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Title: I Did Not Know I Was Bi-Sexual - Author: deepprobsix

Published: Jun 9, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

I was 18 years of age and what we call a jack the lad been around have a few girls well before I was 18 and loved having sex out in the open where you stood a good chance of getting caught.

I was a skinny lad at 18 long bark brown hair and eyes and had one thing going for me was I had a 9" cock and 6" + girth so women always love it once they had seen it and also the word spread around between the girls I had had sex with so sex was never in short supply which was good.

I had been knocking about with this girl of 17 she would not let me have sex with her until her 18th birthday which was in two weeks time and boy oh boy was she going to get my big package as a birthday gift.

Two days before her 16th birthday we were having a drink and I asked her if she was going to let me fuck her on her birthday and she replied yes oh yes and I will have my dad there as well WHAT THE FUCK I said YOUR DAD what the hell has he got to do with us fucking, well since I was about 11 he has been coming into my bedroom at night and telling me all about sex and has watched me play with myself many times he has said that he wanted to fuck me on my 18th birthday too so the other day I said that I would let him have me as long as you could be there to, and as he wants me so badly he agreed so on my birthday you will be allowed to stop over the night and the three of us will sleep together.

I don't know about that I said your dad sounds a bit wild to me, Oh come on you want me don't you Tom she said, yea yea you know I do but with your dad, Please Tom it will be fun I can have your fresh young cock and a 58 year old cock I want to know if there is any difference, I was quite for a moment then gave in as I did want her and I felt more for her than any other girl I had ever been with, so yes yes I said ok I will join you and your dad on your birthday night, what about your mum where will she be don't tell me she is joining us too.

No no she said she will be working that night so we will have the house to ourselves it's going to be great I can not wait to be naked in from of my two best men, this is going to be the best birthday ever and she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth I moved my hand up and took hold of her breast and squeezed it thou her top and she gave out a MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I did so, I put my other hand on her leg and ran it up under her skirt and she opened her legs to allow me to reach her thin knickard covered cunt and I could feel her wetness thou the very thin martial and I ran my finger up and down over the outside of them and she squirmed and moaned as I did , then I applied more pressure pushing my finger and knickers into her slit and she clamped her legs tight onto my hand to stop me going any further she pulled away from our kiss and said NOW NOW Tom you have only two days to wait then you and dad can do what you like between you and I will do anything you two tell me to do and that's a promise.

So two days later the day had arrived and she was going to have a great day and even better night, Her mother had laid on a great party spread and fun was had by all at 7 in the evening her mum was getting ready for work and some of the party goers were starting to drift off home and by 9 her mother had gone to work and everyone else had gone so we cleared up and sat and had another beer, her dad was just pottering around the house when my girlfriend said well well I guess it is time for you two to show my what making love is all about then.

She got up and took my hand and her dads hand and she lead us to her bedroom and she had a big double bed so that was going to be handy, she lay down on the bed and patted each side of her so we climbed on the bed and lay down beside her, we took turns in kissing her the both of us pushing our tongues into her open mouth and it was not long before she had started to pant heavy, I took one of her amble breasts in my hand and squeezed it her father did the same to the other one.

She was now moaning as we played with her tits and her nipples grew hard under our hands, she was loving it then she sat up and pulled of her top and undone her bra and laid back down he father and me took a bra strap each and pulled it down her arms and slowly her wonderful tits came into view, Oh how fantastic there were full, and her nipples dark brown and hard the dark brown nipples stand out against her soft whit skin, we both took a nipple in our mouths and suck and she raised her back in a arch and she moaned OH OH OH yes yes yes as we bit,sucked and licked her tits.

Her dad lowered his hand and slowly undone her jeans lowering the zip and we could see the line of the top of her pants, OH this was going to be so so sweet I knelt one-side her father on the other we took hold of the top of her jeans and she lifted her bum of the bed and we slid them down over her well round bum and then down her legs and right off and just threw them on the floor, she was now laying there just in her small knickers and her pussy mound was pushing up and it looked wonderful you could see the slit of her pussy thou the very thin fabric and neither of us could wait to feel taste and fuck that sweet Virgin pussy that saw for now just out of reach.

We both put our hands on her knickers to do the same with them as we had her jeans, OH no no she said her father and I looked at each other as if to say "what the hell" she looked at the both of us and said you don't get to see,touch,lick,or fuck it until you are both naked.

