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Title: Gretchn, My Son, and I - Author: DeepProbsix

Published: Jun 7, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

It was a hot sunny day my son and I were going down the the river for a swim as there is a deep part in the river where you can dive of a tree branch and we have a robe swing where you can just let yourself fall into the water and have some really great fun on such a hot sunny day.

I am 45 tall 5'11" of Medium build dark shoulder length hair and brown eyes not the most hansom bloke to look at but not that bad.

My son is 18, tall as me but on the skinny side has long black hair and blue eyes and very shy around new people and I do not thing that he has ever had sex with anyone girl we have had the Birds and bee chat so he knows what's what.

So when we got to the swimming hole as we call it we were the only ones there and we had our trunks on under our clothes so we striped down to our trunks and Aron my son climbed the tree and jumped into the water.

I got on the swing and swung backwards and forwards a few times before letting go and plunging into the water, the water felt great it was so refreshing on such a hot day, we played around for half and hour or so before getting out and just laying on the towels we had brought with us we must have fell asleep in the sun as we both woke when we heard a big splash in the water.

When we looked there was this most beautiful woman swimming and when she saw us she saved and carried on swimming so my son and I joined her in the water, during our swimming and playing around she said her name was Gretchn and she had only just moved into the village a few weeks ago and a friend had told her about this swimming hole and she said how great it was much better than a swimming pool you could even swim naked she said if you wanted.

Be my guest I said with a grin I will not mind and I am sure my son wouldn't either if you want to swim naked go for it and I laughed, Gretchn swam around a bit more and then said you know I think I will and she got out of the water walked over to her towel and just stood there and took of her swim suit, God was this woman beautiful she was about 5'5" tall I would say about 169 pounds, brown eyes from what I could see, blond hair and as she lowered her swim suit she had a thick black bush of pubic hair, now I had split from my wife and I had not had a woman since she left us as working and looking after my son took up most of my time, but the most beautiful thing about this woman was her breasts they were wonderful at least a 38 dd if by my reckoning wonderful wonderful my cock started to grow and in my trunks but did not have much room as my trunks were on the tight side.

My son was sitting on the tree branch and his eyes were nearly popping out of his head and he was staring at Gretchn and her tits and pussy and I could see she was having the same affect on him as she was on me.

Gretchn came back to the river bank and said Oh that feels better and dived into the water, my son was trying to hid his harding cock and dived into the water I just stood there looking at her tits bobbing up and down in the water how I did not cum right there and then I do not know god how I longed to touch them put my cock between them and tit fuck this woman and I might have tried if my son had not been with me.

Gretchn said you not taking of your swimming things then I am sure you must be Uncomfortable in those tight trunks as I am sure you both have a hard on by now she she swam over to me and stood just in front of me and looked my in the eye and smiled her tits floated in front of her and my god how I wanted to lift my arm and touch those big puppies,her nipples were harding despite the cool water and then I felt her hand touch my cock and she grabbed it though my trunks,Oh my she said what a big boy and see I told you there was not much room in there and she dived under the water took hold of my trunks and pulled them down and pulled them of my feet lifted them up as she came to the surface and threw them onto the river bank, now said Gretchn don't tell me that feels better without them on.

She swam away laughing I could not believe what had just happened and my son was there with his a big grin on his face and then the look on his face changed to one of shock and then Gretchn surfaced in front of him and had his trunks in her hand Now that's better she shouted and threw them onto the river bank with mine, we were now all naked and my son and I had massive hard on's but I swam around for a while and Gretchn kept close to me and my son and did her best to touch us when she could.

She came up to me and said you feel like you have a wonderful cock down under that water why don't you climb the tree and dive in so I can see what it looks like I am sure your son wont mind as I know he has a big cock to.

So after a while I took a deep breath and climbed out and my big 9" cock stood proud in front of me and swayed and bobbed up and down as I walked I saw my son looking at it as I climb the tree and did my Tarzan impression and jumped in both Aron and Gretchn laughed as I did Gretchn turn to Aron and said go on you have ago, no no I am ok he said go on she said don't be shy tell you what I will climb up there with you come on it will be fun and she took his hand and he followed her to the tree and as he got out of the water and I saw my son's hard cock for the first time he may be on the skinny side but his cock was about the same length as mine and just as think and 6" and Gretchn started to climb the tree in front of him as her ass was nearly in his face as he climb up behind her.

