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Title: The Bondage Trap - Author: deepprobsix

Published: Jun 12, 2014 - Contact: deepprobsix@gmail.com

I often use sex sites to find women that just want to meet for a quick fuck and no strings as I am married and my wife knows nothing of this side of me, why do I do it well I have a high sex drive and my wife dose not as I am fully aware that sex is not everything in a marriage and I love my wife dearly and would not leave her but as I say I love sex so the best way out is for me to go and get it as and when I can.

Si I have met this one lady two or three time and we have had some very sexy fun, she is about 50, long blonde hair it reaches down to her butt, she has a long slender body and legs that seam to go on forever if you know what I mean.

The last time we met before the time I wish to tell you about I called round and when she invited me in we went though to the lounge and sat down as we always had a drink first she was wearing a long white coat and what I could see of them leather boots that were red in colour, as we drank she stood up and undone the belt holding the coat together and as it fell open she stood there in thigh high red leather boots red stockings and suspenders small red frilly knickers and a red bra with nipple holes and her nipples were already hard and poking thou and stood out like organ stops.

She just stood there in front of me watching me drink my whisky and she was running her finger up and down her pussy lips with her finger inside her little red knickers, as I finished my drink she walked over to me and knelt on the sofa with her legs either side of me so she was sitting in my lap, my cock by this time was hard and ready for action and was bursting to get out from it's confinement inside my pants, she placed her hand under my chin lifting my head up and lent forward and we kissed as we did I pushed the white coat back over her shoulder's and she let it fall of her arms and onto the floor.

After the coat had dropped onto the floor she started to grind her pussy into my crotch making me harder still she slid of the sofa and knelt on the floor in front of me were she reached forward and undone my trousers and zip and told me to left me butt up and she pulled of my trousers and pants and as she did my cock sprang up to attention, having taken all bottom half of my clothes she lent forward and took my cock into her mouth and started to suck me off.

To cut a long story short she got back up and knelt across me and pulled her knickers to one side am placed my cock against her shaven pussy and slowly took it inside her and she fucked me until I filled her with my cum, we are now coming to the part that this story is really about.

When we were having another drink before I left she said to me that she had something to ask me, go ahead I said well have you ever done bondage Dave in what way I said you tying me up or me tying you up, “O” she said me tying you up and then letting me do things to you before we have sex.

No I said I have never done that I have tied my wife to the bed sometimes but apart from that, well she butted in would you like to give it a try as I have a room upstairs I use for such a thing maybe when you come round next time we could try it if your up for it, well as I said I have never done it but have wondered what it would be like as I have watched porn films of bondage so yes Mary I will give it ago shall we say next Wednesday same time, OK Mary said I will get things ready for then, I got up and left wondering what I was letting myself in for and in my wildest dreams I had no idea what was to come.

Wednesday soon came round and I knocked on Mary's door when she opened it I stood there mouth open she had on thigh high black leather boots with big buckles all the was up the sides, Black fish net stockings and black suspender belt lace with red, and a pair of crotchless knickers and her pussy lips hung thou the slit in the knickers and again she had a bra with nipple holes and on each nipple she had nipple clamps and a chain joining them together and she had hold of a whip.

Come on in Dave my slave she said I stepped in and as soon as the door was shut she said right Strip now and from now on and until up leave this house you will do what I say and no questions have you got that, yes I said YES WHAT SHE SHOUTED BACK WHEN YOU TALK TO ME YOU CALL ME MISTRESS GOT THAT SLAVE, yes mistress I replied, and with that she whipped my ass as I was getting undress.

