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Title: Babysitting - Author: Don Brown

Published: Jan 26, 2008 - Contact:

Jules was the quietest girl but got her share of being in trouble and visiting my study. She has a body like her moms and the patience of her mom too.

She would always help around the house but was very careless and often broke things.

One day she when was 11 she was tidying in the lounge and dropped a china ornament belonging to Pipa, only 2 years older, told her, she was going to get a spanking.

Jules said she was sorry, lowered her knickers and bent over her sister's knee. Pipa removed her slipper and spanked her sister's bottom till she was crying loudly.

She stood her up and warned her it would be the belt if it happened again. Jules apologized, pulled up her knickers and went to her room.

Their other younger sister Teri was in the room and just glanced what was going on. She herself had received a spanking from Pipa the day before for not clearing the breakfast things when it was her turn.

Pipa asked why she had not done it and she said she forgot.

Perhaps a spanking will make you remember

Over the table, Teri bent over the table and gripped the other side.

Pipa lowered her sister's jeans and removed the belt. Then the knickers were lowered to the floor, step out of them please, Teri obliged.

Pipa folded the belt double and rested it on her sisters white quivering bottom, legs and Teri spread her legs.

You will get 12 Its not the fist time I have had to remind you.

Thank you Teri

Crack, thank you Pipa 1

Crack thank you Pipa 2

Crack thank you Pipa 3

Red wheels appeared quickly across her pure white bottom and she began to sob.

One to go and Teri knew she needed to hang onto the table for this one; she was a regular to Pipas spankings.

Pipa raised the belt well above her head and brought it down with full force.

Teri yelped but held on.

Pipa sat down and could not help noticing the change in her baby sister's womanly features even at her age, she was growing up fast.

Get up Teri, she said.

When she stood she threw her arms round Pipa and thanked her and apologized for putting her to the trouble of whipping her bottom.

Pipa said, there, there as she rubbed her sisters striped bottom gently.

Just make sure it does not happen again.

No I wont, thank you she said still sobbing.

Go clean your face now.

Jules was not always the person receiving a spanking, quite the opposite.

When she was 18 she started a baby-sitting service.

She went on a course run by the local parenting group and received top marks.

Her reputation soon grew as a reliable teenager who could be trusted.

Soon she was asked to look after kids only a couple of years younger.

One of these was Jon Wilson.

His parents were local churchwardens and all around held them in high esteem.

Jon's parents spoke to Jules explaining their wishes before they left for an anniversary dinner in town.

Jon has never needed spanking his dad said; he has always been a good boy.

So we do not want him to be punished, just tell us if he is naughty and we will remove his TV for an hour or so.

Yes that's fine.

You sure you understand Here is the phone number of the restaurant.

No problem, you go out and enjoy yourself.

When his parents had gone she went into the lounge to watch TV with Jon.

Jon was bright kid of almost 13 but was really pissed of that a girl only one class above him would be charged with his life for 3 or 4 hours.

Its 7 now Jon, we will watch TV for another hour and then get you ready for bed.

Jon I`m speaking to you, and she slightly raised his voice.

Who are you to tell me what to do

Some cunt from a class higher

Bet all the class has already fucked you.

Jon do not be so rude.

Else what

I will report you to your dad.

Big deal

They carried on watching TV for a while.

Show us your tits Jules.


Go on.

Or your slit, I've never seen a real live slit.

If you carry on I will ring the restaurant and speak to your folks.

Is it hairy or do you shave it

Right that's it up tom your room and get ready for your bath.

Bet I see em both before you go home.

Don't be so ridiculous.

He left the room brushing past her.

She gave him 5 minutes then went upstairs into his bedroom.

He was playing with himself in his mirror, Jon!

What the fuck.

Haven't you heard of knocking you fucking bitch.

She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him to the bed facing her.

Jules sat down trying not to be drawn by his disgusting words.

His juvenile cock was still twitching as she scolded him for his abusive manner.

It was about 5" long and very thin; he had a little above his shaft but his balls were still bald and still to find their final resting place.

Only a couple of inches from her face he tried his luck.

Suck cock bitch.

He pushed forward to her mouth and at the same time grabbed the back of her head and pushed it forward.

He separated her lips and pushed it in as though fucking her face. It hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

She recovered quickly and pushed him off her but grabbed the cock.

She pulled him forward and over her knee, she spanked and spanked as hard and as fast as she could till he gave up his fight and accepted defeat. She carried on a little longer and he was crying like a baby.

She moved him off her knee and laid him on the bed. His trousers were on the floor and she removed his thick leather belt.

Jon I had respected you now you must earn it again.

