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Title: Learning secret desires - Author: Tiffany

Published: Jun 4, 2007 - Contact:

My husband and I have lead a menogomous marrage for the last 10 years now and had never thought anything about his desires or secrets and when he mentions "playing or experimenting" I write it off as him being a pervert, that all changed this last weekend. You see now when our "group" of friends gets together, we are usually pretty free with conversations and touchy feely stuff, but thats as far as it ever goes. We had everyone over Saturday night for drinks, a dip in the pool and sit by the fire. If someone has to much to drink there is open invitations to crash at that persons house. Everyone had gone home accept for one couple who had decided to stay here till morning. We made out the sofa bed for them and while playing around, Mike (my husband) got into it and said he was gona sleep there with Jim (her husband). We all had a good laugh at it and he got out as they slipped in and we went to bed.

Now I was feeling pretty frisky and wanted to play as did Mike, so when we got to bed I made my move and the show was on. I broke our first kiss and said to Mike "sometimes when we are all together, the way you play around I think you might be gay." He just looked at me for a moment and said, "how do you know if you dont try it" I replied with "yeh right that will never happen, you dont dare". This is where he proved me wrong. Jim and Lisa are very beutiful couple and I know Jim has a good package down below by the bulge in his pants. He had said "and how would you like me to take on this dare" I told him to slip into bed behind Jim a grab his dick. To my surprise he climbed out of bed and tip toed down the hall way to the living room and I followed. Both of us naked, we saw they were starting there playing also.

Mike snuck over to the side of the bed Jim was on and quickly jumped into bed as I hid in the doorway and watched. In one motion of throwing the covers off them and landing behind Jim he grabed Jims dick and held it tight. Jim tried to push him out of the bed, but Lisa said "no" lets see when he wants to do. I had never seen Lisa or Jim naked before but they were hot and I saw they were both shaved bald (down below). Mike said "Tiffany dared me to do this" and they both replied "so thats all your going to do, grab the dick" As the three of them lay there Mike started to rub Jims dick, slowly as he started kissing his wife again. This was turning me on even more, I tried to put on my most serious face and walk in like I didnt know what was going on.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled out, Lisa sat up in the bed and told me to sit down and watch the show. As we both sat there watching Mike Stroke Jims hard dick, Lisa reached down and started pinching her nipple. Watching her do this made me squirm more and Jim and Mike started kissing. Letting my feeling of oddity slip away I said "what about me" thats when Lisa reached down and tickled my clit with her finger. As I closed my eyes I saw the guys rubbing each others cocks by now.

Never touching another woman before Lisa pushed my mouth to her nipple, As I started to suck on it, she slid her finger inside me and I moaned around a mouth full of tit. It tasted so good, even better after she rubbed my pussy juice on it. I felt the bed moving more than it was, Lisa and I both stopped and watched the guys getting into a 69 position, I said "Holly shit you are gay" and Lisa replied "then you are to because your sucking my tit and shoved another finger inside me. She whispered into my ear "theres a differeance between gay and knowing plesure!" In a combination of seeing two men giving head another woman finger fucking me I came all over her hand.

Lisa got flat on my back and climbed up so her pussy was right over my mouth, it smelled so sweet and tasted even better and I drove my tounge inside her. As she grabbed the back of my head to pull it tighter, I felt my legs being pried apart, thinking it was Mike I felt the tickle of a moustace on my nipple and Jims lip is bald. I tried to squirm away for a moment at the tought of having another man inside me, but that was soon overcome with the pressure of someone entering me holding my legs wide open. Lisa let my head go for a moment long enough to see Jim pounding me like no tommorow and Mike stradling my chest, grabbing my tits and starting to tit fuck me. i dont know how long this went on for but Mike was soon thrusting his dick between my tits and I could feel him ready to cum at the same time Lisa was wiggling all over my face and screaming "IM CUMMIN" as was I from the pounding of Jims cock inside me and I could feel him shooting inside me.

After a moment of rest Lisa took Jims hair and held his head over Mikes cum all over my chest "lick her clean" she joined him and it turned me on watching them both doing it. With the mix of mine and Jims cum dripping from my pussy I got up and pushed Mike on his back and spread my legs over his mouth and told him to clean it off with his tounge. This went on for awhile longer we all got off one more time and all fell asleep on the sofa bed. I woke up to Lisa playing with my pussy, it was sometime around noon and we kissed and played for about half an hour when I relized the guys were not in bed with us. I asked where they were and she said "they were not here when I woke up." Wondering where they were we went to our bedroom and shock hit us both when we say Mikes dick burried in Jims ass. Needless to say the rest off the day was nothing but a sex fest for us and we decided, none of us are gay, WE JUST LIKE SEX!!!