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Title: After School - Author: steve.g

Published: Oct 13, 2007 - Contact:

I arrive for my detention but I am unsure what to expect. I have been a model student until now. A straight A student hoping to get an academic scholso I can go to college.

As I enter the room, I am mildly surprised that I am the only student in detention today. I look around the detention room, which is like any other classroom in the school, as I grab a seat. You walk in and shut the door behind you. My eyes follow you as you move to sit behind the teachers desk at the front of the room. i can feel my nipples tightening as I remember yesterdays encounter with you. You motion me to come forward and I obey the silent command.

Coming around the desk so I am standing in front of you. Two words come out of your mouth as you unzip your pants and pull out your cock. Suck it! I get down on my knees and take your semi erect cock into my hands. Looking at you I lean forward and lick the length of your shaft before taking it into my mouth. My tongue swirls around the tip of your cock before moving aside so I can take your cock deeper into my mouth. I can feel your cock grow thicker as I suck it. I pull it from my mouth and lick it from top to bottom. This time when I take your cock into my mouth it goes in deeper and I can feel it in the back of my throat. MMMmmm You moan your encouragement.

I keep taking your prick deeper and deeper and deeper into my mouth until I am taking your entire cock into my mouth.You reach down and put a hand into my hair, grabbing a fistful, bringing my head forward as you push you hips towards my face. You are now fucking my mouth with your cock, and I struggle to breathe between strokes. Tears come to my eyes but you don't slow down, if anything you fuck my mouth harder and faster. Soon I can feel your cock cumming down my throat. I swallow each drop of cum as you pull your cock from my mouth. I sit back on my heels and watch you rub your prick in your fist. You motion me to stand, my legs are wobbly from being in a kneeling position and I grab the desk for support. You reach under my skirt and pull down my white panties.

As I step out of them you tell me never to wear panties to detention again. Yes sir, I reply as you put your hand around my waist and lift me so I'm sitting on the edge of the desk. You step between my thighs and place the tip of your cock at my cunt. Please Sir, fuck my pussy. With my words, you plunge your cock all the way into my pussy.

MMMMMM I moan out loud. Fill me with your cock, fuck me, I try to move my hips closer to yours but your hands are holding my hips still as you begin to move in and out. Yesss, fuck my cunt. My legs holding you tight. Fuck me with your cock, fuck me harder. I lean back and brace my hands on the desk top, my head thrown back as I beg you not to stop. One of your hands reaches up and undoes the two buttons holding my blouse over my tits. You lean forward and take a nipple into your mouth as you fuck my pussy.

I moan even louder, closing my eyes as I arch closer to your seeking mouth. You hand reaches up and gives a sharp tug on my hair, forcing my eyes open. I look into your eyes as you pull my nipple with your teeth. My hips buck under yours. You bite at my nipples even as you fuck me harder. I feel your hands biting into my hips, your teeth tugging my nipples. I start to cum on your cock, it pounds my cunt harder and harder. FFFuuuuccckkk MMMEEEE! I scream in your ear as I cum.

Dimly I am aware that you are cumming too. Filling my pussy with hot, thick, creamy spunk. You slide your cock out of my pussy and help me down from the desk.

You push me to my knees and I lick your cock clean before you put it away. You reach into your pocket and pull out something red. It's the bra you had promised me the first time we had sex. Stuffing it into my backpack, I turn around and you tell me that I can go to the bathroom to fix myself up before going home.

On my way out of the school, I ran into steve on his way to football practice. I hope you didn't get into to much trouble over yesterday. He said. no I tell him, just a detention. Sweet, how about meeting me for lunch tomorrow He asked.