I want you two to stand at the bottom of the bed and I am going to tell you what to take of so we stood at the end of the bed and she sat up and her full breasts just hung there poking out in front of her pointing at us teasing us and if they could have spoken they would have said " come come I want kiss and licking" of they looked so fucking good, I had a hard on top of a hard on, she was so beautiful.

Ok she started Dad take of your socks and he followed her instructions then she turned to me and said you your t-shirt, I removed it back to her dad and his top came of followed by my socks, then she said oK the both of you jeans off and throw them over on the floor, we both removed our jeans and they flew across the room and landed on the floor, we both stood there just in boxers and as I had such a big hard on it was poking over the top of my boxers and I saw her eyes dive straight to the top of my cock and she ran her tongue round her lips.

She stood up on the bed and turned round away from us and she slowly lowered her knickers slowly down over her wonderful full round butt her ass cheeks looked so smooth and the ass slit looked and begged to be kissed her cheeks wanted pulling apart and a tongue rammed down to touch her virgin ass hole and lick it.

Then her knickers dropped to the bed and this was it she was going to turn round and we would both she her virgin pussy that was not going to be virginal much longer, by the time tonight was over it was going to be well worn in and over flowing with cum.

She slowly turned round and her side view was very impressive her tits stuck out from her body and you could see the full curve of them and how far her nipples were sticking out from them they looked about three quarters of an inch long and then her pussy started to come into view she had a thing black bush of hair sticking out covering her well formed mound Oh how sweet that looked and I think me and her dad just stood there mouths hung open at the sight of this angel that was going to be ours for the taking, we started to move and she said firmly STOP , we both froze and she said you still have clothes on so now who shall I get naked first she was enjoying her power over us at this point but once we were on the bed then the tables would be turned and she would be doing every bloody thing we asked of her.

OK she said dad you get your boxes of now and with in a second they flew across the room he was also hard as a rock.

His cock stood out in front of him like a flag pole but his cock was only about 6 1/2 inches long and 4 inches in girth, he was told to get on the bed beside her and he did, she now turned to me and said right your turn so I bent over and dropped my shorts and picked them up and as I stood up to throw them across the room both gasped as they saw my big 9 inch cock and it's 6 inch girth, my girlfriend was licking her lips with delight at the size of it then I noticed her dad was to, which I thought strange at the time but got on the bed beside he.

She lay back down between us and we started back were we finished a few minutes ago both of us taking one of her big hard nipples into our mouths, I think we must have both bitten down on her nipple at the same time as she shouted at the top of her voice OH FUCK YEA and pushed both our heads harder onto her breasts with her hands, as we continued to suck at her nipples we slowly ran our hands down over her stomach and we touch her black bush of pubic hair and we ran our fingers though it and found the top of her slit and together we pushed our fingers down and we found that her slit was already wet whit her juice, she spread her legs and we found her clit and as we touched it with the tips of our fingers her whole body shook just like she was having a fit and she was moaning out loud YES YES oh fuck yes.

I started to move my finger on her clit sending shiver after shiver running though her and her dad pushed on and ran his finger down her cunt slit and he found for virgin hole and I could feel him moving his finger round and round the opening and she was now going fucking wild shaking, arching her back, swearing and moaning and then she climaxed and her cum juice shot out of her pussy something I had never seen before.

But her dad and I kept on and she must have cum three or four more times as we both finger played with her pussy but we still had not pushed a finger inside her we both knew what we were going to do and we put our two fingers together and slid them down and found her wet wet hole and we push forward together and entered out fingers inside her she arched her back again swearing FUCK YOU FUCK FUCK YOU BOTH as we pushed our fingers further inside her and then we started to fuck her with our fingers and we kissed her tits which were heaving up and down as she panted for breath, she shook and her body was jumping as we fingered her pussy again and again her cum squirted from her the bed was getting wetter and wetter but we did not care all we wanted to to make hard love to this wonderful Virgin.

As we let her rest and get her breath back for a bit her dad turned to her and said Ok my dear Daughter it is now time to have your first cock slip into what wonderful cunt of yours and I think you should say which one of us is going to slip there cock into you and take that Virgin Cherry of yours.

