in bed shall we my darling, so we went to bed where I lay her on her back and pushed her legs open and knelt between them and bent forward and placed my hands on her pussy slit and pulled it apart so I could see her light pink pussy lips shining with the water and her pussy juice her clit was poking out from her slit like a very small dick and I placed my mouth over it and sucked it into my mouth and as I did this Pat took a very deep breath and I flicked the tip very lightly and she had a sliver run thou her body and I started to lick at her clit and she was getting more and more worked up and then I ran my tongue all the way from her clit right down to her pouting ass hole, once again her body shook as I hit the hole dead centre and then started back up and this time pushed my tongue into her pussy hole and sucked and licked on it, this was driving Pat crazy and with the noise she was making it was a wonder the next caravan or to could not hear her.

Then I started to kiss slowly up her body and I reached her wonderful breasts and I spent a lot of time squeezing,licking,and kissing then taking the nipples one at a time in my mouth and sucking, flicking them with my tongue and sometimes biting on then, I was now laying on top of Pat and the tip of my cock was just touching her pussy and as she moved under me with what I was doing to her tits and nipples it was running up and down her slit touching her clit from time to time and each time it did it was like getting a shock run up my dick.

Once I had finished with my darlings tits I move up to her neck and slowly kissed up to her ear which she love to be licked and and nibbled on and as I done this I pushed upward and my cock slipped into her and it opened her pussy lips and found the space it had been loking for sliding up inside her until I was fully inside her and as our bodies met she brought her legs up and folded them over my back making sure I had every last bit of my man hood inside her wet wet cunt.

We stayed like that for a while not moving just taking in the feeling of or bodies together then I drew out of her and then she pulled me back in with her legs and we carried on fucking like this I lifted myself up on my hands so I could get a bigger thrust into her and not only that look down at this beautiful woman laying beneath me, her tits moving up and down with each and every thrust, Pat had had a few small orgasms but I could tell she was well on the way to a really big one, as on and on we slammed into each other and then she placed her hand between us and played with her clit soon she was bucking under me and then pulled me into her with her legs tightly a crossed my back holding my into her and she climaxed big time.

Her climax was like a bomb going out her pussy lips griped my cock like a vice as spasm after spasm ran thou her her juice was building up inside her as it could not run out due to her mussels griping my cock so hard it was making a seal round it. When she did relax her cum just flooded out of her like a dam bursting and I carried on ramming in and out of her her juices splashing all over the place and then I felt my cum rising up and I quickened my pace and then one last hard push I filled her cunt with my hot cum filling her and that was now running out with her juice making even more mess.

We had to shower again after that alone this time, and change the bed we both fell nackard into bed and it was 11 am before we woke the following morning what a way to start a two week holiday what the hell would the next to week bring I wondered.

I got up and cooked our breakfast and we went out for the day, while at the Eden Project we bumped into the two we had met at the bar the night before we found out there names Jeff and Barbara we had a coffee and said we would meet them for a drink later.

We called into a pub for a meal on the way back and we retuned to the site about 8pm that evening,we got freshened up and took a walk ending at the club house about 9.30 Jeff and Barbara where there and they got us a drink and we found a table and enjoyed the entertainment that was on that night, we had a few drinks and Jeff was sitting across the table from Pat and I was sitting over from Babs,

I felt someone foot run up the back of my leg and thought it was Pat getting frisky again and this carried on for a while and Babs kept smiling at me then the foot touched my dick which by now had started to grow with all this leg rubbing and the toes massaged my cock thou my jeans, when I looked down into my lap I saw that it was not pats foot but Babs's foot I was shocked but must admit it felt good to know someone else fancied me, I think I must have gone read in the face as Pat said to me are you hot dear you have gone red in the face, yea I said I do feel a bit warm, anyone fancy another drink I said they all said yes and Babs said I come and give you a hand and as I stood up I saw Babs look at the bulge in the front of my jeans her eyes widened and a smile crossed her face when she saw the size of the bulge and what she had done to me.

Babs followed me to the bar and as I walked in front of her and I felt her hand on my bum as we walked as she was behind me Pat or Jeff could not see from where they were sitting, I placed the order for the drinks and we headed back to the table before I sat down I said I must visit the little boys room and I heard Babs not so little by what I can see and smiled at me I smiled back.

When I came out of the toilet who was standing there but Babs and she said anyone else in there no I said and with that she pushed me back into the loo and into a cubical and locked the door before I could say anything she was undoing my jeans and fishing out my manhood a Oh my God crossed her lips as she saw how long and thick it was, I said we should not be doing this, Oh shut up said Babs and enjoy it I know I am fucking going to.

