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Title: I Want to Look - Author: Deepprobsix

Published: May 19, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

My mate of many many years and I were sitting in the pub chatting and drinking and as usual we got round to the topic of sex and our wives came up in the conversation and what they liked in the bedroom , now our wives are very different My wife Pat is short only 4'9" tall and dose not have the slimmest of figures now she is not fat by any means but has a few extra pounds, Tom's wife June on the other hand is 5'11" tall with long legs that look as they go on forever,Blond with sharp blue eyes the sort of woman that makes you cum just by looking at her if you know what I mean.

So Tom told me that June love to give head and that she could moan in a sexy way for England, and she just love to lay back and take it, I told Tom that Pat moaned but she love a good tit fuck as she had bigger tits than June who's looked just like her perfect, and I said that Pat loved it when we was on all fours and she would drop down onto her elbows so you could penetrate even further into her and when she cum she would get so wet it was not true.

Wow sound's great I don't suppose Pat would be up for a threesome would she Dave asked Tom, I doubt it I said but you could always look at us going for it I said, how's that he said, well I went on if I had my computer on and had the web cam on and you had yours on you could watch us one evening, Oh yea I would love that be just like watching a live porn show.

So that is what I arranged on Saturday night I sat the lap top on our bedroom top and left it on and turned on the camera and Tom was there watching so I told him to keep watching as it would not be long before we were coming up to bed.

Half hour later Pat and I decided it was time for bed and I said to her you know what I feel frisky tonight how about letting me undress you and then we get down and dirty, Pat said you must have been reading my mind I was thinking along those lines myself.

So when we got to the bed room I took hold of pat and pulled her to me and her back was to the lap top and as we kissed I ran my hands up and down her back and a placed my hands on her bum and gave it a good squeeze and she let out a low moan as I did this.

I pulled away from her and took hold of her t-shirt and lifted it up and over her head and threw it onto the floor and pulled her to me again once more we started to kiss and as I ran my fingers up and down her spine she gave a shudder I took hold of her bra strap and slowly undone the clips and eased the straps down over her shoulders and then move back so her bra fell of and down onto the floor, I knew Tom would want to see Pat's tits but I was going to tease him for a while longer and just let him see her back for a while.

I lent forward and kissed her tits and took a nipple into my mouth and sucked it and licked at it Pat put her head back and let out a Oh yes yes, and for a while I sucked from one to the other and then dropped to my knees in fort of her and undone the button to her jeans and then lowered the zip kissing her stomach as I did this and then place my fingers inside the top of her jeans making sure I did not catch her knickers top as I did not want to pull them down just yet.

I moved her jeans down over her legs and slipped them of her feet and she now stood there just in her knickers and I pushed my face into her pussy and ran my tongue up over her pussy lips and I could taste her even thou her knickers she was wet and ready for it.

I knew Tom would be wishing me to turn her around but I still had the knickers to go and I was now kissing up and down her legs which she had moved apart allowing me more excess to her pussy as I kiss up and down her legs I was running my hands up and down the back of her legs and up over her bum and sometimes just catching the tops not only teasing Pat but Tom as well.

Then I hooked my fingers into the top and slowly very slowly moved her knickers down over her hips and then bum cheeks and I knew Tom would be going crazy while watching this and as I pulled them slowly down he was slowly seeing her ass coming into view.

Then they dropped to the floor and Pat now stood in front of me fully naked and I placed my hand up between her legs and ran a finger from the top of her ass down between her legs up over her pussy lips and this made her shudder and moan out loud as my finger touched her clit as Pat has a long clit and when she is excited it sticks just proud of her lips.

I then pushed my face into her now bare cunt and pushed my tongue into her and licked up some of her juice as Oh boy was it sweet, when I pulled away I said Oh Pat your pussy juice is so so sweet I love you darling and kissed up her stomach and up over her tits and kissed her fully on the mouth and pushed my tongue into her mouth and she opened her mouth to let it into hers.

I picked her up and laid her on the bed and this was the first sight Tom would have had of my wives shaven pussy and I am sure he would have seen her clit poking out of her pussy lips, I stood be the side of the bed and slowly undress and as my pants fell to the floor I stood looking down at my wife and my 10" cock stood out in front of me and she lifted her hand and gently place her fingers around it and then slowly started to move her fingers up and down my shaft, tom would be getting a great view of this and I would have to think about that when screwing Pat so he could see what we were up to as I am sure he dose not just want to see my ass going back and forth later.

After a while Pat sat up and took my cock into her mouth and started to lick the head and suck the rest of my cock into her wide open mouth and she cupped my balls into her hands and gently played with them, I was now moaning as she did this and then she knelt up and turned towards me and placed her tits around my shaft and started to move her tits up and down my rock hard shaft pushing her tits tight around my cock as she did so.

Pat was fucking my cock with her tits like she had never done before she was going mad pushing her tits up and down alone my shaft both of us moaning out load as we both enjoyed this sex session and then Pat told me to place my hands on her tits and hold them in place as she wanted a free hand to play with her clit and it was not long before she was screaming YES YES OH MY FUCKING GOD YES as her first orgasm ripped though her body as it did her whole body was shaking and I knew her juices would be running down her legs by now and I wanted some of it so when she had finished cumming I told her to lie back across the bed so she was laying from one side to the other and then Tom would have a great view of what was going on.

Pat lay there on her back her legs hanging of the edge and with her ass just on the edge it was pushing her pussy up and giving Tom a great view of her cilt just sticking up I knelt down between her legs and hooked her legs up over my shoulders and lowered my head down between her legs, her pussy lips were glistering with the shine of her cum juice and the smell was over powering as the wonderful sent of her pussy reached my nostrils my head spun with excitement as my mouth touched her quivering pussy and as my tongue toughed her wet pussy lips it was like a spark jumped between us and I took her clit into my mouth and sucked it hard and nipped it between my teeth as I did so, this made Pat arch her back and scream OH OH OH yes and I brought a finger up and pushed into her dripping cunt and it just slid into her.

I started to finger fuck her while still working hard on her clit and she was starting to thrash about on the bed and was getting ready for her second orgasm and I then push two then three fingers into her and curled then up as I pushed them into her and each time I did this they rubbed alone her g-spot and took her to new height's and then her cunt clamped around my fingers and I could feel her pussy throb against them as she screamed once more her juice was now pouring from her and I pulled hard to remove my fingers and her pussy mussels were clamped so hard on them and I started to lick her cum up as it poured out of her, she brought her hand down and placed on the back of my head and pushed my face hard into her as the last of her orgasm was finishing my tongue pushing into her hole as far as I could get it.

Once she let go of my head I pulled of her pussy and took a gulp of air and drove down for some more while it was still running from her, I then slowly started to kiss up her pussy slit flicking her clit with the tip of her tongue as I went and kissed up over her stomach and over her belly button slowly kissing every inch of her as I came up her wonderful body I still had her legs over my shoulder and this was raising her ass and cunt up of the bed by the time I got to kissing her neck and chin then as I placed my lips onto hers I pushed forward and my cock found the hole it was looking for.

