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Title: Dinner at Bills - Author: Max (Content Husband

Published: Feb 4, 2006 - Contact:

It's been a couple of months since I have written to share how our swinging experiences are working out with our new friend Bill. Previously I have submitted stories " It Finally Happened" and "In the Arms of Another". Please read them to get a background of our friend Bill and how we got together. Let me start by saying that the last couple of months since we started getting with Bill on occasions our sex life has never been hotter. At Bills suggestion I have begun to take a male se enhancement (Viagra). My wife is more affectionate and loving than she has ever been before. She explain that since I had sacrificed and let Bill please her occasionally, she finally realized how much I truly cared for her happiness. Plus we both have lost 10 lbs. Due to our increase activity, best diet plan I know of. I came home from the work last Friday night and my wife met me at the door all excited because Bill had called and invited us to his house for dinner Saturday night and we both knew what that meant. My wife look at me with those pleading eyes and I agreed and told her to set it up. That night during our intimate time together she could not stop talking about how much she was looking forward to Bill making love to her. The next day she was excited all day and prepared for the night by dressing in a very revealing low top blouse with no bra, and no panties under her skirt. When we arrive at Bills house he welcomed us at the door and greeted my wife with a very affectionate hug and a gentle kiss on the lips. He shook my hand and I noticed he was wearing that special cologne that my wife was crazy about, She always said that it made her so horny when he wore it. We sat down and made small talk for a few minutes then enjoyed our supper. My wife and Bill dominated the conversation and my wife seldom removed her eyes from him. After supper we retired to the den area where he said he would like for us to watch a new video he had purchased. He position himself in the floor trying to find the video and looking directly back at my wife occassionally was getting a great view of her pussy. She open her legs letting a little more light in and he definitely like what he was seeing. After putting the tape in he stood up and you could tell he was aroused , his huge package already showing in his pants. As we watch the video it involved MMF and this one was showing a lot of BI action. Something I have been curious about for a long time but never acted on it. The only time I ever touch another mans cock was the first night we got together on vacation. My wife was leaning into Bill and he had placed his arm around her shoulder where his hand was close to her breast. She was rubbing his upper thigh and I looked and noticed she was actually rubbing his long cock that was laying on his leg. My wife was definitely getting excited and I was starting to get and erection myself. Bill started massaging her tits and then they locked up and begin kissing. After about 30 minutes of foreplay Bill ask if we wanted to retire to his bedroom. When we got there I couldn't believe the trouble this guy went to. He had his dimmer switch turned down and several candles burning in the room. Rose petals were spread over the bed and it definitely set the mood. Bill walked over to the bed and started undressing my wife, starting with her thin blouse as it came unbutton he started sucking gently on her nipples. After removing the blouse he raise her skirt and begin fingering her pussy priming her more. She began rocking back and forth to his movement and this continued for just a few minutes and then he removed her skirt. She sat down on the bed and slowly began to remove his belt. My 5 1/2 cock was needing to be released so I removed my clothes and continued stroking myself watching her prepare Bill. He removed his shirt and she finally began to lower his pants. She seemed to pull down his pants forever before his cock began to show his huge cock sprang out. Bill had shaved his balls and only had a thick small patch of pubic hair above his cock. Doing this made his cock seem larger than I remembered the last time we met. My wife commented on how much she enjoyed his smooth balls and promptly started kissing and licking the shaft of his dick. She finally started working his cock in her mouth and be began moving his hips to her mouth motion. My wife finally remembers I am in the room to and looks over at me and smiles and motions me over to stand beside Bill. I walk around the bed and stand beside Bill with my erect 5 1/2" and she looked at us both and smiled and said how much she is going to enjoy us making love to her. I glance down as she has both cocks in her hand and I am embarrassed at the size difference. Bill finally laid her back on the bed and started returning the favor my running his tongue up and down her slit nibbling on her clit occasionally. I began working on her tits and my wife was moaning and was definitely ready, she never responding to me in the way she was responding to him. She finally told him to fuck her with his huge cock but ask him to apply some lubricant, He gently place the large purple head of his cock at her entrance and eased it in slowly. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she reminded him to go slow until she adjusted to him. He begins to pick up the pace more as she responds by meeting his thrust with her own, then moans softly that she is cumming. After she slows down indicating her orgasm is over. Bill pulls his cock out which seemed to take forever and motions me to lay across the bed and positions her on her knees in a 69 position with me. I look up and noticed her juices dripping down onto my face which is a huge turn on. I lean up and began licking her clean and eating her out as she begins to work on my cock. She engulfs my cock and I noticed Bill positioning himself directly behind her standing on the floor perfect height for entry into her pussy. He pressed his huge cock against her slit and she stop working on me and started moaning loudly as he started stroking his cock in an out slow and I had a perfect view and found it so arousing that I told my wife I was cumming. I exploded and shot my load all over her neck. Bill was picking up the pace when the unexpected happened his cock came out and when he push back it went straight down toward my face. His cock was now about 1" away from my face and I finally said it was now or never. I leaned up and took the head of his cock in my mouth and began sucking it. Bill push his cock further down indicating he was enjoying my sucking him off. I was so aroused I began kissing the shaft and lick up and down on it getting all of my wife's juices off of his shaft. I reached up and began playing with his huge ball sac and he began to indicate he was getting close. I turned my head and seen my wife watching and she smiled as I started sucking this huge cock again and I heard her say I told you he had a great cock. Bill pulled out of my mouth and said he wanted to cum in my wife. He pressed his cock once again against her wet pussy and slowly buried his dick to his balls. He started pumping her faster and faster and she was meeting his thrust with her own.. His balls slapping against her ass indicating he had buried all 9" into her. In a few minutes he said he was fixing to explode. My wife had gotten me back to and erect state and with all the new experiences I had enjoyed with Bill I was ready to go myself. Bill slam against my wife's pussy and held it there and as he did it was all I needed to shoot my load again. My wife was screaming that she was reaching her climax at the same time. Bill pulled out of my wife bringing with him a load of his and her juices. His cock was dripping on the end and was still position over my face.. I had never experience anything like that before. My wife rolled of off me and Bill bent over and Bill just leaned over and began sucking my 3" flaccid cock and I returned the favor so now we both were engaged in a 69 position bringing each other back. Bill was recovering faster than I was since I had already gone twice. My wife was now the observer as I worked Bills cock back to it's erect state. My wife was fingering herself commenting on how much she was being turned on by our exploring each others cock. Bill mentioned that he wanted to experience having sex with me and I told him didn't think I was ready for that. I continued to stroke Bills cock with my hand and you could tell his cock was getting hot again and I just continued to work on his huge cock admiring how well it was shaped and even the veins on it were huge. My wife came over to where I was and poisoned herself where she could ride my cock. I knew I wasn't going to feel her much because Bill always reems her out. I had sucked his cock clean and now he was picking up his pace in thrusting it in and out of my mouth. I had to use my hand as a gauge to keep from gagging on it because it was so big. He started moaning that he was coming and my wife was riding me faster and faster bringing me to my third orgasm something I had never done before. Bill exploded in my mouth and I was just glad it was his second time because his load was not very large. I was surprised on how it tasted I thought it would taste nasty but surprisingly it wasn't that bad. He slowly pulled out and my wife rolled off of me and we all collapse with each other. I was through for the night but enjoyed watching my wife and Bill a couple of hours later. The next morning as we were returning home my wife ask me how I enjoyed my first Bi experience with Bill. She said she really got off on watching Bill. and I together it was really a turned on for her. She also mentioned maybe the next time I would let Bill take me from behind. I told her I enjoyed my first BI experience and would have to wait and see about the other part. But many more experiences like we had at Bills house who knows what's going to happen.