With that she just locked her lips around my cock and started to give me a nice big blow job she was good but she was not like Pat and she could not take the whole length and as she sucked me we heard a few people come in and go and I tried my hardest to not make a sound but the way Babs was flicking her tongue around my head and licking my pre-cum it was very had not to moan out load.

Babs cupped my balls and squeezed them and played with them as she sucked my cock I having this woman sucking my cock the feelings being so different it was not long before I saw ready to shoot and shoot I did filling her mouth so much that it was running out of her mouth from round the side of my cock and running down her chin, when she has sucked me dry she removed my cock from her mouth and licked her lips she stood up and whispered in my ear that was great I needed that wow you have a great cock.

With that she slowly open the door and looked to see if anyone was in there and it was empty so she quickly left leaving me to put my cock away into my pants and jeans, when I got back to the table Babs had taken her seat and as I sat down Pat said you ok you were a while, Oh I am fine these was a lot in there I said, sure was Babs whispered and smiled once more, I noticed that Jeff's chair had moved around a and was a lot closer to Pat's and he leg was now touching hers put I did not say anything and we carried on enjoying the show that was on, I looked over at Pat a bit later and Jeff now had his hand on her leg and was rubbing it up and down a little, Pat must have known I was looking at her as she turned and looked at me and I smiled at her to try and say it's ok don't worry.

The show ended and I said I was worn out and we were off and ask Jeff and Barbara if they would like to join us for a meal tomorrow night, they said they would be delighted so we arranged to meet at the pub in the next village that dose meals so it would be a bit quieter there.

Pat and I left them and as I walked away from the table Babs mouthed the words Thank you and smiled, on our way back to the caravan Pat and I did not say much we got in and made a drink and as we sat there I said I have something to tell you and I don't want you to fly off the handle, Pat sat up and looked at me and said what I took a deep breath and said you know when I went of to the loo,she nodded well when I came out Babs was there and asked me if anyone was in the toilet when I said no she pushed me back in and into a cubical and gave me a blow job, it all happened so bloody fast I could not stop her, Oh Fuck said pat looking mad them she threw back her head and laughed I guessed something like that had happened when you were both gone so long.

Just wished I could have been there and watched Pat said, anyway Jeff got a good feel of my leg and was rubbing my pussy thou my jeans, I am so wet I want to get you to bed and fuck your brains out she said as she got up and dragged me though to the bed room, she pushed me back on the bed and she soon had me naked and then undressed herself and with on foreplay she just sat astride me and lowed herself down on my rock hard cock and she was right she was hot and horny my cock slipped right in without any resistance what so ever.

She rode me like she would never have sex again after tonight as she rode my dick she took hold of my nipples and pulled them as far out as she could before twisting them the pain shot thou me but she knew I love it and Pat carried on she had now cum twice and was well on her way to the third, I was now thrusting up of the bed as she rammed down and soon Pat came once more and like the night before her juice shot from her and she was so worn out she lent forward and as she did this it raised her bum up and I could raise myself further of the bed and I started to slam into her and finally came even thou Babs had made me shoot a bucket load I still shot a great deal of cum into Pat's pussy and she lowered her legs and we just hugged and kissed before falling a sleep in each others arms.

We woke in the morning still wrapped in each others arm and we kissed, Pat looked at me and said was she good Who I said Barbara was she good at sucking your cock, she was ok she was good with her tongue around the head but unlike you should could not take it all the most she got in was 7" so up against you my love she dose not have a looking. I wonder what Jeff would be like giving you a good licking out I want on to say, Pat looked at me and smiled, you know what you said about you would like to see her give me a blow job did you mean it my love, said she replied with hesitation and I must admit my dear the thought of seeing you getting your pussy licked by another men while I watched sound like fun to me to.

We did not say anymore of that subject all day we went for a long walk along the beach found a cafe on the beach front and had a bite to eat and then took a slow walk back when we returned to our caravan we had about two hours to kill and we showered and got ourselves ready to meet up with Jeff and Babs, we still had a hour to get rid of so we just laid on the bed resting as we had decided to walk to the next village as it was only a mile and a half away and that way I could have a drink, as we lay there I said to Pat would you really be OK watching Barbara give me a blow job and what about if it went further, why what have you got in mind said Pat, well I wondered about a four some all in the same room no going of with the other one, by the way those two acted last night I am sure they would be up for it I said, just wondered how you who feel about it. Pat was quite for a while and then she said as long as we both agreed that it was just fun and we did not go off to another room then I would like it, you know I love you I said and this would just be a bit of fun on holiday, and I love you too Pat said so yes lets go for it if they are up for it.

