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Title: The First Time - Author: leo

Published: Jan 8, 2006 - Contact:

The first time I was with my wife was about 3 years ago (we'd known eachother for years), I had gone to a bar with some buddies and she was there for her friends birthday. When i first walked in, i saw her and walked over to say hi, she gave me a hug, but i kind of held back because i thought she was still wtih her boyfriend, the last time i'd seen her she was 3 months pregnant with her daughter! I told her that i'd talk to her later, and went off with my friends. Not long after, I found her sitting with her friends. I joined her, and her friends went to dance. Long story short, she drove me home because i was drunk. Nothing happened yet, much to my dimay. I took her back to get her car the next day, and we decided to go to the strip club for a while. She told me that watching the girls sometimes turns her on. Not to say anything for the way i was feeling that night. When we got back to her house, we started fooling around, but nothing much because she was still healing for having the baby 2 months before. I told her that i can wait so we did for not quit two weeks we had gone out and then i droped her off. She asked me in and we whent down staires and wached a movie and then i decided to go home and she walked me to the door and i gave her a good night kiss and well then a nother and we couldent controll our selves . We just started kissing with the utmost lust for each other . Started to take each others clothes of as we were going down the staires again to her room and on to her bed . Then i started to kiss her starting with her lipes and then her neck then her chest then her beuatiful brests . I stayed at her brests for a second she seamed to like it when i was liking and sucking her brests then kissed her stomik and then i started to kiss her iner thyes and she started to mone a little and then i blew on her pussy and she let out a realy big mone and then gave her clit a like and to my suprise she tasted like watermelen and i realy like watermelen so i took a mowth full of her tasty wet juicy puss and she moned so loud that i could of swar that the nabores could have herd her mone so i keeped on liking and sucking her juice wet pussy tell she was moneing and sceaming so much she came all over my face with her wet juicy pussy juice she was bucking and sqerming like she hade never done befor . Then she told me to get my hard cock in side her right now so i stuck my cock in her pussy and she was as tight as if she had never had sex in her life . I started to go in and out as she said slower and i did but at the bottom of every stoke i thrusted hard and then she was telling me to go faster, faster ,faster , faster as she moned and sceamed louder and louder she said that she was going to come and if i was to i said yes ,yes ,yes and then she exploded with her orgasum as did i she was sceaming and moneing as i was pulsing hard in side her harder then i hade ever done befor . As she was coming down she and i exsploded yet again together as we just did moments befor . I felt her pussy grab ahold hard around my thik hard cock . No pussy had ever done that befor so it made me want to thrust harder and it made her mone and scream louder then she did moments befor . Then i went down to her pussy and finished her orgasum manualy with my tung , she bucked a little more and then we laid the in each others armes basking in the after glow as we hade our after sex cigerets . I said to her that that was themost amasing sex that i hade ever had.