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Title: Our First Threesome - Author:

Published: Sep 13, 2004 - Contact:

Free group sex story - It was Friday night and our friend Charlie had come round for a drink or 2. Tracey and I had sat talking with him until late. We teased Charlie about some pics he has shown us dressed in a body stocking. He asked us what we had to hide, when we told him nothing he didn't believe us. We said we looked at the web sometimes but nothing much. We then got onto the web and c showed us some free sites but we thought they were tame. I said that Tracey looked better than the girls on there. Charlie said prove it! I asked Tracey to dress in something sexy but she said no as she wasn't in the mood and was too sober. I poured her some more wine and Charlie and I asked her again and she said no again. This kept up for about 20 minutes until in the end and a bottle of rose wine later she went upstairs to get dressed.

I thought she would just put on one of her nice sexy dresses and come down and give us a twirl. Charlie and I put on a blue movie but Charlie was bored and I think we were both nearly asleep when I heard Tracey coming downstairs. She came in the room in her silk dressing gown and wow!!!! She had done us proud, she had her long hair up and her best dongly earrings and necklace on. Underneath her gown she was wearing black bra and knickers with matching suspender belt and black stockings with high heels. Charlie and I were knocked out. Tracey strode through the room and stood by the fireplace and dropped the gown to the floor. We both gawped at the horny sight. Charlie called her to the sofa where he sat and I dived for the camera!

When I turned round Charlie had Tracey on his lap and his fingers had dipped into her bra and exposed both her erect nipples. I was hard immediately while Tracey had a big grin on her face. I snapped away and then Tracey said we should get our shirts off. I took my shirt off and Tracey stood up while c took off his. My back was turned from them and when I came up behind Tracey she was stood over Charlie while he was sucking one of her nipples. I slid my hand down her back kissing her from behind and then slid my hand between her legs to feel her pussy. I found another finger inside her pussy it was Charlie!! He had found her sopping pussy and Tracey was gasping in pleasure.

I asked Tracey if she wanted to suck his cock, she murmured "oh yes" and she undressed him. Charlie and I slid her knickers to the floor . Charlie lay flat and Tracey put her lips around his cock and licked and sucked him until he was hard. I took some more pics, I took off my clothes and then Charlie pushed Tracey back on the sofa and spread her legs. He licked her pussy while Tracey lay back with her eyes closed loving every lick. I was wanking myself at this horny sight but was feeling a bit left out. Charlie turned Tracey over and asked her to put her ass in the air. He licked her ass and fingered her pussy. I got on the sofa in front of Tracey , she sucked me while Charlie fingered her pussy.

I pulled Tracey onto my hard cock and we fucked while Charlie took pictures, I couldn't hold back and soon we both came with Charlie watching and taking pics.

Charlie asked Tracey to bend right over and he took a pic of her wet pussy dripping with cum. He licked her again and fingered her ass and pussy. Next they were in a 69 with Charlie buried in Tracey's pussy while she lay sucking his hard cock with her bare breasts against his groin. It was such a horny sight. Charlie lay on his back and Tracey got astride him with her pussy open on his stomach. They were kissing tongues entwined with Charlie feeling Tracey's breasts then sucking them. Charlie's hard cock was touching Tracey's open pussy and I was so close I almost picked his cock up and put it in her. I wanked myself at this fantastic thought and went to their heads. Tracey took my cock in her mouth and I immediately came again in her mouth. Ooooooh ffffaaaaaannnttttttaassssttiiiccccc mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Charlie and Tracey turned round again with Jule sitting on Charlie's face then he fingered her really hard until she came again mmmmm. It was a fantastic sight watching my sexy wife cumming on another mans fingers. She went back to sucking his cock and Charlie said he needed to come so Tracey wanked his cock until he spurted. His cum went over Tracey's stomach and her suspender belt. As she emptied his sac she leaned over him draping her bare breasts on his naked body and gave him a long lingering tongue kiss. It was so erotic.

Charlie went to clean himself up and when he came back Tracey was sucking my cock again , we were all so hyper. Charlie went home and we fucked again and Tracey came again. We went to bed and I could taste Charlie's spunk on her body . During the night I had a wank thinking about our experience and my only regret was I did not see her riding his cock!

I will next time!!!