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Title: I Spy with My Little Camera - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: Apr 19, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

To start this tail I must tell you I am 25 5'11 inches tall long dark brown hair and of medium build, cock size of about 6" length and 4" girth, My wife is 5' 10inches tall long blond hair and that is natural blond, she has a body to die for long slender legs, well firm and great shaped butt, slim waist and nice sized breasts just over a hand full, they are firm and her nipples stick out at all times they just get longer when she is aroused.

We have been together since leaving school together and neither of us have been with anyone else as far as I know, when she dresses in her tight jeans and a tight top where ever she goes men stare and look at her like they want to rip her clothes from her there and then, she knows they are looking and wiggles her bum even more just to tease them.

So when I had an accident at work I had to spend three months in hospital and she came to see me every evening, the other men on the ward would look as she walked onto the ward and she would always come in sexy clothes just to wind them up and when she was gone most said god how lucky I was to have the love of a woman like that, and I knew I was.

Now my wife her names Pat by the way, she can not drive so it was either catch the bus or my our very dear friend Tom would run her in to see me some times he would come to the ward or just sit outside so we could talk.

Now Tom had been a friend since school he was in the same class as us and he was my best man at the wedding, what I have not said that Tom is Black and I mean Black African, but he is the nicest man you could ever want to know and would put himself out to help you.

So when I was released from hospital Tom came and picked me up and took me home, now I had been told that after my accident and operation I could not have sex for months, I was concerned for Pat it had been three months already and it would be a few more yet before I could give her sex and I must say she loves her sex, we have been married for 5 years and even up till this accident we had sex at least 3 times a week if not more if we could.

Anyway I was laid up in bed had loads of tablets to take that kept me drowsy and after about a month of laying in bed and only being aloud up to go to the loo, one afternoon about three hour after taking my tablets I work and could hear this noise as I was still half asleep I could not focus on what it was and for a while kept drifting in and out of sleep, but as I started to wake I could make out it was someone moaning, Yes Yes Yes OH God Yes this woman kept saying, then I heard Give it to me Big boy I want it now.

At first I thought it was Pat but then I thought no she would not do that to me not while I am hear, it must be on the TV so after a while of listen I dropped back of to sleep, when I woke again I could not hear a thing but Pat moving around in the Kitchen getting a meal ready for us.

When she came in with the tea I said nothing about what I had heard so we had tea and she sat with me for the evening telling me what she had been up to and she said that she had been out most the afternoon shopping, so I thought if you have been out shopping then who the hell did I hear earlier in the afternoon, but I said nothing, I said that I was feeling a bit better today and I hoped it would not be that long before I could get out of bed, Pat said sharply don't want you to hurry now do we got to make sure your up to it first.

So a couple of afternoons later I woke to hear the same thing as before, a woman that sounded like Pat moaning OH my God Yes yes Oh fuck yes yes, I tried to get out of bed but found it to painful and the tablets made my head spin when I tried to get up so I flopped back onto the bed.

This went on every second afternoon for the next to weeks, when my wife brought my Tea in I asked her is Tom all right he has not popped in to see me lately yes his fine Pat said and went a bit red in the face and then said he has popped in a couple of time in the afternoon but you have been asleep as soon as Pat said that the Penny dropped like a lead balloon.

It was her and Tom I had been hearing but I did not have proof and so I could not say anything, the next week was the same but now I could get up but I had not told my wife I was getting up and about more, so the next time I heard all this moaning of my wife going Yes Yes Fuck Me fuck me hard that's it cum in me fill me yes yes yes, I got up and moved over to the door and slowly undid it and moved down the hall, Pat was still moaning as I got to the door to the lounge and as luck would have it it was on the jar so I could peek though the crack between the door and frame.

What I saw was my wife bent over the back of the sofa and my best friend Tom just pushing what looked like any horse would be proud of inside my wife's cunt god it looked massive and he started to pump into her and she was saying OH fuck fuck fuck that's fucking big shove it in hard all of it come on give it to me, Tom took hold of her waist just about her well formed bum and rammed his cock into her hard and fast, then he gave one last push and held it there as he must have shot his load in her Pat was taking deep breaths , still saying Yes Yes Yes oh fuck yes.

