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Title: Gagged and Bound - Author: Anon

Published: Sep 14, 2004 - Contact:

Putting her in a harness so her arms were bound behind her wrist to opposite elbow the groom pinched her nose and nipples cruelly hard until she opened her mouth to breathe. When she did he rammed in over her teeth a bit which he fastened under her chin with a tight strap and behind her head. Then fastenening her reins and harness to a ring in the wall so she couldn't move he applied a heated towel to her long blonde cunt hair and told her he was going to shave her. She started trembling and her full tits started to quiver as he told her this and he took a crop and hit her across her ass as he told her to hold still.

He then applied foam and carefully shaved her V until there was no trace of hair left. She started to cry as he released her from the wall and fastened around her waist a girth belt buckling and tightly locking it. He then led her out into the corral for her first lesson as a pony girl.

Once out in the corral he backed her between the shafts of a light carriage and oulled on her bearing rein until she arched her back thrusting out her full quivering tits and ass to his satisfaction. Stroking her on her thighs and soft ass he told her her first lesson was to present her ass for the whip when they were ready to be off. He got in the carriage and Angela hestiated and he used the whip on her ass until she arched her back presenting her buttocks for the stroke, which he placed at the bottom of her cheeks where they met her legs. Pulling on the underneath rein as she moved along she was forced to high step and keep her knees well apart showing her shaven V and open cunt lips as they moved along. He alternated strokes first on her left then on her right ass cheeks as they moved around the corral and when the tip of the whip found its way between her legs to sting her on her cunt lips she gritted her teeth in pain over the bit and moved along faster. Finally after she was covered in sweat and streaked from the lash and she was breathing heavily and her full tits were rising and falling he reined her to a stop.

He led her back into the stables using a crop on her ass and pulled on her reins as he tied her to a ring in her stall. He stroked her flat stomach and ran his hand up to cup her lush quivering tits to cruelly pinch her nipples as he felt between her legs and when his hand came away wet he told her she would be punished for that later.

Maria was acquired by the slaver when she was sold to one of his agents by her family. She came from a poor peasant family in northern Brazil who lived in virtual poverty and their only asset was their daughter so they jumped at the chance when one of the slaver's agents came by their house one evening and offered them a considerable sum for their only daughter Maria. Maria who was undeducated didn't really understand what was going on until the slaver grabbed her arm and dragged her struggling out the door to the waiting truck. Putting his hand between her legs he lifted and threw her into the rear of the truck along with several other girls who were also huddled there on some sacks. Putting up the gate and latching it he got into the driver's seat and the truck took off. After what seemed like hours the truck came into a small jungle clearing and pulled into a circle along with several other trucks with their headlights on. Dropping the tailgate the slavers grabbed each girl and handed her down to two other men on the ground. The two men holding the girl would then rip her clothes off until each was completely naked and then force them on to a low narrow platform to stand besides other naked girls waiting to be sold. Maria was grabbed roughly and handed down struggling to two men. Holding her by the arms the other ripped her buttons open and tore her dress down to the hem exposing her full tits and blonde cunt hair covered only by some thin bra and panties. Putting his hand into the front of her bra he ripped it off her and her panties as well and when she continued to cry and struggle slapped her face and made her mount the platform with the other girls in the glare of the truck's headlights. Some buyers arrived and started to examine each girl. Lifting tits and feeling in between legs and slapping asses they made their selections.

Maria's large tits were lifted and squeezed and she had three fingers pushed in her cunt as her blonde cunt hair was painfully pulled making her cry. She was sold to the slaver who had acquired Annabelle, Sylvia and Margaret for pony girl training. Snapping a steel collar around her neck he dragged her crying and sobbing off the platform and two guards reached in between her legs and threw her into the back of a truck where she was handcuffed to another girl already in the truck.

There were about 10 naked handcuffed girls in the truck and some were sobbing and crying as the truck started off. They were loaded after several rough hours of travel into the holds of a ship whose hold smelled faintly of coffee. Buckets were in each hold for obvious reasons and they were allowed up on the rear deck every day to run around for a bit of exercise. Finally after 5 days they docked at a wharf and the holds were opened and they were herded out on deck. Guards walked up and down checking handcuffs and collar chains and they were led down the gangplank and onto the sand.