I did not wait I just gave one hard thrust and my whole 10" disappeared fully inside her making her gasp of breath as I hit rock bottom and my balls slapped up against her ass and then I started to pull out so my cock head was just touching her pussy lips before plunging back hard into her and each time I pushed in Pat cried out YES YES she crossed her legs round my neck making sure I got as far into her as I could get, on and on I pounded into her her juice squelching and slurping as my cock rams in and out of her.

Then I asked her to lower her legs and move round onto all fours and as she dose she starts to move so she is facing up the bed and that way poor old Tom would only see me ass so I got hold of her and pulled her round so she was facing across the bed again, I got on the bed behind her and slowly pulled her ass cheeks apart and ran my tongue up and down her ass crack and licked her hole which made her have a small climax and then I got behind her and pushed my cock into her gaping pussy hole.

Taking her hips into my hands and I pulled her back onto my cock as I pushed forward our bodies really ramming into each other and I was thinking of Tom and how he would not only see my cock going in and out of Pat's cunt but would have a great view of her big tits swinging backwards and forwards as I rammed into her and forcing her forward each time.

Pat was in heaven as on and on I rammed into her she was down on her elbows by now pushing her ass and cunt up so my cock would bury it's self into her as far as I could get it and she was still shouting Oh fuck yes yes oh fuck I am cumming again yes yes and with that she cam, her cum pouring from her and she just collapsed down onto her stomach as her orgasm ripped thou her body her cunt gripping my cock just as it had my fingers, I lay down on to her and then rolled over taking her with me so we were laying across the bed and Pat was now facing the lap top giving Tom full view of the naked body I lifted her top leg and still kept on fucking her like this and I knew Tom would be seeing my cock clearly going in and out of her cunt I was going to try and hold of cumming myself until Pat had cum once more like this so Tom could see how much Cum came out of Pat's pussy.

On and on I pounded into her and I put a arm over her and took hold of her nipple and took it between my finger and thumb and started to twist and pull on it and Pat twisted her head round as far as she could and said O you fuck Bastard and she smiled and then we kiss, it was not long before she was going to cum and I knew I would not be far behind her I could hardly hold on much longer, Yes yes Oh fuck Yes she screamed as she came for the last time tonight and her juices did not let up and I could feel them running from her and I knew that Tom must be able to see it running from her as her shaven pussy as it hid nothing being so silky smooth.

As she came I still pounded into her and then with a OH OH YES I rammed my cock hard into her and filled her womb with my warm cum and it shot from my cock in bucket loads filling her fully pump after pump of my creamy cum, we both lay there getting out breath back and as we did my cock started to shrink and slowly started to slip from her wet wet cunt, when it did finally slip from her my cum oozed from her slit and ran down her leg mixed with her own cum.

I moved away from her and rolled her over on her back and then I slipped down between her legs once more pushing them wide open and dived into her pussy licking up her and my cum and licking up the inside of her legs getting what I could from her body and when I had most of it I moved up and kissed her on the mouth letting what I had in my mouth drip into her moth and she pushed her tongue inside my mouth and licked out what she could get.

We lay there kissing for a while then I gt up and moved over and said I am going to shower you want to join me my darling, I would love to she said but won't the lap top get steamed up and Tom won't be able to see us fucking will he.

My mouth fell open and said how the hell did you know Tom was watching us Oh she said I heard you setting up the lap top and talking to Tom when you came up here earlier and she turned to the Lap top and took hold of her tits squeezing them and saying hope you enjoyed that my dear.

Once I had turned off the lap top I asked Pat why she had done it if she knew Tom and maybe June were watching well she said don't get me wrong my love but I have always had a thing for Tom and when I heard what you were up to I could not wait to show him what I had got as I know he has always been looking at me, and if we are being truthful then I must say I would love to try it on with a woman and if June was watching that then even better.

Next time you go for a drink then see if you can not get him to do the same for us I will ask I said, now what about that shower, what are we waiting for said Pat grabbing my arm and dragging me for to the bathroom, soon we were under the steaming water washing each other and I had my hand between her legs which she had just wide enough apart to left me run my hand back and forth along her pussy lips washing them and as my hand ran back and forth I curled my finger and pushed it inside her pussy lips and Pat shuddered once more.

Pat had my cock in her hand as was rubbing soap all over it pulling the foreskin back and rubbing the head with her soapy hands and it was not long before I was getting hard once more and Pat was squirming around on my fingers as they rubbed her clit and entered her hole from time to time.

Soon I had her turned round facing the wall as I washed her back and worked my way down to her bum cheeks and pushed my hand between them washing her ass and I entered a finger into her ass hole and she squealed as it entered her I pushed it fully into her anus and put my other hand round her and found her pussy and started to work her ass and clit it was not long before she had one massive climax and her legs nearly gave way but she managed to hold her self up.

I removed my fingers from her clit once her climax had ended and I also pulled my finger from her ass and took hold of each ass cheek in my hands and puled them open, Pat was now leaning against the wall with her elbows holding her just off the wall and her back bent out away from it and her legs spread apart I stood between them and as I held her ass cheeks apart I aimed my cock by moving my body and as soon as it was level with her hole I pushed forward and the head of my now hard cock Popped open her ass ring and entered her Pat gave out a OH FUCK FUCK FUCK as I pushed forward and my cock entered her dark tunnel and filled it up opening it stretching it as it entered her pushing on until our bodies met and she pushed herself away from the wall with her hands so she was now standing upright and my cock was buried deep inside her and I started to give small thrusts and with each one Pat was saying thou gritted teeth YES YES YES.

I continued to give small but hard thrusts up to my wife as she pushed herself back onto my cock as it shoved up into her,the warm water sprayed over us as we continued to fuck and I reached round and took hold of a tit in each hand and squeezed them hard pinching her nipples and twisting them at the same time.

I then removed my cock from her ass and turned her around and lent her back against the shower wall and opened her legs got between them and pushed my cock hard inside her as I had my cock fully up inside her she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me and pulled me as close as she could get me we kept on going like this until we both had climaxed and were both worn out once we had finished our shower we went to bed.

The next day I met up with Tom and he was so excited and could not believe what he had seen and could not get over seeing my cock going in and out of Pat's shaven pussy and how he wished he could lick and suck that juice he could see clearly running from her when she climaxed.

I ask Tom if June had watched and he said that she had walked in just after I got between Pat's legs to lick her out, but she had watched the whole thing later and got very excited and we had the most mazing sex and played it again while I was screwing her, Did you know that Pat knew about me watching No I said not until the end when she spoke to the lap top she said she heard me taking to you when I set the lap top up, you know she wants you and June to do the same for us now don't you.

I am up for it said Tom and after last night I think June will be to I will have a word with her tonight and see what she says, later that evening I got a text saying we are on for tomorrow night, I just replied wonderful we can not wait to see.

