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Title: My First Gay Experience - Author: Chris Packi

Published: Aug 28, 2006 - Contact:

The very first gay experience I've had was with one of my friends, AJ. It was mid-year exams when we were in high school and the week was very stressful. I had invited AJ over to my house to play video games and watch movies, but one day, after school, I got an urge.

He was very homophobic and made fun of gays many times, as have I. But that day, I just felt like I needed to kiss him and make love with him.

I started with a simple game of truth or dare. I dared him to let me kiss him. He was very taken back by this, but strangely enough, he didn't leave my house. I pried and pried until finally he said, "alright, just get it over with."

I moved in very close and laid my soft lips upon his. He didn't kiss back at first, but after a few seconds, he returned my kisses. I left his lips and looked him in the eyes. He desired me, as I did him. I said, "I've never done anything like this." He replied, "neither have I. Let's just make the most of it."

I slowly unzipped his jeans and searched eagerly through his boxers and finally found his already hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and started to suck. It tasted so wonderful, I came in my pants I was so excited. He started to move as if he was going to cum, so I stopped.

In the heat of passion I spit on his dick, and let him fuck me in the ass. He went slow, but then sped up. After five minutes of him thrusting behind me, he pulled out and came all over my face. I licked up every last drop of cum.

I thought it was done, but he came down to kiss me, and said. "your turn...."

Since then, AJ and I have decided to go out with one another. Evey so often we recall that sweaty afternoon, and then love each other in the heat of passion.