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Title: My Wife and I on Holiday - Chapter 2 - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Apr 14, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

If you read part one you will know what happened on our first few days while on holiday in Devon, if you did not read it then why not as you missed a bloody good story so my readers told me and by some of the photos I got they did not lie.

Anyway after the night we had with Jeff and Barbara we arranged to meet them on the Thursday night in the Bar on site, we get there nearly at the same time and we took a table had a few drinks and a bite to eat, then it was back to the caravan for some more hot fun.

We got a bottle of wine out the fridge and had a glass each then we got out a pack of cards and we played a cut the cards game, were you all took turns to cut the deck it your card was higher the 7 you took something of and under 7 you put something back on.

So about a 40 minutes later and a glass of wine or two Barbara had 1 item left to take off, Jeff was naked so out of the game Pat had 1 item left and I had 2 so it was my turn to cut the deck and I had to remove a item some now the remaining 3 all had one item left and we said that which ever couple were naked first had to fuck in front of the other two.

It was now time for Pat to cut the deck and as she did she turned over the card and it was above 7 so it was time for her to get naked and as it was going to be Jeff and my wife having sex in front of me and Barbara, Jeff told Pat to leave her knickers on as he wanted to take them of her.

So Barbara and I took our Glasses of wine and sat back on the sofa to watch the show, Jeff and Pat stood in front of each other and Jeff placed one hand behind Pat's head and gently pulled her towards him and he kissed her so tenderly on the lips his hand gently running thou her hair as they kissed.

He placed the other hand round on her back and pulled her tight to him, her tit squashed between them her hard nipple pushing into his chest, Pat cave out a muffled Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as he ran his hands up and down her spine his now hard cock also squashed between them, he pulled away and looked her right in the e and smiled and then lowered his head and took one nipple into his mouth and sucked it into the mouth and it looked as if he bit down on her tender nipple as Pat threw her head back and moaned out OH YES YES and she was breathing hard.

Jeff brought his other hand up and cupped her other breast and played with it squeezing it and then nipping her nipple between his finger and thumb Pat love that and she let out a long Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss as Jeff carried on twisting one nipple and sucking and biting the other, Pat's legs were already trembling with her excitement.

Jeff dropped down onto his knees and kissed Pat down over her smooth stomach licking her belly button as he went and Pat opened her legs as he reached the top of her thin line of pussy pair, Jeff stuck his tongue out and ran it down over Pat's hair and found the tip of her slit and as he did he placed his hands on her ass and pulled her forward and shoved his tongue into her pussy and his tongue must have hit her clit because her whole body shook and she screamed out and she placed her hands on the back of Jeff's head and pulled his hard against her leaning back so her cunt pushed forward allowing Jeff better access to her clit .

He sucked it into his mouth this made Pat take a sharp intake of breath as he did so, soon Jeff was running his tongue up and down her slit and as Pat was pulling his head onto her pussy he let go of her ass and brought his hands up and eased them between them and pulled her cunt lips open so he could get his tongue full into her slit and then he pushed it fully into her hole and with that Pat's leg's gave way and she fell into a heap on the floor.

Jeff helped her to lie down and pushed her legs open once more and got back to work on her cunt and he pushed to fingers into her open hole and as they went fully into her her back arched and she climaxed her body shaking and it rippled thou her, Pat was moaning over and over as Jeff did not stop he fingers being shoved hard in and out of her.

That was it I could not take watching anymore my cock was straining and in pain as it wanted some action, I stood up and said I am sorry you to I know we said the other two had to watch while the winners fucked but I can not stand anymore and with that I took hold of Barbara's hand and pulled her up, she said thank fuck for that I was getting so bloody wet watching those two, Oh I said in that case there is no need to have foreplay then, your fucking right there I want that cock and no playing about.

