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  • It Finally Happened
  • Published: Oct 5, 2005
  • Author: Max (Content Husband)
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  • Category: Swinger stories
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About: "Bill pulled her panties to the side and slightly fingered her until she begin rocking with his hand movement"

Title: It Finally Happened

My wife and I are in our late forites early fifties. We have been happily married for 25 years but I have often felt like that I have short changed her in the bedroom. You see I feel like my cock is on the small side 5 1/2 " although she never would say anything to hurt my feelings. She always says that I satisfy her and she doesn't need another man in the bedroom. I have made trips to the local Adult store, bought some dildos but she always says that its just a piece of rubber. I have tried the XXX video on swinging but this too has been shot down. Several years back I remembered that we had a delivery man (Bill) come by our home once a month for spraying for insects and my wife would always end up talking with hime for 30 minutes or so and I could hear her giggling and I always thought she had the hots for him. He was several years younger than we were but always had a tan body and wore shorts to work. It finally dawn on me that I would try and arrange a vacation, where he was in the same condo complex as we were and accidently run into him. I finally started my plan in action, first I finally got a hold of Bill after calling his company they informed me that he was no longer making service calls but had been promoted to supervision role. I was a little uncertain on how he would repond to my suggestion but I was desperate. Surprisingly he remembered my wife and always felt like she was a very nice looking lady. It couldn't have worked out better because he had been seperated for a year and was very interested in my proposal. Now the final question would be to asked how well endowed was this man. He informed me that he had an 8 1/2" very thick cock. BINGO everything was falling into place. I finally found a condo very near our home and and inquired about a lockout room where we would rent one half and someone else would rent the other. I found one available for the time we always took our short vacation trip. All arangements were made and it was finally time to set the plan in action. We checked in around two or so that day and the plan was that he would lay low the first day. The first day I drove around found the Local Adult video store and purchased a swinger video to watch together. That night we watch the video and talked some and I made the excuse that I was tired and we would pick up watching the video the next night. The next day we went to the pool area and my wife chose her spot and I made sure that there were a couple of pool deck chairs next to ours. I hopped in the pool and waited for Bill to show up, sure enough in about 15 minutes he comes out and occupies the lounge chair next to my wife. She looks up, then takes a double take then the conversation begins. She starts laughing and smiling and both are having the best reunion I had ever seen. I jump out of the pool and walk over and she introduces him to me and I will have to say he kept in shape. Tan body about 6'0 and you could tell he had a big package in those trunks. She lets me know that he is staying in the room adjacient to ours. Small world isn't it I commented. I excuse myself telling my wife I was going for a walk and she elects to stay and talk with Bill. They continue swimming and talking for the next couple of hours and I feel like the plan is working like a charm. That night I asked my wife since Bill was by himself if he would like to go to dinner with us. She thought that would be a very nice gesture. After supper we suggested that we go back to our condo and watch a little TV. My wife excuses her self to make herself more comfortable which means a long night shirt. Bills eye catches the swinger video that was laying on the coffee table and my wife's face turns red in embarassment. He suggest that we watch a little of it and then my wife tries to excuse herself to go the the bedroom and we both talk her into staying. My wife is in the middle and Bill is on her left and I am positioned on her right. The video shows a threesome in the act of screwing and the man appears to have aprrox. 7". I can tell my wife is getting somewhat hot so I excuse myself to go the the bathroom just to see how things would progress. I stood and watch them both through the crack of the door and sure enough she was setting even closer to him and I noticed his hand was brushing the side of her leg. After a few more minutes it happened, she turn to look at him and their eyes locked on each other and he leaned in and kissed her ever so gently on the lips. His hand went immediately up to her size 38 DD breast and she reponded with a deeper kiss. I made a little noisy and re-entered the room and they both seperated fast. I sat down beside my wife and started talking about how lucky the woman in the video was to have two men that wanted to make love to her. She made some comment about how she thought it might damage the marriage and I assure her that if the husband was in agreement it would be find. I leaned over and kissed her and when I did, Bill had moved his hand to the bottom of the nightshirt and begin to raise it up. She took Bills hand and push it down