So we walked down to the village and we got to the pub first so we got a drink and want to a table in the corner where we would be away from most of the others, when Jeff and Barbara turned up I got up and got them a drink when I got back Barbara was sitting on the same side of the table as me and Pat was directly opposite me, we ordered or meal and had a few drinks and while we waited for the coffee to arrive Babs put her hand on my leg and started to run her hand up and down my leg getting higher and higher each time until she was rubbing my cock thou my jeans which were now being stretch where my cock was growing.

I winked at Pat to let her know that Babs was up to something this side of the table and she just smiled back and nodded, I took this as she was having the same done to her as I was so it looked like things were going to get very hot later on that evening.

We moved from the table and it was hard to stand without showing my big bulge in the front of my jeans, Babs whispered in my ear walk behind me dear no-one will see your big bulging cock and laughed.

We sat there talking and Babs sat next to me and Pat next to Jeff, I lent over and whispered in Barbara's ear you know I told Pat what you do to me in the toilets last night and her mouth dropped open and I carried on to say why did you not tell Jeff, she turned and looked at me and nodded well then I said in a low voice so only Babs could here there is no secrets are there, would you like to know what Pat said when I told her, again Babs turned and said yes tell me what did she say, well the first words were Oh fuck then laughed then said I wish I had been there to watch her do it.

We got up and walked back to the site on the way back Jeff took hold of Pat's hand she then held mine and on the other side of me was Barbara and she was holding my other hand and that is how we walked back to the caravan site, when we got there Jeff started to say ok thanks for the meal when I said Oh your not going beck to your caravan yet are you we have a couple bottles of wine in the fridge.

Jeff looked at Babs and then looked back at me and said you know if we come back to your caravan then we might not leave until the morning , I gave a little laugh and said well that's what we were hopping Jeff and we walked on back to out caravan.

When we got in I got out the wine and Pats said she wanted to change into something more comfortable, Jeff said well Pat the best thing is to come back naked that the best form of comfort there is, we all laughed as Pat went of to change she was gone a while then she she came back your could have heard a pin drop, Pat had changed and but she was not naked but as good as as all she had on was stockings and suspenders and not a dam stitch more.

Fuck me said Jeff your one hell of a woman your fucking beautiful Oh and I love that trimmed pussy hair I hope your going to let me lick that for you he went on to say, well I am not dressed like like for my health Jeff that's for sure , your one lucky son of a bitch said Jeff, with that Pat walked across the room picked up her glass of wine on the way and sat on Jeff's lap and place a arm around his neck and lay back against.

Once Pat had sat down Barbara got up and said well I feel well over dressed now I said to her well I can help you out with that come over here, Babs stood in front of me and I took hold of her top and lifted it up over her head and arms, Babs was wearing a half cup bra that was pushing her tits together and up given her such a fucking good cleavage, I lent forward and ran my tongue from top middle of her bra up her cleavage and she shuddered as I did this, I ask her to turn round and I un-cliped her bra and pushed the straps down her arms and I took hold of her shoulders and turned her back to me.

As she turned her wonderful full breasts came into view and what a site it was her nipples and the skin around then were very dark and her nipples were hard and pointing right out and I put my finger out and just touched the tip of her nipple and said Wow that is hard my god you say I am a lucky man Jeff I thing we both are, I did not get a reply and when I looked over Jeff had one of Pat's nipples in his mouth.

I then knelt down and undone her skirt button and the zip on the side and it just fell to the floor she had a small pair of knickers pink in colour and a damp patch on the front of them, and out of the sides of the Knickers was Ginger pubic hair it took my breath away to see it, I had never seen what we called at school a ginger ming I looked up into Babs eyes and smiled as I placed my hands either side of her waist band and slowly very slowly pulled down her knickers and as her pubic hair came into view I took a really deep breath at the sight of it, unlike Pats this was not trimmed and was really thick bush of hair and it was hard to see her pussy slit beneath it.

As I knelt in front of Babs I eased her legs apart and more of her wonderful ginger pubic hair came into view, I placed my hands near her mound of hair and slowly ran my fingers thou it and Babs took a deep breath as my fingers found her slit and her hard clit tucked away inside it, I pulled her lips apart and saw a very hard clit poking out at me it saw very wet and I moved my head forward stuck out my tongue and licked it, the tip of my tongue just touched the top of her clit and Babs cried out Oh my God as I sucked her wet clit into my mouth and as I did she I gently bit it and her whole body shook at the touch of my teeth on her very wet sensitive clit.