I laid down on the floor and said well then Barbara help yourself my dear it's all yours and my cock was standing up straight and ready to be ridden, Barbara came over and knelt down beside me and took my twitching cock into her hand and took it into her mouth and ran it up and down the length just once, she looked at me and said just wanted the taste of your pre-cam as I could see it on the head, she then knelt over me and took my cock into her hand and placed the head up against her pussy hole and I could feel just how wet she was and then just lowered her self down on my 10" rock hard cock she was then sitting on my body and she had taken it all in one downward push, OH that's so fucking good she shouted as she just sat on my cock not moving.

After a short while she started to ride my cock slowly taking it to the very tip and than slowly back down again and each time Barbara slid down my cock she let out a OH YES now she had started to ride my cock I lifted my hands and took her big breasts in my hand and squeezed them and played with them as her body rose and fell as she rode my cock, like Pat had done she threw her head back and moaned Oh Fuck yes yes oh please yes.

I looked over at Pat and Jeff and he had now worked his way back up her body and was just sliding his cock into her well wet cunt and as he did I saw her arch her back and climax, turning back to Barbara I lifted my head and pulled her tit forward and sucked her long hard nipple into my mouth as I did my cock felt her fanny mussels grip it and she came her cum running down like a river it ran down over my cock and balls and then down between the cheeks of my ass.

On and on she rode my cock and she took hold of my nipple and pulled then twisted then Oh this was a wonderful fuck after sitting there watching my wife getting made love to by this woman's husband had got me so bloody worked up and what with that and now Barbara ramming up and down on me as hard as she could she was going mad as she thrashed about on my cock, she had another small climax and she shook as this one went thou her and as it did she twisted my nipples so bloody hard I thought she was going to twist then off, I raised my body as she did this and screamed out OH FUCK YES and my cock exploded inside her it shot load after load of warm cum into this woman's insides my cock just did not want to stop cumming.

Barbara squealed as she felt my cum enter her and rode my cock on and on as it pumped inside her and then she rammed herself down and I felt a vice grip my cock as an orgasm ran thou her body she screamed and shook and a river of cum ran out of her again and she collapsed down on top of me her cunt still twitching with her one massive climax, Oh fuck Oh fuck she kept saying though deep breaths, I put my arms around her and held her tight to me when she lifted her head I kissed her gently on her lips.

Pat and Jeff had also finished there first fuck of the night and were just getting up and going to get a drink when Barbara had her massive explosion of cum and they both stopped and look on when her cum ran out of her body and down my balls and ass, by fuck said Jeff that was a good one never seen her cum that much before he said, it was watching to two sexy fuckers I said it got us both was bloody worked up.

I said to Pat why don't you go and get the things we picked up today while Barbara and I get cleaned up, Ok she said and went off, I asked Barbara to roll of me and lay on her back which she did and then I turned around and knelt over her and we got into the 69 and we both licked each other licking and sucking at each other drink, and licking the cum from each other, Pat returned with a big bag and Jeff said what the hell is in there and pat replied you will see when these to randy buggers have finished.

Barbara and I finished up and I got off from over her and said ok now we are all going to fuck Barbara first and then Pat, Jeff said how is Pat going to fuck Barbara at that Pat pulled a strap-on dildo it was as big as my cock and just as fat, right I went on to say Barbara I want you to lay forward over the table first please and this she did.

She walked over to the table and just lent forward I went up behind her and applied some lube to her ass hole and as I pushed a finger into her she squirmed and moaned then from the bag Pat took a vibrating butt plug not a oversized one it was about 5" wide and 6" long so I gently pushed this into Barbara's ass until it was full home and her ass hole had closed round it to keep it nicely in place, then I switched it on and Barbara shivered and said OH MY FUCKING GOD as it buzzed away in her ass.