When I knew he saw done I quickly moved back to my room and got back into bed, my mind was whirling with what I had just seen should I say anything what if I said that I had seen them and she left me I could not manage on my own, so I decided not to say anything for now but I did form a plan.

The next day Pat said she was off shopping and also meeting up with Barbara another friend, for a coffee I said ok did she have time to wait while I just go to the loo then I wont have to get up when your gone, so I made a meal of getting out of bed and walking to the toilet as I did not want her to know that I was a lot better.

After she had gone I got up and went into the lounge and though I will never look at that sofa the same way again, all I could see was Pat bent over the back being hammered by this massive black cock, anyway I went over to our computer station in the corner of out lounge and found the wireless spy cam I had, I brought it a few years ago when we thought we had someone walking around outside at night,

So I set it up so the lens saw poking out from just under the monitor and plugged it in to the mains, I went back to the bedroom got out my laptop and looked to see if it needed moving but I could see the whole lounge from where I had placed the camera.

That afternoon nothing so I could not wait for the next day, and sure enough Pat gave me my pills and I settled down when Pat left the room after giving me a kiss and saying I love you dear, I turned on my lap top and started to record from the camera.

I fell asleep and woke just before tea switch of the camera and could not wait until later when Pat had gone to bed to see if I had caught anything going on, so once Pat had gone to bed I turned on the lap top and pressed play, after a while Pat and Tom came into view and they sat on the sofa and Tom asked how I was doing but Pat said you have not come here to ask about Dave have you, and he lent forward and took my wife's head in his hands and held her as he kissed her fully on the mouth, you could tell there tongues were entwined as they kissed and I saw Pat's hand drop onto Tom's lap and run up and down his leg and inner thigh she ran her hand up and down his leg and they lent back and Pat placed her hand on Tom's crotch and stated to move her fingers stroking up and down the zip.

Tom dropped a hand onto one of Pat's breasts and squeezed it and Pat let a soft mmmmmmmmm as he did this and with the hand she had in his lap she undo the button on his jeans and then lowered the zip, sliding her hand inside his jeans she took hold of his cock and pulled his cock free, I could not believe the size of this thing from where the camera was it was hard to guess the length but what I could she on here and what I had seen the other day I was well over a foot long and really thick, Pat was only just able to put her hand round it's girth.

Tom stretched out and and his cock was now fully in sight and boy was he big, Pat started to move her hand up and down this massive rod, Tom mean while had pushed his hand up under her top and had her tit fully in his hand and I could see it moving under her top and he squeezed it and played with her nipple, Pat closed her eyes and opened her mouth and let out a Oh tom tom yes, then tom lifted Pat's top up and revealed Pat's breasts it took one in his hand and squeezed it so the nipple poked out though his fingers and lent forward and flicked his tongue a crossed it making Pat moan even more, he then sucked it into his mouth and played with it in his mouth,

Pat was in heaven already and was breathing hard, when Tom let go of he tits she moved and got down on her knees between his legs and with both her hands wrapped round his shaft he still he about 6" sticking out for them, Pat lowered her head and sucked this massive cock head inside her mouth, Tom pushed his head back into the sofa and opened his open and said OH my fucking God Pat that's fucking wonderful.

I should have been raging mad seeing my best friend having sex with my wife but for some reason I could not be mad nor could I take my eyes from the screen, and for the first time since the accident my cock started to twitch at what I was seeing.

