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Title: Busted - Author:

Published: Sep 14, 2007 - Contact:

Hi, my name is Paula and the story you are about to read is completely true- with a name change or two.

I'm a mostly happily married woman, late twenties with blue eyes and dark hair. I am studying for my PhD at a large Midwestern university in the USA.

I've been married a couple years, and had a lot of fun. One of the things that really turns me on is "strange". That is, the first time usually is the best time for me in many ways. All guys are different, you know. I thought being married would kinda put a damper on my sexual explorations. It was, therefore, very unexpected when one night as I worked my husband's cock in and out of my mouth he asked me if I had ever fantasized about other men.

Did I Hell yes!

What did I fantasize about

"Well," I told him, "I really like sex and I like getting eaten out... but I REALLY like sucking cock. I can orgasm sucking a man off, really! Especially if it's "strange" cock."

Maybe I'm weird, but when I told him all this to my husband more excited. After he came (a BIG load for him that night) he told me he didn't mind the idea of me with other guys, but that he wanted to know EVERYTHING. A bit of a voyeur, I guess.

Well, that turned me on.

He asked me who I would most like to play with, and I told him his friend Steve really got me hot. In fact, I had even fantasized that the hot cock between my slutty legs was Steve instead of my husband when we made love. All this got my husband even more excited. He finger fucked me while I cried out, "Steve, fuck me! Fuck my cunt!" We both came like mad.

That next weekend, my husband and Steve went out to do some computer work at Steve's- these usually turned out to be all-night affairs. During the night, My husband asked Steve what his biggest fantasy was- turned out that Steve always wanted to be sucked off while he drove down I-75. In the middle of the day. My husband said, "No problemo, Paula sucks GREAT cock!"

Well, you can imagine the rest!


The next day I found myself in the front seat of Steve's convertible, wearing a skirt and a halter, with no undies. My husband sat in the back seat, and Steve drove. With the top down. I noticed Steve was wearing a pair of swimsuit trunks that were a little large and I could easily see his erection through it.

It seemed that there were a LOT of trucks on the road that day, but it's probably my imagination. Anyway, about 10 miles out my husband said, "Okay Paula, you little cunt. I think you should show Steve your appreciation for being seen with a slut like you in public."

God, I was WET as I pulled his shorts down. Steve's cock was nicer than I had thought; my husband had nothing on Steve as far as length. Steve was a good seven inches plus.

But before I went down on him, my husband pulled my skirt up over my back so my ass was waving in the wind a little bit. God, I was hot! As I went down on Steve, I noticed some trucks pass and then a pickup with a bunch of frat guys pulled up to us and stayed even with us for most of my performance. God! I didn't expect THAT! Steve was SO good and nice tasting.

I licked the length of his shaft and took his balls into my mouth, then went on to a slow pumping in and out while I played with his cock with my tongue. Steve said he was ready to cum, and could he cum in my mouth. My husband pulled me away though, and told Steve to pull over at the next rest stop.

That's when we all got busted by the highway patrol.

I was kneeling naked in the back seat going down on Steve and my husband was jacking off in the front seat watching us, and well, I guys we weren't paying attention to our surroundings.

I guess as we began doing each other a highway patrol car pulled into the rest stop so the officer could take a piss. And as luck would have it he pulled his cruiser into the space next to our car.

In court the officer told the judge that he watched us for a while, letting us incriminate ourselves, but as it happened he waited until Steve blew his load in my mouth before he leaned in the window and told us we were busted.