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Title: My Wife and I on Holiday - Conclusion - Author: deepprobsix

Published: Apr 23, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com


NOTE: This is the 3rd part of the story - you may wish to read part one first.

So Thursday night was getting close and it would be our late night with Barbara and Jeff so we wanted to make it a good one, we had just both showered and now getting ready I put on a shirt and casual jacket and black jeans, Pat put on a small top to show off her stomach and it made her tits look bigger as it hung over them and left a gap between the top and just under her breasts, she had done her blond hair in a bun and put on her make-up then she put on her best mini skirt, this was short very short just a big belt really and the best bit was no knickers, if she bent over anyone looking was going to get a good eye full of what she had to offer.

I said to her are you sure about the no knickers Oh Yea she said I am going to flash my mother fucking pussy at Jeff every chance I get, he will have such a big hard on he won't know how to stand and she laughed.

About a hour later we got to the club on site and found a table and I got the drinks in knowing what they would want, we sat there for about 15 minutes when Jeff and Barbara walked in and came over to us , when Jeff saw Pat's sexy clothes his eyes nearly popped out of his head Wow he said your looking very sexy tonight Why thank you I said, not you Pat like a goddess, Barbara sat down and I could not take my eyes from her she had had her lovely ginger long hair cut into I think they call it a shoulder length bob, and had the full works on make up, My god I said to Barbara you are so sexy tonight yourself, wow .

Barbara had a tight top on that really showed of her big boos and by god did they look big in that top, a quick look round the room and most men and ever a few women were checking these two ladies out, Barbara also wore a skirt It was not a mini as I have said she is on the bigger side but not so big that she dose not turn heads it was about 3 inches above the knee and was a black silk skirt with a slit up one side and when she sat down all of her sexy thigh was on show and she did not make any move to cover it up.

I moved my chair round closer to Barbara's chair and ran the back of my hand up and down her thigh which was on show, now now she said late till later, My god I could have you right here across the table you sexy bitch, Barbara smiled and winked at me but she did not push my hand away.

Pat made sure she was sitting opposite Jeff and I saw her open her legs just a bit to give him a peek of her pussy and I knew he had spotted it as his mouth fell open at the sight and so did a man's standing behind Jeff he got a eye full of what Pat had to offer, all evening Pat carried on flashing her pussy at Jeff and anyone that was standing behind him, I had to go to the loo and when I came out there stood Barbara just like the first time we meet when she had pushed me back into the toilet and given me a blow job, but this time she took hold of my hand and dragged me outside and round the corner of the club hose where it was dark, she pushed me back against the wall and kissed me hard on the lips, when she pulled away she placed her lips next to my ear and whispered I want you to fuck me right here.

I turned her round so she now had her back against the wall she lowered her hands and undo my belt and jeans, lowering my zip and pushing my jeans down just enough to get my cock out and then pulled my head back to her and started to kiss me again, I dropped my hands and ran then up under her skirt and found she had a very small thong on so I lifted her skirt up around her waist at the front pulled her tong to one side and placed my cock where it wanted to be inside her pussy slit looking for a deep dark hold to fill, it was wet and warm where the head of my cock was and it worked it's way down the slit ran over the top of her clit making her shudder then found what it had been searching for, when it had found the entrance it pushed forward and slipped into this moist,damp, please and it went further and further until my cock was filling her fully.

With one swift move Barbara brought her legs up and wrapped them around me pulling me in as far as it would go, I started giving small thrusts into her she was now grunting with each thrust as her legs were folded around me I could not give her the big hard thrust I wanted to but this felt good, she was panting and whispering in my ear Oh Dave FUCK me go on fuck me oh your cock is so wonderful oh god oh god, and she had a small climax, on and on I pushed into her her tits squashed between us she was now nipping and licking my earlobe and her heavy breath was blasting into my ear as she did so, I kissed her on the neck and she moaned softly, we where now both caught in the moment and getting ready to cum, I whispered can you lower your legs my love I want to thrust into you harder and fuck you until you explode with that she dropped her legs and pushed her cunt forward and now I could really thrust into her, thrust after thrust I slammed into her closer and closer we both came to having a massive climax, with each thrust in Barbara would thrust out and then her whole body shuddered and shook as this one massive orgasm ripped though her, and while she climaxed I just rode her though it until just as she stopped shaking I pushed into her and filled her with my cum shooting a bucket load fully into her pussy all I could say was Oh my god though the panting of my heavy breathing.