I could here moans coming from Pat and Jeff across the room but my head was buried into Babs pubic hair as I was not going to pull away to look at them to see what they were up to, while my mouth was planted onto her clit I placed a arm up between her legs and put my hand on her bum and with the tip of my middle finger ran it ever so lightly down the length of her bun crack and as I did this Babs pushed forward with her pussy forcing herself hard onto my mouth, with this her body shook and she cried out again OH Fucking hell Yes Yes and she had a small climax as I nipped her clit between my teeth again, I was now running my hand up and down her bum crack and touching the bottom of her spine sending shivers running up her back.

I let go of her clit and moved my mouth down and pushed my head forward and stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and ran it up and down her wet wet slit, and then I pushed my tongue into her and her juice, her sweet sweet juice just ran out of her pussy and into my mouth, women say that men's cum tastes different but so do women's juices as Babs was totally different to Pat's both very very nice don't get me wrong but different in tasted, as Babs's juice ran from her onto my tongue I could have stayed there all night just drinking it up it was nectar from the god's.

But I did not think Babs was going to be standing much longer as her legs were shaking and trembling and I thought they were going to give way if I did not lay her down soon, so I removed myself from her sweet pussy and as I kissed up her body she was rubbing her hands thou my hair and as I have said she was no model as she carried a bit of extra weight but I liked that she was totally different from Pat as Pat had a Model body and as I rose higher I came to her ample bosom I kissed them all over and took her nipples one at a time into my mouth and as I sucked them as hard as I could I bit them and she squealed with pleasure and her legs gave way but I held onto her stopping her from falling down.

When I pulled away I took a quick look at Pat and she was on her knees kneeing over between Jeff's legs sucking his cock for all she was worth, Jeff had his hands down between them squeezing her tits and playing with her rock hard nipples.

I stood in front of Babs and pulled her to me her big wonderful breasted squashed between us and her hard nipples poked into my chest as I planted a big kiss on her parting lips, I put my hands round behind her and grabbed her ass and pulled her even closer to me she placed her arms around me and pull me in also, we stayed like this for a while kissing and feeling each other I then pulled away and took hold of her hand and lead her over to the table.

There I told her to sit on the edge of the table which she done and I knelt down again and she rested back on her elbows and I wanted some more of this wonderful tasty juice this woman had, so I placed her legs up on my shoulders and pushed my head forward and started to lick her slit,and Clit once more.

It was not long before Barbara was moaning More Oh fuck more more please her head was thrown back as her whole body trembled as I sucked,licked and pushed my tongue into her dripping cunt, after about five minutes of this she tensed her body and then with a OH FUCK YES she climaxed bog time, her whole body was shaking as I continued licking her and I pushed two fingers into her wet running cunt hole, her cunt was running with cum and I was licking it up as fast as I could her tits were rising and falling fast as she grasped for air as her climax receded.

When Barbara had gotten her breath back I slowly kissed my way from her twitching clit up thou her ginger pubic hair and continued up her amble body, licking her belly bottom and kissing around it, then moving further up her stomach and just below her breasts she laid fully back onto the table and her feet just touched the floor,as I took one of her big breasts in one hand and placed my mouth over her erect nipple sucking it into my mouth she sucked her breath in as I flicked the tip and she let out a OOOOooooooooooooooo as I did this, while I was pleasing Babs the noise from the other side of the room was getting louder and louder from the both of them, I pulled away from Babs nipple for a second just to see what they were up to and they were on the floor in the 69 with Pay on top and as Jeff was licking her pussy he had a finger or two shoved into Pats ass no wonder she was moaning so loud.

I returned my attention back to this wonderful woman and started to kiss up her breasts reaching her lower neck and as I kiss up her neck towards her ear she arched her back and moaned out as I took her earlobe in licked it and nibbled on it, my cock was now between us resting on her pussy slit and I moved in from side to side as I lay on her pussy and upper body.

Barbara was squirming under me she was saying please fuck me please fuck me now I can take much more I want your cock pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee as I twisted her nipple once more.

It was time to see if she could take my cock and before I fucked her I said covered or un- covered, Babs looked as if she had no idea what I was taking about so I said condom or no condom Oh she said No covering please I want to feel your flesh slide into me, just before you fuck me I promised Jeff that he could watch you slid that monster into me, fine by me I said and I turned to Jeff and he and Pat were just coming out of there 69 so I said to Jeff I think you wanted to see the next bit.

He and Pat walked over and he said Oh fuck yes I don't think Barbara has ever taken such a long cock as that so with Babs laying back on the table her feet just touching the floor I eased her legs as far as I could and stood between them, Pat took hold of my cock and raised it to point at this very hairy pussy just in front of it, then Jeff said let me help as I want to see it open her cunt as it slides in, so he got his hands and pulled her cunt lips open showing her pink,wet leaking hole Bennett, Babs was breathing really heavy and I was pat looking at her big breasts rising and falling as she lined up my cock I moved forward and the head of my cock touched Babs inner pussy.