and I whisper to her it's OK. She reply back are you sure and I nodded, and Bill proceeded to raise her nightshirt to reveal her soaked panities where she was so hot. Bill pulled her panties to the side and slightly fingered her until she begin rocking with his hand movement. She was kissing him deeply now and he broke the kiss and kneel down to remove her panties and begin tounging her wet pussy. This went on for about five minutes and she was moaning like I have never heard her before. I suggested we take the action to the bedroom so we would be more comfortable. She laid on the bed and Bill removed her nightshirt and there she was, completely naked in front of another man fixing to be fucked. She reached over and begin massage his crotch and and his cock was ready to be released. She undid his belt and lower his shorts and out came the largest cock I had ever seen. It was every bit 8 1/2" and very thick. Her eyes lit up and she said Oh My God its huge and beautiful. She started stroking ever so slightly and then she put her lips around it and started sucking him. He started moving his hips with her motion and commented on how good she was. I began to undress and started stroking my 5 1/2" and finally realized that she was going to be satisifed. She stop sucking him and told him to fuck her with his huge cock. He laid her back and she looked over at me and ask one last time are you sure you want to do this. I nodded yes and he place the huge purple head of his cock at her pussy and pressed every so slightly and started inching his way in. The lips of her pussy was stretched to their limits. She moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head as I started sucking on her tits. He finally had all 8 1/2 " burried in her and they begin increase the pace as she started telling him to fuck her harder. After about 5 minutes in this position he rolled over and place her on top and she begin riding his cock like I have never seen before. He would bring it almost all the way out and slam it back. At one time it slid out and they were in such a deep embrace I took it on myself to help out. I have never touched another mans cock before but I reached over and grabbed it, it felt hot and wet from her love jucies. I gently place it back in postion and they continued. She was actually beginning to scream with excitment I was just glad Bills room was next to ours so no one would hear. She said she was cumming and she let loose and I could see her juices comming out with each thrust. This guy had staying power, the longest I could last was approx 7 minutes but this guy was incredible. He pulled out and place her on her knees and begin fucking her doggystyle. She didn't even noticed me I was standing in front of her, I offered my cock to her and she beging sucking me off. Bill continued burying his monster cock in her until I could hear him say he was cumming. The thought of that sent me over the edge and I pulled out and shot my cum on the floor. She was screaming again she was cumming again and both of them went at the same time. They both collaspe on the bed and I finally realized that my plan had been a huge success. Bill withdrew his cock and the cum juices begin to ease out His dick was going limp but still was a good 7" flacid still wet with my wife juices. I started to get hard again just thinking of what had happen and rolled my wife over and placed my cock into her cum soaked hole. I was amazed on how he had reamed her out my cock touch nothing. I went after a few minutes and we all laid togeher on the bed. My wife reached over and begin stroking Bills cock to life again and started sucking it. This is something she had never done before she wouldn't even suck my cock if it had a little pre-cum on it. She had totally lost her inhabitions. She sucked him for I know 10 minutes until he shot another small load in her mouth. I was dumbfounded on how she reacted to his cock. After showering together, I felt slighted since she spent most of her time washing his tool Bill excuse himself to his own condo. We laid in bed that night talking about what had just transpired and she told me she loved me more than ever because she finally realized how much I loved her to give her this opportunity. She made a comment how much her pussy was still throbbing from the fucking he had given her. We finally drifted off to sleep, I awoke around 5:30 in the morning to go the the bathroom and found my wife gone. I eased out of the bedroom checked the deck, she wasn't out there so I eased toward the front door and noticed that Bills door to his lockout room was cracked. I eased in his room and heard some soft moaning comming from his bed room I looked in and seen my wife riding his huge cock again, he was giving her every inch of his cock and you could see where she had already cummed. I eased over closer and listened as she told him how much she enjoyed fucking him and she never would believe how much better a larger cock felt than and small to average one. He rolled her over into the missionay position and begin slamming her harder. You could hear his balls slapping against her ass. She looked up and seen me and motioned me over to her and she begin thanking me again. Bill looked over at me and told me how much he was enjoying fucking my wife and how amazing she was. Needless to say my wife had and enjoyable vacation and I have a feeling We will be seeing alot more of Bill in the future.

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