They stood on the branch together hand in hand and then they jumped when they came to the surface they both laughed and it was good to see Aron coming out of his shell I got out and went to lay down and I felt I needed a drink and something to eat and we always brought lunch with us.

I shouted to the other two who were still mucking about in the water that dinner was up Gretchn said I did not bring anything to eat with me that's ok I said we have plenty here so she came over and joined us we sat there eating and both myself and Aron could not take our eyes of Gretchn her tits were wonderful and I don't think I had even see such a wonderful pair as these, and I looked down and her thick black pussy hair was parted just a little as she sat there with her legs just open and I could see her pink pussy lips just beneath and I could see my son looking at it to.

We talked and eat for a while and then I lay back on my towel and Aron lay down beside me and Gretchn went and got her towel and said move over you to and she laid herself down between us, I lay there closed my eyes and just let the sun warm my body.

A few minutes later my eyes shot open as I felt a hand go round my still stiff cock and Gretchn had my stiff cock in her hand and was gently moving her hand up and down it and when I looked she had Aron's cock in the other hand and she was wanking the both of us,I could not say anything as all I could do was give out a low moan of pleasure and I could hear Aron doing the same thing.

After a while I turned onto my side and lifted myself up on my elbow while Gretchn still ran her hand up and down my cock I lent forward and took her nipple into my mouth and she opened her mouth and said OH Oh as I bit it lightly and Aron looked at me and saw what I was doing so he copied me and now Gretchn had as both eating her nipples and she was now moaning and groaning as we sucked,licked,and bit her hard nipples.

I then moved my hand onto her lower stomach and stated to move it slowly down and my fingers touched the top of her thick pubic hair and she took a sharp intake of breath as I pushed further down though her hair and found the top of her fanny slit and ran my finger down it not pushing into it just over the top and she cried OH OH YES YES more more, I took my hand away and reached over and took my son's hand and lead it to her pubic hair and ran his finger though it and I put my hand on the top of his and pushed his finger down into her slit and I heard him breathing really heavy as he felt her moist slit beneath her thick bush.

I pushed his finger down into it and then he touched her clitoris and she shook at his touch and my moved his finger round and round in small motions and Gretchn was now wanking our cocks hard as we played with her wet fanny, I move Aron's hand down a bit further and placed he finger over the entrance to her pussy and I could feel his hand trembling as I curled his finger and pushed it into her hole and she opened her legs a bit more and I pushed it further into her and Aron's finger was right inside her now and I pushed another one and another so he now had three finger buried inside Grethcn pussy and I started to move his hand in and out of her pussy, Grethcn raised her backside off the ground arching her back as he started to move in and out of her, she was saying YES Aron YES YES that's it OH YES YES and as he finger fucked her I placed my finger back onto her clitoris and started to move it round and round she was now going wide as she had her pussy worked on by two men.

Gretchn was flinging her head from side to side as she moaned and groaned and still wanking our cocks and then she really ached her back and screamed OH OH FUCK YES YES and she came with her whole body shaking and her pussy gripped Aron's fingers as her climax went thou her whole body and he could take no more and Aron grunted as his cock let go of his pent up cum and it shot out the end of his cock like a rocked and covered Gretchn hand and arm.

Oh fuck Oh fuck Aron was panting that was fucking wild god I could feel your fanny wall grip my fingers I never new they did that, Gretchn looked up and said I take it that was your first even touch of a woman pussy then, yea he said it was and boy oh boy what a wonderful feeling it is, wow bloody wow he went on Gretchn let his cock go and lifted her arm and Aron's eyes popped out on storks as she licked off his cum from her hand and arm, now move up here she said to him and he did as he was asked, closer closer she said then she took his cock into her mouth and lick his cum from it when she had finished he had started to get hard again and she said bet that was your first suck off to, yea yea he replied and then she turned to me and took mine in her and started to suck it and it was not long before I thrust forward and filled her mouth with my cum and she let it run down her throat as it pumped from my cock.