Even with such a gentle touch Barbara trembled and let out a OH my God as or flesh touched each other, I pushed forward a bit more and the head of my cock popped into her and Jeff's was so close to his wife's pussy so he could watch my cock open her up and as I pushed another inch into her he stuck out his tongue and licked her clit sending Barbara into a fit of spasms then Pat joined in and licked her nipple and took the other one in her hand and pulled it stretching it as far as she could Babs came with so much force even thou my cock head plus about a inch was inside her, her cunt gripped it like a vice as she came and came, Jeff was licking her juice as it ran from the gap between my cock and her pussy walls.

When she relax Jeff moved his head out the way and I pushed forward and my dick started to disappear inside her, half way in then three quarters Barbara was say Yes YES OH Fuck YES and Jeff was now rubbing her clit as there was about two inches left to go, Pat lent forward and Kissed Babs on the lips and by the sound there tongues were twisting together and whit one last shove my body hit into hers and my balls banged on the table edge below,

I held it into her for a while before pulling out until just the head was inside her soaking wet pussy, let me see it go in fast and hard said Jeff then I am getting back to fucking your wife, as your not using a condom I take it I will be ok without one, I will I said but it's not me your fucking so I will leave that up to Pat. Jeff held open his wife's lips still and so I said hold on Babs here it comes and with that I just pushed forward and from head to hilt in one hard fast push I entered this slimy pussy, Oh Jeff said wonderful wonderful, Barbara screamed Fuck Fuck, yes yes that is fucking fantastic yes yes slam that fucking dick into me come on fuck me hard, Jeff and Pat went back to the other side of the room to do what they wanted to do and Pat had told Jeff that she was hopping he would fuck her bare back as she wanted to feel his cock and cum deep inside her.

I raised Babs legs placing them into my chest so her legs was straight up in front of me I placed my arms around her legs and then withdrew and pushed back hard, again and again I thrust into her hard slamming into her with each push, Babs cunt was awash with cum it was just pouring out of her as she came and came again and again she called out Oh Fuck i'm cumming i'm cumming she was panting so hard as I thrust into her and with each pant she was saying Yes yes Oh fuck yes. She had raised her own hands and saw now squeezing her tits hard and pulling at her hard hard nipples,

Barbara was shaking,and thrashing around on the table as I pumped into her my god this woman could cum I though Pat was good at cumming so many times in a row but Barbara was not far behind that's for sure, I lent forward over her body taking her legs with me so I was laying up against her with her legs between us Barbara may have had that little extra padding but boy oh boy she was supple and her pussy pushed forward with her legs bent up like this and I could really thrust into her hard and I do not think it would be possible to get anymore of my cock inside her.

I wanted her like this when I shot my first load inside her so it saw as far into her as it was possible to plant my cum, so on and on I pushed and I knew pushing into Barbara in this position it was not going to take long before I un-loaded my juice, Babs was still shaking and her hard was swinging back and forth as yes kept saying YES YES YES OH FUCK YES, and raised myself but pushed her legs down onto her chest I could now ram that bit harder and with in a few seconds I gave one last push arched my back so pushing as far as I could and my cock exploded sending gush after gush of my warm sticky cum further up into Barbara then any had ever been before.

Barbara was shaking and trembling like she was having a fit as she had one last massive orgasm, her cunt became like a vacuum and sucked my cock in and held it there as her climax ripped thou her body, She shouted out OH fuck Jeff Oh Fuck Jeff he is good then she said god I can feel your cum so fucking deep inside me Oh Fuck yes Oh I want more of this fucking cock lots more.

I lent forward again and kissed Babs on the lips and she slide her legs out from between us and I rested on her beating chest her nipples were like hard rock and poked into my chest we just lay there kissing and as we did I could here Pat saying Jeff Oh Jeff that's it fuck me fuck me, as we lay there getting our breath back and by the time we had my cock was shrinking and in the end slipped from her cunt.

I kissed back down Barbara's body the same way I had worked my way up and ended at the top of her wonderful full ginger bush hair and I parted it with my tongue and touched her clit sending more trembles though her and then I ran my tongue down her slit and push inward and found her opened up hole juice was still seeping for her so I placed my mouth firmly over it and sucked hard dragging out all her juice and some of my cum into my mouth, with that Barbara's legs clamped around my head pulling me hard against her my tongue entered her even further.

When I had finished drinking her cum from she relaxed her legs and I pulled my head way licking her slit and pubic hair as I did so kissed her clit and pulled right away I stood up and took Babs hands and helped her up and she was still shaky and I pulled her to me and kissed her tenderly on the lips, we looked over at Pat and Jeff , Jeff was on his back and Pat was ridding him Cowgirl style Jeff had his arms up and playing with Pats bouncing tits.