We stood there for a while and then I removed my cock and it was covered in cum and her juice Barbara dropped to her knees and lick it clean and then tucked it back into my jeans, while I did them up Barbara straightened her thong and wiped herself and we walked hand in hand back in side.

When we got back inside Pat and Jeff had moved tables to one that was in a darkened corner have a good time asked Pat we had a quick fuck I said just round the back of the club, Pat was sitting on Jeff's lap now and his hand was up between her thighs and I could just make out the movement of his fingers working on Pat's clit, I said anyone want another drink to which they all said yes, as I got up I noticed that Pats skirt was right up at the back around her waist it then dawned on me that Jeff had his cock inside Pat right here in the club.

I ask Barbara if she could give me a hand with the drinks and when we got to the bar I asked her if she knew that Jeff was fucking Pat while they sat there, she looked over and said my god there are oh my god the dirty sods and laughed, when we sat back down Pat had her head lent back onto Jeff's shoulder and was moaning softly OH Jeff Oh Jeff as she came as she looked at me she cum while sitting on Jeff's cock, if was not long after that Jeff blew is top and emptied his cum inside Pat and I guess filled her up like I had just done Barbara, how Pat had gotten on Jeff's cock without being seen I do not know but Pat sat on Jeff's lap until his cock went limp and slipped out and she slid of his lap and he quickly done his jeans up.

We had one more drink and stared back to our caravan for our last night of sexy fun, we arrived back and as soon as the door was shut we stripped of and were all naked within minutes, Pat dropped down in front of Jeff and took his cock into her hand and started to rub it and she placed her mouth near the tip and flicked his cock head as she moved up and down his shaft with her hand.

Barbara had picked up the Butt Plug and lubed it up and shoved it in her own ass and was now doing the same to me as Pat was to Jeff, then Barbara knelt up straight and placed her tits round my cock and started to bob up and down tit fucking me and she bent her head forward and sucked the head of my cock as she did this.

When Pat had make getting Jeff hard she bent over a chair and Jeff shoved his cock into her wet pussy and started to fuck her hard and fast it was no wonder the chair did not give way the way he was thrusting into her,the chair was rocking back and forth with each and every thrust, Pat was saying YES, YES ,YES with each push into her, he slipped out of her and plunged into her as Pat let out one almighty scream OH FUCK FUCK YES FUCK THAT ASS, Jeff did ramming into that as hard as he had done her pussy, after screwing her ass for a while he shoved it back into her cunt and they carried on like that, Barbara took her tits away from my cock and placed both hands around my shaft and started to wank it hard pulling the foreskin back and forth over my swollen head as she pulled her hands up and down my shaft.

Barbara stood up and she still had my cock in her hands and led me to the sofa and pushed me back onto it and then she knelt either side of me and put my cock into her slit and it slid down and found her hole and entered it she slid down my shaft taking in as much as she could get, I could feel the butt plug buzzing away inside her ass, if felt good up beside my cock Barbara just sat there for a few seconds and while she did she kissed me tenderly on the mouth, than she started to move up and down my 10" shaft and her wonderful big tits were bouncing up and down in my face as she rode my cock, faster and faster she got harder and harder she rammed down on it and it was not not long before she rammed down and just sat there as a big orgasm ripped though her.

Once that had run it's course Barbara started to ride my cock once more and she was making sure that her tit were rubbing in my face with each up and down slid of my cock, then she lifted of me and got up and turned around from me and then sat down facing away from me and sat down on my cock once more I placed my hand round her waist and ran my hand down though her pubic hair and pushed a finger into her slit and found that little button I was looking and as soon as I touched it she screamed and shook and I started to rub it round and round as she rode hard on my cock, Pat was still getting fucked in her ass and pussy Jeff was now giving about 5 pumps into her pussy then 5 in the ass and from the noise Pat was making she was loving it.

Barbara came once more and my hand was soaked with her juice and on and on she went ramming her pussy hard down on my shaft, and still I could feel the butt plug shaking inside her ass, as my cock pushed up against it it was sending shivers thought my cock and down though my balls, I now had one hand rubbing her clit and I placed the other one on her bouncing tit and found her nipple and squeezed it hard she screamed as I did this then rammed down hard once more and cum once again, this time I filled her with my cum as my cock convulsed inside her warm wet pussy tunnel, she just kept on rising and falling on my cock as I filled her up her juice was now running down and around my balls and making it's way down my ass crack.

Barbara and I just sat there with my cock buried inside her pussy and we watched Pat getting Jeff's cock shoved from on hole to the other and then he shoved it into her ass and unloaded his cum holding onto her hips he held his cock fully inside pumping away.