Pat had put on the strap-on by now and was ready for action, I ask Barbara to turn round and sit with her ass just on the table edge,, as she did this she was now sitting on the plug and it was pushed hard inside her once again a big shiver ran thou her, then I ask her to lie back onto the table which she did with out question, as Barbara's cunt was still wet from our fuck Pat was first to fuck Barbara, I told Jeff to get on the table and kneel over his wife and put his cock between her wonderful big tits and squeeze them up and around his cock and tit fuck her, once he was over her and tit fucking her Pat lifted Barbara's legs and slowly pushed her strop-on dildo into her wet wet pussy and I went and stood by the side of her head and turned it to face me and asked her to open her mouth and I pushed my cock into it it was still only getting hard again but it would not be long before it was fully hard the way Barbara had started to suck it and flick the tip of her tongue over the top of my cock.

Barbara was going bloody wild on the table she was thrashing about poor old Jeff had a hard time staying on top of her she was climaxing again and again Pat was now not only ramming her dildo hard and fast into Barbara but also rubbing her clit round and round with her fingers, the vibrator in her ass was still buzzing away like mad, Jeff was still fucking her tits and twisting and pulling her nipples and I was fucking her face.

Then it was all change and I took over from Jeff Pat shoved the Dildo into her mouth so she could lick of her own cum from it and Jeff went round and pushed his cock inside his wife's dripping cunt, Her cunt was running with her juices and we could hear the noise as Jeff shoved his cock hard into his wife and as he did Barbara orgasmed and arched her back as it ripped thou her and I was lucky not yo fall on the floor.

On and on we all pounded fucking Barbara into a frenzy, and then Jeff shot his lot plunging deep inside his wife and filling her with his seed Jeff was moaning OH FUCK OH FUCK YES YES as his cum jetted out filling up his wife's inside when it finally slipped out of her it was all change once again.

Pat got on top and tit fucked her Jeff pushed his cum soaked cock into her mouth and I slid my 10" cock fully in with one hard push, I could also feel the Vibrator doing it's thing up against my cock and I thrust back and forth it felt great as it shook against the head of my cock as it slid into her, poor old Barbara was worn out I doubt she had ever had so many climaxes one after the other, her sex juice was soaking my cock and balls as they slapped against her ass, it was running down her ass crack and onto the table there was so much of it..

On and On I pumped my cock into her Barbara was moaning Oh my God Oh my God I can't stop cumming Oh my God pat was fucking her tits like she had a real dick she was pushing them up hard around her dildo and thrusting back and forward, Jeff was not hard yet but still had his cock inside Barbara's mouth and she only took it out when Moaning OH my God then took his cock back to suck on.

The Vibrator was not only working on Barbara's ass my cock was getting the full treatment from it and it was bringing me to a climax of my own, after about two minutes I felt the first throb of cum rushing up my cock to be spat out all over the inside of Barbara's cunt, with one last push and a cry of OH MY GOD YESsssssssssssssss my cum spat from my cock head Barbara let go of Jeff's cock from her mouth and screamed OH Christ I can feel it hitting my cunt walls OH yes Oh Yes and I flooded her insides.

When I was done and the last drop of cum had left me cock and found it's way inside of Barbara's cunt I just held my cock in there letting it soak in all the cum juice that was inside her, after a while my cock slipped for her and my cum oozed out of her wet, hot,open pussy lips. I was nackard and need to sit for a minute or two and needed a drink, I feel back onto the sofa and Jeff came and joined me.

Pat got for the table and Jeff and I thought she was going to come and join us on the sofa but o no not Pat she walked round and told Barbara to stay where she was and Pat got down on her knees between Barbara's legs and shoved her face right into her cunt pulling her lips wide open so all the cum I and Jeff had but in there along with all Barbara's own juices came running out of her, it was a creamy colour and thick as it came out of her pussy lips and Pat was licking every drop up, the vibrator was still buzzing away in her ass.

Pat just kept on drinking her cum and and every so often Pat would nip her clit with her front teeth and this made Barbara jump and squirm at her touch and then as Pat carried on licking we saw Barbara go stiff and then after a while her body shook then one almighty scream of OH YESssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and she came once more it was such a big orgasm that it seamed to carry on for ages then her body went limp and just flopped on the table, she was as limp as a rage doll completely worm out, Pat pulled away from her pussy and pulled her clit between her teeth as she did making Barbara cry out one more time OH FUCKING CHRIST YES.

