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Title: The First Time I Touched It - Author: Anon

Published: Dec 17, 2005 - Contact:

It was summer and I had been wanting to camp out for ages. Eventually, my mum let me - and I asked my mate, Dave, if he wanted to. He said yes and that night we set up the tent and said bye to my parents for the night.

An hour later we were bored - and I suggested we played dares. They started out innocently enough - swear loudly and shit. But they soon turned dirty when dave dared me to pull my pants down. I did, and then dared him back. Then he dared me to pull my underpants down so he could see my cock, what we referred to at the time as my willy. I did and could feel myselg getting excited. I dared him back and he whipped of his briefs, revealing a small, smooth hairless cock.

Touch it, he dared me, and i'll touch yours. We did, and seconds later we were both hard - our small boners sticking out. I dared him to lie on top of me, letting our dicks touch, we did and enjoyed it a lot. As I played with him, we both dry-came and orgasmed for the first time.

He dared me to lick his cock and I slowly lowered my head to his dick which was softening again. I stuck out my tongue and touched it, and then opened my mouth and took the little pecker in. He squirmed with pleasure and i liked the feel of it.

It was his turn next, and he lowered his mouth to my cock -heading straight for the suck - he was good.

We went to sleep and never spoke about it again - we both got girlfriends and he moved to the USA - we've lost touch. I'll never forget that night though - and I'd do it again - only this time, there'd be cum to smother everywhere and balls that I've dropped to tease with my tongue.