The next night I had set up the lap top and plugged it into the TV so we would have a HD vision of Tom & June fucking we sat on the sofa and waited for Tom to come on line, about 15 minutes later the TV screen flickered and we saw Tom's front room come onto the screen and Tom was there and gave the Thumbs up when June appeared I had always had a secret wish to see what this woman would look like naked as I said she has a body the would grace any Magazine.

As June came into view she gave a little wave and blew a kiss and then Tom took the glass of wine June was holding and pulled her towards him and he kissed her fully and you could tell his tongue was inside June' mouth and he was running his hands up and down her back and they were standing side on to the camera so we could see then both clearly Tom slid his hands up under June's jumper and as he touched her back with his fingers she shuddered and Tom raised his arms taking her top with them and he lifted her jumper up over her head, Oh Christ her body was amazing her skin looked so smooth and she had pale skin her tits looked just over a hand full much smaller then Pat's June had on a half cup bra and her breasts were pushed up and bulging over the top and Tom bent forward and kiss the flesh that raised up from the bra cup.

June pushed his head into them and Tom's face was buried between them god how I envied him at this point I would love to have had my face where his was right now, all we had seen so far was Tom life June's jumper over her head and kiss her tits yet I had a massive hard on already and I had to undo my zip and let my cock out or it's confined space.

Next Tom turned June round and pulled her back against his chest and cupped her tits and squeezed them running his hands lightly over them teasing her nipples with very light touches we could here June giving soft moans of Mmmmmmmmmm darling that nice and then Tom eased his fingers into the bra cups and then hook her tits out over the top of her bra, God I could have shot my load there and then when this wonderful firm perfect size tits popped into view, Pat said Put your tongue away your be licking the screen in a minute and laughed.

When I turned to look at Pat she had her jeans undo and her hand was down the front of them and she was playing with her clit as she watch the show before us, when I turned back to look at the screen Tom saw down on his knees and had one of June's tits in his mouth and he sucked the nipple in and then pulled his head back and stretched her tit and nipple as he did so.

Then Tom done the same to the other one the he started to kiss down her flat stomach reaching the top of her trousers then started back up again, when he stood up he kissed her on the lips once more, then June lifted his t-shirt up over his head and June lent forward and kissed his nipples and nipping them between her teeth.

June dropped down to her knees and undone Tom's jeans and lowered them to the floor and as she came back up to take hold of his boxers she ran her hand up the back of his legs and then round his butt and took hold of his boxers, Pat and I could see the bulge in his boxers and as June started to pull them down Pat leaned forward on the sofa trying to get closer to the TV her hand going round and round inside her jeans I said to her it won't be me licking the TV in a minute if you get much closer my dear.

Then his cock sprang into view it was not as long as mine but much thicker that was for sure and Pat gasped when she saw it and she brought herself to a orgasm as she looked at it Shouting OH my God OH my God and she shook as her climax ran thou her when it had died down she just stood up and undress fully and sat back next to me naked and put her hand out and took my cock inside her curled up fingers and fingers still warm and wet from her cum as she started to move then up and down my shaft.

Tom pick up June and carried her to the table and lay her down on it then came and got the lap top and moved it higher so we still have a great view of what was going to happen.

June was laying on the table with her long long legs hanging over the edge I say hanging over the edge her feet where touching the floor as her legs were so long, anyway Tom opened her legs and stood between them and slowly undo her buttons and then pulled her jeans just down over her hips and he lent forward and kissed her a then then lowered them a bit more before kissing her again, For fuck sake I shouted take her fucking jeans off will you and Pat laughed as she still went to work on my cock.

Then Tom stood back and pushed her legs together and then took hold of her jeans once more and now was the time to see her in just knickers June lifted her ass up just a bit and Tom pulled her jeans down over her perfect round bottom and then her mound came into view, the way June was laying on the table it made her pussy mound stick up into the aim and my God what a mound it looked like, Tom then looked at the lap top as he took hold of her frilly knickers and slowly pulled them down and as he did her hairy cunt slowly into view and I was right what a wonderful pussy pure blond pubic hair timed very neat that was it I could not take anymore I arched my backside of the sofa and my cum flew from my cock spurting from it and across the carpet as Pat did not have enough warning to get her mouth over the end to catch it.

Tom was now down on his knees and June's legs on his shoulders and he was just sticking out his tongue to touch her wonderful cunt lips and June pushed her pussy up to meet him and as his tongue touched her pussy she screamed out and raised herself as far as she could from the table and she came into Tom's waiting mouth, June placed her own hands onto her breasts and started to play with them and Tom put his hands up round her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart so not only could we see inside her pussy but he could get his tongue further inside it and Pat and I could see her clit glistering with her sexy juice it looked so inviting in the light.

Pat was working back on her clit and was really going for it as she watch what was going on, Tom took one hand away from her lips and moved it round under her and we could just see his fingers disappear inside her heavenly cunt Oh you luck bastard I thought as his fingers slipped into her, God what I would not give to have a woman as Beautiful and Gorgeous as June under me taking my cock inside her sweet sweet pussy.

Tom made June climax once again by licking and sucking her clit and fingering her until she screamed and shook as it ripped thou her sending her wild shaking all over it was a wonder she had not pulled her tits of her body the way she was pulling and twisting them as she climaxed.

Tom stood up and pushed her legs as wide as he could get them and took hold of his cock and from where Tom and placed the Laptop we could see down between June's legs and her gaping wide pussy lips and her clit looked red and swollen from where Tom had been licking and sucking on it and Tom ran the very top of his cock up and down over it, this made June shout Oh fuck me fuck me you bastard fuck me please and with that Tom pushed his cock lower and in and we saw it pop into her welcoming hole, June moaned OH OH YES that's it darling push it in Oh fuck me please just fuck me hard.

Tom withdrew so the tip of his cock just came from her hole and flicked back up across her clit before pushing it back down and into her once more, Tom did this many times and each time it came from her pussy June shouted at him to Fucking push it back in and also we could see her juice run from her so we knew she was so so wet, then beside me Pat shook and came again and as I looked down I could see her cum running from her and onto the towel she was sitting on.

Tom now took hold of her hips and June placed her long legs around him and he started to really pound into her hard and it sounded like each thrust was knocking the breath out of June as she panted for breath, Tom was really hitting into June hard and his thick cock was shining with cum juice each time it withdrew from her cunt before being pushed back into her, June came again and again screaming with each one and arching her back as she did.

Tom gave one hard push and held his cock deep inside June and we both knew that he was filling her with cum, Pat said Ooh I wanted to see him shoot his cum like you just did, Oh well never mind she said maybe next time, then I a lower voice maybe I can swallow it, I looked round at her just as she came once more and she smiled and said well don't tell me you would give up the change to lay June would you, Well no I said but I never though you would want to do anything like that, well now I have shown my body to Tom and now you have seen June's maybe we could do a swap or a four some what do you thing Dave my dear.

Well it is not just up to me it is I don't know if they would want to, Can't you ask Please Please can you Please please, if your so sure I said of course will ask , Pat lent over me and took my harding cock into my mouth and started to suck my cock for all she was worth, it was the best blow job Pat had ever given me and when I came I think I nearly took the back of her head off it shot out with so much force. When we turned back to the screen Tom and June were tucked up in bed and Tom was just turning off the laptop.