Linking collar chains and shackling their hands behind their backs they were forced with the whip striking their asses to march over the desert sand. Some were dressed in small jibas and others were completely naked or in rags. Sobbing and crying in their chains they were marched barefoot across the burning desert sands over 5 miles until they finally came to a group of stone buildings where the slavers had their headquarters. Going in the gate they were herded into another building where they were forced to stand in front of a desk while the guards stripped each of them completely naked sobbing and crying they were then separated into small groups and herded down corridors and thrown into cells whose doors were then locked. Several hours later the guards came by and unlocked the cells dragging each girl roughly outside and if they had any clothes left ripping them off.

They grinned and felt the exposed flesh, lifting and squeezing tits, feeling ass cheeks and in between legs while the girls struggled and cried. They locked each girl's ankle to a long chain forming in the corridor and handcuffed their hands behind their backs and with a CRACK! of the whip on their asses made to move down the corridor where they were herded into the auction room. They forced each girl to stand on as small dais like platform and the buyers inspected each one. They had their tits lifted and squeezed and nipples pinched and were made to turn around and bend over with wide spread legs so fingers could be inserted in their open cunts and assholes and their teeth were examined and they were made to stand with their hands clasped behind their heads while the buyers looked them over carefully.

Finally Maria was sold to a man who had her arms tied behind her with thin cord which he also looped around her neck and around her slim waist and then he reached between her legs and inserting several fingers in her pussy lifted her squealing into the back of a waiting truck in which were several other naked girls similarly bound. Very shortly thereafter the truck started off and Maria looked around her.

There were several good looking blondes and some redheads all with large tits and all the girls were completely naked and sobbing and weeping and a guard got in with them and told them to shut up unless they wanted to taste the cane some more and they sobbingly complied and some tried to sleep or rest as best they could with their bound hands and arms and the bouncing of the truck. Maria was about 5'3" with red hair but blonde pussy hair and large heavy tits with very large long nipples and a smooth jutting ass.

Shortly the truck came to stop and the naked girls were unloaded. Herding them into a corridor the guards removed the cord binding their arms and snapped steel collars around each slim neck and ankle chains and cuffing their hands behind their backs made them move down the corridor and each girl was forced to crawl in on her hands and knees into a small kennel like cell which was then tightly padlocked. Maria however was separated from the rest and made to enter another room where the guard attached her chain to a ring in the floor and left. Shortly another door opened and a woman entered the room and walked over to Maria. Unlocking her hands and removing the ankle chains she made Maria get up on a rough wood table and kneel down with her forehead touching it. She roughly forced Maria's thighs wide apart and inserted two fingers in Maria's open cunt and slowly moved them in and out while Maria started to gasp and moan. Stroking her smooth ass cheeks she made Maria kneel erect on the table and clasp her hands behind her back while she gently weighed and lifted and gently squeezed each of Maria's large luscious tits and pulled on her nipples. Forcing Maria's thighs wide apart she gently pulled on Maria's blonde cunt hair and stroked her smooth flat stomach as Maria started to tremble.

Pushing a button she summoned a guard who handcuffing Maria's hands behind her back and harshly slapping her ass made her sobbingly move down the hall where he roughly threw her in a cell and bent her over a wooden sawhorse and spread her legs wide clipped them to its corners. Doing the same to her hands making Maria spreadeagle over the horse with her smooth ass upthrust he brutally pinched her nipples and forced in over her teeth a huge ball gag which he tightly buckled behind her head. He then picked up a cane and gave her 15 strokes across her soft ass and with each stroke Maria tried to cry out and started to sob in her tight bonds. Stopping he released her only to recuff her hands behind her back and attach her collar to a chain in the wall so she couldn't lie down he turned and left locking the cell leaving her sobbing and moaning over her gag as she fitfully tried to rest.

Maria had been acquired by a man who owned many many other female slaves such as she was and she was going to be trained to have the desire to please her Master whomever that might be at the moment. She was housed on a very large estate on the other side of the island where the sheik had his own private estate in a large compound and her cell was bare except for a small cot and rings on the wall holding various straps, chains, gags, whips etc. for her Master to use. The compound was supervised by three other women who wore black collars. Black collars signified the highest, gold the next lowest, red the next lowest, green the next lowest and finally white signifying the lowest of all such as Maria now wore. When she had completed the first part of her training she would be given a green collar to wear indicating she had the freedom of the inside of her particular area.

