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Title: Wine for Two Means Fun for Trois - Author: Anna

Published: May 20, 2014 - Contact:

Samantha sobbed while sipping a savory wine from an elegant glass. Her chest heaved up and down with each sniffle, bouncing beautifully as a distraction from the rest of her emotions. He stared at her slender legs as she sat with one curled behind the other, her smooth skin looking luscious. He was busy wondering at the skin just under her shorts, assuming it was just as luscious, when his girlfriend, Katie, who had also been downing dramatic amounts of wine, asked him a question.

He tore his eyes from Samantha's legs to look over at his girlfriend. He smiled at her, saying, "Of course I can get another bottle of wine for you. It's obvious today was very stressful."

Getting up from his chair, he walked over to the kitchen and, through the opening in the kitchen wall that looked over the living room of their apartment, he said, "You know, Samantha, I always thought your boyfriend was kind of a jerk. I honestly can't imagine what you're going to miss about him now that you're broken up. Just last weekend you left here crying because he called you all angry and wanted you to come home. You're really better off without him."

His girlfriend shot him the dirtiest look he didn't understand, but Samantha choked out, "H-he was always different with m-me when we were-were alone. He w-was very sweet and-and the best lover!"

Having completed an answer, she started sobbing all over again.

He sighed and decided to hide in the bedroom. Samantha's comment irked him and he muttered to himself as he left the room, "I doubt he's the best lover."

About an hour later, it sounded like the sobbing had quieted out in the living room. He was deliberating over whether he should check on the two potentially upset and drunk women in his living room when Samantha opened the bedroom door. She opened it slowly and was drunkenly making the sound from Jaws before she poked her head into the room. Grinning at him, she plopped herself onto the bed next to him and said, "Katie is in the bathroom and I didn't want to be alone."

He set down the book he had been reading as Samantha slurred in a talkative manner, "You know, I thought we were doing great in bed, but that's one reason he broke up with me. He said I was boring."

Her eyes glossy, she stated, "I'm not boring."

Smiling, she giggled and slid her hand up his thigh. Reaching for the button of his pants, she brought her knees up onto the bed to crawl closer to him. He could see down her shirt at the two mounded breasts held up by her black lace bra and he had a momentary loss of thought as his body responded to the gorgeous blond touching him.

It was then that his girlfriend entered the room, also humming the music to Jaws. When she saw them, she stopped dead in her tracks. His eyes moved from roving over Samantha's breasts to his angry girlfriend.

She slurred out, "Whhatt are you doing!"

Samantha looked over guiltily at her friend. Her eyes were teary and she said, "I'm sorry, I just feel like if I can prove him wrong, it will help me move on."

She slipped off the bed and walked over to her friend to wrap her arms around her. Resting her head on her friend's shoulder, she said, "Katie, you're so pretty. I want the kind of relationship you have."

He watched as his girlfriend put her arms around her friend. Their embrace brought their chests together, the soft curves touching.

He brought his hand to his temple and wondered if maybe he needed a drink, too, as his thoughts wondered at the boob-to-boob contact.

Getting up from the bed, he decided a drink was a good idea. Unless the girls passed out, he might have a long night ahead. Walking past his girlfriend, her arm caught and stopped him. She looked over at him with what he thought could be lust.

He knew Katie could get crazy horny after a few drinks. Was that what this was She was still hugging Samantha. He brushed some hair from the side of her face and she turned her head to kiss his hand then nip at his finger. She was horny.

Samantha brought her head up from his girlfriend's shoulder to look over at them. Her eyes were still glossy as she said, "Me too."

She parted her lips and trailed them up the curve of his girlfriend's neck, then back down. Samantha pressed her lips against the skin of Katie's collarbone and then brought them up just as Katie turned her head towards Samantha.

She had meant to say something, but Katie had inadvertently turned her mouth over into Samantha's. He took a step back as Samantha worked her mouth against his girlfriend's. Their lips tangled as Samantha passionately pulled her prize closer, her hands traveling up her friend's curves. Resting her hands on his girlfriend's ass, she gave it a naughty squeeze.

Samantha stepped out of the embrace and quickly unbuttoned Katie's pants. Without pulling them down, she slipped her hand inside and used her middle finger to rub on the outside of Katie's panties.

He thought Katie would back away and protest, but instead, her head fell back and she closed her eyes, a soft, "Mmmm," escaping her. His dick was growing harder as he watched another person, another female, arouse his girlfriend. Samantha was teasing her, letting dirty little things fall out of her mouth, "Mmmm, I can feel your panties getting wet. You dirty little girl, you want this."

She pulled up Katie's shirt with her other hand and Katie finished pulling it off for her. Reaching to unstrap her bra, the straps fell off her shoulders and it was quickly discarded onto the floor. Now that her breasts were free, Samantha moved Katie over to the bed. He was used to seeing Katie like this, but he was always the one pulling her shirt off and unbuttoning her pants. From this perspective he could fully see the outline of her waist as her jeans curved around her hips. From the flare of her hips, her waist curved in, accentuating a sexy femininity just before his eyes settled on her tits.