I stood up lifted Pat up and carried her of to bed and lay her down gently opened up her legs and got down between them and started to lick up all the cum that was left and had not already ran out of her, it was not long before she came once more and as she did I moved up her body I was still playing with her clit as I moved up and this was still giving her small orgasms after small orgasms then I just shoved my harding cock into her and she had one of the biggest climaxes I think she had ever had god she came and came her cunt lips gripping my cock so tight as it ran though her I just carried pumping into her as she climaxed and I just did not stop I was not holding myself up on my arms and my cock was pushing as hard as it could and making sure it was getting the full length out before smashing back in, Pat was getting ready for yet another massive climax and I was not far away and I held myself back until I felt Pat start to shake and her pussy griped my cock and that took me over the edge and we both came together and it blew us away, We had never felt anything like it god what watching friend fuck could do to you was amazing.

We were so worn out we both fell asleep with me on top of her and my cock still inside her dripping my cum .

When we woke I was laying beside Pat and we both woke at the same time and we just lay there having a cuddle and talking over what had happened last night and how good our sex had been afterwards, Pat said that it was lucky we recorded it and that we now have something a lot better than porn films as it was not faked like there are.

I did not see Tom for a few days after that I had text him and phoned him and told him that Pat was like a sexy wild beast after watching him and June at it and she would like to see you two at it again sometime, we arranged for a drink at the week end and we could have a good old chat then.

On Saturday morning I meet Tom down the pub and he had a pint waiting for me when I got there, we sat and talked over what had gone on and he said the same as me that once the show was over June like Pat had gone wild and that they too had had the best sex they had ever had.

I said to Tom you will never guess what Pat said when you came inside June, Go on tell me said Tom well she said that she wished she had seen you cum like I had just done then she said in a low voice maybe she could taste it sometime, poor old Tom nearly choked on his beer when I said that, Christ he said she didn't mean it did she.

You bet the fuck she did I replied with a smile,but why the hell would you want to do that when you have a wife that other men would kill for I mean your wife is beautiful and got the body of a goddess why would you want Pat don't get me wrong I said I love Pat and I think she is wonderful and beautiful but compared to June there is no contest.

Tom just said as you know I have been with June since we left school and neither of us have been with anyone on else so I would love to have sex with another woman just to see what the difference is if you know what I am talking about, sure so if you were to have Pat how would June feel about me having sex with her then, well funny you should say that my old mate we talked about that the same night we watched you to and she said she would love to have another man to so we are up for it if you are my friend.

I said to him Ok lets work something out then would you want us to be together as a foursome or just swap wives for the night or weekend, what do you two want ask Tom we are up for either I said must admit the swapping sounds good and we could also watch each other over the laptops, Ok said Tom I will talk to June when I get back and let you know when, I can not wait I said we a laughed.

Tom rang that same night and said June said what about this weekend as we are free what about you Let go for it I said and that was that, we arranged to swap first thing Saturday morning and as I drove to Toms I saw him going the other way and we waved as we passed.

When I got to June she came to the door and said where is your bag have not got one I replied just my good old tooth brush that's all I going to need this weekend clothes will not be needed, when I got inside June was wearing a light coloured top and a short skirt and I could also see that she had on stockings and suspenders black fist nets with lacy tops, my cock started to grow just at the sight of this and June saw the bulge growing in my jeans and said Oh I see you like what you see then.

God I said you are the dream of every man come true, I am sure you know that men have killed to be with a woman like you and now I am going to get the whole weekend pleasing you to the full if I never have sex again in my life I will still die a bloody happy man.

June poured us some wine and we sat and talked for a while and as we did she kept opening her legs just enough to give a glimpse of what was to come, I had to keep moving around to give my cock some room.

June said well I think I had better turn of the laptop and start recording as by the look of you it won't be long before your devouring me, she laughed as she walked over to the laptop and pushed the switch, as she stood up she found me standing up close behind her and I placed my arms under hers and put my hands on her breasts and boy oh boy they felt as good as I had thought they would, just over a hand full and very very firm as I squeezed them June put her head back and moaned a long low Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and pushed herself back into me.

I started to kiss her neck and as I did I lowered one hand running it down over her very flat stomach and down over her skirt and when I touch her leg I started to bring my hand back up under the skirt and as I said it was a very short skirt so it was not long before my fingers touched her well formed hair mound and as my fingers touch it she moaned once more and took a very deep breath as she did.

As I touched her pussy I found the her knickers were crotchless and my fingers found a very wet pussy slit and clit, Oh Dave she said yes yes please yes yes and I started to move my finger round on her clit her body was trembling as I pushed harder and harder onto her clit and moving my finger faster and faster, June was now really breathing hard as I was still squeezing her tit and nipple though her bra.

Then without warning June came her body shaking and her legs gave way and I held her up by my hand on her cunt, it was the first time in a long long time that I had felt pussy hair as Pat always kept her clean shaven and to feel it on my hand as I held her up was wonderful and I could not wait to run my tongue up thou it.

When June had her strength back she stood and turned round and we kissed as she pulled away she whispered wow that was good Dave, I said don't worry June there will be plenty more of them for you over the weekend I promise.

I took her over to the sofa and we stood kissing in front of it and and as I stepped back I started to undo the buttons on her top starting with the top one and slowly working my way down, after undoing the last of the buttons I slid the top back over her shoulders and it slid down her arms and dropped to the floor,

As her breasts came into view and by god what a sight it was June was wearing a half cup bra and her breasts were pushed up and bulging up from the cups and her nipples were just hidden by the frilly lace that ran round the edge of the bra.

I whispered Oh my God I think I had died and go to heaven and with trembling hands I reached out and lightly stroked the top of them and they felt so smooth, so delicate June had closed her eyes as I gently ran my hands over then and then I lent forward and kissed the flesh that was bulging out and her skin tasted so sweet, June let out a Mmmmmmmmmmmm as I carried on kissing them and I cupped one in my hand and squeezed it and June moaned again as I pinched the nipple between my fingers.

I pulled June to me and as we kissed our tongues entwined I unclipped her bra and it was only held in place by our bodies being so close together, as I stepped back the bra fell from her revealing two of the most perfect breasts I have ever seen let alone touched, her nipples were so hard you could have hung a coat on them, her skin was so fair yet her nipples so dark it was such a wonderful sight.

I reached out and took her breasts in my hands and my cock was now straining to be released but I was not going to let these beauties go yet that was for sure just in case this turned of to be a dream I wanted to take my time and it would have taken all my will power to let them go and at this point I had none.

Her nipples were poking out between my fingers and as I closed my fingers around them June moaned once more and also saying Oh yes Dave oh god yes, squeezing her tits was I dream come true I just do not know how to put into words how these wonderful tits felt in my hands,soft,silky,smooth,but firm round moulds of flesh that oozed between your fingers when you squeezed them.

