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Title: Mom Connie and I - Author: Anon

Published: Feb 13, 2006 - Contact:

I just shipped my daughter off to college; I was in the house all alone now as I've been divorced for the last five years and was feeling real melancholy when the doorbell rang. It was my daughter's friend, Connie who lived a few houses down from me telling me she promised my daughter she would check on me from time to time. I thought, what the hell, but then I could use some company so I asked her if she would like a cup of coffee and she accepted my offer. We talked for about two hours about everything under the sun and while talking I couldn't help notice she had become a very attractive girl. She left saying she would be back if that was all right with me and I said anytime, I really enjoyed her company. Three days later the doorbell rang and there she was with a cake in hand saying since I supplied the coffee she bought the cake. We had coffee, ate half the cake and talked for three hours and again I couldn't help notice how attractive she was and the thought crept into my mind, wonder what she looks like undressed. Now I haven't been touched by a human hand in five years and my pussy was very needy but it really shook me as I had never ever had that question enter my mind about another female before in my entire life. I shook it off as being alone too much coupled with the added stress of my daughter going off to school.

The next day the doorbell rang and when I answered it she was standing there in a sundress with a big smile looking as the kids say, hot as hell. I said to myself, I have to quit thinking this stuff about her and asked her what's up. She said, "I hope you don't mind but my parents told me to take some time off before I started job hunting and I'm bored. I was a little bored too as there is only so much cleaning you can do so I invited her in. We went to the kitchen; I made coffee, told her she looked very pretty in her dress and then wished I had bit my tongue but she smiled from ear to ear and told me she was glad I liked it.

We talked for a while when out of the blue she said, "Marcy, (my daughter) told me you used to spank her when she was bad", I said, "As a matter of fact I did" and she asked me if Marcy threw a coffee cup on the floor deliberately would I spank her. I nodded my head yes and she asked me if she threw a cup on the floor would I have spanked her. I had no clue where this was going but I said, "Yes I would, bad girls deserved to be spanked". She stood up, threw her cup on the floor proclaiming that now I had to spank her because she was a bad girl. I was speechless, she walked over to me, pulled her dress up to her waist, bent over and said, "Spank me, I'm a bad little girl" One of the cutest little asses I ever saw was staring me in the face, because apparently she was naked under the dress and my pussy got all wet. I couldn't believe my pussy got wet but it was dripping and then she said, "Spank me mommy, I'm a bad little girl" and I thought what the hell I needed a diversion.

I shifted in my chair so she lay over my lap and for some reason I never figured out, told her to take off her dress and lay on my lap. The dress was off in an instant, she was naked under the dress and put herself on my lap saying, "Spank your bad little girl mommy, spank me" so I spanked that cute little bottom until it was a bright red. When I stopped spanking her she said in this little girl voice, "Thank you mommy for making me a good little girl. I started to rub her poor red ass trying to make it feel better and said maybe I should put some ointment on her poor backside. She kind of squealed, said, "Ooh, that would be so nice" so I told her to wait right there while I got the ointment. I returned with the ointment, she was standing there still naked looking so fucking hot my pussy flooded again and I sat down telling her to lie across my knees. She spread out on my lap, I put some ointment on that sweet ass and I started working it into her ass very gently. She was ecstatic, telling me good it felt and that mommy really knew how to take care of her baby, which for some reason sent my pussy into over drive. As I worked down towards her pussy she spread her legs apart, moaning and pressing herself into my lap. I was curious if her little pussy was as wet as mine so I let my hand touch her pussy. She moaned really loud and I found out her pussy was so wet it was dripping and without even thinking about it, I pushed my middle finger into her pussy. She let out a squeal, said, "Oh yes mommy, take care of your babies little cunny" and started moaning quite loud.