Once undressed I was ordered upstairs and as I entered the room there were whips,dildos,butt plugs, nipple clamps, gags, hoods, you name it it was here and in the middle of the room was a table that had a table top that swivelled and it was standing upright at the moment, with a whip to my backside I was ordered over to the table and to stand facing it and in the table there was a hole cut so a cock and balls would fit thou and a U shape cut-out at the top so your head went in and your chin could rest on it making it so you laid flay as possible, when I was standing right up against the table she went round to the other side placed her hand thou the hole and cupped my balls and cock into her hand and pulled them thou the hole and not gently either and she came round behind me again and then took some rope and tied me to the table wrists, and ankles and one around my neck making sure I could not lift me head up from the table or from side to side,

Then she started to whip my ass and back again and again the pain ran though my whole body but some how felt very erotic to and my cock started to grow, it was now standing hard and proud though the hole in the table, Mary moved round in front of my and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth and our tongues entwined as we kissed.

She walked over to another table that had loads of stuff on it and came back with something in her hands I had no idea what it was or done but I soon found out, she knelt down and the thing she had in her hands clamped round the back of my cock and balls so it was now impossible for me to pull my cock back thou the hole in the table I was pined there not able to move.

When Mary stood back up she took hold of her whip and this time whipped me a crossed the head of my cock the pain was making my eyes water but my cock stayed hard which to me meant that despite the pain I was enjoying this, it was then that I heard the door open behind me and my heart started to beat faster and faster I could not see who had entered the room, Oh come come she said our slave is ready and he has agreed to do what we say is that not right my dear slave, with a big gulp I said yes mistress.

Then four woman appeared round in front of me all dress as Mary was and all with whips in there hands, two women were stunning and would have graced any porn magazine one blond short hair and one raven black hair she had pussy hair poking out thou the crotchless knickers, the other to were a lot shorter and fatter, but not over fat, when these women appeared is when I stated to panic a little when the hell were they going to do to me but I knew it was to late to back out now that was for sure these 5 women were going to do what they wanted to me I I could nothing to stop it and to be very honest I did not know if I wanted to anyway.

Mary was still whipping my cock and balls the the Raven haired one stared to whip my back as did the other tall blonde one leaving the other 2 they moved over to the table and 1 came back with a jar of gel and the other had a medium size dildo, Oh fuck I thought I know where that's going and up till now the only thing I had in my ass was a doctors finger yet here they were getting ready to shove that thing in there and they did not even ask if I had ever done this before, still being whipped I felt clod gel being spread over my ass then one of them held my ass cheeks apart while the other one applied more gel over and into my hole she pushed a finger in to make sure the lube went in.

Then I felt this hard dildo push between my cheeks and I started to say No No No and Mary hit my cock even harder and the pain shot right thou me and as it did I felt like my ass was being split open and these to pushed on the dildo and they tried hard to get it into my ass but it would not go, I was now shouting out loud NO NO FOR FUCK SHAKE NO, Mary walked over to the wall and took down a ball gag and before I could say anymore it was forced into my mouth and snapped shut behind my head so now I could not make any noise apart from Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

More gel was applied to my ass hole and this time one of them pushed two fingers inside and then three and she was lubing me up all the time, the blonde and the raven haired women stood there watching the other two trying to get me lubed up and then came the dildo again, one held my ass cheeks open and the other one pushed the head of this penis shaped dildo up against my ass hole and pushed again and this time it went in a bit further and the pain returned and this time was even worse than before.

As this was being done Mary had gotten down on her knees and had now taken my whipped sore cock into her mouth and was sucking it for all she was worth her her pounding back and forth taking the whole 9 inches inside her mouth and down her throat, then the head of the dildo Popped inside my very tight ass hole and By god the pain nearly made me pass out as I could not scream or make and noise and had to breath hard though my nose.

Then it was pulled out again hurting just as much as it did going in, then the other one that had been holding my ass open said lets have a go so she took the dildo and the other one held open my cheeks and then as she touched the tip of the head of this thing against the hole, she just pushed with all the strength and it shot into my ass at full speed ripping open my hole and the whole 7 inches shot up into me with out stopping, she said to the other one there that's how you do it and held it fully into my ass, I am sure I must have passed out with the pain and the next thing I knew was Mary was over at the table getting something else from it.