Like us they wanted to get there breath's back so Jeff just held myself up against Pat's ass keeping his cock inside her as long as he could before it softened and slipped out of her, as it did we could see his cum leaking from her puckered hole Jeff must have emptied a lot of cum inside Pat so it ran out like this.

Pat got up and came and took Barbara's hand and helped her of my lap and asked her to bend over the back of a chair and place her hands on the seat as Barbara did this Pat went and picked up the strap-on dildo and got round behind Barbara and as she still had the butt plug buzzing away she just aimed the dildo at her pussy hole and with one hard push forced this dildo into Barbara, With no mercy Pat rammed it in and out of Barbara, Barbara was loving it as she was shouting OH OH OH FUCK YES YES OH FUCK as Pat went on and on.

Barbara's tits were swinging back and forward and she got pounded from the rear, OH OH OH Barbara kept saying YES YES YES and then she just screamed as she Climaxed put Pat did not stop she kept on plunging into Barbara as she cried out with her climax, then Pat pulled the butt plug out and with out loosing her rhythm she switch from her pussy to her ass, My god this was so fucking sexy to watch my cock was already starting to twitch back into life and looking at Jeff he would not be long getting a hard back on either.

Barbara saw now painting for breath as Pat pounded into her and she was still saying though gritted teeth YES YES fuck me oh yes fuck me fuck me oh god yes, and Pat just did not ease up if anything she was now pounding into her ass even harder, then it was out of her ass and back into her cunt once again never loosing pace , Barbara was loving it and from where I was sitting I could see drips of cum juice from her pubic hair as Pat fucked her.

Pat was fucking her ass and cunt like a mad woman, until poor old Barbara could take no more she had orgasmed so many time I think we had all lost count, Pat pulled out of Barbara and helped her up then took the strap-on dildo off and went over to the draw beside the bed and pulled out this double dildo it was at lease 2ft long and had a cock shape at both ends pat took Barbara over to the middle of the floor and asked Barbara to lie on her back which she did, Pat pushed one end of this dildo into Barbara's soaked pussy pushing at least half of it into her.

Then Pat got down on her back hooked her legs over Barbara's and eased her self forward and as she did entered the other end of the dildo into herself, these two beautiful women now pussy to pussy with this dildo joining them together and they started to move there bodies back and forth on it fucking each other at the same time.

I got up and moved over beside Pat and started to play with her clit as she moved on this dildo and Jeff moved over and started to do the same with Barbara, My cock was now getting hard once again so I placed my knees either side of Pat's head and lowered myself down and my cock entered her mouth, Jeff followed my lead and got over Barbara, I was still playing with Pat's clit and she was moaning and swearing FUCK FUCK YES YES OH FUCK YES, and without warning she exploded in a great big climax her juice just washed out of her and I lowered my head and started to lick it all up, the next thing I knew Jeff's head was down at Barbara's cunt licking her as she came our head banging together as we both drank our wife's cum. When the ladies had finished there orgasm's I got up and so did Jeff leaving the girls laying there still fucking each other with the double dildo.

I turned round and knelt over Pat facing her and placed my cock in between her tits and pushed them up and then started to tit fuck her and I felt Jeff doing the same as me the only difference is Barbara's tits were bigger and a lot better for tit fucking but I pushed Pat's up like I had many a time and pinched her nipples between my finger and thumb and this made her cum once more, She said OH you Fucking Bastard OH fuck yes oh yes, on and on I rode those tits and squeezed her nipples really hard from time to time and then I could feel my juice starting to rise so on and on I pumped while Pat was moving around so the dildo was moving inside of Barbara and visa versa both women were now cumming none stop and then it was like being hit with a big hammer and my cock exploded sending mu cum shoot up all over Pat's face I squeezed her nipples and she opened her mouth to shout out but the second load of cum shot from my cock and right into her mouth.

By the time I had stopped cumming her face was covered in cum and I pushed up and my cock entered her mouth and she licked around the head getting all the cum from it, I felt Jeff shudder and knew he had just unloaded his cum to.

I still knelt a crossed Pat with my cock still held by her tits it was still hard for now and I was panting for breath and then once my cock had gone soft I got of from her and sat on the floor beside her looking at her cum covered face, Jeff had also got of Barbara and she slid herself of from the dildo and turned and knelt over Pat and they started to lick the cum for each others faces and Barbara was grinding her cunt into Pat's there clit's squashing together as they did so.