I was now kissing them once more and as I sucked her nipple into my mouth it was so hard and long and I bit down on it and trapped it between my teeth and as I did this I flicked my tongue across the top of it June screamed this time OH FUCK YES YES and I felt her hands running up under my t-shirt and she found my nipples and took them between her thumb and fingers and sharply pulled them while twisting them and the pain that gave me was pure pleasure at the same time and as she did that to me I bit down abit harder on hers.

After a while at teasing each other with out nipple play I had to force myself away from them and as I did I dropped to my knees and started to kiss down over her so flat stomach and I placed my hands on her butt and pulled her close to me as I kissed my way down to the top of this tiny skirt she was wearing.

I found the small button and zip and undo both and with a gentle pull it fell to the floor and June stepped out of it and she stood there not a arms length away from my touch and she was in all her glory, Firm tits with wonderful dark nipples, flat stomach, a blond pubic hair covered pussy, long long legs covered in black fish net stockings and held up with a black frilly suspender belt and to top it all off crotchless knickers, I got back up and just stood there mouth open taking it all in the only thing I could say was WOW June moved towards me and started to undo my belt then mu jeans and pushed them and my boxers to the floor.

I now stood there naked and she just dropped to her knees and took hold of my fully hard cock and as she gentle wrapped her fingers around my shaft I whispered sorry June, sorry for what she said looking up at me, sorry for cumming so quick, the look on her face was what you taking about, I said the way I feel the moment your lips or pussy touch my cock I am going to explode as I just can not believe I am here and such a beautiful woman is near naked in front of me and got her hand gripped around my cock.

That's ok she said with a big grin across her face and with that she popped the head of my cock into her mouth and as she started to move the fingers up and down my shaft I did in fact explode all my cum inside her mouth and she drank every drop and made sure she sucked every last bit from it.

My My you must be excited she said when she let my cock drop from her mouth, but she carried on licking and sucking my balls, I dropped to my knees and as we both kissed each other and her firm breasts pushed into my chest and I could feel her hard nipples pushing into me.

I then moved back and lifted her onto the sofa and made sure she was sitting just on the edge and got back between them and now I had full view of her pussy, and Oh what a sight that was, her slit sticking out between her crotchless knickers and her trimmed pubic hair sticking out beside that I pushed her legs wide and her slit opened just a bit, wide enough for me to see the insides of her pussy lips and they were a soft pink and shining with her juice.

I lent forward and took a big sniff out her pussy aroma and wow what a aroma it was closer and closer I got to it and when I was about half an inch from it I pushed my tongue out as far as I could and the tip of my tongue touched her pubic hair and I ran my tongue up along her slit and as I moved up it I pushed my tongue in further until I was tasting her juice on my tongue, it tasted completely different to Pat's but just as sweet and intoxicating.

I push my tongue into her cunt as far as I could and when it ran over her excited clit she jumped and screamed OH OH YES YES and her body trembled as I sucked it into my mouth, I placed my hands under her legs and lifted them up pushing her legs higher and this gave me easier access to her wonderful tasting cunt, it had been so so long since I had licked a pussy with pubic hair and I could not get enough of it.

Her legs were now pushed up so her knees were resting on her tits and her pussy was pushed right up into the air and her body started to shake as I carried on licking her and sticking my tongue into her love tube as far as I could get it and then she screamed again but this time it was loud and she said OH OH FUCK YESsssssssssssssssssss as she came again and this time into my mouth as I clamped my open mouth right over her trembling pussy hole making sure I got it all I saw not going to waste any of this nectar that's for sure.

By now my dick had grown hard again and I did not let her legs drop I held them up against her as I got up and with my legs pushed out behind me I lowered my self onto her and my cock did not need showing where to go it found it's hole and entered it and it pushed inside her opening up her lips as it slowly slid into her cunt June was panting hard and fast as I finally got the whole thing in and our bodies where now locked together her pussy juice was soaking into my cock making it wet and ready to let it slip back and forth into her pussy.

I withdrew and then pushed back into her when I had it all home once more June said Oh Dave your nice and big and long OH fuck me fuck me please, and with that request I started to pump into her and in this position I was getting every single inch into her and I was now ramming hard and fast our body slamming together as they met on my downward stroke her pussy getting wetter and wetter and she was now moaning over and over OH yes oh fuck oh yes Oh is so fucking good yes yes as I continued to pump into her wide open pussy.

Now I had cum the once it would take me longer to cum again so I slowed down a little I wanted to make this last as long as possible and I started getting into long slow strokes, bring it out so the tip just held inside her lips then slowly popping the head back in and pushing it fully home I lowered my head and we kissed as I carried on fucking this most beautiful woman under me.

Soon June's mussels tightened around my cock and let a long YESSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssss as she came once more I could feel her cum juice ran out around my cock as it slipped back and forth inside her her pussy was now throbbing around my cock as I started to move faster and faster again really backing into her with each and every push she grunted and was pushed back into the sofa, June was saying Cum Cum fill me up fill me with your cum over and over she repeated this and I continued to fuck her hard and fast and in the end I could feel my own juice starting to rise in my balls and it was on it's journey up my cock it rushed then with a massive explosion my cock erupted deep inside her June said OH OH yes yes fill me dear fill me and I did I can tell you, I filled her to over flowing as my cum and hers seeped out of her pussy down beside my cock and onto the sofa.

Once my cock had finished pumping cum into her and her pussy had stopped trembling I lowered her legs back onto the floor but kept my still hard cock inside her trying to keep as much of our cum inside her as I could, then when I was ready I pulled from her and dropped to my knees very quickly so I could get my mouth onto her pussy before to much cum ran from it and I drank most but let my mouth fill with some and then worked my way back up to June and as we kissed I let the mixture of our cum ran into her mouth and she gave out a muffled Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as it ran down the back of her throat.

By the tie we got our breath back and I got up from this beautiful body that I did not want to leave it was only 10am so I walked naked and got us a drink from the kitchen, as I returned with the glasses of wine in my hand my cock was limp and swinging from side to side with each step, June said god you would never know looking at your cock now that it could get so big and give so much pleasure but I am sure glad it can wow that was good Dave. As I said before June you don't know what it means to me to make love with someone like you that has such a fantastic body, how the hell you are not a top model I just do not know , Oh stop it she said you will have me blushing in a minute.

We sat there drinking our wine and I said I wonder if Pat and Tom have got down and dirty yet we could always peak on the laptop and find out said June so when we switch on the screen there was Tom behind Pat and he was giving it to her from the rear and she was moaning YES YES oh fuck yes I love it like this.

We turned the screen of and we both laughed and said together Yep there at it and have a great time by the sound of it, Right June said get down on the floor and I did what I was told, June placed her legs one each side of my head and lowered her cunt down onto my face and she then lent forward and took my limp cock into her mouth and even though it was limp it was still as sentience and as June ran her teeth down over the head pushing my foreskin back my body trembled with excitement and I started on her pussy again licking and sucking her clit and slit drinking her juice as it ran from her, I managed to raise on arm up and started to run my finger down over her bum and playing with her hole each time my finger ran over it.