When she came back she clipped two clamps one on each ball but with the pain in my ass still raging I did not really feel them clamp on, there was a thin wire running from each clamp and Mary went and got this small box and fixed the wires to it, then she pushed a button and this electric shock ran thou my balls making me shake on the table I was tied to, again and again Mary pushed this button and the raven haired women came round to the front and knelt down and between the shocks took my still rock hard cock into her mouth.

The other blonde started to whip me again and the other two started to fuck my ass with the dildo God Almighty the pain was terrible as they thrust it back and forth taking fully out before ramming it back in making it pop open my ass each time I can only guess what my as must have looked like at that point red raw I should think but none of these women had finished with it yet.

The blonde one stopped whipping me and she went and looked along the wall and brought back two items one was a dildo about the same size as my cock 9 inches by 6 inch girth and gave it to the two women and said if he wants us to take that size then why shouldn't he and the other two laughed and remover the dildo they had been fucking my ass with and replaced it with the new one, Once again these two took no prisoners and just rammed it home and again pain flooded my body as this big fucking thing pushed open my ass hole even further and entered ever high inside me .

The other thing the blonde woman had was a glove that had loads and loads of small needles on it palm and she ran this time and time again down my back now this did hurt but was also blood erotic god my cock was harder than ever then she started to put more and more pressure on it and it hurt more and more, one though crossed my mind how the fuck will I explain these marks to the wife if she see them, but at this moment in time I just did not fucking care apart from the pain that was slowly going in my ass this was indeed heaven, five women doing what they want with your body two that as I say could be spread a cross the centre of any male magazine, then Mary she was fantastic for her age and then the other two which I would have never said no two ant anytime so being torchard by five sexy female I was in heaven.

Then the two who had been fucking my ass walked round the front of me leaving the dildo stuck in my ass, the blonde one they went over to the wall with them and took down three strap-on dicks and my eyes popped out of my head when I saw the bloody size of then the three of them put them on, then a small table was brought up to and put against the front of the table and it was just below the hight of my cock if held down and straight out in front of me.

The three walked back round and I felt one of them remove the dildo I had no idea which one and then felt it replace by this what must have been a soft rubber dildo and it was a lot bigger but being softer did not hurt nearly as much, and I felt it sliding in and which ever one it was started to fuck me ass Mary came up to me and said now my slave are you going to stop making a lot of noise, I nodded my head as much as I could move it and Mary removed the gag I gasped for breath and she brought over a glass with whisky in it for me to have a sip and I said thank you thank you mistress, it was about then that I started to enjoy the ass fucking as these rubber ones where no where near as painful as the harder ones even if they were bigger, then one was taken out and replaced by another one.

The women fucking my ass was standing right up behind me and was ramming her dildo hard and fast into me and I was now starting to moan softly Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes oh mistress thank you thank you this is wonderful mistress.

Then the raven haired one lay on the table before me Mary took hold of my red whipped cock and held it down as she slid herself down the table and my cock entered her hairy black haired pussy, I could see her pussy lips open as my cock pushed against them they opened up and then closed around it as inch after inch slipped inside her, legs were sticking up the table I was strapped to and she was hard against it and now started to move back and forth on my cock as much as she could, Mary stood just to the side and watched and then she hit the button she still had in her hand sending a shock though my cock but also right thou the pussy that was on the end of it.

She screamed out YES MARY YES MARY AGAIN and Mary done what she was asked and we both got shocked again and again, Mary lent forward and started to rub the clit of the woman laying in-front of me and with her rubbing and the shocks she was getting she was going mad shaking and convulsing all over the place and still moving up and down my cock, More Mary MORE MORE MORE she shouted and Mary rubbed her clit harder and faster and she was hitting the button again and again.