Babs pushed me back and I sat down on the seat behind me and this time Barbara dropped to her knees she pushed my legs apart and took my limp cock into her mouth and sucked it taking all the cum from it and then ran her tongue up and down the now small shaft and round my balls sucking them licking them then back up my shaft pulling the foreskin back over the head to make sure she had all the cum from me.

Barbara took hold of my legs and pulled me forward so my ass was now sitting right on the edge of the seat she took hold of my cock again and shoved it back into her mouth and started to suck on it once more, I looked over and Pat she was still bouncing up and down on Jeff and she had her head back and eyes closed she was still moaning YES YES as she rode his cock and Jeff was still twisting her nipples and squeezing her tits, I had took my eye from what Babs was up to I knew she was still sucking my cock like a ice lolly but what I did not notice was her hand and it came up between my legs and with one hard thrust a finger popped into my ass, Oh Fuck I shouted as Babs started to fuck my ass with her finger.

On and On she went with her finger and still sucking and licking my cock which was starting to revive with what Babs was doing to me I opened my legs even further to allow her easier access to my ass, this was wonderful feels running thou my body as Babs fuck my ass with a finger and just as I was getting used to that she pushed another one in with it, I raised my ass from the seat as she did this saying OH fuck Babs Oh Fuck yes.

Pat was now screaming and I knew she had just orgasmed and orgasmed hard and it sounded like Jeff was right behind he filling my wife's cunt with his cum, I could not look at then as my eyes were shut tight with the feelings I was being given from Babs.

My cock was now getting to full hardness and Babs still could not take the full length but I was not complaining with what she was doing was making up for that, Babs slowed down and I managed to open my eyes and Pat was now laying on top of Jeff and they were kissing I must say that it felt strange to see my wife laying there naked on top of another man kissing him and running her fingers thou his hair, but it looked fucking sex to and looking at those two made my cock fully rock hard.

I pulled myself up to a sitting position as Barbara removed her fingers from my twitching ass, and I pulled her head up as I kissed her and made my way round to her ear kissing and nibbling on her earlobe again I whispered in her ear has Jeff ever fuck you in the ass Babs, Oh no she said I her some women love it but I have never had the done it is something I can not get Jeff to try.

Well how would you like me to give it ago I said to Babs, Oh god I would love it but with the size of your thing I think that it is going to hurt like hell and the only pain I like is my nipples twisted and I think you worked that one out.

Well Babs I said we can give it ago and if you feel it is to painful then you only have to say and I promise I will stop I would never want to hurt you, so what do you say ok as long as you will stop if it hurts to much I promise I said again. So where do you want me she said, well I have an idea I said looking at the other two that had now got there second wind, How would you to like to help me and Babs out I said to them, sure said pat whet do you want us to do.

Jeff will you lay on your back on the floor so Jeff done this then I told Pat to get over the top of Jeff facing his face so your likes are over each side of Jeff's shoulders and that way he can lick and suck on your juicy pussy, Babs I want you on your hands and knees giving Jeff a real good sucking and lick of Pats cum from his cock so when she was there with Jeff's limp cock in her mouth I got behind Barbara and gently open her legs so I could kneel between them, I placed my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart and there it was a Virgin ass hole, God I have had a couple of virgin's in my time but never a Virgin ass before.

Si I bent forward and as my tongue touched her puckered hole Barbara jumped I think she thought I was just going to plant my cock right into her, when I ran my tongue up and down her ass just stopping at her hole to lick it she started to relax so then each time I stopped at her hole I pushed my tongue into it making it nice and wet and very slippery.

After a while I still licked her but brought a hand up and placed my finger onto her hole and started to move it round and round and putting a little pressure on as I worked on her ass, I pushed a bit harder and my finger entered and Babs took her mouth from Jeff's cock and cried out Oh my God God yes Oh my god as I pushed forward and I was now up to my knuckle and I withdrew it and pushed it back in just like she had done to me, Babs was starting to breath hard thou her nose as I started to push my finger in and out of her harder.

Then I brought up my other hand and pushed a finger inside her along side my other finger, with two fingers inside her one from each hand I could pull her ass open a bit, it was tight but Babs was moaning and breathing hard and sounded like she was enjoying it so within five to ten minutes of working her ass with my fingers her ass had opened up quite a way, I now had two fingers from each hand inside her pulling her ass hole open.