She looked from one to the other and said I would love it to be both but know that it can not be and I do not want to hurt either of you by choosing one and leaving the other one out as I know you both want to be the first, but she carried on looking at your cock they are both fantastic but she turned to me and said I am sorry my love but it has to be dad as his cock is a bit smaller then yours and for the first time in taking one I think your big cock would hurt like hell I do hope you understand my love, yes yes of coarse I do I said no problem and you are right taking this think for your first time might hurt so yea no problem. So I lay down and kissed her tenderly on the lips as her dad got between her open legs and he looked at her and then at me as he moved his body up over her, he was holding his body up over her with his arms and said to me please son grab hold of my cock and place it up against my daughters cunt would you , I was shocked I had never touched another man's cock before in my wife but slowly moved my hand between then pushed down and found his rock hard cock and it twitched in my hand as I touched it and wrapped my fingers around it.

I aimed it at her hair pussy and he eased forward and the head was just pushing thou her thick black hair and touched her lips beneath he looked at me and said OK you can let go now and as I took my hand away she said dad hang on , and she reached over and took hold hold of my cock and said OK dad I am ready now, and he lowered himself and kissed her on her moist puckered lips and as he did I saw him pushed down and forward and I heard her cry out as his cock push open her pussy lips and enter her count Taking away her Virginity forever.

He pushed into he very very slowly and he did not take his mouth away from her lips before he was fully inside her and just held himself there, when he did stop kissing her she had tears in her eyes but not tears of pain but tears of joy, she said OH daddy oh daddy I can feel you I can feel you inside me oh daddy it feels so so good .

She then turned to me and said sorry darling I know you wanted to be the first too but I hope you understand why I chose dad, yes yes I said of course I do and lent over her and kissed her pushing my tongue into her mouth and as we kissed her dad pulled out of her and then slowly push back into her and as he did so she pulled away from our kiss and took such a deep breath as her dad pushed back into her and then as he pulled back out she let out a OH OH YESSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssss daddy oh fuck yes and he started to fuck her not hard or fast but with a slow in and out pulling out until his cock was just touching her wet lips and then pushing back sliding in easy and fully, She was no longer a virgin in her pussy but I had a plan and I was going to be the one to take her Virgin ass.

Her dad was now getting close to cumming as he started to grunt with each push in and then my dear girlfriend once more shouted out Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk as her body shook again and again as a massive orgasm ripped though her and her cumming took her dad over the edge and he pulled out and his cum spat from his cock and it shot up between them covering her stomach and some even went so far that I landed on her tits, once his cock had finished spurting it's load he lay gently down on top of his panting daughter and she placed her arms around his back and hugged him tight as they kissed once more.

He rolled off from her her naked body lay there glistening with sweat and her dads cum and she was still breathing hard, but kept her legs wide open and her mound was still twitching from her last climax and I moved round between her legs and looked her her pussy there were specks of blood where her dad had taken her Virginity and her juice was running from her, her pussy lips were still open and I could see right up inside her and her very pink inside walls shone with her cum and I got closer and closer and pushed my mouth against her dripping pussy and sucked her juice and the little drops of blood from her Oh she tasted so so sweet her sex juice was like honey as it hit my tongue and ran down the back of my throat.

Then she came again screaming and screaming out as her biggest orgasm yet rip though her and her Juice once again shot from her like a fountain and it shot down the back of my throat I had never felt sure force behind a woman's cum before it was just pouring from her, it was then me bent over mouth clamped on her pussy that I felt hands on my ass and as the only other person in the whole hose was her dad then it could only been him. My ass cheeks were pulled apart and my hole was there for all to see, as my mouth was clamped over her squirting pussy I could not say anything and I was being held in place by this pair of hands that were holding my ass cheeks apart and a finger was being run up and down in the vale between my cheeks and it was going round and round my hole, then I felt and heard him spit on my hole and then pressure on my puckered hole and his finger bushed and pushed until it popped into me.

My head was spinning what with the cum from my girlfriend squirting down my throat and now her dad's finger pushing further and further into my Virgin ass I was trying to work out what the hell was going on.

He soon had the full length of his finger inside me and was moving it back and forth and I had feeling I never had had before the feeling of pleasure ran though my ass and up though my whole body, my tongue was licking her cunt hard and fast and I was sucking her clit into my mouth she was going wild and thrashing about under me, my cock was harder than it ever had been as my ass was fucked with her dad's finger then he placed his tongue on my ass and ran it round my hole before pushing it in as far as he could, god this was mind blowing as he licked and licked my ass I was nearly shooting my load without it even being touched.