They continued like this for a while than Pat stood up standing facing Tom she undone her jeans and lowered the zip, turning away from him she placed her fingers into the top of her jeans and slowly very slowly lowered then down over her well formed ass, as she did this her thong was revealed she lowered her jeans down her legs making her bend over sticking her ass out and at Tom, Tom put his hands out and touched Pats ass as she wiggled it in front of him, he rubbed his hands all over her ass down between her cheeks feeling her ass hole and pushed a thumb into her hole, Oh fuck Oh fuck she said, as Tom worked his thumb in and out of her ass, Pat was still wiggling her ass in front of him and Tom bent forward and ran his tongue up over her thong string across her ass I saw Pat shiver as he did this, Tom took his hand away and Pat stood back up and took hold of Tom's hand and pulled him up from the sofa placed her arms around his neck pulling him forward and kissed him.

Then Pat put her hands under his t-shirt and lifted it up and over his head, she ran her finger nails down over his chest and over his nipples making Tom go Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Tom's jeans had already been undone so as Pat went down on her knees, she pulled his jeans down and he stepped out of them, his Dark Black body stood there Naked and he dose a lot of work outs so his body was firm and his ass was round and tight, his mussels stood out and the light shone of them.

Pat once again took his big cock in both hands and placed the rest in her mouth and started to slid it in and out sucking on it, watching this I wondered just how much of this snake she could take in her mouth, when she took one hand away and now she was taking at least 8 or 9 inches this must have been going right down the back of her throat,she must have been doing this for a while as she did not show any signs of gagging as she took this amount down her throat and as I said it was not just the length but the thickness of it to.

Pat was sucking for all she was worth and as she slid her mouth down his cock Toms ass cheeks clenched together each time, Pat ran her hands up and down the back of Tom's black skin and got higher until she took his bum cheeks into her hands and squeezed them while pushing a finger from each hand into his ass crack and the into his hole making Tom shudder.

Pat was now finger fucking him as well as sucking his cock, my cock had really started to twitch at watching this it was not hard by any means but twitching was good it showed I was on the mend slowly.

Tom placed his hands under Pats arms and lifted her gently up until she stood in front of him and he put his arms around her and pulled her to him and there kissed so tenderly and then it was Tom's turn to go down on his knees but he did not just drop down he slowly kissed his way down her body, kissing her earlobes, neck, and down to her breasts and took each nipple in turn and sucked each one in and then pulled it with his mouth before nipping it with his teeth sending shivers thou Pat and making her cry out, Oh tom tom tom Oh yes yes yes, then when he had finished with her tits he carried on down her body over her stomach and she was breathing very hard and had her hands on the back of his head as he reached the top of her blond pubic hair.

Pat always kept her pussy hair well trimmed and she had this small line of hair just running down to the top of the slit, as Tom's tongue touched her pubic hair she took a deep intake of breath and whispered OH Tom and as his tongue went down a bit further he pushed his tongue into the top of her slit touching her clit as he did so and Pat shook like a leaf as shivers ran thou her body at his touch.

Tom pushed her legs further apart allowing him to get closer into her pussy pushing her lips apart, licking her clit Oh Tom Oh Tom she was saying running her fingers thou his hair as he carried on licking at her cunt, then I saw him push two fingers into her and Pat threw her head back and let a long Oooooooooooooooooooooooooo as his fingers push right up inside her and she pulled his head tight into her and even thou I was watching this on my spy cam I could hear him slurping he juice as it ran from her and I knew that it would be running fast as Pat loved her pussy licked , sucked and fingered Tom was not stopping on and on he went after a while Pat gave a OH CHRIST as her body shook as a orgasm ripped though her and she held Tom's head so tight against her it was a wonder he could breath.

When she got her breath back she let is head go and told him to sit on the sofa with his ass on the edge and then lean back which he done and Pat pushed his legs together and stood facing away from him and placed a leg either side of his and moved back just a bit and then bent forward so her wonderful shaped ass was sticking out towards him and his cock was standing upright in front of him, I still could not get over the size of that fucking monster, from where the camera was I could see as Pat lowered herself down.

Her cunt lips touched the tip of his flag pole and the tip of his cock opened up her wet pussy lips and Pat lowered herself more and more inch by inch slid into her, Oh yes oh yes fill me fill me oh god yes said Pat as she took more and more inside her then she was sitting in his lap with all this cock fully inside her how she took it I could not work out but took it she did.

