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  • Soldier Tales - Erotic Poem
  • Published: Mar 12, 2007
  • Author: Timothy McCorkell
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  • Category: Erotic poetry
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Soldier Tales - Erotic Poem - Erotic poetry

Quote: "Short erotic poem about a sailor who washes up on shore and becomes de-frosted from the body heat of two twin sisters."

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The Story... "Could this be Hell"

"And I be damned."

"To feel this lust."

"Yet to frozen be."

"What were my sins"

"For this to be."

"Frozen so helpless."

"Here for all eternity."

"What madness can this be"

"If I am not dead."

"I must be mad."

"To lie here with a woman that."

"That has two sets of hands."

"That warms me with two bodies yet."

"I may be back on earth again."

"But for sure, my mind."

"It must be gone."