Then he was gone leaving my ass wet from his spit and I must say I was missing the feeling already I wanted more of it but I also wanted to be the second cock to fuck this wonderful wet pussy. Her pubic hair was matted with her cum and I wanted my cock inside her and she was sure wet enough to take it without anymore pain, so I kissed up her body slowly stopping of to suck and kiss her nipples but even with me still down this far my cock head was rubbing her cunt and she kept pushing her body up to try and get more of it in, Oh OH fuck me fuck me she said and I moved up her body more and kissed her sweet tender lips and the rest of my cock slipped into her and she took a deep sharp intake of breath as my 9 inches slipped all the way up inside her, OH OH FUCK YES YES FUCK YES she said as our bodies meet and I had it all inside her and she started to move her body up and down of the bed trying to slid up and down my cock, I raised myself up and pulled out of her and then pushed back faster then her dad had and she screamed once more and she lifted her body to meet me and we slapped our body together hard.

I now started to ram her faster and harder I have never had a woman squirm and move so much under me as I fucked her she was going wild and screaming out as I fucked her hard our bodies slamming harder and harder together as I rode her she came and acme my cock and balls were soaked from all her sexy cum juice which was like turning on a tap it was just running from her.

I pulled out of her completely and her eyes popped open and she screamed at me put it back put it back you bastard I want it back, but I knelt up and told her to get on all fours as I wanted to fuck her from the rear, she said your not fucking my ass , no no I said your pussy my cock will enter a bit further that way, then what the fuck are we waiting for she said and she got on all fours and lowered herself down onto her elbows and her black hair cunt was pushed back towards me and it looked so fucking good her pussy lips parted after having my cock ramming it.

I moved in close and just before I took hold of my cock her dad placed his hand on it yet another first to have another man's hand on my cock and he place the head right up against her open cunt hole and I took hold of her hips and with one long hard push I filled her with my cock and she screamed OH OH FUCK FUCK YES YES FUCK ME FUCK ME and that is what I did I was now pumping hard into her and her dad moved round behind me again as my body was thrusting back and forth fucking her pussy then once more I felt his hands on my ass cheeks and he pulled then apart once more then he lent forward and spat on my hole again and pushed his finger once more inside me but did not keep it there I felt him kneel up behind me and I stopped moving in and out of his daughter and she said what the fuck are you doing, and I replied I think your dad is going to fuck my Asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and he just thrust into me no warning what so ever and his cock Popped my ass ring open and the fucking pain was unbelievable as he pushed forward taking my Virgin ass this was the second Virgin thing he had taken tonight, She shouted DAD DAD what the fuck are you doing, Oh just shut up and let him fuck you while I fuck his ass I have always like a bit of ass from time to time and with the pain still in my ass he started to fuck me so to take my mind of the pain I started to fuck her once more, so as I pulled out of her my ass slid down on his cock and then as I slipped back into her his cock eased out of me, the pain started to go and pleasure took his place and I was how moaning, YES YES fuck my ass oh fuck yes and she was moaning again that's it fuck me hard oh fuck fuck ys oHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am cumming again and her cunt gripped my cock as she climaxed once more her cum squirted from her and covering me dripping of my balls and down onto the bed.

Her dad was really going for it and was now fucking my ass hard but now I was enjoying it more and more to feel his body hitting mine with force as he rammed into my hole I was now in heaven having pleasure from my cum soaked cock deep inside this pussy and a cock now in my ass.

I was getting really to cum and I could feel my balls tighten as my cum was starting to work it's way up and shoot out my cock, I said to her I am going to cum very very soon she replied though gritted teeth as another climax hit her Cum Cum in me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee I want to feel what it's like to feel cum inside me Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she said again as another climax made her pussy walls grip my cock as it thrust inside her, and then I held her hard back onto my cock as the first spurt of my cum left the top of my cock and jetted out and splashed her insides OH OH YES she said OH OH I can feel it right up inside me OH wonderful she screamed and my cock continued to pump and fill her with her first ever cum, Oh OH Christ she said as my cock finished pumping OH FUCK that was good Oh Christ yes yes.

I lent over her bent body and kissed her back as I held my cock fully inside, it made it easier for her dad to still fuck my ass and he was pushing both of us forward with each ram into my ass, then he like I did to his daughter held onto my hips and rammed in once more held himself fully inside and his cock twitched and then throbbed and I could feel pump after pump of cum leave his cock and splash against my insides it was warm and sent a wonderful feeling though me, he then pulled out and moved to the side of me and I pulled out of his daughter, she lay back on the bed and her dad got down between her legs and started to lick my cum as it dripped from her pussy and she came once more squirting all over his face.