While this was going on I was still getting fucked hard at the rear they kept on changing round taking turns to shove their strap on cock into my ass applying lube from time to time, then the one on my cock screamed OH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and she came as I have never in my life seen a squirter before but this one wow she flooded the floor with her cum my god it just gust out of her as again and again she came and all the while Mary was still pressing that damned button and the wetness of her cum did not help as it make the shock even harder.

Once she had finished Mary pulled the table back and the women could hardly get up she was so worn out with cumming like that, Mary got down and licked all the cum from me and then stood up and said ok girls it is time to get in line and they just stopped what they were doing and walked round in front of me still with the strap-on cocks sticking out in front of them.

The two bigger women got either side of the table they undone the ropes and I was ordered to turn round and to bend over as I did I saw Mary going over to the table once more she came back with the biggest fattest butt plug I had ever seen, Mary came over covered it in lube and started to shove the plug into my ass I did not think it was going to hurt as much after all the pounding the three of them had been doing to my ass with the strap-on's but how blood wrong can you be.

She pushed it hard and bit by bit it started to open up my hole, tears came back into my eyes but I did not want that gag again so I just bit down on my lip as Mary carried on pushing I was hoping against all hope that it was just about at the widest part and it would pop into my sore sore ass but on and on it went opening my ass further and further I was in so much pain my ass was not going to take much more and all the ladies had come over to watch my hole being forced open, I was breathless panting for air my ass was going to split if this did not pop in soon how much could be left to go in I could not take much more and I would have to scream out as the pain increased then Mary gave one last hard shove and I felt my ass open up even more the pain was like someone shoving a firework up my ass and setting it off, the pain exploded though my entire body but I felt this fucking massive butt plug finally pop inside and my ass hole closed around it sucking it inside me so just the small neck of the plug was keeping my hole from shutting completely.

I was then told to move back so my back was now against the table and the ropes were replaced tying me to the table, the table was the tilted back so it was now horizontal and my hard cock was sticking up from me, they all got whips and started to whip me a cross the chest making sure they got my nipples one was whipping my balls and cock and one my feet.

First the blonde women came over to the table she was out of this world the most beautiful face, body, she had everything a man would commit murder to get they cock inside a woman like this and here I was tied to a table and she was going or so I hoped to ride my cock, she climbed onto the table and took my cock into her mouth and sucking it and licked it she was moving her head up and down my cock hard and fast then the moment had come she turned around and knelt over me and placed her hand behind herself and took hold of my cock and aimed it at her wonderful shaven cunt and she just ran her cunt from top to bottom in long long push, she threw her head back and screamed OH OH FUCK YES as she sat into my lap my cock fully in bedded inside her.

Then as she started to rise up and down my cock one of the other women climbed onto the table and she knelt over my head and was facing the one riding my cock she lowered herself down and her hairy pussy lowered down onto my face she started to rub her cunt back and forth on my face and her crotchless knickers rubbing my face and her sexy juice was dripping into my open mouth, the two women lent forward and they were kissing and playing with each others tits as they had orgasm after orgasm between them, my face was now covered in her cum and my balls were cover from the one riding my cock.

They kept at it for some time and I then though why had I not shot my load yet I had now had two of the most gorgeous women fucking my cock one sitting on my face yet I did not even feel like cumming yet I just could not work it out but I must say I did not care at this point, the women got up and I had time to turn my head and saw the other three in a heap on the floor all fucking each other with the strap on dildo's, the two that had been on top of me changed places so now I was getting such a wonderful fucking view of this most beautiful woman's pussy lowering onto my face and I pushed my tongue out so it would enter it as soon as possible and as they touched a jolt of an electric shock ran though me.

Both started touching each other as they fucked me in their own way then after a while they both had the most massive orgasms and the one on my face pushed down so hard as she came I could not breath as I felt her cunt quiver with the climax.

