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Title: 38 DD Tits - Author:

Published: Oct 22, 2005 - Contact:

It started out as a normal day but what i didnt know was that jason had been waiting for the right moment to make his move...

i got back to my apartment and was really cold so i decided to have a nice hot bath and then curl up infront of the fire. as i got out of the tub i walked to my bedroom to get into my pjs but realized they were all in the wash so i just thought "wat the hell i live alone ill just wear my housecoat" witch was very skimpy, seethrough and lowcut, and it didn't even pass the upper thigh.

i started a fire but i hear the shower running in the bathroom so i went to investigate the next thing i knew jason was stanting in front of me naked, he grabbed me by the arm and pulled off my house coat then shoved me in the shower witch was freezing cold.

as he stepped in with me a wave of passion swept over me and i reatched out and wound my fingers around his thick penis. he cuped my breasts so gently that i melted into his arms. he took a washcloth and wet it in the shower then made circles with it on my breast paying special attecntion to my nipples. he then traced the path with his tonge and paused at the nipples to suck. all the wile im playfully rubbing his cock.

as he turned off the shower he quickly turned back to me and cupped my left breast as he nibbled on my right one "i cant keep my hands off u" he said. i was feeling feelings for him that id never felt before but i loved it.

ive got to have u now" he said as he pushed me to the bottom of the tub and slid his massive cock inside me. as i watched it dissapear i sceamed "fuck me hard, give all to me NOW" he trust it in and fucked as hard as ever.

his brother walked in at that moment and realized wat was happening. being so turned on he walked over and slid his massive cock in my mouth. both jason and his brother fucked harder and harder and each one sucked on one tit. my 38DD breasts were so sensitive that i cried out in pain and pleasure as they bit harder and harder.

when we were finished we all wnet over to the fire palce and repeated wat had just happenedand. we did this on the surfaces in my apartment and then we all collapsed on the bed and drifted off the sleep with jason and his brother still holding on tight to my breasts.

now every friday night we take turns going to eachothers apartments and reapeting my pleasure. im happier than ever and i have 2 lovers now when we r at eachother apartments we dont bother wearing cloths as soon as i arrive jason's bro slides his cock in my mouth and jason in my pussy and vice versa, there is no effort on my part but i get double the pleasure.