Two things surprised me, how good my finger felt in her pussy and how tight her pussy was so I asked her if she was a virgin. She said, "Yes mommy, no boy has ever put his pee pee in my little cunny but you're making it feel so good now" so I went back to working on her little cunt. I was really enjoying finger fucking her and I knew she was enjoying it when she hollered, "I think I'm going to come mommy" and came all over my hand. I kept my finger buried in her pussy and told her in the spirit of things, "Mommy's little baby just came like a good little girl". She said, "I'm being a good girl then doing that" and I said, "Yes baby, a real good girl". She said, "Thank you mommy, could you do that again" I started working my finger in her hot little cunt again and it didn't take long to make her cum again. After she came back to earth, she got off my lap and then sat back down on it, kissing me on both cheeks. She said, "Mommy took such good care of her baby, is there anything her baby can do for mommy" My pussy was as hot as a blast furnace so I didn't even have to think about it, I said, "Would you kiss mommy's pussy for her" and she said, "Mommy has to take her clothes off so baby can get to her cunny and make it feel good". She stood up, helped me up and undressed me telling me she was going to take real good care of her mommy. When she had all my clothes off, she led me into the living room, pushed me down on the couch, crawled between my legs and for lack of a better word, attacked my pussy. I was in instant heaven.

In all my years my pussy never felt anything quite like her wonderful mouth and tongue. Both of them were all over my pussy, sucking, licking and driving me insane with lust. I was mumbling obscene things to her in between hollering, "Oh yes, eat mommy baby, eat mommy" and then the flood gates opened, My pussy juice was squirting out of me like a ruptured water main, I was feeling something I had never experienced before, I guess it's called hitting the G spot and went into pussy shock. When I was aware of what was going on again my baby was still working out on my pussy and I had another earth shattering eruption in side my cunt hole again. This time I pulled her up to me telling her if she kept it up she would kill me. She started kissing my face all over and said, "Baby made mommy's cunny real happy" and I said, "Baby sure as hell did". We lay there touching each other and I really loved the feel of her body pressing into mine, after all it had been quite a while since I felt a warm body next to mine, I was stroking her ass while she was pressing her tits into me and I asked her where did baby learn to do that. I had figured out quick as long as I called her baby, she would say or do anything I wanted and her answer floored me. She told me my daughter made her eat her pussy all the time and she now was so glad I was going to let her be my baby. I asked her how long her and my daughter have been intimate. She said do you want me to start at the beginning and I said, "Hell yes".

She told me it had started when they were thirteen and had begun growing pussy hair. It was in this house, they had just gotten home from soccer practice and were having a sleep over here. She went on saying Marcy told her there was no sense wasting water they would bathe together and since she did everything my daughter said, she got undressed and got into the tub with Marcy. Marcy had soaped a washcloth up, told her to stand up she was going to wash her. She stood up; Marcy washed her legs and ass, then told her to get on her knees so she could do the rest of her. She said Marcy asked her if mommy's little girl was enjoying her bath, she replied, yes and Marcy told her to say yes mommy, she was now her baby. She said, "Yes mommy" to Marcy and Marcy proceeded to wash the rest of her body paying a lot of attention to her tits and then her pussy. She said by now her mind was in a total state of lust and she gave herself completely to Marcy. She went on saying Marcy made her experience the first orgasm of her young life, something she would never forget, then Marcy dried her off and picked her up like she was a baby and carried her to the bed. She said Marcy checked her pussy out, probing it with her fingers, found her clit and made her come again. I said, "What about the pussy eating business and she said, "I'm getting there". Then she told me after Marcy made her cum again, Marcy said baby's didn't have hair, picked her up, carried her back to the bathroom and shaved her pussy hair all off. When Marcy was finished, she stood me up, said to me, that's how she wanted my pussy to look from now on and now it was time for baby to suckle at momma's pussy. She pulled me down between her open legs, told me to kiss it first, then lick it and I've been eating your daughter ever since.