The next morning her cell was unlocked and she was dragged stumbling down the corridor with a crop being used on her ass to make her move along. Taking her to another room the guard removed her shackles and told her to sit in the chair and wait. Shortly a woman came in and told Maria to get up on the large wooden table in the center of the room. Maria did so and the woman told her to sit back on her heels and clasp her hands behind her neck and not move. Maria did so and her full luscious tits were thrust out and started to quiver with their nipples hardening in the cool air of the room. Going in front of her the woman roughly forced her thighs wider apart exposing her blonde cunt hair and wide open pussy to her gaze as she gently stroked Maria's flat stomach and cupped her heavy tits and pulled on her nipples while stroking her long red hair. Telling her to put her forehead down to the tabletop Maria did so thrusting her smooth soft ass high up in the air and she jerked when the woman suddenly pulled her cunt lips wide open and inserted three fingers. A man came into the room and the woman told Maria to kneel erect and keep her hands at the back of her neck. Maria did so tremblingly and her heavy luscious tits bounced slightly with her movement and she started to blush from her neck to her navel.

He came over to her and stroked her flat stomach and cupped each of her tits weighing them and pulled on her nipples before suddenly pinching one making her cry out. Making her put her forehead down he went behind her and stroked the cheeks of her smooth ass before pulling on her cunt hair and then inserting two fingers in her tight pussy testing her wetness. Maria squealed as he bent his head and squeezing her left tit sucked and bit her nipple. Slapping her on her ass he told her to kneel erect again and asked her if she was ready to do whatever she was told and she tremblingly nodded her head up and down as he snapped a collar around her slim neck and dragged her over to a sawhorse nearby. Spreadeagling her over the sawhorse with her heavy lush tits hanging down he pinched her nipples and forced in over her teeth a huge ball gag and buckled it behind her head. Taking a small whip he then whipped her from her back down to her feet not neglecting her ass which received over 30 strokes and she jerked with each one and tried to cry out over her gag. Stopping after her soft ass was covered in welts he felt between her legs and delivered 5 strokes between them right on her wide open cunt and she jerked in her tight bonds and cried out. He reached down and cruelly pinched her nipples and she jerked again in her bonds. Releasing her he cuffed her hands behind her back and led her back to her cell using the crop on her sore ass to make her move along. As they moved along the corridor he felt between her legs and slapped her ass with the crop smiling as she almost stumbled. Coming to her cell he opened and shoved her inside locking her leash to a ring in the wall and left her there moaning and sobbing in pain. Before he left he told her she was going to have her nipples and cunt lips pierced for the insertion of rings tomorrow. Sometime in the early morning hours just before dawn a guard returned to her cell and removed her shackles and made her kneel in front of him with her hands clasped at her neck.

He used the tip of his boot on her thighs to force them wider fully exposing her pussy and blonde cunt hair to his eyes. Reaching down he squeezed her right tit pinching the nipple while she moaned.

Telling her to stand up and turn around she did so and then he told her to grab her ankles when she hestitated her took a cane and gave her two strokes across her sore ass until she assumed the required position. When she did he told her to reach back and spread her pussy lips for him showing her inner pinkness. As she did he grinned and slapped her on her ass and turned her around and lifted her into his lap. She moaned and squirmed as his cock forced its way past her cunt lips and buried itself in her tender inner tissues and he bent his head to suck and bite on her large heavy tits with their erect nipples as she moaned and gasped as he grabbed her sore ass cheeks and moved her up and down brutally fucking her. Finally cumming just as her body shook and quivered as her orgasm hit her he roughly dropped her on her sore ass and remanacled her to a ring in the wall and left her there. She was hanging from a ring in the wall and was flushed from her neck down to her navel from her recent orgasm with her dripping cunt and she moaned over her gag as her sore ass scraped the stone wall as she tried to fitfully fall asleep again.

The next morning her cell door was unlcoked and a woman came inside and released Maria from the ring and made her follow her down a long corridor and into another room where she had Maria stand in front of a desk while she explained to Maria that she had been acquired as a pleasure slave and this was the beginning of the first phase of her training. She explained that many wealthy men were clients and wanted various girls to use for whippings, bondage and other purposes. She told Maria that it was possible she might be sold but was unlikely and that she had to obey all the orders given to her by anyone or face punishment. She also explained that Maria's nipples and cunt lips might be pierced if that was what the clients wanted. She told Maria she would be taught how to present herself to the clients and what to do if they wanted something out of the ordinary. She also explained to Maria the color of the collars and that white was the lowest, green,red, gold and finally black the highest.