On the bed, Katie was on her back and Samantha got on top her. Samantha pulled Katie's jeans down over her hips before leaning down to hover over her. Samantha flipped her blond hair to one side of her face so it was out of the way while she straddled Katie and bent down to flick her tongue over one nipple. Her ass up in the air while she was bent over, his eyes traced her body from her thighs up over her ass and he watched her breasts jiggle in her bra. Katie moaned and slid her hands up under Samantha's shirt while Samantha teased around the nipple with her tongue, making a circle then flicking over the nipple again. After a moment of teasing, she sucked the whole nipple into her mouth and continued rubbing outside of Katie's panties.

Now that she had Katie writhing with pleasure, Samantha pulled her hand away and looked over at him, asking, "Can we all play"

Katie wasn't even looking at him for a response. She was staring down at his pants. She was intoxicated, horny, aroused, and he was the only person in the room that could give her what she really wanted.

Samantha was still speaking. She was asking dirty questions, "Are you ready to play I don't know. Maybe.... Maybe Katie should make sure you are."

He was already rock hard and his pants showed the obvious bulge. Walking over to the bed, Samantha reached a delicate hand out to undo his pants and pull them down. She bit her lip and looked up at him with a mischievous grin.

Samantha slid her hand up and down his already erect cock. Her hand created a warm friction she soon replaced with her mouth. Her lips covered his velvety tip and sucked on it before bringing him deeper into her mouth.

While Samantha moved back and forth with her mouth, Katie dragged the tip of her tongue up his neck. Nibbling her way up his jaw, she pulled on his earlobe with her teeth. He turned his mouth over to hers, tasting the red wine lingering on his girlfriend's lips.

Samantha licked her way down his dick to lap at one of his balls. Taking one gently into her mouth, she softly sucked on it while Katie moved down and took his dick in her mouth. Both girls were on the bed next to each other and he had to concentrate on remaining upright. While each girl licked and sucked on his cock, he wanted to see them sharing and glancing up at him.

They switched off and it kept him on a pinnacle of excitement. Katie's mouth was hot and soft while she moved her mouth back and forth but then Samantha would take over and she toyed and sucked on him with her sexy, mischievous glances.

While Katie took over, Samantha pulled down her jeans and bared the smooth skin of Katie's ass cheeks. Rubbing her hands over them, Samantha smacked one bouncy cheek and giggled. He glanced back and forth between Katie's lips around his dick and her ass as Samantha smacked and jiggled her ass cheek. Moving close enough behind Katie to press her breasts into her back, Samantha rubbed Katie's clit. Slowly pushing in one finger, Katie responded by moving against it.

Since Samantha was facing away from him with her ass closest to him, he reached over to pull down her jeans. She glanced back at him and smiled, pulling her jeans down for him but leaving up her black thong. He snapped the side of the thong against her skin. She squealed at the sudden bite on her skin but scooted back closer to him when he rubbed over her clit.

Yanking her thong down to drop around her knees, he pulled Samantha closer to him. Since she was facing away, she got up on all fours. As he pushed inside her tight pussy, he placed his hands on her hips to control their movement while he watched her ass cheeks bounce against him with each thrust.

Katie had moved onto her back in front of Samantha because she was furiously finger-fucking his girlfriend. Katie was moving her hips in time and was gripping the sheet with one hand while pleasuring her clit with the other.

He watched as Katie's fingers curled into a fist in the sheet and her mouth opened as her moans grew louder. A blush crept into her face and her legs shook as an orgasm took over her body.

Samantha was also watching Katie. She looked back at him and said, "I think we should see if you can give her another one."

Samantha moved them to the edge of the bed. Katie was still on her back and Samantha climbed over her so that their pussies were almost touching. Standing next to the bed, he could easily slide his dick into either one of them. Looking up from the two pussies on display for him, he noticed that Samantha had resumed kissing his girlfriend. She had her hand in Katie's hair and since both girls were already turned on, it seemed natural when Samantha rubbed herself against Katie.

He was rock hard and close to finishing. Stepping up to the bed, he slid into Katie's wet pussy, and fucked her at an almost blinding pace. Still conscious of Samantha, he inserted his fingers into her and watched as she rocked her hips back and forth against his hand.

Caught up in the moment, he moved his dick back up to Samantha and closed his eyes as the fresh tightness of her pussy brought on the beginning of his orgasm.

Moving back down to Katie, he thrust hard against her, feeling that his orgasm was only moments away. He was finger-fucking Samantha but moved his dick back to her when she started to scream out, "Oh my god, I'm so close. Oh! Please, fuck me! Oh, yeah... yes! Oh, fuck me!"

She fell forward for a moment onto Katie's breasts while he pounded into her.

Having satisfied Samantha, he moved back to Katie. Samantha sucked on Katie's nipple, causing Katie to rapidly thrust against him. He resumed a hard fucking, relishing the shake of her legs when she let loose another orgasm.

His girlfriend's second orgasm was the peak of passion as he pulled out and let out his load over the two pussies in front of him. Exhausted, he watched as a drop of cum dripped down from Samantha's clit onto Katie and he couldn't help but think that maybe wine-filled nights of crying weren't so bad after all.