Both got of me and the the raven haired one got up from the others on the floor and took of her strap on and came over got onto the table and sat on my face while the one that had not had my cock yet came over and started to suck my cock and run her hands up and down it then she got up on the table and slid herself fully onto my rock hard cock, she had also brought the button that was attached the to two clamps attached to my balls and as she hit fully down on my cock she pushed the button and the electric shock ran though us and as she was touching Raven hair she got a kick from it and forced her self hard down on my face and that sent the shock thou my tongue and both screamed and screamed and they rode me like this was the last time they would have sex even in there lives.

Again and again she pushed the button shocking all three of us and again and again they came and I was now drinking as much cum as I could handle and then once more these two changed places and the raven hair women took the clamps from my balls and placed them on my nipples before climbing onto my cock were she started to ride up and down my shaft and she was now doing the nipple clamps up so tight the pain was intents but I was unable to make any noise due to having a pussy sitting on my face then it came the shock my whole body jumped and my back arched as it ran though me forcing my cock harder into her.

On and on we fucked then as the other two they both shook and orgasmed together and my mouth was filled with cum as my body was to covered as raven hair was cumming like she had before and it sprayed up my stomach and over my chest, Blonde came over and stated to lick it of me while the other to finished cumming between them.

When they had all relaxed the two on me got of and then they were gone just leaving me and Mary alone in the room and me still tied to the table and the massive butt plug in my ass, she came over to me and started to whip my chest and it now stung as my chest was wet from ravens cum, well well my slave did you enjoy your first bondage session, yes yes mistress I replied will you be back for more she asked yes yes mistress I said I will, may I ask a question my mistress, yes slave you may, I said with all this fucking why have I not cum I do not understand it I could not normally last this long.

The drink you had when I took the gag out was not a act of kindness she said it had something in it to stop you cumming so quick we did not want you shoot off before we were all satisfied did we my slave she said then laughed,

Mary removed the wire from the clamps but left them on and also the chain between them, the butt plug stayed in place also, Mary got up on the table and knelt over me and then took my cock deep with in her and she start to move up and down my cock hard taking long strokes each time when reaching the top ramming back down again, then she took the chain in her hand and as she plunged down onto my cock she gave the chain an almighty pull, the pain was so bad it felt like she had just pulled my nipples off, again and again she done this my nipples were so tender as she pulled on them tears were running done my cheeks,

Then as she carried on I felt that feeling deep down in my balls and knew that it would not be long now before I was flooding her insides with my warm sticky cum, on and on she rode like a cowgirl holding onto the chain pulling it with each downward thrust, again and again she was cumming her juice running from her down all over me then the feeling started to move faster though my balls up the stem of my cock and then tough the head and exploded from the tip sending splash after splash hot warm cum filling her up, her cunt clamped round my throbbing cock that was still spilling cum into her and she came with one massive climax she just flopped forward down onto me her body shaking violently as her orgasm ran it's course though her, when her climax eased and she gained control of her body she sat back up and looked at me and said OH FUCKING WOW, then she lent forward and kissed me.

She got of me and untied my arms and legs then came the nipple clamps they had been on my nipples for a while and had stopped all the blood from running though them so when she removed them the blood flooded back and my god the the pain and the pleasure of the pain was well I just can not find words to explain it's only that it hurt like fucking hell but was shear pleasure to it was the most amazing thing I had ever felt.

Then Mary told me to bend over and this was one of the things I had been dreading the removal of the butt plug, that fucking thing was so fucking painful being pushed in and that was with the cone easing it's way in from the smallest point up to the biggest but this was going to be the other way with the fattest end coming out first and by now my ass had got use to being closed round the neck of the small stem.

I bent over and Mary closed her fingers round the rubber disc that stopped it from going right up inside you and then pulled at first it did not move then the pain hit me right between the eyes as my ass was forced open and then my ass gave way and the fat end popped out and then the rest shot out of my oh the fucking relief as it popped out.

Mary told me to stand up and she came round dropped to her knees and sucked my limp cock into her mouth and licked it, she then stood in front of me and pulled me to her and held me close and kissed me again, then said right off you go, your clothes are down stairs where you took them off,get dressed and go, so I did my ass was so sore when I started to walk my back and chest hurt from all the whipping I had taken but boy oh boy was I happy.