When they had finished lick up the cum Barbara rolled for of Pat and for a while just lay there side by side I got up and got us all a drink and as we sat there we talked about what we had been up to over the last two weeks and we all agreed it had been the best holiday, I wanted to fuck Barbara one last time and I know Jeff wanted to fuck Pat so I helped the ladies up and placed a quilt cover the table and asked them to please lay on there backs side by side so there backsides were just on the table.

I went over and Got some ice cubes OH YES YES said Barbara when I brought them over OH fuck yes last time was fucking wonderful, with that I pushed three cubes into Pat's Cunt and two inside her ass and then the same to Barbara, Then I had 4 left so I placed 1 on each nipple and told the ladies not to move, there lay there and Pat was gritting her teeth and all her parts were getting colder and colder and Barbara was the same.

I want over the the draw by the bed and pulled out another butt plug and pushed one into Pat and Jeff pushed one into Barbara, Pat let out a loud MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I turned it on and she was doing her best not to move and make the ice cubes fall from her nipple, I then want back to the draw and brought something that I hid behind my back until I got to the table.

Then I remover the ice cubes from Barbara's nipples and placed a nipple clamp on each very cold nipple She arched her back and screamed FUCK FUCK FUCK right out fast and I gave two clamps to Jeff and he done the same to Pat and she screamed to, the clamps were joined by a chain and I took the chain in the middle and lifted it pulled Barbara's tit up with the clamp she was going mad with Pleasure and pain then I pulled a bit harder raising her cold nipples and Jeff followed with Pat, I then released the clamps and both girls gave out a big sigh and shivered as the blood rushed back into there nipples and I done the same all over again, by the time Jeff and I had made there nipple cold with the ice cubes and they placed the clamps on a few times each time we removed the clamps each girl had a small climax.

Now was the time to find out how cold there were on the inside, I took Barbara and Jeff took Pat, I got round between Barbara's legs and pulled her forward a bit more so she was right on the edge of the table, I took hold of the chain from the nipple clamps and pulled it tight so it was pulled on her nipples hard and as I did I pushed forward and my cock slid into her cold cunt and the ice cubes rubbed against the head of my cock as it slid in making me shiver, Barbara's insides were frozen and I started to pump into her and she was shaking not though cold but though the pleasure she was getting from my cock and the nipple clamps.

Jeff was having the same effect on Pat she was breathing heavy and fast her eyes closed and she was saying OH my god Oh my God Oh my God as Jeff pumped into her and she arched her back with each thrust, Barbara was moaning to but she was much more vocal saying Fuck me you bastard fuck my cunt go on fuck it hard you fucker I want it all, her head was being thrown side to side as she said this and I pulled on the nipple clamps jerking then hard every so often, each time Barbara screamed OH fuck yes yes yes, then when I pulled on them her cunt mussels gripped my cock hard and she exploded her cum running from her and I pulled out and bent to lap it up running my tongue over her very tender clit making her shudder each time my tongue touched it.

Once I had licked her juice up I asked her to get off the table and bend over it and as she did I removed the butt plug and pushed a vibrator into her pussy this had a strap on it so it could be held in place, I switch it on and made sure it was on fast and before she even had time to bend over the table she shook as she had yet another small climax.

Once she had bent over the table I pulled the ass cheeks apart and ran my tongue right up the slit and over her hole and then back down once again as I came back uo I pushed my tongue into her ass and moved it round and round, Barbara was gripping onto the quilt that I covered the table with so hard her knuckles where showing white as orgasm after orgasm went though her body what with the vibrator going full speed in the cunt and my tongue doing a dance in and on her ass she was in Heaven.

I kissed up Barbara back slowly moving up her spine kissing it lightly making her shiver and moan as I did so, by the time I was half way up her back my cock was pushing at her hole and with a small thrust it popped into her ass opening her hole up and wide so the rest of my cock could follow as I kissed further up her back the further my cock went in and when I was kissing her ear and neck I was fully inside this wonderful ass, I then stood upright and took hold of her big hips and held onto them and slowly started to pull out and push back into her, Barbara said OH OH OH YES YES YES as I rode her ass I let go of her hips from time to time and slapped her ass and she squealed out in pleasure each time, I said do you want me to come in your ass you slut, tell me how much you want it and slapped her ass again come on tell me I kept saying.

OH OH Please please fill me ass please shove your cock into my ass fully and fill me please please Barbara was saying and I slapped her again and took hold of her hips again, I could feel the vibrator buzzing away in her cunt and she still had the nipple clamps on boy was that going to send so pain though her tits when they come of, I was now slamming into her forcing her against the table and Jeff was humping Pat still in her pussy he was really going for it slapping into her with each thrust it was a wonder the table was butting up with it.

