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Title: My Wife and I on Holiday - Chapter 3 - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Apr 16, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

NOTE: This is the 3rd part of the story - you may wish to read part one first.

So after the Thursday night sex session we were all worn out and we had agreed to give it a couple of days before having another one but we meet with Barbara and Jeff for drink and a meal on the Saturday and that meant we had one week left of our holiday.

On the Sunday Pat and I went swimming in the on-site pool and we found Barbara and Jeff in there Pat had he small bikini on and when I say small I mean small every male in the place could not help but look and Pat loved it and so did I knowing that she was mine.

Barbara had on a one piece swimsuit as I said she has a little extra weight I think she could get away with a bikini but hey it's what you feel comfortable in, anyway we swam over two them and said hi, after a swim we just stood and the shallow end talking of when we should meet for our next sex session and we all agreed on Monday night, Pat swam away Jeff got out to get some drinks.

Barbara came over to me and said did you tell Pat about our little sex session in the night no I replied That was a special one for me and I want to remember it like that and as I said Barbara I have never felt like that after sex ever before it was so wonderful. Maybe we can do it again she said when there asleep next time, well I said that would be great let's hope we can.

Then I felt her hand slid into my trunks she grabbed my stiffening cock in her hand and pulled the foreskin back over the head now I have a 10" long cock and trying to hide that in your trunks when it's hard is impossible so the head was now sticking over the top of my trunks and nearly out of the water so I had to side steep a bit nearer the deep end so all the other swimmers did not see.

Barbara moved down with me and kept a firm grip on my cock as we went, then Pat swam back to us and as she got close she dived under the water and when she came up in front of me the look on her face as she looked between me and Barbara, I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say nothing to do with me.

Next thing I knew was Pat had her hand on the top half of my cock and these two ladies were slowly wanking me of in a pool full of people and children but what the hell could I do, so on and on it went Jeff came back with the drinks and but then down beside the pool and then slipped in beside us, he had no idea what this to girls were doing until he said to Barbara you have your drink here, sorry dear she said I have my hand full and the moment and then he look down and though the water he could see what this to were doing to me.

Barbara placed her other hand under the water and took Jeff's cock in that hand but as his cock was smaller than mine it did not poke out the top of his trunks, we were both getting a good old wank under the water when Pat sank down under the water and let go of my cock and put her mouth over the head and sucked me in until she reached Barbara's hand and for a short while sucked me off under the water then replacing her hand and came back up for air with a big smile on her face, then she took a deep breath and went under the water again but this time it was not my cock she went for it was Jeff's the look of surprise on his face when Pat placed her mouth round his cock,then a short while later she came up for air once more, well she said looking at me what's good for one is good for the other.

I was getting really worked up with two women wanking me under the water and people swimming by and not knowing what was going on, I was starting to breath heavy and it would not be long before I was going to shot my load and I did not want that it the pool, I said in a low voice you ladies are going to have to stop or I am going to make a mess in this pool. But they did not listen just Barbara lent close and said you just tell me when my dear and winked at me Pat said the same to Jeff.

Well it was not long until I turned to Barbara and said now now and she ducked under the water took my cock into her mouth as I shot my first load of cum, Pat moved round and took Jeff's cock into her hand and kept on wanking him while Barbara was drinking my cum just as I finished unloading my cum Barbara shot to the surface and swallowed all my cum in one big gulp and as yes did Jeff said to Pat now my dear now and she to dived under the water and took his cum into her and drank it down.

Jeff and I just relaxed in the water after that with our drinks in our hand Pat and Barbara were to one side of us and standing very close to each other about ten minutes later I heard Pat say OH fuck Oh fuck that's good so good and then her body shook and I knew that she had just cum herself, then Barbara done the same thing these two had been standing beside us playing with each others clit and wanking themselves off, then there to took there drinks and relaxed.

Later we went our own ways and said if we did not meet later we would all get together tomorrow for some more sexy fun, it was just after 1pm so Pat and I walked to the on-site cafe and had a snack then took a slow stroll back to the caravan, Pat said she wanted a shower so she took her self off and I lay on the bed to rest, after a couple of minutes I got up and went to the shower room and could see Pat naked though the glass door of the shower so I slowly opened it and said want your back washed, well she said if you want to wash my back you had better wash everything, I did not need inviting twice I stripped of and was in with her like a a flash of lightning I took the sponge and soaped it up and started to wash of my wife's beautiful body, starting with her neck and then down to her wonderful breasts, rubbing the sponge round and round her breasts over her nipples and Pat closed her eyes as I did this I took a long time washing her tits and then slowly down over her stomach belly button and down to her small strip of pubic hair.