Tom placed his hands around under her arms and cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipple hard from what I could make out and Pat moaned again as he done this then while he still had hold of her tits she started to ride up and down on his cock and his cock is so long that Pat had to nearly stand up to reach the top of it as she rose on the upward stroke.

Pat rode his cock like this for a while she was trying to not make to much noise as not to wake me in the bedroom but she did let out one hell of a OH FUCK YES as she climaxed again, Tom pulled her back so she her back was resting on his chest and he started to pump upwards into her now gaping pussy hole,he was still playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples hard as he thrust into my wife's pussy.

Why was I not an grey at these two my wife and my best friend fucking in my front lounge yet here I was watching it on my lap top and my cock twitching and pre-cum running from the top of it, Tom lifted Pat of and turned her round and she knelt either side of his lap, she brought her hand round behind her and took hold of his big black cock and lined it up with her pussy and she lowered herself on his cock once more.

Up and down she rose holding on to his shoulders on and on she pumped thrusting hard down on his cock slapping down into his lap, Tom lent forward and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked it.

Pat was now saying threw gritted teeth YES YES YES with every downward thrust, Tom reached round behind her and held her bum cheeks before pushing a finger into her ass hole something she had never let me do as she told me she did not like it, but as she rode his cock Tom had three fingers shoved into her ass and by the way she moaned she was loving it, Pat body went ridged and she stop fully down on his cock as she climaxed as it ripped though her body it shook once more and Tom bit her nipple sending more shivers running thou her, then she started to move once again rising and falling on his cock and with each thrust down he thrust up to meet her, soon both were panting for breath her saying OH OH TOM and Tom saying OH Christ PAT Oh Christ, both building up to a massive climax by the sound of it.

Tom still had a nipple in his mouth and three fingers shoved up her ass and then Pat Kissed him I think to stopped her from shouting out loud as a big orgasm went though her her body once again shaking and then Tom gave one big shove upwards and held it there and I guess he shot his load inside her deep inside her and Pat flopped against Tom pushing her nipples into his chest.

They stayed like this for a while just kissing and touching each other I heard Tom say you know I hope Dave never finds about about this it would kill him and our friendship, and I have know him as long as you have,Don't worry Pat said he will not find out and you know it is only until he gets back on his feet don't you, Yea I know he said.

Pat lifted herself of him and even thou Tom had gone soft his cock was bigger than mine when hard no wonder no cum had leaked out until Pat lifted up, she got dress and so did Tom and Pat said you are ok with this arrangement and know that once Dave is up and about that will be it don't you, I love Dave and this is only while he can not give me sex I don't want you thinking about you love me or acting different around Dave, No No it's fine said Tom he kissed Pat's cheek and left, I stopped the lap top and saved the recording to be watched again at a later date.

The next three afternoon went by and nothing happened and I wondered if I had been lucky and caught there last get together, but I thought I would kept trying until a week was up, and I am glad I did as the fifth afternoon I was lucky to catch them at it again, but this time not only did I catch the action on the lap top I stood at the door watching the action live.

As before they started on the Sofa kissing and cuddling tom lifted Pat top and once again no bra and he took her tit in his mouth and kissed the nipple sucking it into his mouth Pat gave a loud sigh as he did this and soon her top was of and on the floor, Tom was kissing and touching all over the top half of her body, they slid of the sofa and onto the floor and I was hopping that the camera would catch the action while they were still on the floor.

Tom picked up Pat and lay her on her back and knelt between her legs and undone he jeans and the zip, pulling them down in one fast pull, down and off they came and she lay there naked on the floor her legs apart showing her well trimmed pussy and her open cunt to Tom and he lent forward and pushed his face into her and as he lifted his head he ran her tongue up her slit and hit her clit making Pat arch her back and moan out OH OH yes yes Please Tom yes and he did it again and again.