I knew that when I got home I was going to have to keep out the way of my wife for a few days with all the marks over my back and front if she saw them she would want to know what was going on, tonight was going to be the hardest as I would normally sleep in the nude so how was I going to get into bed and her not see my whipped body, as I went in she came to the door the first thing she said was are you OK dear you look worn out, little do you know I thought, feel like I might have a cold coming on I said, Oh you poor thing go get yourself a whisky and take it easy.

Later that night it was bed time and this was the test as we got up to bed I said do you know where my PJ are, think I will wear them feeling a bit chilly tonight, so she went to get them and I changed in the bathroom after taking a hot shower, I had got away with it I got onto bed my body still aching and lay there when she turned onto her side and put her arm over me and ran her hand up my back and I shook at the pain of her touch, what's the mater she said oh nothing I replied yes there is take your top of and let me have a look No No I said it's OK TAKE IT OFF she said sternly, I slowly lifted up the top to my Pj's and she saw all the makes from the whipping I had had, What the fuck is all that she screamed at me and jumped out of the bed.

I can explain I said get back into bed and lets talk, What the fuck have you been doing she asked again, Well dear I said as you know I like my sex and you don't so I have been getting a little extra somewhere else and I told her the whole story, and ended up with what had gone on that day, she was so shocked that for a while she just sat there not saying a thing her mouth hung open.

I just don't understand she said I thought you loved me, I do I said so so much but you just don't want sex and I need it just though it was best to go and get a bit without hurting you.

So she said did you enjoy today then, WHAT I asked , did you enjoy today she repeated, yes it was OK bit scary to start with but great once it got going, So who is this Fucking Mary and where dose she live, so I told her about how we meet and where she lived, She got out of the bed and said I think I need time to myself and think I will sleep in the other bedroom tonight, please don't I said, yes I am she said see you in the morning and she left I now felt like crap.

Morning came and when I got up I was so bloody stiff and sort and when I had to go to the loo god it was like shitting fire my ass was so so sore, I when down to find the house empty and no note or anything to say where my wife had gone, I had breakfast and sat at my computer when my mobile rang, I saw that it was Mary's number on the front of the screen my heart sank so that's where my wife had gone to see Mary, I answered it and said Hi Mary how are you, shut up and listen she said I want you over here at 1 sharp no ifs no buts just make sure your here at 1 and the phone went dead, Oh Christ I thought she dose not sound a happy bunny.

At 1 I knocked on the door and Mary opened it she was wearing things like she had worn yesterday but a dark blue in colour this time and she looked stunning, come in she snapped as the door shut and before I could say a thing she placed a latex hood over my head and it had like a small cock on the inside that was pushed into my mouth so I was unable to say anything then she told me to strip off and I done as I was ordered, she then took my hands and tied then behind my back and she picked up a whip and hit me really hard with it that it drew blood and the pain and stinging was eminence and I was told to go though into the front room and to band over the back of the sofa.

She said I her stern mistress voice this is for payback for telling your wife about me, I knew then I had been right all along this is where she had come, I lent over the back of the sofa my ass now sticking up in the air and I was making myself read to receive a good whipping and that is what I got but instead of a whip she used a paddle like a table tennis paddle but it was longer and covered the whole of my ass and she was really going to town hitting my ass as hard as she could, the noise it was making was so loud, SLAP SLAP SLAP it went my ass must have been red raw by now as it sure felt like it.

She then put down the paddle and told me to stay where I was and not to move a mussel and after that beating I dare not move I can tell you, Mary left the room and a few moments later I heard Mary coming back and then felt this stuff hit my red raw ass and the the fire ripped though me what the hell was she doing and then I worked it out she was rubbing salt into the cuts she had made with the paddle, Oh my god it stung and tears ripped back on cheeks then she picked up the paddle again and started hitting my ass again.