As Barbara lay on the table so worn out Pats took hold of the Butt Plug and pulled it from Barbara's ass and bent over and pushed it into her own, one swift push and it entered her and her ass folded around it making sure it could not pop back out, Pat did not even switch it off.

Pat walked over and took the strap-on dildo off and placed it on Barbara, Barbara just managed to lift her self up so Pat could do it up round the back of her, Pat helped Barbara over to where Jeff and I were sitting I said to Barbara enjoy that then with a smile, Oh you fucking kidding that was fucking fantastic I have never never felt anything like that before, even the ice cubes you used last time where not as good as that fucking close but not quite.

While we chatted for a while Pat went of and came back with a cock shaped dildo and without saying a word she went over to the table and lay back on it taking Barbara's place and she started to use the dildo on herself rubbing it over her thin strip of pussy hair and down into the slit to find her clit , as the vibrating dildo touched her clit she shuddered as a small orgasm when thou her.

Pat was running the dildo up and down in her slit making it totally wet with her cum then she tilted it away from her body so it was now pointing right at her hole and pushed , it disappeared inside her, from tip to the bottom the whole 9" and her whole body shook as both the butt plug and the dildo vibrated inside her ass and pussy sending her body into spasms as a massive orgasm ripped tough her she just lay there for a while breathing heavy after such a big climax.

Jeff and I were now fully hard again after watching pat fuck herself so I said Jeff could fuck her first I would that the tit fuck and if Barbara was up to it she could shove her dildo strap-on into her open mouth, It was not long before Pat was shaking under me as we fucked her and like Barbara she had every hole filled and I was not only fucking her tits I was pulling her nipples very hard and twisting them I know this always made her climax and whit all the attention her body was getting when she came boy oh boy did she cum.

Pat screamed out as her orgasm ripped though her sending her body wild shaking, rocking for side to side her cum was shooting out of her cunt as Jeff carried on ramming into her not stopped or slowing down Pat was screaming spasm after spasm ripped though her she was shouting YES YES OH FUCK YES YES, on and on we went Barbara replaced the dildo back into Pat's mouth once she had stopped screaming and pat was not getting what Barbara had been thou.

Jeff moaned out load as he filled my wife's cunt with his creamy cum and Pat had yet another orgasm as he filled her up, then it was all change and Jeff shoved his wet dripped cock into Pats mouth Barbara took over from me tit fucking and I pushed my cock in where Jeff had just had his and filled it with cum.

As I pushed my cock into my wife Jeff's cum pushed out around the sides of my cock as there was not enough room inside my wife's cunt for all Jeff's cum and my cock, and I slid fully into her and she had one more climax as I did, my balls slapped against the buzzing vibrator inside her ass as I pushed fully home, Pat could not moan out load as her mouth was full with Jeff's soft but wet cock, Barbara had been watching what I had done to Pats tits and nipples as she pulled them and twisted them.

Pat was getting ready for another massive climax as her body started to shake and go stiff and then it happened she arched her back let Jeff's cock fall from her mouth and screamed OH FUCK FUCK FUCK and I had never seen Pat's body shake so much at a orgasm her cunt gripped my cock as I push back and forth the whole 10" ramming into her as she climax not stopping or slowing down as she came and came over and over.

With the orgasm and her cunt gripping my cock as I thrust into her my cock began to swell and then like a rocket it shot cum after cum inside my shaking wife,then my cum was running out beside my cum just like Jeff's had been when I pushed my cock into my wife,s pussy.

When my cock slipped from Pat's wet cunt my cum ran from her and down her ass and over the vibrating butt plug and then down onto the table were it met the loads there that Barbara had left earlier, now Barbara had her breath back she was now ready to fuck Pat like Pat had fucked her showing no mercy, Barbara got down from tit fucking Pat and before Jeff and I could get in place Barbara shoved her strap-on into Pats gaping wide cunt hole.