When the sponge hit her pussy she cave a soft Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm moan and I pushed the sponge into her slit as I ran it down washing her inner lips and the inside of her pussy, once that was done I told her to turn round and I done the same with her back starting at her neck and worked my way down to her well formed ass opening her cheeks so I could wash between them.

After spending time there I moved down and washed of her legs once they were done I started to work back up her body up over her ass and then worked up her spine and as I did she shivered with pleasure and she moaned a gentle Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm again I was now standing behind her and I dropped the sponge and ran my hands round under her arms and place a hand on each of her tits cupping them in my hands Pat but her head back as I did this and said OH Dave Yes Yes, and I stood behind her my cock was resting in her ass crack, standing up nice and hard Pat pushed her ass back squeezing my cock between us and then moved her body up and down rubbing it between us.

I lowered my knees and as Pat moved her body downwards I entered my cock and opened her ass up and the head of my cock popped inside and slipped all the way in taking Pats breath away, I now pined her to the shower wall and started to fuck her ass slowly gently moving up and down the length of my cock, Pay was pushing herself back onto my cock as it went in and moaned Oh Dave I love you so much, I love you so much to I whispered in her ear, and gave one hard thrust inside her, Oh yes yes she said, we stayed like that until the water started to turn cold so I pulled out of her ass and we got out the shower and I dried her body of and then myself.

I picked her up and carried her to the bed and lowed her gently on it, then climbed on beside her and lay with her slowly taking one of her tits in my hand and gently lent forward over it and took the nipple slowly and gently into my mouth as I did I flicked the nipple with my tongue,Pat pushed her tit up onto my mouth she was starting to breath harder as I licked and sucked her nipple then I took the other one in my hand and squeezed it gently but firmly plucking the nipple as I did, I let the nipple go that was in my mouth and lifted my head and moved it up and kissed her gently on her lips.

When we parted our lips again she whispered I love you darling so much, and I kissed down her neck over the nipple I had been sucking on and carried on down her body until I reached her pubic hair, I ran my tongue though the pubic hair what there is of it, as I was doing this I moved round until I was between her legs and then ran my finger down the length of her slit and all the way down over her ass and as I reached her ass hole pushed forward and my finger slipped in and I slowly finger fucked her ass, as my finger slipped in she lifted her ass up of the bed saying Oh Dave Oh Dave yes yes yes, and I lowered my head once more and took her hard clit in my lips and then kissed it sending a shiver though her body.

I then mover down a bit more and pushed my tongue into her pussy hole and pushed as far as I could, still taking it nice and slow, Pat was moving her body up and down of the bed trying to get me to finger fuck her ass harder and faster and the same with the licking of her wonderful cunt lips, but I was having none of it I wanted to go slow and that is what I would do I was in no hurry, so I licked slowly and she said though gritted teeth You fucking bastard come on fuck me hard you know what I want fuck me hard you bastard.

She was now really trying to get me to fuck her harder her body was thrashing under my mouth and finger, I was running my tongue up and down her pussy slit and into her hole and then her body went ridged and then started to shake as she then came, as she climaxed her juice ran into my mouth and I drank it as fast as I could and then held some in my mouth and moved up her body so I was now laying on top of her, I want your cock inside my cunt go on stick it in me fuck me I want it now she said, but I lowed my head and placed my moth on hers and let her juice run from my mouth into hers and she cave out a Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm in the back of her throat as she took her cum from me.

I then moved and pushed upwards and my cock found it's way into her wet cunt hole and slipped in still moving slowly I pushed up inch by inch slowly it moved into her we were still kissing when my body touched her and I just gave a small shove upwards to push it fully home and her clit pushed against me and her body shook once more and I just held my cock still inside her for a while and kissed her so tenderly.

Then I started to move and once again she gave a mmmmmmmmmmmm from the back of her throat as I slid in and out of her after a while I raised myself up on my arms as I did not want to be to heavy on top of her, and not only that you can thrust harder when your up on your arms like this, out of all the positions Pat and I have had sex in she loves this one the best.

