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The Story...

After a night of drinking on my sisters birthday, Me, my cousin (Dil) and his friend Joe were left. Dil was very drunk in the kitchen and me and Joe was messing about with my phone in the front room.

I noticed he kept trying to get me to lean over him, my boobs on show with my lowcut top. he sat next to me and shut my phone as I was texting.

I didnt know what to make of the situation, being only 18 and he was 27 and I hadnt had many sexual experiences before, and not with someone I knew well. his hand wandered to my right leg as he started kissing me, his tongue sliding deep into my mouth. He got up, checked my cousin was asleep then took me upstairs leading me into my room, my mother only in the next room and the walls were fake!

Joe sat on my bed, asked me to take my clothes off, I was nervous and didnt know if it was the right thing to do, but I wanted it, wanted it more than ever. first I took of my top, lifting it up slowly watching him getting hard in his jeans. Next my jeans came off, bending over as I pulled them down. I got on top of him, he guided me down to his now bulging cock, I took it into my hands, started licking the base, licking slowly up to the tip. I knew he liked it with his moans, getting louder and more often.

He got me to bend over, I got on all fours, naked at this time, it was an amazing feeling. He was fucking me straight away, I didnt care i just couldnt keep quiet moaning and fingering myself as he took advantage of my 18 year old pussy. my pussy was aching he fucked me that hard I just wanted him to cum. And he finally did.. deep in my pussy.

Days later they came round again, I didnt know if he would regret it and didnt know what to do with myself. There were a few of us in the kitchen around the table talking and playing drinking games, he started to rub my feet, i knew he wanted me again and of course he got me. I felt like i was acting like a lil slut, keeping it all a secret.

Over the next few months we had more meetings, he was seeing my cousin by this time. Everyone would be at the party inside, he'd take me out the back and fuck my tight pussy hard in the outside toilet. Even the night he and my cousin split up he came to see me, fucked me hard on the trampoline. He's back with my cousin now, I sometimes feel its wrong but I love the feeling he gives me. We have taken risks, fucking me hard in someone elses house when anyone could have walked in, my mother has nearly caught us, and my cousin too.

He takes me to the local park and screws me hard, coming in my mouth and pussy. 3 hours we were once out for, fucking over and over before we got back home where we fucked yet again. A year on I still want him all the time. but hes in a serious relationship with my cousin.. what will I do next ...

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About: "I noticed he kept trying to get me to lean over him, my boobs on show with my lowcut top. he sat next to me and shut my phone as I was texting."

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