Barbara was ramming it into Pat as hard as she could she held Pats legs up against her chest and this let her push into pat with a lot of force, Pat was screaming YES YES FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD YOU BITCH, I moved round and when Pat saw my cum covered cock she stopped moaning and said stick that cum covered cock in my mouth I want that cum, by then Jeff was squeezing Pats tits around his cock and was starting to thrust in between then.

Pat took my cock into her mouth and started to lick and suck on it running her tongue around the head pushing it into the hole at the top making sure she was getting every last drop of Jeff's and my cum as well as her own from it, Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Pat was mumbling though her full mouth she then pulled her head away from my god as her body again started to shake as yet another orgasm ripped thou her cunt, she shouted OH Christ YES YES, when that died down she took hold of my cock and placed it back into her mouth.

On and on Barbara rode Pat this was the first time Barbara had ever worn a strap-on dildo and she was loving it on and on she pounded into Pat giving her the fucking Pat had given her earlier, she was now also rubbing Pat's clit with her fingers sending pat shaking thou orgasm after orgasm.

When we finally fished Pat was so worn out she was well and truly fuck out, she could not move, as Barbara pulled out of Pat I looked at her pussy her lips were all puffy where it had taken so much pounding over the last hour or so it was red and her cum was just spilling out of her and I could not let that go to waste so I bent down and started to lick it up running my tongue up and down her slit from the bottom of her ass to the top of her thin line of pussy hair,Pat was moaning No No No more Please but I did not listen and drove my tongue into her cunt hole and pushed my tongue in as far as I could get it to go.

Pat's NO No NO turned into YES YES YES as I licked her out and s I did I pulled the butt plug from her ass and dropped it to the floor and took three fingers and shoved then where I had just taken the butt plug from and as I did this Pat went ridged and clamped her legs around the back of my head and pulled my face heard to her and she came right into my open mouth. When she had finished pumping her juice into my mouth she released my head and she just let out a OOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo Godddddddddddddddddddd..

she flopped limp on the table not able to move so I gently picked her up and carried her to the sofa and lay her down and kissed her gently on the lips Oh my love she said what a wonderful night this is.

I got her a drink of wine and placed it beside her on the small table and went and got a drink for myself and the others, Jeff and Barbara were sitting on the other long sofa and Barbara had Jeff's cock in her hand as was stroking it gently and it had come back to life after watching me lick Pats pussy and her cumming again.

So what are you going to do with that I said to Jeff who shrugged his shoulders, Well Pat's out of it I think, so I think it is down to us three if that's ok with you my love I said to pat, you carry on she said I will love to watch you three fuck, So Jeff after last time you saw that your dear wife liked her ass being fucked so are you up for fucking it or would you like me to again, Jeff said I have never given it thought about fucking a ass let alone Barbara's ass but after seeing you slipping your monster cock in there and the way Barbara seamed to love it I think I will have a go tonight, good on you I said well Barbara I asked what do you thing of that, wonderful more ass fucking when we get home now, bloody great.

Right I said you two ready to put on a show for Pat, yea were ready they said as they got up and said where do you want as then, I lay on the floor my cock by this time sticking up to the sky like a flag pole, Ok sit on this I told Barbara facing me, she came and straddled me and lowered herself down on my pole and she was now sitting fully down on me, Pat said from where she was laying Oh my darling that looks fucking wonderful seeing your cock slide inside Barbara like that from here.

I then told Barbara to lean forward so her tit were laying on my chest and she she did her rock hard nipples push there way into my flesh I could feel how hard there were, I then said to Jeff right you should now have a wonderful view of your wife's ass so kneel over my legs and push that hard cock of yours in and start giving your wife the ass fuck she needs, as Jeff pushed gently into Barbara's ass I could feel his cock enter her and push up inside and it rubbed against mine with only the thin skin between us, as he pushed in I pulled out and Barbara gave out a long long moan Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss she said as I pushed back into her and Jeff pulled out, Jeff and I set it up so we Fucked her like this one going in while one pulled out and like this it was not just Barbara getting the effect as out cock brushed past each other sending shivers thou us at the same time.