I started to speed up just a little and Pat brought her hands up and twisted my nipples sending a big shiver though me this time and she knew what doing that did to me,so I gave her a hard thrust of my cock as pay back, I was now moving in and out of her hard and fast and Pat was getting ready to cum again and as before her whole body went ridged and shook then with a loud shout og OH FUCK YES her cunt clamped around my cock as she climax and I still pushed in and out for her now tight cunt riding her though her orgasm and she had two more smaller orgasms as I carried no thrusting in and out of this now relaxing pussy.

On and on we went harder and faster I was now ramming really hard and our bodies slapped together her juice was splashing out of her cunt as I rammed into her there was so much juice it was going everywhere I was now building up to my own climax and she could always tell when I was getting ready to shoot and she yes YES YES Dave Come on fill my cunt come on fill me up OH Yes Dave I love you come on darling I want your cum, and as she said that she climaxed again and her cunt gripped my cock once more and that was it I shot my load of cum deep up inside her, throb after throb splashed her full with my cum.

We were both panting like steam trains as we both relaxed after such big orgasms, I lay down beside my darling wife and she raised her self up on one elbow and kissed me gently.

On the Monday we went for a long walk and called into the local shop to buy wine and beer for the long evening ahead, we went for a meal and meet up with Barbara and Jeff and before going back to the caravan I said how about a walk along the beach, it was a warm evening the time was 10.30ish so getting dark, there was a concert sea walk with a path along the top and all agreed so of we set Pat grabbed Jeff's arm and Barbara mine.

Even when the sea was in it never reach the sea wall so there was always sand on the beach, so after about half and hour of slow walking we turn to come back and about half way there were steps down to the beach so I said how about walking back along the sand, we were still a long away from the caravan park so the girls took of there shoes and we started back along the beach.

Then I pulled Barbara down towards the water and said how about a swim then, I am not going in there with this dress on she said, then take if of or I will take it of you, so that is what I did I pulled her to me and held her close and kissed her while kissing her I ran my hand up to the top of her dress at the back and undone the small clasp then lowered her zippier down, when she pulled away her dress just fell onto the sand Barbara's big tits fell into view in the moon light and I must say they look wonderful as she was not wearing a bra, she stood there just in her small knickers and her pubic hair sticking out around the sides, I dropped to my knees and lowered her knickers and the moon shone on her ginger pubic hair it was a picture of heaven I pushed gently on the inside of her opening her legs and then just dived my face into that wonderful bush.

My tongue hit straight onto her clit and she let out a OH my god as I flicked the tip of her clit, sucking it into my mouth,it was not long before Barbara was moaning as I licked her clit and then pushed two fingers into her, her legs trembled as I pushed my fingers in and out of her and with each push in I curled my fingers to follow the curve of the insides of her pussy and as I did this my fingers rubbed her G-spot and as this happened she moaned oh yes yes and her legs trembled and felt like they may give way at any minute.

On and on I licked and sucked, on and on I fingered her pussy until she came with a loud shout of OH FUCK YES and her whole body shook and she came, by now my cock was bursting for release for it's tight space in which it was trapped so I quickly stood up and within in seconds stood next to Barbara stark naked I took her hand and we ran down to the sea and just carried on until we were up to chest hight and we were laughing and splashing each other, I looked around and Pat and Jeff had not come into the water Jeff had Pat on her back dress up round her waist and was pumping into her his ass catching the moonlight as it pumped up and down.

I turned back to Barbara and grabbed one of her hands and pulled her to me and kissed her again her breasts pushed into my chest and we held each other close, I lowered my hands down her back and ran them over her well built behind and cupped her just under her ass cheeks and lifted her up and then as O lowered her down gently my cock slipped between her legs and into her warm pussy Mmmmmmmmmmmm Dave she said I have never done it in the sea before mmmmmmmmmmmmm feels very nice.

I then started to slip my cock back and forth inside her the water splashing up in our faces as our bodies hit together, I held her close and we kissed and my cock moved back and forth, soon I started to move faster and faster due to the way we were standing I could not thrust my cock in hard but it was going all the way in and her clit rubbed my pubic hair as we moved it was not long before she came again her pussy clamped my cock as it ran though her, and then after her pussy relaxed I felt my cock starting to swell and then it fired my cum deep into her filling her with my seed, the water was starting to get cold so we kissed once more and my cock slipped out and we walked back to shore, we got dressed and all walked back to the caravan.