I thought it was time to try my cock as it was hard and ready to pump that ass, so I licked and spat on her hole once more before removing my fingers, and I knelt up and took hold of my cock and placed the tip up against the hole that looked so inviting and I felt Babs tents up a bit so I just left the tip of my cock up against her hole, I ran my hands up and down her spine very lightly touching her skin making her shiver as I did so and after a while she relaxed and as so as I felt that I pushed and my cock felt a bit of resistance but then popped inside her virgin ass, Barbara Took her mouth away from Jeff's cock once more and Shouted and when I say shouted it was a wonder the whole site did not hear her, *OH MY FUCKING GOD YOU GOT IT IN YOU GOT IT IN OH MY FUCKING GOD.*

Jeff took his mouth from Pat's wet cunt and said what's the mater dear are you all right , Oh fuck Jeff Babs said I am fucking more than all right I am in heaven I have just had my first cock in my fucking Virgin ass, Oh fuck it's good, so with hearing that I pushed forward still running my hands up and down her back tracing her spine with my nails ever so gently as I did.

Babs went back to sucking Jeff's cock he was now getting hard again, so I said now you have lost your virginity Babs maybe we can let these to have some more fun together while I get round to pounding your ass for you, Barbara pulled up away from Jeff and she stayed on all fours but did not have Jeff's cock in front of her . I pushed back in the head popping back in with out any trouble and I eased forward placing more and more pressure to my push and inch by inch it slowly filled her ass.

It was not long before I had it all deep inside her and she was pushing back to try and get more in, Babs dropped to her elbows so her ass was sticking out even further, I now took hold of her well rounded hips and started a slow in and out pulling out so the head was just in then pushing back fully into her and every so often I would completely remove my cock so I had to push the head back in opening her hole just that bit more.

Babs was saying YES YES YES OH GOD YES YES YES and I started to force my way in harder and faster I could see Jeff watching as Pat was on all fours to but Jeff was fucking her pussy not ass, I wondered what he was thinking as I rammed into his wife's ass that he refused to enter, Put he had not asked me to stop and he now returned his attention back to fucking my wife.

I returned my attention back to this wonderful ass in front of me on and on I pounded on and on Barbara was shouting Fuck that ass Fuck that ass hard, and I was it was not much longer before I heard Jeff grunt and he held himself fully inside Pat as he emptied his second load inside her, I was still pumping away when they parted and Pat sat on the sofa looking worn out she poured her self a drink sat back looked at me and smiled as I thrust into Barbara, Jeff had come over to us and asked his wife to get back up onto her hands and as she did he pushed his cock into her mouth and she was now licking him clean and trying to moan at the same time. When Jeff moved away from the front of Babs he moved round on his knees so he was by her side facing me he placed his hands on her ass cheeks and pulled them apart so he could see my cock pulling out and back into his wife's ass, As it pulled out her ass hole pulled out and then pushed back in as I thrust into her.

I thrust into her hard and Barbara was loving each and every withdrawal and thrust in she was going to be hooked on anal sex and I think Jeff would have to start fucking this wonderful woman's ass or she was going to get it from some where that's for sure.

It was not going to be long now as I had held back my cum for as long as I could Pat came over and took hold of my nipples and pulled them like she was going to pull them from my body and when she had them as far out as she could get them Pat twisted them so bloody hard I could not hold on any longer and my cock trumpeted deep inside her virgin ass that was not virgin any longer, Oh my GOD my GOD Oh fucking Christ Barbara was saying as she felt my cock throbbing deep within her, she said thou the OH MY God's I can feel your cum warm deep inside my ass filling it up WOW that's bloody wonderful Oh thank you so much she went on to say,

Once my cock started to shrink and flop out of her Barbara sat down and turned to Jeff I know you don't like the thought of fucking my ass my love but god it dose feel good to have a cock in there no wonder so many women love it, she turned to Pat and said I take it you get ass fucked, O yea said Pat I love the feeling when he shoots inside my ass it feel totally different to having his cock shot in my cunt, yea I know what you mean now said Barbara.

We were worn out so we all sat around naked drinking wine and eating some snacks, after about half an hour Jeff's cock began to show sign's of growing, he had Pat on one side and Babs on the other and both wrapped there fingers around his harding cock and started to move there hands up and down his shaft and it was not long before he was fully hard again.

I got up and said ever played with ice cubes you two meaning Jeff and Babs they looked at me and both shook there heads well fancy it I said both said yes why not, so I went to the fridge and took out about 10 ice cubes and asked the ladies to lie side by side then told Jeff to kneel beside Pat and I knelt beside Barbara.

I look at Jeff and said you don't mind or would you rather do this to your wife no no he said we might as well finish the night of with each others partners so I gave Jeff half the ice cubes and just said follow what I do.