While licking her he pushed two or three fingers into her wet pussy, Pat climax as he did this and on and on Tom went fucking her with his fingers and licking her clit with his tongue

Pat was shaking all over as climax after climax ran though her body, though gritted teeth she just kept repeating YES YES YES OH PLEASE YES then an OH FUCK YES and once again her back arched up high forcing her pussy into Tom's mouth.

Tom liked and sucked at her as she just kept on cumming, then he pulled away and stood up and stripped off while standing over her his massive cock sprang into sight and Pat said Oh Tom I want that massive piece of meat fucking me now.

But Tom got her to get on all fours and he knelt behind her and pulled open her ass cheeks and ran his tongue up from her cunt all the way up her ass and as he got to her hole he pushed his tongue into it Pat had never let me anywhere near her hole as I said before, then he carried on up and ran his tongue right up her spine making her shiver as he did so, than he done this a few times each time spending a little longer on her hole making it wet.

This time as he ran his tongue up her spine he brought up two finger and push them into her ass and she tried to hold back a yell but it came out as OH FUCK FCUK Tom OH YES as he pushed them fully into her, he started to finger fuck her fast his fingers going in and out fast and she was pushing back as he brought his fingers forward making then thrust into her even harder.

Now watching this happen live instead of on the lap top was much better and I had my hand down my shorts and for the first time since my accident I was getting hard in my hand and I was enjoying it as there was no pain like the doctors said there might been,

Tom now had three finger inside my wife's ass and she was loving it, I must say it did hurt to think she was letting him do this but had always stopped me when I had tried to do anything with her ass, but even thou I was annoyed I could not help but watch as he carried on licking and pushing his fingers inside her ass, then he removed his fingers and got up behind her and ran the head of his big big cock up and down her slit the when he reached her ass hole he stopped and pushed forward, Pat shouted NO NO NO Tom not that please not that I will never take that NO Please.

Tom pulled away and pushed his cock inside her pussy instead in and in it went until he had every inch inside her pussy opening it fully up to take his big massive cock, Pat pushed her body back against him taking it all and gave out a MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh that's nice Tom Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Tom started to fuck her slowly easing out then back in all Pat could do was stay there on Hands and Knees and take it eyes close mouth open as her pussy was stretched with each inward thrust, then as he withdrew he pulled right out of her and his cock was wet,sticky,and slimy with her cum and without warning he pushed it against her ass hole and his massive head popped into her virgin ass.

NO NO TAKE IT OUT SHE WAS saying to tom IT FUCKING HURTS TAKE IT OUT, but he did not move and held onto her hips so she could not pull away, OH Fuck she said fuck it hurts, just stay still Tom told her don't move just let it rest there, she did what she was told and stopped trying to pull forward to get it out of her ass, don't tell me your ass was a virgin ass Pat Dave never fuck your ass then, NO she said I have never let him near my ass, not even kissed it like you did, he has wanted to but I would never let him.

Tom did not reply, but he still had hold of Pat's hips and he pushed forward just that bit more, I saw Pat flinch as it moved into her about a inch but this time said nothing, My cock was hard in my hand now and I was slowly wanking myself off inside my shorts watching though the door jar, I felt like bursting in and joining them but knew I could not due to my accident so had to put up with just watching and I could watch the recording later to.

So Tom was pushing forward inch by inch very slowly then resting it then pushing it in a bit more, Pat was still Flinching with each and every push in Tom now had over half of his fucking big cock inside my wife's ass it must have been stretching it so wide as it moved into her, then after resting for a while he started to pull out and Pat took a deep breath as he did but he did not pull fully out he kept the head of his cock inside her keeping it open.

Tom now lent over Pat's back and grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples hard and as he did this he shoved forward pushing his cock back into her to about the same depth as he had done before Pat let another scream as he did this by not as loud or as verbal as before, Tom done this a few times twisting and pinching her nipples and he pushed back into her. By now it seamed that it was not so painful for Pat as she was not flinching each time Tom pushed into her and he was not now resting each time he was pushing in and out with out stopped.

