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Title: A Very Naughty Evening with Two Men - Author: Sarah

Published: May 14, 2014 - Contact:

It had been quite for a few days I would begin to think very negatively and always when I would get these spells of no work. Will I ever get another client again. It was also nice to have human company as my flat was small and some days I just had to get out into the open air which meant a walk to town. I could have taken the bus or the bicycle but a good walk would always cheer me up as well as giving me exercise that I needed every day as well as keeping my tummy in trim.

It wasn't until late afternoon that I received a call off a client then another then another. Things were looking up. After 6pm the first client contacted me. This was going to be a fun evening and hopefully help to pay for my car which I had only just bought. He walked into my flat young and fit and very friendly. He hadn't got into the bedroom when his hands were all over me feeling my bum, between my legs

`Have you been with a tv before' I asked

`Oh yes and loved it. You are beautiful'

This I really did like. Being called a beautiful woman made me feel wonderful and sexy.

`Thank you darling. Can you take all your clothes off sweetheart and lay on the massage table on your tummy'.

They would willingly oblige. While massaging them I would pat there fit bums and say how nice it looked which they would like. The randy ones would be feeling me right away and I had to explain that I was now going to massage his leg as his fingers were feeling between my legs and bum which meant they would have to let go of my willie or stop sucking it. After the short massage I would say that I was going to suck their cock which had a very enthusiastic approval and so I would wash all the oil off my hands before I put the condom on. This young fit male was very nice and sexy and my lips surrounded his penis licking with enthusiasm the head of his growing erection. It wasn't long before it was fully erect which really told me if it would fit into my bum. This was going to be no problem but it was long. His fingers started to explore my entrance and then a finger was up inside me while I sucked his erection.

`Did you like that' I asked removing my lips from his erection

`Oh yes'

`Would you like to move to the bed' I suggested

The response is always positive. So he lay on his back on the bed as I clambered over him my bum in his face and my mouth over his erection. I had started wearing a necklace of imitation pearls , not only did they look good by the fell over the naughty bits while I was sucking and of course I would move them on purpose .

I could always tell when they were getting more turned on as in this situation his tongue would be inside me as well as sucking my penis. In some cases i had to really try hard to control myself so that I didn't come. I had two more clients to come and though I loved an orgasm, coming now would not be good as I needed to feel really turned on all the time until the last client.

`Would you like to fuck me' I said

I said this so that he would stop sucking me as that would have been it and I would have come in his mouth which I think he wanted but my sex urge would have been drastically reduced.


I moved my leg from over him being very careful not to catch his face. Fortunately I never have as yet. I usually let them shag me with me bending over the massage table.

`can you sit on me' he asked

`Yes that's OK darling .Which way do you want me facing'

`Towards me' he said

He was lying on his back with his erection slightly curved but near 90 degrees pointing upwards. I sat slowly on the tip of it letting it slip slowly into my warm anus until the whole erection was in me then I moved up and down. He groaned in ecstasy while pulling me down towards him and kissing me moving his tongue inside my mouth. I kept going up and down and I knew it wouldn't be long before he came.

`Ooohhhh fuck me darling fuck me' I said as his erection was thrusting into my anus and back out again.

I would say with the sound of a very sexy woman in ecstasy,and it worked . He was red hot ramming his erection up my bum with enthusiasm and I was thoroughly enjoying it. Then he climaxed. This was the nice part as his erection would be in and out of my bum really fast then the pulsating feeling of sperm being pumped up his erection then slowing down.

`Did you enjoy that darling'

`Wow incredible'.

`Oooh thank you darling. You will have to come again'

Not only did I do this for the money but some males I really did like and he was one of them

`Oh yes I will'

And so ends my sex session with the first horny male of the evening.

The second male was young again and even though he didn't travel the hour to get to me he had made the effort and was really pleased with what he saw. I went through my usual routine but in this case his cock was not long but wide. Was it going to go in Only one way of finding out. So as soon as we had been a while into the 69 position and I had his erection in my mouth for a while I suggested he fuck me. Again it was received with the utmost enthusiasm and I began to sit on him lowering my bum over his erection but this time it hurt and I had to come off it. Blast I thought, I don't want to disappoint him

`Sorry sweetheart its a bit uncomfortable'

Someone with a cock this size must know that it could be difficult to get in a bottom if he had tried other TVs so I wasn't overly concerned.

`Can we try it over the massage table darling' I didn't think we had much hope of it going in and being comfortable enough to keep it going.


I proceeded to bend over the massage table after putting lots of lube over his erection and the entrance of my bum.

I could feel his erection poking against me

`Just a bit lower darling. If you could put it in slowly'

I could feel the tip of his erection slowly move inside me and I was ready to stop him but it was no problem at all and all his cock slipped tight inside me. At first when he started to move back and forwards it was slightly uncomfortable particularly at the end of his thrusts. After a while it was OK. He would thrust in, then slow down as I am sure he was trying not to come.

`Do you like it darling'

'Wow I needed this'

I knew he was enjoying it by the sounds he was making. But I also knew it wouldn't be long before he came. How mistaken I was . If there was an Olympic medal for fucking the bum of a tv he would have received a gold. My only fear is that if it goes on to long with a thick cock is that I feel like I want to go to the loo. This I did but I knew that I had cleared myself out after an hour of having the plug in my bum before he came, but all the same I had to do it. This sometimes resulted in their erection going down while they waited for me to come back in the room, so I would suggest they masturbate over my anus which I really liked, having warm sperm running over me and of course it solved the problem of having to go to the loo every few minutes. This would be met with great enthusiasm and of course give my bum a rest because I knew that if he kept on fucking me it would mean regular visits to the loo which happened on one occasion and it meant me just sitting on the toilet for a few minutes as nothing happened.

The third male should have turned up a lot earlier but his car had given him a problem and it was going to take him an hour to get to me anyway, so like the other two, we had a really sexy time, me going through my routine again and no matter how many times I did it, I enjoyed it every time.

He told me he loved me when we had finished which was gratefully received with lots of tongue in mouth kissing. He did want me to fuck him which I usually try to avoid as getting hard enough is sometimes a problem or even keeping myself from coming as soon as it is in. He got into different positions on the massage table but none really worked so he got on a crouching position on the floor and I mounted him just putting my erection slightly in which resulted in him giving a yelp. After I had pulled out I told him that he should really be prepared as we escorts are, as you can damage your sphincter muscle, all to no avail, but we did end the session there even without him having an orgasm which leaves me slightly uncomfortable as I like my clients satisfied, well and truly satisfied. But he seemed very pleased with the session...

From the book `RED HOT The Diary of a UK she male/transvestite escort'

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