I was stunned, to think all this was going on right under my nose and the thought hit me, what else did my daughter do, so I asked her if my daughter always treated her like a baby. She said only when they were alone and I asked in what way did Marcy treat her like a baby. She said when they were alone and she went to pee; my daughter would clean her little cunny afterwards, stuff like that. I asked her where the word cunny came from and she told me that's what my daughter made her call it. I said what else did I miss and she told me when either set of parents went out they would always spend the night together at that house and Marcy would put a diaper on her. I said, "What", she went on, she would make me sit in her lap with just the diaper on, nurse on her tits until I got her cunny all wet and then make me eat her until she came at least three times. She would also make me sit between her legs so she could feed me and I could lick her pussy for the pussy juice instead of something to drink. I was truly amazed that my daughter had been doing this for all these years and I told Connie this, She replied, "Your daughter is an amazing woman and I love her and would do anything for her. She told me that when she graduates college and gets a job I was going to live with her so she could take care of me like a good mommy should". I had no doubt at this time she would and I asked Connie if my daughter told her to see me. She smiled, said, "Yes, Marcy told me everything to do and told me that when she came home for Christmas break I had better be making you happy".

I said, "Well baby, the way you eat pussy, I'm going to be the happiest mom in the world", now answer me this, "Did Marcy ever eat your pussy" and she said, "Oh yes, but she always made me get on my knees and beg her like mad to do it" I said, "My daughter has some imagination, what else did she make you do" She said that Marcy made her wear the diaper when they went shopping and when they were in the changing booth, Marcy would make her take all her clothes off but the diaper, then would tell her it was lunch time baby, come and get your lunch and make her eat her until she came. My pussy was hot as a blast furnace again just listening to her story and I asked her if she preferred eating Marcy with or without the diaper. She told me liked doing it with the diaper on because that's how Marcy liked it and I said it's a shame I don't have a diaper. Her face lit up like a lamp and she told me had diapers in her bag so I told her to get one so I could put it on her. She said Marcy always used the dining room table as a changing table and walked into the dining room and got on the table. I put the diaper on her, sat in the nearest chair and told her to come take care of mommy's cunny. She got between my legs, putting the most talented mouth and tongue I ever had the pleasure of coming in contact with to work on my steaming cunt. She hardly had touched my poor pussy went it felt like it was hit by a sledgehammer and my cum poured out of it all over my ass. God, that hot cum on my ass hole felt so good I almost wished I had a cock up my ass now, but it got even better. Connie must have read my mind because she put two fingers in my pussy and one in my asshole, was sucking my clit, finger fucking both my holes when the top of my head exploded. I never came like that or that much my entire life and I silently thanked my daughter for doing such a good job with Connie.

I asked Connie if my daughter taught her the finger thing too and she smiled saying, "My mommy taught me everything" and again I thanked my daughter. Connie told me she had to pee real bad and I bought a big smile to her face when I said, "Pee baby, mommy will change you". That look came over her face you get when you have to pee so bad it hurts and then you start peeing. I told her to come to me and I said she was bad girl peeing in her pants; mommy was going to have to spank her. I pulled the diaper off of her, put her over my knee and spanked her hot little bottom until it glowed red and when I was finished I made her eat my pussy again. When I was finished cumming, she looked up at me, with her cum covered face and said, "My mommy is the best mommy in the world" I led her upstairs to the bathroom, filled the tub, gave her a bath just like I would a toddler, got her out of the tub and dried her off. She was purring like a kitten, kept feeling my tits and finally I put one in her mouth. She sucked on it for at least five minutes then I told her to go down and get a diaper while I found baby powder. I found the powder, she came up with the diaper and I took her into my bedroom, put a towel on the floor and told her to lie on it. She did, I powdered her bottom and pussy and while putting the diaper on her told her we would have to get a changing table for her. Her eyes lit up like Christmas tree and she said, "That would be so nice mommy, a real changing table' and I said when we get up tomorrow we will go find one.