He had now stopped playing with her nipples and was now back upright and holding no to her hips once more and now was fucking my wife's ass still not pushing in any further than he had the first time, Pat was moaning but now instead of NO NO it was YES YES OH FUCK YES, Tom then pulled right out and his big long cock sprang from her hole and stood up like a flag pole, PUT IT BACK PUT IT BACK Pat was saying I want it please put it back, Tom took hold of his cock aimed it at her hole and pushed, once again the head popped in to her ass but this time he did not rest but pushed on until just over half was back inside her once more, OH YES YES Pat moaned.

Tom removed his cock completely a few times and pushed it back in, I guess he was opening up her ass ring getting it use to having his cock enter it,then this time when he push back into her he push more in over three quarters this time but still Pat it not scream but just gave out a loud MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so nice MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Now once Tom had heard this he took hold of her again and now started to pound into her quite hard and fast Pat was rocking back and forth as he rammed into her and her tits were swinging back and forth as he pushed into her, she had her head hanging down but just kept on saying YES YES YES OH FUCK YES with each push in and out, I had lost count at how many orgasms she had had by now but it was a few and each one seamed big and harder than the last.

Tom lent over her again still thrusting away into her not so Virgin ass now and he took hold of her tits and once again played with then and then squeezed then very hard and Pat came so hard that she could not hold herself up any longer and flopped forward onto the carpet Tom fell with her still keeping his cock deep inside her as the when forward, he pulled his hands out from under her and lifted him self up onto his hand and with arms straight he stated to fuck her hard and now there was only about 2" that were not deep inside her no and one he plunged into her ass she came again and it was like she was having a fit as her whole body shook as she lay on the floor, standing at the door watching all this happen to my dear wife I was now wanking myself hard and as Pat came I shot my first load in months and I had to stop myself crying out at the pleasure I got feeling my cum rush up though my cock and spurt out the head and into my shorts, I felt dizzy with pleasure as I shot cum and cum load, Tom I believed was not far from cumming himself as he sped up pushing harder and harder into her as she lay beneath him he to was now grunting and groaning with each thrust into her, then as he pushed into her he did not hold back and plunged fully into her and held his cock inside her and filled her ass for the very first time with cum, it should have been mine but that was not to be, grunt after grunt as his cock pumped cum into her, She turned her head and said OH MY GOD I can feel it fill my ass up it's so warm inside me I wish I had let Dave do this to me now, I must say I feel bad that it was not him to fuck my ass first but you have shown me how fucking good it feels and when he is up for it I am going to let him fuck my ass like he has always wanted to do.

Tom got up and his cock was wet with his cum and Pat stood up and had to get a tissue to wipe up the cum now running down the inside of her legs from her ass, Then Pat dropped to her knees and took hold of Toms softening cock and placed it in her mouth and sucked it clean of all his cum, Something I never thought she would ever do once a cock had just come from her ass, but she was really sucking on it hard and she cupped his big black balls and rolled them around in her hand.

When Pat stood back up they started to get dressed so I went back to the bedroom and changed my shorts as the other one were now sticky and wet but I felt great that I had been able to cum and have no pain, I got back into bad and turned of the lap top and knew I would be watching all that action again soon. I lay down and closed my eyes when I heard the door open and Pat whispered Dave are you awake Tom is here to see you, but I did not stir and thought no Tom was here to fuck you not see me, later when Pat came in and said tea was ready she told me Tom had popped in and I said sorry I missed him.

After sitting and watching TV with Pat for a while I said to her I am sorry you know, What for she said , that I can not give you sex at the moment I wish I could but you know I love you don't you, Don't worry she said I can wait for you to get better and and then we can make up for lost time but getting you well first is the main thing, I said I was off to bed and would see her soon.

If you like this story then why not let me know, I love to hear what you think good or bad, you could always be brave like some have been and attach a photo of what you were doing to yourself while reading it, Male or Female, all photo for my own viewing only - deepprobsix@gmail.com