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Title: Bondage and Pain - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Apr 12, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

I met this man from Gaydar.com and he said he was into bondage and torture so I said that I had not done this before and would he meet and show me as I love to try new things to see if I like it or not, sure he said come on over as I have all the things here that we will need.

So a few days later I went over and he took me to a upstairs room and told me to strip off, I did this and standing there naked in front of him with a semi hard on, so your looking forward to this are you as most are as limp as can be when they first get here if they have not done this sort of thing before.

So first he came over to me and took my cock into his hand and started to wank it back and forward it was not long before I was hard and when it was sticking out like a flag pole he took some cord and tied it very tight round the base of my cock then round each ball pulling then tight into each ball bag and then tied them to my hard cock then he put a piece of cord round my neck and then tied a cord round the top of my shaft just below the head and then ran the cord between my legs up my ass and back and pulled it tight and tied the end to the robe around my neck.

My cock was rock hard and bent back between my legs and the pain was very bad at this point but I was dyeing to see what happened next, well I soon found out when he put a ball gag into my mouth and then a hood over my head so I could not see what was coming next.

I felt him pull my nipples out and as far as he could and then he used some sort of clamp on them and by god did they nip and send pain running thou my body, once that was do he started to place clamps all over my body nipping the flesh between then doing them so tight.

I was surprised to find that even thou the pain was so bad I felt very sexy and my cock was getting even harder and was now really straining at the cords which in turn gave me more pain.

Where he went I do not know but I stood there what seamed for ages before he touched me again he took my arms and tied them behind me and then I felt a stinging as he whipped across my back and arms he was gently at first then started to get harder and harder, he had not said a word since we started then he whipped my legs, this carried on for some time by now my cock was straining at the cord trying to get straight and this in turn was pulling at the cord around my neck.

He stopped for a while once again and my whole body was stinging as I stood there waiting and wondering what was next, then I heard as thing like chains rattle and I felt my arms being pulled back and up so I was starting to bend over with my arms being pulled up and up I was now bent over hanging on my arms bent behind me and the tips of my toes just touching the floor.

If I had not had the gag I would have been screaming at the pain but all I could do was bite on the rubber ball and breath really heavy thou my nose which was made harder by the hood but as I say despite this I still had a raging herd on and it was trying to grow even bigger and that hurt even more.

I just hung there and he started to kiss where he had just whipped then started to whip me again and then kissing and so on and so on.

Then my cock was released once the cord was un done from the one around my neck it sprang from under me and stuck out like a big flag pole harder than ever before it was throbbing up and down my ball were still tight to my cock and the cord tied around the base of my cock but still hard and showing no sigh of going down anytime soon.

I could still not see what was going on and the next thing I felt was his hand on my stiff cock he was pulling the foreskin back over the top of the head and when he had done that he clamped the foreskin shut this hurt like hell as he tightened the clamp doing it so tight squeezing the foreskin together.

I was wondering what was going to happen next when I felt some wet lips close around my shaft, the mouth on my cock now sucked in my cock with the clamp still in place, a hand cupped my tied up balls and squeezed then really hard and I tried to scream out but could not, My breath was hard and fast as shooting pain after pain ran thou my body.

On and on this moth sucked on my hard cock and with the pain and this sucking it was not long before I was going to cum. My whole body was shaking as I just hung there with my toes leaving the ground from time to time, then I came my cock throbbed and throbbed as it shot it's load but it had no here to go as my foreskin was sealed shut and the gap between my foreskin and cock head filled with cum swelling the foreskin.

The pain saw more then I had felt but finally my cock stopped twitching and the cum from filling my foreskin and the pain died away after a while, My cock was then whipped and was my balls and back side once more.

Now the cord was gone from between my legs my legs were pulled apart and help wide with some form of pole and each leg was tied to it, now the pain was very bad as I just hung there from my arms that were tied up behind my back.

Once my legs were tied I felt a load of cold gel hit my ass hole and something about the size of a small vibrator pushed up inside me he left it in there while he came back round and started to lick and suck my now small cock with a big fat foreskin, he reached round and started to fuck my ass with it small vibrator.

After a while of doing this he pulled that from me and pushed a thicker and longer one in, I was still ok with this size but it was getting to the biggest cock size I had ever taken me my man pussy.

Once again he came round and licked my cock while ramming in and out this new vibrator he was thrusting it hard as he could from where he was but on and on he went, my arms felt like they were going to rip from my shoulders as I just hung there from them.

Once again he pulled this vibrator from me and next was more gel applied to my ass and I was bracing myself for what ever was going to come next, I heard him moving something behind me then I felt something cold touch my ass and he pulled my cheeks open and placed this cold item right on my hole.

He took hold of my waist from behind me and with one hard pull he forced me back onto this cold rubber thing, I thought I was going to be split in two as this thing felt thicker than my fist as it opened up my hole wider and wider I thought I was going to be torn apart as it entered my body. Tears were in my eyes with the pain as further and further in it went, how fucking long in this thing I thought.

It felt like over 12" had been pushed inside me and as I say from tip to bottom it felt bigger than a fist, he let go of my waist and I was now hanging there with this monster thing inside me, as before he came round the front of me but this time both hands held me tight as he sucked on my growing cock, as it grew the pain of the cum trapped inside my foreskin.

He let go of one leg just for a second and then I heard this buzzing sound and then this thing in my ass started moving back and forth pulling almost out of my before pushing back into me and as he had his mouth on my cock and his hands holding my legs this thing just pushed in and out of my, going slowly in and out but still painful due to the size.