She said, "I'm spending the night" and I told her to call her mother to tell her I'm a little under the weather so she was going to stay over night. She asked me if I was going to make her sleep in the nude like my daughter did and I asked her if there was any other way to sleep. She told me her parents frowned on sleeping nude so when my daughter stayed over they had to make sure they stayed covered. She then told me about one time both her mom and dad came into the room and Marcy had two fingers buried in her cunny. Then she told me how funny my daughter thought she was because the whole time her parents were there she kept moving her fingers around inside her poor little cunny and no sooner had they closed the door she came and then Marcy put me over her knee and spanked me for letting her finger me while my parents were in the room. I asked her if my daughter spanked her a lot and she shook her head yes and said sometimes outside on the way home from practice or the store. I was shocked, asked her where did you go so nobody would see you and she said between the Jones and Gordon garages, because nobody ever looked there. She told me when it was warm Marcy would make her take all her clothes off and she was always scared to death somebody would see them but at the same time it made her so hot so would cum just from the spanking. I just marveled at my daughter then, thinking she was really something and I couldn't wait to talk to her. I told Connie I was going to have to do that with her and her eyes got big as saucers and she said, "Really".

I asked her how the spanking got started and she said the first time they were alone together Marcy told me to take off my clothes because from now on when they are alone there would be no clothes allowed. She said she told Marcy she wasn't allowed to be naked and Marcy grabbed her and pulled her shorts down around her ankles. Then she put me over her knee and spanked me until I cried and then told me she didn't care what anybody else said, only what ever her momma said was all that mattered. She also told me the next time I was a bad little girl she would beat my ass until it bled.

I was still lying on Marcy's lap when I realized my pussy was on fire and I told Marcy about my pussy so she fingered me until I came. She said Marcy takes great delight in spanking her and did it a few times a week, she also said she got so used to having her pants around her ankles while being draped over Marcy's knee it made her very happy being there. I asked her how the diaper got started and she told me that they had been doing the momma baby thing for three months, they were coming home from soccer practice and she had to go so bad she thought she was going to bust and Marcy told her she guessed she was going to have to put her in a diaper. She said the next morning Marcy showed up at her house with a diaper, put it on her and it's been like that ever since. I could tell she was real proud of the fact her mommy made her wear a diaper so I figured I would keep the tradition up. It was now getting to be dinner time so I said, "Come on baby, you can help mommy make dinner", she asked if I was going to feed her like Marcy did and I said, "Yes baby, that's a house hold tradition ".

When I sat down to eat Connie got between my legs and sat waiting for me to fed her just like a baby. I patted her head, told her she was my good little girl and proceeded to feed both of us and after a couple of mouthfuls Connie said, "Baby thirsty" I spread my legs wide for her, she licked my pussy until the juice was flowing and went back to being fed.

The next time she drank from my pussy, I said to myself, this is awesome, how the hell did my daughter ever come up with this idea. Before dinner was over I came twice and had just enjoyed the best dinner of my life. My new baby said to me then, 'Mommy, baby's little cunny hurts, it needs to be kissed" and I remembered what she said about my daughter making her beg so I told her to beg mommy to kiss her cunny. She got on her knees, grabbed hold of my hips and started begging me to kiss her poor little cunny. She told me if I kissed her cunny she would be the best little girl in the world, that she would never be bad again so please make her little cunny feel better like a mommy should. Now I had never even thought about touching another pussy let alone eating one but she was begging so hard, the fact my daughter ate her pussy and that I felt I owed her, I took her to my bed. I took her diaper off, laid her down, spread her legs and crawled between them. I was surprised that I liked the smell of her hot cunt and I kissed her cunt lips very lightly, she moaned saying, "Oh mommy, oh mommy" and that felt real nice so I licked her hot little cunt. Her ass came off the bed, she was moaning over and over, "Mommy, mommy" and I really liked how her pussy tasted so I stuck my tongue into her cunt hole. Her pussy was really juicy now, I could feel that from my nose down was now covered in pussy juice and all of a sudden I couldn't get enough of her pussy. I sucked and licked that hot little hole until it squirted it's hot juice at me, licked all the juice up and went back for more, licking and sucking like a crazy woman until my baby started begging me to stop, saying she couldn't take any more. She said, "Mommy, mommy please stop, you've made me cum six times, I can't take any more. So I stopped. My face and neck were covered in sweet pussy juice and I was ecstatic.