By the time we had finished it was getting to late afternoon and we all agreed that it was starting to turn chilly so I said to Gretchn what time dose your husband get home O she said I am single I have kids but they can can look after themselves, so I said as we dressed how do you fancy coming back to ours and carrying this on there.

Gretchn smiled and said yea why not I give the kids a call and tell them to get there own tea fine I said and we walked back home Aron and I were walking on either side with her hooked into our arms.

I told Gretchn that Aron was still a Virgin and she said yes but not for much longer and she turned to Aron and said that is if you want to loose your Virginity with me and your Dad that is, Oh you fucking bet he said you are wonderful and I would love for you to be my first as I have done a few first things with you already today.

Ok then lets get to yours she said and we carried on walking to soon reached our home I said glass of wine anyone and we all did well what are we waiting for said Gretchn and started to strip of soon we were all naked and I lead the way to my bedroom and as soon as we got there Gretchn lay on the bed and said why don't you watch for a while Dad while I show your son what it is like to fuck a real woman, yea sounds good to me I said and took the chair in the corner, I sat there legs stretch out and my cock sticking up like a flag pole as I watch me son climb onto the bed beside Gretchn and he looked over at me as if to say it is ok, then Gretchn placed her hand on his head and pulled it down to her and they kissed and she must have pushed her tongue into his mouth as I could soon see their tongues moving around in each others mouths.

I saw Aron doing what I had shown he in the field by the river his had slid down over her body down down it slid and then touched her pubic hair and he pushed his finger though it parting it as he went in search of her fanny and then he found the top of her slit and he pushed his finger into her slit and her big tits heaved up as he touched her clitoris and then he moved his finger round and round, he had remember what I had shown him, Gretchn was panting hard now and they had finished kissing and Aron moved down a bit and kissed her tits moving from one to the other sucking each nipple in turn and then biting them Gretchn arched her body high of the bed and she came and from where I was sitting at the bottom of the bed I saw her pussy lips open up and her sexy juice ran out from them I had to grab my cock and start wanking as I watched this happen.

Aron moved his hand down and pushed three fingers into not soaking wet cunt and they just slipped inside of her he pushed until they could go no further and Gretchn was now moaning YES YES OH Aron YES YES and he started to finger fuck er hard and fast she was now squirming all over the bed as he rammed his fingers deep deep inside her again and again he rammed them into her. Then she came once more and as hard as before Aron's hand was soaked from her juice and I could see that he had a job to move them due to her pussy clamping his fingers like a vice.

When they released there grip Aron pulled his fingers from her and raised them up to his lips and licked them clean, She said OH OH Aron you learn fast that was fucking wonderful so how about you getting between my legs and lick out my wet wet cunt and Aron with out question got down between her open legs and for a few moments just knelt there looking at her soaked pussy hair and what he had done to her, her pussy lips open wide and he could see her cunt hole inside them and her clit was hard and poking up and he moved and took it into his mouth and sucked it and by the way Gretchn reacted he must of bit it lightly as she screamed FUCK FUCK YES YES OH FUCK YES and then his head started to move up and down as he licked her pussy slit and clit, I got up and whispered in his ear make sure you push your tongue right up inside her cunt son she will love that and he must have done what I said as she screamed again and again FUCK FUCK YESSsssssssssssss and I walked round the bed I had had enough of watching I wanted some action and knelt on the bed beside her head and placed a pillow under her head and then pushed my cock into her mouth and she took it and started to suck hard and OH MY GOD that felt so so good.

Aron was really going for it down there and it looked like he really like the taste of pussy cum Gretchn was now having orgasm after orgasm her whole body was like a jelly shaking and jerking all over the bed and as she sucked my cock I reached down and took one of her tits in my hand and squeezed it hard and pinched the nipple really hard between my fingers and thumb and she just exploded into Aron's mouth.

Honey she said to Aron come up and give me your Virgin cock inside my pussy come on lets take that Virginity away what you have done to me today you deserve the pleasure of loosing it on me, god for your first time you are bloody good and have taken me to heaven and back so come on and fuck me, she opened her legs even wider and she took my cock back into her mouth and Aron moved himself up her body and I could look down between then and see he cock hanging down ready to enter and take it's first ever pussy, he looked up at me and at my cock buried into Gretchn mouth as far as I could get it, nearer and nearer he held himself up on his arms and I could see his cock head touch her thick black hair and then it slipped into the slit of her wet wet cunt and the look on Aron's face as her felt the warmth of her cunt wall close round the head as it slipped into her.