When we arrived back at the caravan Barbara and I were getting cold after our little sex swim, so I poured us all a big shot of whisky to warm us up, Pat had not bothered to put her knickers on after her romp with Jeff on the sand and said that her pussy was feeling a bit chilly so Jeff pulled her over to him and pushed his hand under her dress and started to play with her cunt Pat soon said Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that's warming it up nicely, I said that I and Barbara were still chilly and we are off to have a shower so Pat said well as we said that we would not leave the other one alone we will come thou to the bedroom and watch you from the bed while you to shower, sounds good to me said Jeff.

Barbara and I got into the shower Pat and Jeff sat on the bed naked watching us, we washed each other and soon warmed up with the hot water running over our bodies, then Barbara dropped to her knees and took my cock which so now back to it's full length and rock hard in her hands and started to move then slowly up and down my shaft.

With each stroke she pushed and pulled my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock this was feel wonderful as the water splashed onto the head every time she pulled the foreskin back I had to lean back against the wall and close my eyes this was so so good, Barbara cupped my balls in one hand and as she did she placed her mouth over the head of my cock.

I gasped for breath as she closed her lips round the shafted and pushed her tongue into my cock slit and then moving it round and round in the hole, Wow this was wonderful feel this as she sucked and pushed her tongue into my slit,Barbara started to move her head now moving her hand away from my cock so she could slide my cock fully into her mouth and down the back of her throat since we had started to fuck last week she had now got the hang of opening her throat so she could take the whole 10" and by the way her head was bobbing up and down she really enjoyed it.

I took a quick look out though the shower door and Jeff was laying on his back legs wide apart and Pat was kneeling between then sucking on his cock and her ass was sticking up in the air facing me Oh what a great sight that was, I could see her puckered hole tight and round facing me and inviting me to slide my cock inside, Barbara must have seen me looking at them and to get my attention back she squeezed my balls hard and I snapped my head back and then I placed my hands on her head and helped her move her head up and down my shaft,.

I wanted her now as I was worked up by what she had been doing with her mouth and tongue on my shaft, I placed my hands under her arms and lifted her up and my cock slipped out of her mouth as I pulled her up, she now stood in front of my her big tits with her hard nipples and the water dropping of them I pulled her to me and like I had done with pet the day before I raised her up and then lowered her down onto my cock making Barbara take a deep breath as it slid inside her and then she was pined to my by my cock.

I pushed her back on the wall behind her and she let me and open her legs a bit wider to allow me to push full into her ,it was not long before I was thrusting into her hard and she was grunting with every thrust the water still pouring down over us as we kissed and held onto each other running our hands all over each other, Barbara shook as a orgasm ripped thou her and she pulled me tight and kissed me hard on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth as this climax ran on and on.

I had this woman bouncing up and down on my cock and each time I force my cock into her my body was rubbing at her clit and working her up more and more her eyes were closed as she kept saying YES YES Yes with each thrust, I was really enjoying this fuck I love the water pouring over my body as I fuck, but all good things must come to a end and I found my cock starting to swell meaning I was going to shoot my load very very soon but I wanted Barbara to cum again before I did so I rammed into her harder making my body hit her tender clit even harder and then she screamed OH YES YES as her cunt gripped my cock and she came taking me over the edge and as her juice flowed I shoot my cum inside her, we just stood there for a while letting the water wash over us and getting our breath back.

I turned of the water and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around Barbara and then done the same to myself, we stepped from the shower to find Pat now had the butt plug inside her ass and was riding Jeff's cock cowgirl style for all she was worth, she was bouncing up and down on the cock like it was the last one on earth, Jeff had his hands full of Pat's tits and was working on them by squeezing and pulling them Pat was throwing her head back saying yes yes Jeff of fuck squeeze them tits oh yes yes.

I turned back to Barbara and took the towel from her and started to dry her off first rubbing her hair and then down her face and neck, when I reached her beautiful breasts I took my time with them making sure they were nice and dry I said Oh looks like a mark on that nipple so I bent forward and took it in my mouth and sucked on it for a while then when I let it go I looked and said are that's better the mark has gone, yea right she said smiling, I continued to rub down her body over her slightly plump stomach and down to her wonderful ginger bush of pubic hair.