When she stopped that she reached between my legs and took hold of my cock and pulled it back between my legs and then tied some cord around just behind the head and then brought the cord up and tied that the the cord that was round my writs so my cock was now bent back underneath me and with a hard on it was hurting like hell as it strained to straighten out pulling at the cord which was then cutting into my cock, the thing that was sticking into my mouth was now making me gag as my mouth got drier and drier.

Mary got behind me and spanked my ass some more with the paddle then I felt what I had felt the day before a strap on dildo and this time there was no lube to help, Mary spat on my ass and that made the salt sting even more then she held open my ass cheeks and I felt the head of this thing between them and pushing up against my hole and then Mary shoved forward with a hard thrust and I felt the head pop inside my ass but hell this was a lot bigger than the ones the other ladies had used, not as big as the butt plug but still bloody big with no lube to help it.

Then without stopping she pushed forward and this massive thing started to slid into me on and on it went Fucking hell I thought how fucking long is this thing and it felt like it was going to start rubbing by my heart if it went in any more and then I felt the rubber balls push against me and I knew it was fully into me but by Christ it was long and thick, without waiting Mary pulled back so that just the head was left in then a fast push back and the full length rushed back into me and she pushed so hard that when our bodies meet the sofa was pushed forward.

On and on she pumped hard into me and at times took it completely out and then rammed it hard back into me making my ass ring force open to allow the dildo back in and each time pain shot though me like a bolt of lightening making my head spin with pain and pleasure.

Mary took hold of my hands that were tied behind my back and as she pushed forward she pulled me back towards her so she rammed into me even harder My cock by this point was giving me so much pain as well due to it being so bloody hard it wanted to straighten out but could not due to the cord tying it to my hands.

She kicked at my feet so I opened my legs further and as I did she pulled out of me and I felt something heavy placed on the cord that was tied round my cock pulling it even tighter the pain was almost to much to bare but I could not say a word due to his hook and this rubber cock thing pushed into my mouth I just had to take everything she was dishing out, Then I heard her doing something else behind me and all of a sudden I had another dildo ram into my ass this fucking one had like big rubber balls spaced out down the rod so as she pushed it in it was like my ass had to fully open then shut and then fully open to allow the next ball in there were four balls on this dildo so my ass was opening and closing four times with each full push in and out, at first this hurt like hell but after a few pump's I started to enjoy it the feeling of my ass opening and closing so fast was sending pleasure all over my body and if I had not been gagged I might have been begging for more and harder and faster to.

The thing that was causing the pain was my cock now with this heavy weight on it but with the pleasure from the dildo and the pain from my cock it was sending me so near to shooting my load with out it even being touched it was like heaven and hell rolled into one, but Mary just kept on ramming into me for a few more minutes before stopping and just pulling out of me, then I felt some fingers push inside me.

Mary started to finger fuck my ass and with each in and out her fingers they ran up and down my prostrate and this did in fact send me over the top even with my cock tied back under me and the head facing backwards I shot my load this was so painful due to the cord round my shaft but when the cum flew from it if must have hit Mary but she said nothing and carried on finger fucking me, she now had four or even the whole five fingers ramming into my ass now and with each push a bit more of her fingers / hand went in and this was opening my ass even further than the bloody butt plug yesterday, and the pain was returning and running thou my ass and all over my body as she pushed harder and harder with her hand and then I really wanted to scream out as loud as I could as with one hard push her whole fucking fist popped into my ass.

She was twisting her fist round and round inside me she pulled it out and rammed it back in I was getting so I could not take much more and felt as if I was going to black out my head spinning with the lack of air as I could only breath though my nose, my mouth was so bloody dry I think you would have seen a camel in there if you had looked, then she stop moving her hand and I got a bit of rest even though her hand was still embedded inside my ass but at least Mary had stopped moving it.

