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Title: Lesbian Car Ride - Author:

Published: Dec 3, 2007 - Contact:

R and I were heading out of town for a girls weekend in the city. No guys, no phones, no work calls.

As we drove a few hours and got stuck in traffic, we struck up conversation. We were shooting the shit and eventually the conversation turned to our sex lives. She asked she could rub my breasts. I was startled! R and I were very good friends and had been for some time but not THAT kind of friends.

I asked her why she wanted to rub them. She said she always had... that she enjoyed looking at them. Again I was startled. I did not know this side of her. R is married, like myself.

She asked again if she could just touch them. I gave in. I had played with women before and I found it to be amazingly hot. She reached in my shirt and slid her hand under my bra and squeezed as I drove. She rubbed my nipple between her fingers and just kept rubbing my tit.

I loved it. It was so hot. My pussy was getting juicy at her touch.

She removed her hand and I heard an unzip of a zipper and unclick of her seatbelt. She was pulling off her shorts.

To my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties. "There, that's better" she said... and slides her hand back in my shirt while her other hand is sliding up and down her pussy just stroking.

I was so hot... but had to focus on driving. She reached across and grabbed my other breast... squeezing and moaning about loving my big tits. I was sooo hot. I could really only watch her rubbing her pussy a little bit because I had to focus on the road. She was stroking her shaved cunt and sliding that hand up to her own tits, under her shirt. R has small A cup tits and never wears a bra. Her hard little nipples were standing out through her white t-shirt.

I had a soaking wet pussy when she moved her hand away in order to really have fun with herself... she was stroking her pussy and moaning. I wanted to touch her shaved pussy so bad... and she must have known that.

Scooting her ass towards the door, she faced her pussy to me and spread her legs as I drove... she was showing me how she masturbated herself. I could she her little titties just so perky. She said, "come on and touch it......I just have to get this orgasm out"

I was driving but set the car to cruise control and slowly reached my hand towards her. She grabbed it and pushed my fingers inside of her. Her warm, tight pussy was soooo wet. Just gushing all over the passenger seat of my car. She was moaning for me to finger fuck her so she could come. She was moaning, "come on, bitch, fuck me." She was insatiable. I had to pull over.

Quickly I pulled over at a rest stop. She was getting more and more worked up. I started finger her pussy and she was playing with her titties. She started kissing me hard and moaning louder as I fucked her with my first two fingers.

She asked if I would suck her titties to help her orgasm along. I agreed and started licking and sucking those hard little nipples. She loved it. I was slurping all over her tits. She still wasn't coming tho.

She then moaned... "I need you to eat my pussy....and I will come hard." I slid my face down to her hot cunt and started eating it.

"Oh eat it, bitch...." she yelled and I licked her fiercely and slurped it all up. She came HARD and sat up quick... shoving my face into her pussy.

She collapsed against the car frame... pussy wet, her small tits exposed.... I asked if she was tired. She grinned and said hell no, it was her turn to drive!