I placed the towel on her mound and started to dry her of pushing the rough towel into her slit rubbing her tender clit with it Barbara let out a Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I did this then finished off rubbing the rest of her body down, once I had finished drying her off I quickly dried myself and went over to Pat and said can you lean forward please and she did I pulled the butt plug from her ass which it left her ass wide open were it had stretch it, I asked Barbara to come over which she did and I said place your hands on Pat's ass cheeks and lean forward and start licking that ass she looked at me and I said go on , Barbara stood on the floor lent over placing her hands on the top of her bun cheeks and placed her mouth over her ass and started to lick it, soon Pat was moaning as Barbara rimmed her hole, and even Barbara was moaning deep in her throat as she licked and sucked on it.

I moved round behind Barbara and knelt down and eased her legs apart and put my hands on her ass and pulled her cheeks apart and her small puckered hole looked so wonderful I eased my face forward and pushed my tongue onto her ring and licked it Barbara had a massive shiver run though her and she gave out a muffled moan Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as she still had her mouth planted over Pat's ass.

Before long Jeff shot his cum into Pat and he was grunting with ever shot of cum filling her up, we all stopped while Jeff moved and Pat gone on the bed on her back and Barbara got between her knees and lifted her legs over her shoulders so she could reach her pussy and ass with her mouth, Pat was soon shaking and moaning as she climaxed, I at first returned to licking Barbara's ass hole and then slid a finger into her pussy making her squirm as I did this, then after a while I pulled my finger out and stopped licking her ass and got up behind her and pushed my cock into her ass, One long smooth push and it glided inside her and I held it there while she worked on Pat's clit.

I withdrew and push back into her again and again then I lent over her and reached round and took hold of her big breasts and squeezed them and as I did this she must have bitten or sucked Pat's clit so hard as Pat screamed louder then I had ever heard her before , OH FUCK FUCK FUCK I LOVE IT OH FUCK and she came into Barbara's mouth, I continued to fuck Barbara hard her juice running down my thrusting cock and down the inside of my leg, oh it felt so good her juices flowing like that, then I pulled out of her ass and thrust into her pussy where all this juice was running from god was this woman wet, Jeff was sitting there drinking his whisky cock limp from cumming side Pat, I carried on and every so often moving from one hole to the other, once again I felt my cock head swelling up and pounded into her harder pulling out of her cunt and ramming back into her open ass and with one long hard push home I filled her ass deep deep inside her , pumping cum as I hit home, Barbara as always lifted her heard away from Pat's pussy and moaned God I will never get use to that wonderful feeling of cum shooting deep in my ass Oh FUCK yea Dave fill me up.

I needed a rest like Jeff as once I had my breath back I gently pulled my shrinking cock from it's warm hole and moved over near Jeff and picked up my whisky, god I said to Jeff that woman sure has a lot of juice to get rid off yea said Jeff she like a raging river when it really flows.

Pat and Barbara had not finished and Pat picked up the butt plug and pushed it home into Barbara's ass and plugged the cum that I had just unloaded in there, Pat reached over to the draw next to the bed and pulled out some anal beads and these were on a string starting from about 1/2" round and worked there way up to 6" round and then a handle to pull them out with.

Barbara was laying on the bed with her eyes closed and the butt plug buzzing away inside her making her go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm her hand was between her legs and she was gently rubbing her clit slowly working her self up to another climax, Pat lay down next to Barbara and raised her legs and slowly pushed the first bead into her and as she done this Barbara opened her eyes and saw what Pat was doing so knelt up and took over slowly pushing the beads one by one there slipped into her eager ass, soon all of them were hidden inside and Barbara lowered her head and started to lick Pat's pussy again, Pat took hold of one of Barbara legs and lifted it over her and they were now in the 69 both had there asses full and there pussy's being lick they were going wild licking fingering each other, Moaning and breathing very heavy as they got closer and closer to orgasm's which one would come first I wondered.

On and on they went OH god what a show us boys were getting whisky in one hand our cocks in the other and this wild sex show in front of us who could ask for more. Pat came first squirming and moaning with her mouth full of Barbara's pussy, but that did not stop them on and on they went,then Barbara came pushing her hairy cunt into Pats face rubbing it back and forth as she smeared her juice all over Pat's face, they still carried on then Barbara got hold of the handle on the ass beards and pulled then out of Pat's ass slowly and with each one Pat gave a whimper of Oh god and she had a small climax as each one popped out, as soon as the last one popped out Barbara shoved three fingers into her ass and Pat raised her ass of the bed and her whole body shook as a massive climax ripped thou her, to get her own back Pat done the same to Barbara taking out the butt plug and she shoved her fingers into her and this had the same affect and once again Barbara thrust her cunt down onto Pat's open mouth and filled it with her cum.