As I hung over the sofa trying to get my breath back and some air to my brain I saw some movement in the corner of my right eye and turned my head to look and there in her blue outfit was Mary, then it dawned on me if Mary was standing there then who the fuck had their Fist shoved into my ass, I could not see who it was but I guessed it was one of the women from yesterday.

Mary came forward and finally took the mask off me and I gasped for breath as the rubber dick came out of my mouth, she knelt on the sofa and pulled my hair to lift my head and pushed a tit into my mouth and I had to suck on it and she held my head there and then the fisting started again with each pump into me my face was being squashed into Mary's tit then Mary lent forward and untied my cock from my hands and even thou it was limp it sprang forward and the blood rushed into my cock head and that like the nipple clamps the day before gave me pleasure and pain at the same time and cum that had been trapped by my cock being bent back dripped out as my cock straighten.

Mary placed a blind fold on me and then moved away and the fist was removed from my painful but happy ass and I was pulled upright by my hands that pulled my shoulders back and I stood there, even thou I had only cum about ten minutes ago with what was being done to me I was starting to get hard once more I don't think I had ever recovered from cumming so quick before, I was ordered by Mary to kneel down and then to sit and finally lay back on the floor, The next thing I know is that I am being whipped once more after a while I felt a warm,moist pair of lips close around the head of my cock,

I was laying on my back but still had my hands behind me and I was so uncomfortable but could do nothing about it, the lips around my cock moved slowly down the length taking my 9 inches fully into her mouth and I felt her throat open as my cock pushed it's way down she did not gag so I guessed it was someone that had taken a big cock before but then all the women yesterday would have been able to take it with out any problem.

Now I did not know if it was Mary or the other woman doing the sucking of my dick but who ever it was, she was doing a fucking good job and a hand grabbed my balls and twisted then sending pain though me as she rammed her mouth fully down on my dick, this went on and on then a pussy landed on my face and I stared to lick and suck the clit and then my nipples were twisted as well as my balls god if heaven and hell could be mixed together then this was it the pain and the pleasure was driving me wild I was sucking on this cunt that was over my mouth so hard the cunt was being forced down onto my face and moved back and forth my face was getting covered in cum as the pussy came again and again.

The pussy on my face was taken away and a pair of lips replaced them and a tongue entered my mouth and we kissed. My cock was getting the feelings of cumming and I started to raise and fall as I got nearer and neared and who ever it was sucking and licking my cock was moving faster and faster as she knew it would not be long before my cum shot down her throat, on and on we went then I raised my back as far as I could and my cock erupted and my cum rushed from my cock hitting her throat and was pushed straight down by the force of it, the woman with her mouth around it pushed fully down at took the fully length so now the head of my cock was jammed in her throat and pumped the cum straight down,

As my cock pumped into this woman the blind fold was whipped from my head and once my eyes had adjusted I looked down to see which woman from yesterday it was and to mu great shock it was not any of them but my own fucking wife.

She was on her hands and knees and wearing the same outfit as Mary and looked so fucking sexy she still had her head down and my cock was now just about finished pumping and she lifted her head and sucked the cum from my cock as it made it's last twitch or two, then she looked at me and said I am sorry darling it was not until I came here and talked to Mary that I realised that I had not been fair on you and why you came to Mary for sex she told me that it might be that our sex wanted to be more varied so she said how about giving this a try and she came up with this plan.

So said my wife how did I do, Oh fucking wonderful my darling so it was your fist ramming in my ass wow did not even know you knew about that sort of thing, well you can fuck Mary as a thank you when your ready for it as it was all her doing, my hands were untied and as I sat up we all sat on the sofa and talked and we all agreed that we would meet one day a week and the other four women could join us and we would have some regular fun, soon my cock got hard and I took Mary and lay her across the dinning table but her legs up over my chest and my wife took hold of my cock and entered it into Mary's very wet cunt, my wife started to whip me hard as I fuck and filled Mary with my third lot of cum for the day.

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