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Title: Truth or dare party - Author:

Published: Sep 14, 2004 - Contact:

Kelly was drunk. She was really drunk. Not just a little buzzed drunk, but totally wasted out of her mind. She had been dancing on a table in front of people she barely knew when she realized her shirt and bra were off. She then hopped off and had tried to find them. Having no luck, she had sat down and stared out the window for the last 20 minutes. Kelly had dark brown hair, brown eyes, she was 5'4, 108 lbs., and had 36B extremely perky breasts. At the moment all she was wearing were black pants and socks. She couldn't remember who's party she was at, or why she was there. She just knew that she wanted some more alcohol.

Sitting on a couch up ahead of her, Kelly saw the two biggest bitches in the school, Amy and Lissa. Amy had this whole holier-then-thou thing going like she was just perfect and everyone else was dogs. Standing at 5'6, she had long blonde hair, bright green eyes, weighed 118 and had fairly nice 36C breasts. Not that Kelly was a lesbian, but she had checked out Amy on countless occasions. Amy was wearing a dark purple short dress, nothing too fancy, but fancy enough so that you'd check her out.

Lissa was this total goth girl who seemed to give off this "don't mess up with me, I'll kill your whole family" vibe. She had black hair, blue eyes, was 5'9, weighed 124 lbs., and had very large breasts at 34D. To Kelly, she was totally hot. Lissa was a bad girl, with a wild reputation. She knew Lissa had her ears pierced 5 times altogether, plus her tongue, eyebrow, lip and bellybutton. She had heard that her right nipple and "down there" was too. That would make 11 altogether. Lissa was wearing a black tube top and a short black miniskirt. The best way to classify Lissa's style was goth/skank.

She wondered why both of them were here. This wasn't their typical scene. Kelly tried to think about who was throwing this party. She looked around the room to see if there was anyone else she would recognize. She saw Mike and Josh, two football players at their school, and a little short guy she didn't recognize. That was it. Some party, she thought. Then it all came back to her. This was Mike's party. He had invited all the people he wanted to "get to know better." Oh I'm so honored Kelly thought.

"Is everyone ready for a little truth or dare" Mike yelled over the music, as Josh turned it way down.

"Oh c'mon Mike, that's like so totally 8th grade!!!" Yelled Amy.

"Yeah, but this will be a special kind of truth or dare. A purely sexual kind," Josh said as he smirked.

"Since Kelly's already half naked, I think it'll go rather well," Mike said under his breath.

"I'm in!" Shouted Lissa as Amy and the short guy nodded.

"Kelly In or out We promise It'll be fun . . . " said Mike.

Kelly nodded. This seemed rather lame, but maybe she'll get someone to finger her or something, she was rather horny, and besides she was drunk. Chris. That was the short guy's name.

"Alright, since it's my party, I'll go first. Hmm . . . Kelly truth or dare" Mike said.

He sure is picking on me tonight. Maybe he wants me thought Kelly.


"How many times have you had sex" Mike said with a smile.

Kelly grimaced. Fuck she thought, what a perv.

"Close to 20." Kelly answered.

"With more then one person Or the same person" Mike said.

"Your question was done, my turn. Josh, truth or dare." Kelly stated.

Josh waited two whole seconds before giving his answer, "Dare, I'm feeling frisky."

Damn, thought Kelly. Now I have to think up a good one. This is so lame.

"Jack off in front of us." Kelly said. That was lame. It's gonna come back at me she thought.


"You said it was sexual." Kelly smirked.

"Do I have to take all my clothes off" Josh asked. "Start stripping."

As Josh started stripping down, Kelly found herself staring at Lissa, wishing it was her instead. Kelly had always known she was bisexual, she had never done anything with girls, but she'd like to try. If only. Kelly looked over at Josh. He was naked, with a semi-hard on. It looked like it was about 6". His face was beet red.

"Start beating it man!" said Mike laughing.

"How long does he have to do it" asked Chris, the first thing Kelly had heard him say.

"Till he gets off." Kelly said. Maybe she should have made it five minutes. That might have been a little mean. Oh well. "Well lets keep going, not just all sit here and watch him." She said.

"I'm going to go get some beers. I'll be back," Said Chris as he went into the kitchen. His face was really red.

Kelly thought it seemed like he was kinda grossed out by this. He must be a homophob. Oh well. Not her problem.

