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The Story...

I woke up that day at 6 30. After I had gotten up and gotten ready I was about to walk out the door when my bus flew by. I thought 'SHIT, i'm not waking up mom, ill just skip'. I grabbed a thick blanket, my back pack, and walked towards the woods behind the cult-a-sack. I walked deep into the woods and placed the blanket on the ground, I fell asleep for about 2 hours. At nine I started studying a little bit until I got bored.

Suddenly I was aroused, and I slid my hand under my pants and began massaging my pussy through my panties. After about ten minutes I heard footsteps. I paused and looked around, my hand still in my pants, I then noticed Brian, the 18 year old boy that lived next to me. I usually didn't pay attention to him but I started massaging my pussy again at his sight, and he walked in my direction and i knew he would see me. "What are you doing here! Aren't you supposed to be at school And what are you doing to yourself you naughty little girl" his voice was playful and I smirked "Well Brian, you may be 3 years older than me but you have school too, and I believe you know damn well what I'm doing!"

He smiled and sat on a corner of the blanket and shook his head "You've always been so beautiful..." He smiled, I blushed and pulled my hand away and sat up "SHUTUP Brian!!" He laughed and pulled a leaf out of my hair "but you are...can i...can i touch your breast at least Please"

I gasped, I knew I had rather large breast for being only 18 but I never expected that, without realizing it I nodded and scooted closer to him. He smiled and pushed me down and slid his hand slowly up my shirt, he slid it to the back and undid my bra, then He slid my shirt all the way up and pulled the bra off, exposing my hard nipples, he smiled "someones a little turned on" i blushed and looked away, he took advantage of this, he bent over and slowly ran his tongue over my breast and gently bit down and my hardened nipple, I moaned lightly.

This continued for a couple minutes and then he slid his hand into my pants, I whimpered and he frowned "its okay, im not some old man trying to rape you, i won't touch you besides through your panties if you don't want me to. I shook my head and pushed him away, and he was about to protest as I stood up, but then I slid my pants off, along with my panties and laid back down. "Brian...i'm so effing horny, please take me...please" I didn't know what I had just done or why I had done it, but before I knew it he was hovering above me me, his breath hot on my neck, he slid down and gently licked my clit, I moaned and he inserted his tongue in my wet pussy, swerving it around, i arched my back a little and moaned "brian..more..."

CONTINUED, yeah, i'm mean, but i'm sick right now. oh yeah, this is fictional, heheheeh, i'm still a virgin...well, idk. i just don't feel like going into the heated part yet, tell me what you think by emailing me;

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  • School Skipping Fuck
  • Published: Dec 12, 2007
  • Author: anonymous
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  • Category: Short stories
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About: "He smiled and pushed me down and slid his hand slowly up my shirt, he slid it to the back and undid my bra, then He slid my shirt all the way up and pulled the bra off, exposing my hard nipples."

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