June was now sucking my cock hard and it had started to grow again already and as she gave once hard suck she squeezed my ball and with that I pushed a finger into her ass, I though she was going to bite my cock of as her teeth gripped round my shaft as my finger slipped into her.

I started to move my finger back and forth and after a while her grip on my cock eased off and she got back to sucking and licking it she was breathing very heavy though her nose as she was nearing yet another climax, on and on we both went and then once more June's whole body shook as she orgasmed again and again and as she did I slipped another two fingers into her ass and this made her cum even harder and she pushed her cunt hard down onto my face and mouth it was hard to breath as her cunt covered both my nose and mouth but if I was going to die I could not thing of a better way of going under a woman like this.

In the end she lifted up and I took a few gulps of air and still rammed my fingers in and out of her ass and she was still cumming and her ass hole was gripping tight around my fingers as she climax.

When she lifted up I asked her to get up which she did and then I asked her to turn round as I wanted to see her body so she sat across my stomach and then lent forward and kissed me and as she did she placed a hand round behind her and took hold of my hard cock and aimed it at her wet cunt and she slid back down my body and slipped my cock inside her and then sat up, as she did her wonderful body came into view and I reached up and cupped her magnificent breast in my hands and played with them as she rode up and down now my cock, she dropped one hand down and started to play with her clit as she rode me, her head was being thrown back and forth as she moaning YES YES and she came again as I felt her pussy grip my cock once more, June did not stop she rode herself though her climax pumping up and down on my shaft, not only was this woman out of this world to look at but she had some sex drive to I thing she could just keep going and going as on and on she rode my cock.

Once she had come she placed her hands on my chest so she could get better force on her downward thrust, I still played with her tits pulling her nipples again and again, then without warning this time I arched my back and once more filled her fully with cum once more, she slammed hard down on me when she felt the first spurt of cum shoot up and hit her insides and just sat there letting my cock fill her insides I my she said I can feel your warm cum so far up inside my it's wonderful and she lent forward and we kissed again and I pulled her down onto me and she put her legs out down with mine so she was now laying on top of me and her legs closed tightly so my cock was gripped inside her and could not pop out, we lay there lick that for some time before June got up and said she need the loo.

When she returned she said fancy anything to eat Dave the only thing I fancy eating is that wonderful hairy thing between your legs June, what not had enough already she said what I have had so far is just a appetizer for what is to come I said laughing, My my going to be worn out by the end of this weekend,Oh you bet I said.

So we pick up the laptop to of we went to the bed room and we set the laptop so it could see the whole bed and what we would get up to on it, as I looked at the bed I noticed that it had silk scarf's tied to each corner so I knew Tom or June like being tied up so I said who like being tied up them Oh both of us well in that case I said get on that bloody bed and spread them, without question June lay on the bed spread her legs and raised her arms up so I tied her up to the bed and then saw the blind fold on the bedside cabinet so I placed this on her to.

The lap top so sitting in the corner recording all what I and June were doing and I just hoped that Tom and Pat had remember to turn on the laptop to record there end as I wanted to sit and watch my wife being fucked hard by my best mate Tom, so June was now tied to the bed and blind folded so I found a few sex toys in the drew and there was a big long feather and I started with this running it so lightly down and up over June's body just letting it touch her nipples as it ran over then, with each pass her body shook and she was moaning Mmmmmmmmmmmm. I then found nipple clamps and as she could not see what I was going to do she jumped and shouted OH FUCK YES YES as I let one of the clamps go and it gripped her rock hard nipple then I applied the other one, Oh Dave yes yes she said and when I had placed the second on I took of the first and tickled it with the feather again before replacing the clamp.

I carried on like this taking of one and then the other then I turned to her lower half and I still had not seen her pussy fully yet as she still had her knickers on so I took hold of the sides and with one hard pull ripped them from her and she gasped as her knickers came away and I just stood there looking at this perfect cunt that was just in front of me, as I said it was pure blond hair and her pussy had a good covering of it but it was kept well trimmed and neat.

I did not touch her for some time and she could not tell where I was then I touched her pussy running my finger lightly up the slit running my finger though her hair just parting it as I went and she gasped and then I stood back again not touching her.

I then done the clamps up even tighter on her nipples then I got a vibrator and stated to run this up and down her cunt pushing just enough to enter her slit but no more and each time I got to where her wet pussy hole was she tried to push her body up and force the tip into her but as she did this I took it away, Oh OH Dave she said Please please let me have it please I did not reply but carried on doing what I was doing then I pushed it just a bit harder and it hit her clit and this send her into a orgasm and it was like she was having a fit on the bed her body was bouncing up and down as her climax ripped though her and as I looked I could see her sexy juice run from her pussy lips and I could take no more myself and I knelt between her wide open tied legs and just pushed my face into it and my tongue pushed up into her hole that was dripping her cum juice like a tap had just been turned on, when my tongue pushed open her love tube she climax once again and it was so strong I felt her cunt grip my tongue and her juice was so sweet and so much of it.

When her climax calmed down a bit I just sat back up and looked again at this wonderful woman before me I know I keep saying how beautiful she is but I feel I have to try and get it over just how fucking wonderful and beautiful she really is and how Tom ever got to go out with her let alone marry her I shall never know but at this point time time I am fucking glad he did as I would never have had the chance to make love to a woman like this in my life.

I lent forward again and slowly kissed up her body taking my time kiss each and ever inch as I move up and with each kiss June took a deep breath and when I was up to her tits I slowly undo one nipple clamp they had now been on there for at least half an hour so when I released it the blood poured back into her nipple and not only dose this give pleasure and pain to and the mixture send her over the top once more as did the other one as I removed it and as she came I moved up and pushed my cock fully home inside her quivering cunt and it clamped around my cock like a vice as I tried to move it back and forth.

June was now cumming and cumming as I moved my cock back and forth as much as I could as she orgasmed her head was being thrown from side to side as climax after climax ripped though her, once she relaxed I start to really pound into her as I raised myself up onto my out stretched arms I was really pounding into her hard but she was just saying Oh YES YES Harder harder Oh fuck yes.

She was spread out under having to take it as I was giving it and she could do nothing to stop me, but I don't think she wanted me to by what she was shouting out, she was still orgasming every so often and this was bringing me to my climax and as we both got to the point where we were both ready to come I covered her mouth with mine and I gave one long hard thrust and we both came together as my cock exploded inside her her cunt gripped my cock once more and it was like it was trying to milk every last drop of cum from me as it seamed to ripple from the bottom of my shaft to the top dragging the cum up my cock, I had never felt anything like this in my life I just did not want this feeling to end it was shear mind blowing, I lifted the blind fold from her and looked deep into her perfect blue eyes and kissed her so tenderly she responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth and we lay there like that before I reached up and untied her arms and she put them around me and held me tight to her as we continued to kiss.