Anyone who wore a collar of a higher color had to be obeyed instantly or else she would be disciplined severly. She told Maria that for now she would wear a white collar signifying that she was one of the lowest slaves and had no authority and was just beginning her training. Throwing Maria a jiba she summoned a guard who led Maria back to her cell. Later that day a guard came by and grabbed Maria's arms and dragged her down the corridor to another office where he told her to remove her jiba. Maria's jiba had ridden up over her jutting ass exposing her cheeks and cunt hair with her large luscious tits and erect nipples pushing it outwards. He slapped her face and ripped it off of her then bent her over his knee and used his cane on her ass 3 times while she jerked and cried out in pain with each stroke. Leaving her there weeping and completely naked Maria stood still and waited. Shortly another woman came into the room and came over to her. Stroking Maria's long hair and sopft smooth ass she tried to soothe and calm her. The woman wore a black collar. Telling Maria to get up on a table Maria jumped as she felt the woman's hands touch her cunt lips. Making Maria sit on her heels with her hands clasped at her neck she roughly pulled Maria's thighs wide apart exposing her pussy and blonde cunt hair to her gaze. Telling her to kneel up right the woman stroked her soft smooth ass and then made Maria put her head down to the table top thrusting high in the air her soft ass. Pulling Maria's thighs further apart she inserted two fingers in Maria's tight cunt while Maria moaned and gasped as she played with her clit. Slapping Maria on her ass she made her get off the table and go over to a low wooden platform. Making Maria kneel down again she buckled leather cuffs tightly around her slim wrists and ankles. Cuffing Maria's ankles to a spreader bar holding her legs about 2 feet painfully wide apart and making her wet pussy spread wide open she grabbed Maria's arms and pulled them thru her legs to attach to a hook in the center of the spreader bar forcing Maria to arch her back thrusting her ass upwards more as her full luscious heavy tits dangled and swung free.

Pinching Maria's nipples she forced Maria to open her mouth and forced in over her teeth a huge ball gag making her cheeks bulge and tightly snapped the chin strap closed while she buckled it tightly around her head. A man came into the room and Maria jerked in her tight bonds but the chains and cuffs held her still and very securely. Running his hand over her soft smooth ass and inserting a finger in her wide open pussy he pinched her nipples making her jerk and moan over her gag and then picked up a small whip and began to use it on her upthrust jutting ass. She jerked and tried to cry out with each stroke as it left a bright red mark in its wake and when the tip found her wide open pussy and stung her there she strained her bonds but to no avail and sobbed and cried as her sore ass received 25 strokes. He then used the whip again but this time between her legs and she jerked and strained in her bonds as the tip bit her cunt lips and tried to cry out over her gag and she was weeping and sobbing softly when he finally stopped after giving her 10 strokes. Sagging limply in her bonds with tears running down her cheeks and moaning over her gag she was released from the spreader bar and had her wrists cuffed behind her back tightly while her blonde cunt hair was painfully pulled and fingers were shoved in her pussy. Remarking how wet she'd become from the whipping the man said that was very good and she'd probably make a good slave once she'd finished her training. Bending her over a nearby sawhorse he spread her ankles wide apart again and tied them to hooks at the far ends of the sawhorse's legs pulling her sore cunt lips wide apart showing her inner pinkness. Slapping her on her sore ass as she moaned in pain she jerked in pain as his cock suddenly pushed her pussy lips open and forced past her tender ring and inner tissues. Reaching in front he grabbed her sore heavy tits and pinched her nipples as he brutally fucked her. Pinching her clit making her cry in pain he spurted deep inside her flooding her to overflowing with his cum which started to drip down her widespread legs as she sobbed and moaned. Slapping her on her sore ass again he release her ankles and dragged her stumbling completely naked out of the room and back to her cell.

Throwing her in her cell making her fall on the rough stone floor she moaned anew in pain when her ass scraped against it. Closing and locking the door he left her there moaning and sobbing in darkness.