Then Barbara had a climax that out did any she had had over the last two week her body was like she was having a massive fit the way it was shaking all over the place, her sex juice was just gushing from her and I could feel her orgasm run though her even though my cock was buried deep in her ass, I just kept on Pumping and then my cock started to swell and I knew that it would not be long now before I filled this big wonderful ass with cum, Barbara was still shaking and then I pushed up inside her and just let my cock explode filling her up shooting cum so far up her ass she screamed out as I did saying again how she could feel my warm cum far up in her ass fill it full.

I looked over a Jeff he was still going for it and Pat was rubbing her clit as Jeff pumped into her on and on they went Pat cumming and cumming then Jeff filled her cum with his cum Pat screamed as he filled her up and she came once last time, I removed the vibrator from Barbara pussy and as I pulled it out her sexy juice ran out of her like a dam had just broken, it flooded from her and I tried to get as much of it in my mouth but as Barbara was face down on the table it was hard to get my mouth down there.

Jeff pulled out of Pat and removed her butt plug and we all collapsed on the floor after a few minutes I got up and got some wine which we all needed by now Barbara and Jeff stayed over again and said we would meet for a meal that night before we both went out different ways.

So Friday night we had our meal and we both say how much we had enjoyed the two weeks,and we told Barbara and Jeff that we had already book our next years holiday here at the same time so maybe we would bump into them next year.

On the Saturday we packed up and off we set back home both of us relaxed with all the sex we had had, we had been travelling on the M5 for over a hour and we wanted a drink so we pulled into a services and parked up and went into the coffee shop and there sat Jeff and Barbara, we got our coffees and went over and sat with them, half way though Barbara took my Hand and said excuses us for a minute or to just need Dave for a minute.

Barbara lead me out of the cafe and across the car park to where there were a lot of bushes and trees as soon as we were out of sight she pushed me back against the tree and was undoing my belt and zip, well she was saying might as well have a last fuck that we did not expect, she pulled my cock out from my jeans and started to stroke it and it was soon hard and standing up waiting for her pussy to slide down it, Barbara lifted her skirt and her pussy was bare apart from her pubic hair that is and she lifted herself onto my cock and it was inside her in seconds and she was riding my dick hard as she could, Barbara soon came with the excitement and her pussy gripped my cock as she continued to slide up and down my cock she rode though her climax and she wanted more.

On and no she rode my dick ramming herself down hard making sure every last piece of it was being put inside her then she pulled of my cock and just lay on the ground skirt pulled up around her waist and her legs wide open and I did not need a invite I was on top of her like lighting as I lay on her I thrust up and my cock went straight into her and I raised myself up on my hands and started to thrust into her hard and fast, Cars were coming and going just on the other side of the bush we were behind and that just added to the excitement as I fucked this wonderful woman that lay beneath me panting for breath and moaning out loud.

Soon Barbara came again and this time I was not far behind and I rammed into her and filled her eager pussy with my warm cum, spurt after spurt throbbed from my cock splashing up the insides of her wet pussy hole, when I had finished I said to Barbara I was going to lick her cunt as I wanted the taste of her and my cum in my mouth for the journey home, so I moved down and pushed my face into her hairy pussy and thinking this will be the last time I see this Hairy ginger pussy unless we do meet next year, Barbara climaxed once more as my tongue kept flicking her clit and she wrapped her legs around my head pulling my face and mouth hard against her pussy that was shooting cum into my mouth, when we had finished she loosened her legs and I got up and then helped Barbara up we straighten our clothes and walked hand in hand back to the table.

Pat said well I can guess what you to have been up to and if it's god for you it's good for me and she dragged Jeff of to have her way with him, while we waited for them to return Barbara sat next to me and I slid my hand under her skirt and she opened her legs to allow my hand to touch her pussy and I was running my fingers up and down her slit though her thick ginger hair, then I curled my fingers and pushed two into her, Barbara moaned out loud OH OH and some people turned round to see what was going on and she made out she had burnt her tongue on the coffee, I did not stop rubbing her clit and pushing my fingers inside her and just as Pat and Jeff sat back down she climaxed with a OH my god oh yes yes, and her body shook.

We got up and all walked to our cars and I kissed Barbara good by and Jeff kissed Pat and we drove away.

Now you have read this story then please let me know what you thought good or bad I would love to hear from you. If your brave enough like some have been why not add a photo what what you did while reading it (male or Female) all photos kept for my own viewing only. Dave - deepprobsix@gmail.com