When they had relax from the massive climaxes the girls were done for a while and they went a got some wine and nipples and brought them back to the bedroom we all rested for about half and hour and we all agreed that we would just lay there and cuddle for a while so I said why don't you girls cuddle each other and Jeff and I will cuddle you to Great idea said Barbara little did there know what I had in mind, anyway the girls got the in middle of the bed and put there arms around each other and started kissing.

I lay behind Barbara and Jeff lay down behind Pat and we placed our arms over them I took hold Barbara's tit and squeezed it, what you doing she asked Just copping a feel I said and laughed want me to stop, fuck no she said feel what the fuck you like my dear and she returned to kissing Pat, I raised up onto my elbow and started to kiss Barbara's ear and earlobe mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm she moaned.

I still had my hand on her tit needed it and pinching her nipple making her squirm and I kissed down her neck and onto her back I pulled away just a bit so I could keep kissing down her back, she was still moaning mmmmmmmmmmmmmm with each kiss, then I raised her leg up sideways and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind and eased it into her slowly, she pulled away from kiss Pat again and said to Pat do you know your bloody husband has just slipped his cock into my pussy, I would not put that past him said Pat but I can not moan yours done that a while ago and we all laughed.

We lay there like this the girls kissing and cuddling and us boys slowly fucking them from behind, we were all moaning softly and I carried on kissing Barbara's neck making her squirm under my touch, she was getting wetter and wetter as I slowly eased my cock in and out of her I was not going to hurry this and nor was Jeff, slowly we fucked we had done enough hard fucking for tonight a nice easy slowly growing climax was just what we needed .

And it was building slowly Barbara and Pat were now moaning more and more Jeff and I were breathing hard and harder and I squeezed this wonderful big tit I had in my hand I did not think the nipple could grow any bigger or harder but I was wrong as I could feel it in the palm of my hand so I pinched it between my finger and thumb making Barbara shudder and a small climax ran though her.

On and on we went and it was getting close for all of us as Pat was now saying YES YES Jeff OH YES JEFF and Barbara saw saying Oh fuck me Dave come on make me cum oh fuck me yes, but I was still not going to go any faster than I was Pat came first and boy oh boy did she cum her body shook like I when we made love on that Sunday afternoon, the whole bed was shaking as her orgasm ripped thou her on and on it seamed to go before Jeff shouted Oh Pat Pat yesssssssssssssss and he filled her with his seed deep in the belly, both were panting hard getting there breath back as there climax ran it's course, Barbara and I carried on our climax was building higher and higher getting nearer and nearer I tried my hardest not to speed up as I wanted to keep at this speed but it was so hard to do I wanted to thrust hard and fast but I managed to hold back after a few more minutes and then Barbara's wet cunt gripped my cock and squeezed it tight as she just screamed OH FUCK FUCK YES and like Pat her whole body shook the bed and her orgasm ripped thou her and me by the way her cunt mussels gripped my cock I could feel every ripple of her mussels as it ran down the length of my shaft with her cunt going to tight around my shaft it was hard to push in and out of her but I kept going and a few seconds later I joined her my cock exploded as it pushed it's cum load from the small slit in it's top, pump after pump it shot into Barbara I went light headed for a while as the climax was so intents it took all my breath away, we were all nackard now and that is how we fell asleep and non of woke until mid morning, my god said pat last night was fucking fantastic as we had breakfast yea we all said, well we have only a few days left of our last week I said can I make a suggestion I said we leave it for the next couple of days before we meet up again for sex I you want to that is I said to Barbara and Jeff, yea sure we do there said, Great I was hopping you would anyway what say we meet Thursday night for our last sex session as if it is a long one then we do not have to worry about getting up on Friday morning as if we have it Friday we have to get up and be out by 10 then 7 to 8 hour drive.

That sounds a good idea to us there said and that is how we left it we all had a kiss and a cuddle before they left and arranged a time to meet if we did not see each other before hand.

Continued in Chapter 4

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