I released her from her legs ties and we lay there in each others arms for some time then I said I need the loo, so as she go up to she began to put on a dressing gown and what are you doing I asked, going to get a drink and make something to eat you have made me so dry and hungery I agree I said but sorry no clothes this week end, she looked at me as I said I mean it June no clothes, so she just let the dressing gown drop back to the floor and went of in just her stockings and suspender belt, and as she walked out of the bed room I got a full view of her round ass at the top of those long long legs.

We eat and drank and talked on how we felt about what we were doing swapping partners and June said it was great and she was really up for it once she knew we were I said Pat was the same and we both wondered how they were doing so we turned the screen back on just as Tom was shooting his cum all over Pats big tits, she was laying on her back and Tom was kneeling over her he had obviously just finished giving her a good tit fuck and Pat was just lifting her head to lick the top of his cock clean.

Once we had eaten and drank some wine we went back and lay on the bed together we agreed we were both worn out and needed a rest so I lay on my back put out my arm and June came and lay her head on it and as she lay on her side facing me she dropped her arm across me and we fell asleep, when I awoke I found that I could not move or see and fund that June had now tied me to the bed, as I woke she said well what is good for one is good for the other and with that I felt pain rip though me as she place a clamp on my right nipple and then once it was done up tight she pulled it away from my body sending sharp pain though me.

Then the other nipple got the same treatment she now sat across my chest and I noticed that the she was now naked no stockings nothing and I could feel her pussy hair rub against my chest as she moved around on me.

Then she pulled both nipple clamps and twisted them at the same time and not only was it so bloody painful it was so bloody sex to the pleasure of the pain was unbelievable my cock rose to full hight within seconds and as June sat across me my long cock we just touching her ass, Oh so you like that do you,you naughty man and twisted them again.

Then I felt her lean forward and I felt her lushest, tender lips on my as she kissed me so tenderly, then again she twisted them sending pain though out my entire body.

Next I heard her pick something up and then a buzzing noise and it was the vibrator and she got of me and knelt between my wide open tied up legs and she ran the vibrator up and down the length of my cock making sure the tip entered the pee hole at the top sending feelings down my dick I had never had before, she ran it around my balls then up and down my ass pushing it into the crack and finding the hole to my virgin anus.

I was soon asking her to suck my dick, sit on it, wrap her fingers around it I just wanted her to touch it but still she teased me and just kept on with the vibrator, then I felt her tongue run across the top of my cock and as it did she pulled the nipple clamp and while my mind was taken from the vibrator at my ass she pushed it into my anus and open my ass hole for the first time, I arched my back as much as I could as she kept the pressure on it and it slowly eased it's self into my ass and the pain was as bad as the nipple clamps but once it popped into me and she let it just stayed there without moving it the pain died away and she saw I relaxed and that was when June started to fuck my ass with it turning it up to full it as shaking about inside me and as it rubbed my prostrate the pleasure it send running up and down my body Wow it was so bloody good, it was my turn to moan Yes oh fuck yes yes June please don't stop oh god yes, and on and on she pumped that thing in and out of my ass then I felt her lips close round my throbbing cock head and her lips clamped round just beneath the head and I felt so dizzy with the pleasure as she lowered her head and took most of my 10" before raising again to the head and flicking it and pushing her tongue into the slit at the top, She cupped my balls with her free hands and squeezed them really tight and thrust the vibrator hard up my ass at the same time.

I was now getting the feeling that it would not belong until I was shooting my cum and I was now raising and lowering my body trying to get as much of that vibrator into my now open ass, and I was shouting FUCK fuck fuck yes yes oh fuck yes I am going to Commmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme and with that I arched my back from the bed and just as I started to shoot June pulled her mouth away from my cock and she watched as it flew out of the end and splashed right up my chest and some even hit my chin it came out so bloody hard.

I just collapsed back down onto the bed and was painting trying to get my breath back when I felt the vibrator taken from my ass and the nipple clamps released and as the blood came back into them my god the pain and pleasure mixed together so wonderful and even thou my cock had just emptied itself it still twitched with the feeling from the blood pumping back into my nipples, the next thing I knew was June's mouth closing around my cock again and licking and sucking every last drop from it, then she started to lick up my stomach and my belly button was full of cum so she spent time licking that out before carrying on up over my chest and she licked and bit my nipples and she was now laying flat on fop of me and lick the last drop of cum from my chin, Mmm she said that was good and the taste of your cum is so much different from Tom's I am going to want more before you go, well we have all tomorrow and tonight is not over yet, she removed the blind fold and undo my arms and we cuddled and kissed and once my legs were untied we just lay there in each others arms and I said you do know that was the first time I have had anything in my ass but fuck it was great that you June, and we fell asleep once more.

We did not wake until the following morning and we both went down from breakfast and as June stood at the work top making a cup of tea I walked up behind her and put my arms round her and cupped her tits in my hands and started to need them and pinch her nipples and as she pushed herself back onto me my rock hard cock was trapped between us and she started to move up and down running my cock between her ass cheeks, I soon bent her forward over the work top and opened her legs with my foot and bent my knees and as I straightened up my cock entered her pussy and found the deep love tunnel it was looking for and with a hard push it slipped all the way into her and she gave out a loud OH yes as I started to force myself hard into her well oiled pussy, it was dripping wet already and I still had my hands on her tits squeezing them and playing with her hard dark brown nipples, June was pushing back on to me as I pushed forward and she lowered a hand and started to rub her clit and she was making so much noise as she worked her self up to a massive climax and by the way she was shouting and moaning it was not going to be long.

I now had my hands on her hips and was pulling her back against me so our body slapped together and then she came as the day before her climax was so strong it was hard to keep moving my cock in and out of her as it was gripped so tight by her cunt mussels, when they released there grip I continued to ram my cock into her and then filled her with my own warm creamy milk spreading it all over her insides, as I pulled out of her she spun round and dropped down and licked my cock when she was done she looked up at me and said now that's what I call a breakfast.

We eat and then went back to the bed room where June pushed me face down onto the bed and she held my ass cheeks open and spat on me hole that had only lost it virginity the day before and then I felt something being pushed into me it hurt like hell once more but that was not stopping June from making sure that it was going in and once fully in she started to use a pump and it started to swell up inside my ass and it was really big and was pushing up against my prostrate and this feeling was intents every time I moved it pushed against it sending shivers though me.

June rolled me over and started to lick my limp cock but with the butt plug filling my ass and now June sucking my cock it was not going to take long before I was hard once more, the lap top had been set to record so Tom was not going to miss a thing and I was going to enjoy seeing what my wife and Tom had been doing the whole weekend.

Next think I knew June had clamped the nipple clamps to my balls and this time she had six clamped there and as she rolled my balls around in her hand the pain and pleasure was back and my cock started to rise filling up with blood swell the head to it's big purple self once it was hard June turned to face away from me and knelt over me and placed her arm round herself and took hold of my cock aimed it at her ass and pushed back down on it and I watch with wide open eyes as my cock popped into her ass opening up her anus to allow the rest of my stiff cock to follow.

So June was sitting fully down on my 10" and she placed her hand down and started to play with my balls once more as she started to work her ass up and down my twitching dick.