First I took two ice cubes in one hand I open Barbara's legs and pulled her pussy lips open with the other first I ran the cubes around her clit until she was squirming under there touch,these clod cubes touching her heated pussy lips and clit was driving her mad,Jeff then done the same to Pat I had done this to Pat many many times and knew she loved it.

When he had Pat squirming too I pushed one ice cube inside Barbara hole and pushed it as far as I could with my finger and then the second one, Barbara took in a real deep breath as the cold ice hit her insides OOOOooooooooooooooooooo she then said as she let her breath out, by now Jeff had done the same and Pat was moaning along with Babs, both women lay there Squirming on the floor I then took another ice cube and this time ran it around Barbara's nipple.

Her nipple was hard but the touch of the ice cube made it grow even more, I ran it round and round the base of her nipples and the dark skin got goose bumps and her nipples were now aching to be touched I touched the top of one nipple with the ice cube and she let out I long OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo fuck Pat was doing the same, I took the ice cube away and sucked her nipples one at a time making them warm again and then I started all over again with the ice cubes, we were now doing this for about the sixth time and both of our beautiful women were now pleading with us to fuck them.

I moved round between Barbara's spread legs and I think she thought I was going to shove my cock into her but not yet, Jeff and I got another ice cube and shoved it into there wet but now cold fanny's and then we took hold of the last of the ice cubes and rubbed then over the girls clit's both shook and shouted as we ran the cold ice around and then I lent forward to suck Barbara's clit and to warm it up Jeff done the same with Pat.

When there clit's were warm we replaced the ice and the moment the cube touched there clit's they both arched there backs and climaxed together we could not have timed it any better if we had wanted to, we done this a few more times and each time the ice was replaced they both came, I told Jeff to shove the last of the ice into Pat's cunt and it was now time to give them what they had been crying out for.

With all the ice now inside them and there insides very cold I kissed my way up over Barbara's stomach and over her tits just stopping of at her warming nipples and as I kissed up her neck and my lips found hers I entered her, she pulled away from our kiss and took a deep intake of air as my cock pushed the cold ice further up inside her.

The ice hit the top of my cock and sent shivers down my shaft and I heard Pat and Jeff moan as he pushed into her, I raised myself up on my hands and started to move slowly in and out of Barbara's pussy each time I pushed in the ice cubes moved around inside her the cold was numbing my cock and I knew that once the ice had melted and my cock started to warm up like the insides of Barbara's cunt there would be a pins and needles feeling that made it even more erotic and if Pat was anything to go by it would send Babs wild,

Jeff was now grunting with each and every thrust and he must have been getting the pins and needles in his cock as Pat was to and they were both Moaning OH my God Oh my God and I saw Babs reach out and take hold of Pats hand and Babs was now started to warm up inside and I could feel the start of the feelings we were both going to get very soon.

Next to us Pat arched her back up and she exploded with a orgasm and Jeff was not far behind fill my wife's cunt with his cum juice once more.

I carried on ramming in and out of this squirming woman under me and now we were both felling the pins and needles and it was blowing or minds it was like getting hundreds of small shocks as I pumped in and out of her, Babs was shouting out now very loud I'm cumming I'm cumming yes oh yes yes, and she also arched her back as her whole body shook and her cunt mussels gripped my cock as ripples of her orgasm ran thou her.

On and on I pumped and I could feel my climax getting near and so I speed up and rammed in harder and all of a sudden I held my cock into her and I could feel my cum leaving my cock and splashing into her now hot throbbing cunt, splash after splash left my cock and filled her up and Babs was shouting Oh my god it feels wonderful I can feel every bit of your cum hitting me inside Oh Fucking Christ and with that she came again, Pat and Jeff were now sitting on the sofa watching us holding hands and drinking wine, Pat looked as she had had a wonderful time and so did Barbara, both looked worn out mind you so was I .

We sat there talking about our long evening fucking and both Barbara and Jeff said they had never had feelings like that with the ice cubes and did we have anymore things like that I said I had one or two but we still had a week and a half to go yet and I would not tell them they would have to come back another night and find out if they were up for it, Jeff looked at Barbara she nodded and Jeff said yea we are up for it, so we all arranged to meet on Thursday night in the bar and we would carry on from where we left off.

I ask then how many couples they had been with and they replied Oh we try and hook up each time we go on holiday but we don't always get lucky but I think we struck fucking gold with you to. Wow it's been out of this world, I am just glad we meet you when we did and not at the end of the holiday.

We had a few more drinks and Jeff and Barbara stayed the night we did fuck once more but our own partners, and as I came inside my wife she whispered It's been great tonight my love thank you.

We all fell asleep in a huddle on the floor.

Continued in Part 2

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