I had never in my life felt the way I did when I was eating her pussy, I just couldn't get enough of it, had just finished eating pussy and still wanted more. I knew then I was a confirmed cunt lapper because I would have killed to taste another pussy right then. I looked at my baby lying there with her legs splayed out, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, panting like a dog and I got along side of her, took her in my arms and rocked her like a baby. She stirred, said, "Oh mommy" and I kissed her on the lips, stuck my tongue in her mouth and she sucked on it like it was a little cock. She then licked all her cum off my face and said, "God mommy, that was so so good but I thought you were going to give me a heart attack, you made me cum six times mommy, six times, I think you wrecked my cunny for life".

I said, "No little one, it will be fine in a little while, fine enough for me to eat it again". Her eyes opened wide, she smiled and laid her head back on the pillow and went right to sleep. I stayed there looking at her body, which was nice by anybody's definition and thought she is going to be so nice to sleep with. I was feeling her up and the thought came into my mind, I wonder if you could make a sleeping pussy cum, so I got back between her legs. I started licking her pussy making her move a bit but then she stopped moving and her legs opened wider. I licked and sucked her sweet pussy for about fifteen minutes when she started moaning and filled my mouth with her hot sweet cum and then when I was licking her pussy clean she started to roll over so I moved to let her roll over. I was very happy with my self, the first time I ate pussy I made that pussy cum six times and I just proved you could make a sleeping pussy cum.

I filled the bath tub, climbed in, started washing my self and thought, who would have ever guessed, this morning if you told me I was going to eat a pussy and like it I would have thought you went mad. Then there was a knock at the door and here I was taking a bath, washing girl cum off of me and would have jumped all over any cunt that would have walked through the door just to get my mouth on it. Now I was sitting in the tub wondering how many pussy's I could eat in a row before I got too tired to eat another one. I got out of the tub, dried myself off and crawled in beside the sleeping baby. I took her in my arms, licked her lips and went to sleep dreaming about pussy's sitting on my face. I woke up the next morning to see my baby dressed, sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for me to get up and when she saw I was awake, said she was really sorry but she promised her mother she would go to the doctors with her and would be back as soon as possible. She kissed me and left me on my own. I got up was making breakfast and there was knock at the door; I opened it to find a new gas meter lady standing there. My meter was in my basement so she had to come in to read it so I accompanied her to the basement to show her where it was. She was reading the meter while I was checking her out and thought why the hell not. I walked next to her, looked in her eyes and asked her if she would like to have her pussy eaten. She said, "Are you serious", I took my bathrobe off, was naked of course and said, "Doesn't this look like I'm serious" dropping my robe to the floor. She asked what she had to do for me, I told her not a thing, I just wanted to eat some pussy and she said show her to the bedroom.

I took her up to the bedroom, helped her take her clothes off, told her the next time I eat her pussy I wanted it shaved and made her lay on the bed and spread her legs. I got between her legs, kissed my way up to her pussy starting from her foot and when I got to her pussy, sunk my tongue into her hole as far as I could make it. She moaned something that sounded like oooh and I went to work on her hot cunt. I licked from top to bottom, sucked on her cunt lips, stuck my tongue back in her pussy hole, tongue fucked her hole, went back to licking every inch of her pussy and then sucked her clit into my mouth, licking and biting it. She screamed, her ass came off the bed to meet my mouth and she came shooting her hot, delicious cum into my mouth, I made sure I licked and sucked up all of her cum and went back to her clit. It didn't take long before she screamed again and gave me another load of hot, sweet pussy juice and I still wanted more. This lady had great staying power, I made her cum eleven times before she screamed, enough, enough and I came up for air. She looked like she had been running a ten K, sweat was pouring off her, her hair was now a mess and she was panting like dog in heat. When she could finally talk, she sat up, looked at me like I was a goddess and said, "Holy fuck lady, you have to be the best cunt lapper in history, I didn't think I had that much cum in me". I licked my lips and asked her when she was coming back to visit me again. She said she was in this area every other week and I said, "Don't forget to shave your pussy for me". She said, "Honey, I'll have the cleanest shaved pussy in the world" and disappeared into the bathroom. I lay back on the bed waiting for my baby to come back so I could eat some more pussy and wondered how much pussy I was going to get to eat in my lifetime.