I pleased my hands on her hips to help her ride my cock and Oh what a wonderful sight this was to see her ass open up to allow my cock to enter each time she pushed down on it, then she lifted high up and grabbed my cock and placed it into her cunt and now she went to town she was riding up and down my cock as fast as she could shouting our YES YES OH MY FUCK YES with one hand she played with her clit and the other she played with my balls and pulling the clamps and twisting them, and whit that and the butt plug still pushing up on my Prostrate we were both in heaven.

On and on we went and June changed back so my cock entered her ass once more, over the next 10 to 15 minutes she kept swapping back and forth I could feel little climaxes rip though her from time to time but I knew a lot bigger one was going to hit her soon.

June was now getting very close to cumming and so was I for that mater I could feel her pussy tightening around my shaft which in turn was taking me nearer and nearer to my climax, then she threw her head back and let the loudest scream of OH FUCK YES YES YES as her cunt gripped my cock and as she came she pulled on the clamps on my balls sending pain running though me and I arched my body and came to. Her Juice was running from her and my cum was also fill her insides and she just sat there shaking and panting for breath as her whole body shook as ripple after ripple of her orgasm ran though her.

My cock would not stop twitching as it empted it's load deep inside June's wonderful body, when June had her breath back she lifted of my cock and scooted back and we were now in the good old 69 and she lowered her cunt that was dripping down onto my face she placed it hard on my mouth and as it touched my lips I opened my mouth and started to lick and suck every last drop from her, she was licking and sucking my cock and she kept on moving the butt plug and I found that with her doing this I had not gone soft and was still hard not rock hard but still hard.

We stayed like this for some time June cumming again and again into my mouth and I took her cunt away from my mouth to ask her to lay on the bed for me which she did and I got hold of her legs and hooked them up over my shoulders and pushed them back onto her tits as I raised myself above her and then with a hard thrust force my cock from tip the hilt in one massive push she screamed and climaxed at the same time her body shaking once more, I still had the clamps on my balls and the butt plug inflated in my ass which was adding to the pleasure I was getting and making me even hard if that were possible, On and on I plunged down into this super model of a woman that lay beneath me and even thou here I was pounding my cock hard into her I still could not believe it and thought I was going to wake up and find this whole weekend a dream, Me a middle aged man fucking a woman like this that would grace and sexy magazine.

On and on I went and June was now shaking her head from side to side as and saying Yes yes oh my god yes as she came again but from this position I could keep on pumping into her and ride though her climax even thou her cunt mussels were like a vice around my cock, but as I rode thou her orgasm she had another and another and this took me over the edge once more and I gave one last plunge down into her and held myself there and my cock just pumped and pumped I did not think it was going to stop as with each pump of cum my ass tightened round the butt plug and that pushed it up against my prostrate which just made me want to pump even more, we finally stopped shaking and I let June lower her legs and I lay there my cock buried in her pussy and we kiss and cuddled and we rolled over on our sides and fell asleep once more.

When we woke it was early evening and nearly time to switch back but before I left I wanted to have June one more last time, first I asked June to let the butt plug down which was still inflated in my ass and than we removed the clips from my balls and the pain that caused as they had been on my ball sack cutting of the blood for such a long time the pain was just like pins and needles but 100 times worse, June cupped my balls and kiss then as they came round this made my cock hard once more.

I took hold of June's hand are we went thou to the bathroom where we ran a nice hot bath and Tom and June had a nice big bath so plenty of room for the both of us, we got in and started to wash each other and June cupped my balls and washed them and then my dick making sure she pulled the head back and washed all around it, I had a nice big sponge and was washing her perfect tits and as I ran the soap and sponge over her erect nipples June gave a long soft Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and closed her eyes.

I got my legs and placed then under her and then put my arm around her wonderful full waist and pulled her up my legs and her legs went down each side of me and as she got to the top of my legs she pushed my cock down and it slid into her warm wet pussy I put my arm around her and pulled her to me and her hard nipples push into my chest and she was now sitting fully on my cock and with small movements she was bouncing up and down on it still with eyes close and saying Yes yes oh fuck yes and she had another small orgasm and as she came she kissed me and pushed her tongue into my mouth and we stayed like that for some time, then I slid her back down my legs and as she went my cock sprang from her pussy making the water splash up as it did so.

I ask June to turn round and get on her knees and to put her hands out in front of her on each side of the bath and I got up behind her and pushed my cock back into her willing hole and as it filled her up she cried out Oh Dave Dave it is so wonderful Oh fuck me hard please Fuck me hard fill my cunt with your hot sticky cum please Dave, that dirty talk got me going and I gripped her hips and started to ram into her harder than I had done all weekend.

The water by now was splashing over the sides of the bath as I moved back and forth pushing my cock fully home, June was still crying out for me to fill her up she came again but not the big one I wanted her to have before I had to leave.

As I thrust back and forth my balls were just touching the water and making splashing noises as they swung under me, June was now getting ready to have her big orgasm and I was not going to be far behind he I still gripped her hips tight and then she let out one large scream and she came her cum running from her and dripping into the warm bath water and as her cunt mussels gripped my cock tight I pushed into her hard and held her tight against me as my cock exploded my cum shoot up so far inside her womb filling her up and when she stop screaming and her climax started to wear off she said my god Dave you cock really shoot hard I can feel your cum so far up inside me Tom's never gets that far up inside me when he shoots, it feels so warm and wet it's wonderful Dave wonderful.

We finished washing each other and we got out the bath and dried each other off, as I dried her pussy I kiss it and just looked at it for a while it was looking a bit red and swollen after the pounding it had had over the weekend, we both got dressed and June said you know that is the first weekend I have ever spent with no clothes on, great wasn't it I said You fucking bet she said do you thing we will ever do this again Dave, well I said it is up to us all I would love to and it sounds like you would so we will just have to see what the other two say.

I left June with a long tender kiss and drove home just as Tom was leaving, your looking worn out I said he laughed and said you can bloody talk, hope you have left me plenty to watch I said Oh yea and I hope you have done the same, to true I said speak to you very soon mate and went in doors to find my wife still in bed naked and legs wide apart , she raised her head as I entered the room and smiled and she I hope you have enjoyed yourselves like we did, yea sure did but now I there is only one thing I want.

Pat looked at me and said what is that then dear, that wide worn out pussy that is between your legs, I have not washed yet she said who gives a shit I said and stripped of and jumped between her legs and started to lick her cunt push my tongue into her and could taste not on her sexy juice and Toms cum as well and this made my cock grow hard and firm, I then kissed up over her body and as I kissed her lips I pushed my cock where Toms had only just come from and I raised my self on my arms and looked down into my dear wife's eyes and she was Moaning Oh Dave Oh Dave yes yes and we made long slow love until she came and then I filled her with my cum and it mixed with any that had been left inside her from Tom.

What was on the Laptop when I watch it well that's another story for another time but I will say my wife and I had some amazing sex while watching it on out big screen TV that's for sure.


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