Barbara was cumming again and again and I could fell it running down my balls and ass crack, between her moaning she kept on kissing me and her nipples really pushed into my chest as she lay on me getting fucked in both holes, then a shadow came over me and I looked up and saw Pat's cunt coming down towards my face so it looked like she had not had enough tonight as I thought.

Barbara lifted up on the hands still allowing Jeff and I to fuck her but also given Pat enough space to drop down and pussy the swollen pussy lips onto my face, this put Pat's tit's in line with Barbara's tits and she did not need telling what to do with them her mouth latched onto one of Pat's hard nipples and she sucked it into her mouth and must have bitten down on it as Pat gasped for air and pushed herself down even harder on my face as her cunt quivered in my mouth.

We kept this up for some time and Pat came again and again in my mouth and Barbara was cumming none stop and then Jeff pushed hard against Barbara and I felt his cock throb up in side her ass as it pumped her full with his cum, Barbara pulled away from Pat's tit and said OH MY YES YES fill me up darling fill my ass yes yes, this was Jeff's third lot of cum for tonight and he soon went limp and I felt his cock slip from his wife's ass.

I asked Pat thou a full mouth of pussy to get of for a moment and then Barbara when they got of I said I would like to fill Barbara's ass so I asked Pat to lie on the floor and spread her legs wide, Barbara was straight down there burying her head into Pat's wet cunt, kneel down between Pat's legs her ass was sticking well up in the air and ready for a second lot of cum so I knelt behind her and placed the head of my cock up against her open ass hole from where Jeff had just been pounding it.

I pushed forward gently but firmly as I knew Jeff had opened it up and would not be tight today like last time and my cock slipped into her she lifted her head away from Pat's pussy lips and moaned once more as the whole 10" filled her cum soaked ass, I stated to move in and out of her and looking down at my cock moving in and out I could see it pulling and pushing the ring of her ass as I eased in and out, Oh what a wonderful sight it was, I started to move faster and faster as I could feel I was not going to last much longer, I plunged into harder and harder and then My cock spat it's cum as far as it could inside her willing ass , again Barbara pulled away for Pat's cunt and screamed once more and for the final time that night OH fuck YES YES Oh fuck I can feel it shooting far up inside me OH fuck yes oh fuck yes.

Then she drove down on Pat's pussy once more and gave Pat one last Orgasm of the night drinking her cum as it poured from her, Pat was shaking as her body convulsed under Barbara's mouth as she sucked on her pussy, I slipped out of Barbara's ass and to my surprise as I moved out of the way Jeff returned and placed his mouth over his wife's ass and started to lick it and suck out all the cum that was seeping from it.

Once he had sucked and licked his wife's ass clean he moved away and then Barbara got up and this freed up Pat to get up , we all moved over and sat on the sofa nice and close and opened another bottle of wine and talked about the fun we had had this evening, we all agreed that we would give it a few night before meeting for sex again but we would meet for evening meals and drinks, Jeff and Barbara stayed the night again and in the night I awoke to find Barbara with her lips clamped around my cock which was now hard again, her head was bobbing up and down and she was taking it all in her mouth and loving it by the Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she was making with her mouth full. I gently placed my hands on her head and moved her head up and down my hard shaft she was gripping the skin of my cock so tight with her lips she was pulling and pushing the foreskin back and forward over the head of my cock.

She placed a hand under my back and pushed upwards telling me she wanted me to lift my ass up so I did and then I felt the Butt Plug being placed up against my hole and she pushed and slowly it went into me and my ass ring closed around it and then she flicked the switch and it started to buzz away inside my ass, this was not the first time I had had a butt plug in my ass but it was the first time another woman had done it, when Pat has used a butt plug on me it always made my cock swell as the vibrator buzzed against my prostrate,then to add to the feels Barbara took hold of my balls and started to play with them running them around and around in her hands, stroking them and all the time still sucking for all she was worth on my shaft.