When he had finished I looked at his cock as he lay beside his daughter and I could see his cum was covering his cock where it had stuck as he pulled out of me, I went over and took a deep breath and licked my tongue up the length of his cock and he closed his eyes and just said MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and I closed my mouth over the head and started to suck he limp cock getting all the cum from it, his daughter was watching us and could not believe her eyes that her father had fucked her boyfriend's ass and now her boyfriend was sucking her dad's cock.

I lay down beside her and she turned to me and said I did not know you liked men as well, I didn't until a few minutes ago when your dad rammed my ass with his cock, so looks like we both had our Virginity taken by your dad today, and we all laughed, she then said you know that was so bloody fantastic I had never dreamed such wonderful feeling's ever existed and when you came in me I could feel every pump of your cock and when your cum hit my insides WOW that felt so bloody nice.

I lightly ran my hands over her body touching her tits and stomach and ever so often she shivered as small feeling's of pleasure ran thou her, her dad lay there watching us for a while then he said to his daughter I want to say thank you darling for letting me make love to you I know it's wrong but I have always wanted your body and you let me I don't know how to that you, you just have she replied you took my virginity and that was wonderful knowing that my own father was the first ever cock inside me I will never forget that, he was getting hard again as I was and he lay there on his back and told his daughter to sit on it and as quick as lightning she was up sitting over him lowering herself down on his hard rod and then started to bounce up and down on it she brought her hands up and took hold of her tits and squeezed and pinched them making herself cum and it covered her dad's lower stomach as it squirted from her, Her dad looked at me and said come over here and put take fucking monster in my mouth.

I moved over beside them and he took hold of my cock and placed it on his lips and opened his mouth and the head fell into it and as he closed his mouth round it I had to just close my eyes and let the feeling's of pleasure run over me as I was kneeling beside my girlfriend as she rode her fathers dick I ran my fingers up and down her back which made her shake and shiver and each time I lowered my fingers closer and closer to her other virgin hole,

when my finger touched her hole she let out a small cry of OH oh and then I pushed and the tip of my finger popped in and she loved it OH GOD OH GOD YES and as she rode up and down on her dad's cock she was now riding my finger too.

She must have come twice or three times and I removed my cock from her fathers mouth and moved round behind her and pushed on her back so she was now leaning forward over her father and her ass was at my mercy she said NO NO not my ass please not my ass, I said do you remember what you said to me the other day when I tried to get my hand inside your knickers you said I will do anything once I am sixteen and I will do anything you and dad tell me , well I am telling you I am going to take your virgin ass just like your dad just took mine.

I held her bent forward her dad's cock still deep within her and I spat on her ass and over the tip of my cock and I ran the tip up and down the valley of her ass stopping from time to time over her hole before moving it again, I spat on it again and this time when I stopped on her hole I did not move on I pushed forward and she let out the biggest scream as the head popped inside her, OH STOP STOP SHE CRIED THAT FUCKING HURTS OH OHHhhhhhhhhhhhh NOooooooooooooooooooooo but I did not remove it I just held it there not moving and just let the pain ease off and then pushed some more she cried out again as three inches were now inside her I waited before moving on again 10 minutes later the whole thing was deep inside her ass pried open by my 6 inch thick cock and after a while I started to fuck her she cried out that it hurt for a while then she started to moan again but with pleasure this time and she also started to ride her dad's cock once more.

After a while I was pounding into her ass and she was riding her dad's cock I put my hands round her and took hold of her tits and grabbed them twisting them and pulling them and again she covered her dad in her cum and she was really screaming out with pleasure as climax after climax ran thou her time and time again.

Her dad shouted I am cumming and he pushed up from the bed and filled his daughters pussy with his first load of cum as the last lot he spat over her and she loved the fact that her dad was now cumming deep inside her and I was still pounding her ass and then I could not hold back and I filled her with cum filling her virgin ass she came again and it was so forceful that it shot her dad's cock from her cunt.

We all lay they for a while before her dad got me to lay on my stomach and told his daughter to hold my ass cheeks open and got over me and pushed his cock back into me and fucked me so hard my ass was red raw by the time he came, I turned over and my girlfriend got into the 69 and she sucked me until my cock erupted sending shot after shot down her throat and she came all over my face she turned and licked my face clean.

We fuck her cunt twice more each that night and by the time we dropped of to sleep she was one very happy 18 year old and that she had had the best birthday ever, I had lost my virgin ass into the bargain to, I was now looking forward to getting laid again and soon.

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