"Lissa, truth or dare." Josh said. He was still jacking off smiling, as if nothing was wrong.

"Dare. Give me your best shot bastard." Said Lissa with a shake off her black hair.

"You and Amy make out. For five minutes." Josh said. "It'll help me get off."

Horny little bastard. This'll be so cool to watch though. If they do it thought Kelly.

"What the hell You could have made it me and Mike, but no, you had to pick my best friend!" Lissa exclaimed.

"Which makes it better, you guys are close." Mike said smiling.

"I'm okay with it. I mean, we're both a little drunk, and this is a party, Lissa." said Amy

"Fuck. I am getting you back bastard." said Lissa and she moved over close to Amy.

Kelly could tell that Amy was nervous about it. As she leaned in to touch Lissa's lips she saw Mike move closer to them. She moved closer to, but more subtly then Mike.

"Wow this is so cool," Mike whispered as Amy and Lissa both started to get into it.

Kelly saw Chris come back into the room out of the corner of her eye. Ha, he'll be surprised.

"What the-I miss everything!" Chris said as he sat down, but she noticed he didn't look very excited by it. Weird. Guys always love lesbians. Amy and Lissa were really going at it now, Amy was grabbing at Lissa's boobs and moaning into her mouth. Maybe she's bi. Cool. Just then, Josh let out a moan and cummed all over Mike's carpet.

"Damnit man, I wish you woulda used a sock or something. Fuck how am I gonna explain that shit to my parents." Mike said as he looked away from Amy and Lissa for a second.

"Is our time up" asked Lissa as she moved away from Amy. She really doesn't seem into this. Neither does Chris. He's too busy staring at Josh's now limp dick. Maybe he's gay.

"Yeah, I cummed, you're done. Lets move on." Josh said.

"Alright cool. Truth or dare Mike." Lissa said.

"Dare. Get me and Kelly to get some action in." Mike said smiling. Fucking horndog.

"Mike, you look a little turned on by all that." said Lissa with a smirk as she stared at the tent in Mike's pants. "How bout Chris sucks you off. Till orgasm."

"I ain't no fag!" Mike yelled.

"C'mon you guys are both drunk. It won't mean anything." Said Lissa with a huge smile.

"I'm okay with it." Chris said. Yeah, he's gay thought Kelly.

"Fuck. I guess if he's sucking me, then it won't be like I'm a fagot right" Mike asked.

"Sure." Said Lissa.

"Alright." said Mike as he unzipped his pants and took it out. It was at least 7". "Start sucking."

Chris moved over to him and grabbed his dick with one hand and moved it toward his mouth.


Chris and Mike both turned to look at Amy. Even she looked a little surprised that she had said something.

"Lets keep the game going." Amy said. She must be horny thought Kelly.

"Alright, Kelly truth or dare."

Fuck. Why me again thought Kelly. "Dare." I'm so going to regret that she thought.

"Eat Amy out." Mike said smiling. "It'll be hot."

Yum. If I say yes right away, I'm gonna look like a lez she thought. Fuck. Say something Amy.

"Okay, I'm like really horny." Amy said as she took off her pants and began taking off her light blue thong.

YES! "I'm not going to back out on this, but I'm so getting you back, Mike." Kelly said as she went over to where Amy was sitting.

"You betcha." Mike said as Chris' lips closed around his cock and he closed his eyes in pleasure.

Kelly stared at Amy's light blonde pubic hair in delight. This is going to be so fucking hot. Kelly inhaled Amy's smell as she pulled her pussy lips apart. She is so wet. Kelly started licking her clit and flicking her tongue across it, over and over. Then she stuck her tongue up her hole and moved it all around, tasting Amy's juices. She heard Amy moan as she went back to giving attention to her clit. She felt Amy's fingers pinching her nipples as she realized that Amy must really be into this. Kelly continued to lick and nibble on Amy's clit for about 5 more minutes when Amy let out a scream and shoved her pussy into Kelly's face and then sank back onto the floor.

"God. That was wonderful. No guy has ever eaten me out that good before." Amy sighed after a silence. No one else said anything. Kelly licked her lips and looked around. Mike was moaning and thrusting his dick further down Chris' throat while Lissa was making out with Josh. They're the whole straight couple around, thought Kelly. Just then Amy leaned over and kissed Kelly. Before Kelly knew what was going on, Amy's tongue was in her mouth playing with hers. This night has possibilities, Kelly thought as she kissed Amy back.