Then he touched something and it sped up and my ass was starting to get use to the size ramming in and out, on and on it went and it would not tire either so I knew I was in for a long long fuck, on and on it thrust into me and with him sucking on my cock which was now fucking hard once more, I might have gotten use to the pain from getting fucked but the pain in my cock was terrible my eyes were still watering and how I had not bitten thou the rubber ball I do not know.

Then he speed it up even more and this shot pain back thou me as it was now like a sledge hammer ramming hard and very very fast into me, then he pulled away from sucking my cock and started to whip me again this time really hard and the pain that I got with each whip was nothing like I had ever had before in my life but still me cock throbbed with each thrust and whipping .

He stopped whipping me and returned to sucking again and once again took hold of my balls and this time fixed some clips or something all I knew they nipped pinching my skin sending more pain thou me, when he took my cock into his mouth once more he ran his teeth up and down my cock pulling the skin back and forth and my second load of cum was soon going to be shooting up my shaft and find nowhere to go.

On and on this thing fucked now now sore ass, on and on he sucked my cock and twisted my balls, I tried to hold back as I knew cumming was going to hurt but I could not hold back forever and I had to cum and once more my cock throbbed trying to get rid of my cum I could feel the pain as my cum forced its way up my shaft swelling my foreskin even further, but as there was only so much room I am sure I could feel my balls trying to swell with the cum that could not travel up my cock.

I was nearly passing out with pain by now but the thing in my ass did not stop all I felt was some more lube being poured onto it on and on it went, my cock felt like a tonne weight with the clip closing for my foreskin and the amount of cum trapped inside it but then the hood came off and he said the first word to me since being tied up here, are you ok and do you want to carry on, I was in so much pain but still for some reason loving it so I nodded ok lets keep going.

He placed a box under my feet to take my weight so I was not swinging on my arms, then he pulled on my nipples once again twisting the clamps, he walked over to the table and came back with some sewing needles, he pulled my nipples out and pushed a needle thou my nipple my god the pain was extreme my whole body shook as he did this then he done the same with the other one, then returned to the first nipple and add another one thou it by the time he had finished I had three needles in each and the pain was like my nipples were on fire.

He remover the clamps and the rush of blood back into my nipples was as painful as the needles being pushed into them and then pins and needles feeling ran thou my whole chest, god the pain was so bad but still so good I just could not work out how pain could be so bloody sexy.

He lowered himself back onto his knees and took my cock which was looking like someone had smashed it with a hammer and it has swollen up, all I know was that the clamp must have been done so tight as not a drip of cum had leaked for my foreskin as it was so swollen with cum, he now had it back into his mouth and was sucking and licking it and he started to twist the clamps he had placed on my balls.

Pain shot thou all of my body and I was shaking not thou anything but sexual tension it was so intents I was still being fucked at the rear, and now once again my cock stared to rise a third time within two hours that was some record for me, but then again I had never been thou anything like this before.

The he stopped sucking me and moved round behind me and stopped the machine from fucking my ass and moved it out the way, he lower me from hanging on my arms but did not untie them, he carried me over to a table and lent me over it as I still had me legs spread wide by what I could now see as a broom handle.

I was now bent over the table legs still held wide my cock was still clamped of at the foreskin holding back two lots of come and the foreskin was bulging out with the cum and pain full, my arms were tied behind my back and my balls were tied up tight around my cock which was still tied at the base.

I felt him get behind my and then I felt something I have never felt before, it is hard to describe but it felt like a thick condom with loads of rubber spikes on and as it went it it hurt but not that much but when it was pulled out the spikes that had been flattened on the way in now wanted to turn over to face the other way, and as they did the pain shot up thou my ass like I had just been shocked,

I did not know but my guess was right and he had this condom thing over his cock and was starting to fuck me with it by god it hurt when the spikes turn to face the other way each time it was thrust in and pulled out, and to make mater's even worse as he thurst in and out of my very sore ass my cock was being made to jump up and down with the movement of my body and this in turn was hitting on the table I was bent over hurting even more where the foreskin had swollen up due to the cum.

He pounded into me for a long long time but in the end he pulled out and then shoved his hard cock back into my wide open ass without the condom this time and now he was on the way to coming he got faster and faster with each push into me and each inward thrust was getting harder and harder, my cock banged on the table harder to, he took hold of my waist and rammed in once more and then held it there as he grunted as he shot his load up into my sore sore as, his cum felt so good and soothing as it shot from his cock and splattered over my insides that were so so sore.

When he had finished he withdrew his cock and came round the table and made me suck it clean for him, when I had done that he untied my arms and then my legs, he took the rubber ball gag from my mouth, he told me to turn round and sit back so I was leaning on the edge of the table he knelt down and untied the cords around my balls and the base of my cock and took the clamps away from my balls, as the blood surged back into the veins that had been cut of due to the cord I got pins and needles forcing thou my cock and balls, god my balls and cock were on fire with it.

He left the clamp on my foreskin and took my rock hard cock back into his mouth, sucking on my cock and playing with my balls and with the pain of the blood flowing back thou them I was moaning out load OH FUCKING CHRIST YES YES OH FUCK YES OH FUCK I AM CUMMINGgggggggggggggggg and as my cock started to twitch he unclamped the tip of my cock and all three loads of cum shot out under the pressure of being held back so long and with the third being shot out by my cock it covered his face and ran into his open mouth.

When he released the clamp from my foreskin the pain of that release so was fucking good it made me cum with even more force, when my cock finished pumping he stood up his face covered with my cum he came up to me and said lick it of, I took his head in my hands held it tight and licked every bit of my cum from his face before planting a big kiss on his open mouth.

If you liked this story then why not let me know, and if your really brave send a photo of what you were doing to yourself while reading like some have. All kept for me only - deepprobsix@gmail.com