All he could say was Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddddddd as he pushed forward and then I could see no more as there bodies came together and Aron had his cock deep inside his first ever pussy and he held it there not wanting to take it out and he leant his head forward and took her other nipple into his mouth and sucked it as he slowly withdrew his cock from her and then as it reached the tip he pushed back in Gretchn let my cock fall from her mouth as she pushed her head back into the pillow and shook her head from side to side ass she opened her mouth and said YES YES ARON OH FUCK ARON YES YES and he then started to move back and forth pumping into her harder and harder he was breathing hard as he kept himself up on his arms so he could get full force of pushing into her and then he shouted I am going to come I am going to cum and Grethcn said Cum Cum inside me Aron Please don't take it out fill me with your virgin seed and with that Aron pushed into her and he grunted and grunted as his cock filled it's first cunt and the look on his face as he filled Gretch's pussy with cum was like he was in Heaven he had this silly smirk over his face and he did not want to take his cock from her he lowered himself down and lay on her and she kissed him ever so gently and said that you for letting me be your first Aron it was a honer to have your cock in my pussy and you pleased me so very much and she kissed him again,

Then he slowly got up and I went round and took his place between her legs and I started to lick her cunt and my son's cum from her streaming pussy OH OH the taste it was like the nectar of the god's, then she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my face fully into her and she Climaxed all over my face and it was running down my throat it was wonderful.

I moved away from her and straddled her and I placed my cock between her tits and pushed them to close them around my cock and I started to move back and forth and her tits were so big and wonderful to tits fuck oh I could tit fuck these puppies all day long and I heard slurping again and when I turned my head Aron was back down between her legs licking her cunt once more and while licking this time he was finger fucking her at the same time poor Gretchn had nearly lost her voice though all the shouting and the moan she had done to day but on and on we went.

I then can you move please son I want to unload my load now and he moved and watched as I slipped down her body and then pushed my cock into her he got close to watch but then I stopped and said you want to see me enter this wonderful woman do you son, Yes dad would love to so I got up and ask Gretchn if she would get onto all fours for me and she said of course my darling anything and then she lowered herself down onto her elbows so her ass saw sticking up in the aim and I said to Aron right lay on your back and slid yourself under Gretchn's stomach and move down until your under her pussy tell you what Gretchn I said why not a 69 with Aron and then I can still fuck you from behind so she lifted back up and Aron moved under her and she lowered herself once again and took Aron's cock into her mouth.

Ok son can you see her wonderful cunt from where you are Yea yea great view he said OK then I got up behind her and before I could take hold of my cock to aim it at her fully wet pussy Aron but his hand around it and guided it to her hole and watched as inch by inch went inside and I heard him gasp as he watch then my balls his her and he just said WOW and then OH OH FUCK Gretchn yes yes as she sucked his cock and I started to fuck her ass and I took hold of her hips and started to bank into her so hard the noise of our bodies slamming together was so loud.

Gretchn cunt gripped my cock as she came and came and her cum was dripping of my balls and Aron was catching in his mouth and letting it run down the back of his throat. And after all the sucking from Gretchn I could not hold back for long and after a few minutes I rammed into her and emptied my balls up inside her my cum mixing with what was left of my sons and as I pulled out I could see my cum running from her and into Aron's open mouth.

Once that had stopped Aron slid from under Gretchn and he took my placed and started to fuck her hard and saying YES YES YES with each forceful push into her and her big wonderful tits were swinging back and forth with each thrust of his body, again and again he thrust into her both moaning out load and Gretchn was now cumming and cumming her body shook as orgasm after orgasm ripped thou her body uncontrollably and then Aron came again his cock filling her once more and once he had finished we all lay on the bed together and kissed and cuddled for a long long while and Gretchn said that she had better go as he kids would wonder where she was. We all got up and went down stairs to where we had left our clothes Gretchn got dressed and Kissed us both and said thank you for such a bloody fantastic day and she thanked Aron again for allowing her to be his first ever fuck, and she left saying we must do this again sometime.

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