After a while she let my balls go and slid her mouth from my cock she started to kiss her way my my body gently kiss my stomach and when she got to my nipples she took one in her mouth and sucked it in gently , Barbara was making love to me more tenderly than we had done over the last week as when the others were with us even thou they were laying asleep beside us, we had always been hard sex but this was slow and tender Barbara carried now sucking one nipple at a time sucking and licking at them, she then moved on and kissed up my neck and under my chin, as she did this and reach round to kiss and lick my earlobes I let out a long soft ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Barbara that's so good and I put my arms around her and pulled her tight to me, her nipples were hard as always and dug into my chest.

Slowly she moved up my body a bit more and then raised herself up on her knees then Oh so tenderly took hold of my cock and placed it against her hairy ginger cunt and so slowly lowered herself down on it, it slipped in nice and easy and she was then sitting up right and fully down on my cock and then started to move about three inches up and down my cock nice and slowly and cunt getting wetter and wetter , we fucked like this for ages as we were not in any hurry and we just enjoyed each others bodies, I raised my hands and found her wonderful big breasts and squeezed then and played with her nipples she gave out long low moans as I did so.

Barbara was still moving up and down my cock further then before moving up and down at least 7 out of the 10" still moving slowly and gently she place her hands on my chest and lent forward a little, I was still playing with her wonderful tits there were so big but still had really hard nipples she lent forward a bit move and I let her nipples go and pulled a tit up to my mouth and sucked it in, I flicked the tip of her nipple with my tongue which made her shiver.

We were both breathing heavy as we both started to reach our climax but on and on we went still fucking slowly and so tenderly I was running my hands up and down her back running my nails down her spine, as we were getting close to cumming she was now moving up and down the whole length and it was just the tip of my cock touching her wet pouting pussy lips, I could feel her long ginger hair flicking against my big sensitive head as it reach the outer part of her cunt, then she slid down all the way again and her cunt mussels started to twitch and I knew she was about to come, my cock started to swell as I was not going to be far behind her, she did not quicken the pace but kept a slow stead pace and then she lowered herself down and stayed there and her mussels gripped my cock tight and rippled against it as a orgasm when though her, her body trembled over me and she let out a long long Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Goddddddddddddddddddddddddd as she sat there shaking and it was like her mussels were not going to stop gripping me but in the end they did and she started to ride my cock again her sex juice running and squelching from her as so rose and fell on my cock a few minutes later I raised my ass arching my back and she knew I was going to shoot my load and stopped down fully on my cock and it pumped and pumped inside her, it was such an intents fuck that as I shot my load I went very light headed and had little spots before my eyes, Barbara pushed her legs down so there were now straight down behind her and she was now laying on top of me, her breasts squashed between us and I still had the vibrator going in my ass so I managed just to switch it off but left it in.

When we got our breath's back we put our lips together so slowly and so tenderly and kissed it was like we were lovers and had just made love for the first time, it was so sweet and tender just the kiss was just mind blowing I held onto her and rolled over on our sides and we just lay there in each others arm kissing , then I pulled away and said that was mind blowing sex thank you so much Barbara, she said well you have taught me so mush and you have got Jeff into ass sex it was the least I could do for you, I said softly to her don't tell Pat but I must say that that was the best fuck I think I have ever had it was so sexual and tender.

Well Barbara said you never know you might get it like that again before we finish our holiday, God I do hope so I will never forget that sex as long as I live and we kissed once again, still holding onto Barbara tightly,the butt plug still in my ass we kissed tenderly once more and fell asleep like that just as my cock slipped from her soaked pussy.

Pat was awake first and found me still hugging Barbara and the butt plug in my ass but she never asked any questions she just got up and put the kettle on for breakfast, we had breakfast and Jeff and Barbara left us.

Continued in Chapter 3

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