She remembered her time in the study and the beltings from Pipa and how they had hurt.

I am going to whip your bottom now to teach you some manners.

She brought the belt down on his bottom 5 or six times he tried to escape so she held him down wither other hand.

After 20 welts wheel marks were covering his bottom. She asked if he had anything to say.

I am so sorry Miss, I do not know what came over me, please forgive me, he said sobbing on every breath.

What ever possessed you Jon. That was so naughty, I am going to bring your parents home right now.

Please Miss, don't I am so sorry. Jon's pleadings worked.

Not one more piece of trouble or I will ring them.

Ok, I promise.

Right lets get your bath ready.

She left Jon and went to the bathroom and ran him a bath.

He stood in his bedroom looking inn his mirror admiring her handiwork.

She called him through and he got into the bath.

Will you wash me Miss, my mom usually does

Off course, and she soaped up the flannel and started with his hands, arms, back and chest.

He then stood and bent forward pointing his red sore bottom at her. She gently washed his cheeks and bum hole and he turned round.

His cock was stuck out proud but she ignored it and washed his balls first then his shaft.

Please Miss, could you relieve me.

Oh you want to wee

No Miss, not the toilet, the other.

He could not be serious, after what he had done he wanted her to wank him off.

Not sure its proper Jon, she said.

Oh please Miss, it aches so much.

Ok, face forward.

He turned to face the taps and she wrapped her slender finger around his shaft and began to wank him. He was just a boy and in seconds he arched his back and spat out a clear liquid from the end of his cock.

Jules then washed it again with the flannel and got him out.

He just stood there so she dried him following the same routine as when she had washed him.

By this time his cock was nothing bigger than party sausage.

He got his jimmys on and followed her downstairs, but not till he had had another wank on his bed.

She had him 2 biscuits and a glass of milk ready.

Finish your supper then you can have half an hour with your telly in your room before light out.

Yes Miss.

Jules look in on him every 15 minutes, turned of his light after 30 minutes, he asked for a goodnight kiss like his mom gave him so she kissed his forehead and tucked him in.

On her next visit he was sound asleep.

At about 10.30 Jon's mom and dad's car pulled up the drive.

She just got up to welcome them and report her evening when Jon came bounding down the stairs screaming.

As they opened the door he flew to his moms arms.

Oh mom Oh dad thank goodness you are home, he squealed through his tears, it been horrible, she's been horrible.

Whatever is the matter his mom asked

She beat me and interfered with me when I was in the bath. He dropped his pajama bottoms and bent over so they could see his angry bottom.

Just hold on a minute, Jules shouted above his screams.

NO, you just hold on a minute

Carla, Mr. Wilson said to his wife, ring the police.

The police said Jules.

Yes, this is assault.

Yes but;

No buts, did you do this to my son's bottom on our strict and repeated instructions he must not be beaten

Well yes sir but;

Cutting her off again he said, did you interfere with him in the bath

Well yes sir but;

Then ring the police Carla.

Lets not be too hasty Carla said, perhaps we can sort this out. We do not want any scandal or our names in the paper from any court case do we.

Why no, I suppose so. I will ring your father, what is your number.

Jules finally managed to mutter out her phone number.

Yes I agree, thanks you, yes I will. Jules, your father wants to speak with you.

Yes sir, Yes sir, ok dad, bye.

Well, what did he say

He said you had to punish me as you saw fit.

And do you agree with that decision

Yes sir.

Ok, lets get started.

He removed his jacket and took the hall chair into the lounge.

Right, lets have your clothes off.

Jules blushed but did not answer.

You dealt with Jon whilst he was naked so same goes for you.

She removed her jumper, then her trainers and socks. She unbuttoned her blouse and placed it on the settee. Next her jeans, she stood there in her bra and knickers.

Everything, Jon's dad said.

She unhooked her bra and her tits fell free. Her knickers were last as she pushed them down and steeped out of them.

Right over here Miss.

She stood to his right hand side; at least Jon could not get a full view of her in the place he was sat.

Other side girl, I`m left-handed.

She moved round to his other side and he beckoned her over his knee.

For someone who never spanks his kids he had a hard hand. She was soon in tears as he relentlessly rained spank after spank on her bottom. Finaly it stopped.

Stand up girl, he ordered and she instinctively placed her hands on her head. This gave Jon a great view of her tits wobbling up and down with her sobs and deep breaths.

At least it was over now and the police were not involved.

Which belt did she use Jon

My Levi one dad.

Go fetch it.

He returned with his belt and gave it to his dad. Jules had calmed a little but never thought she was going to be whipped as well.

How many licks did she give you son

I tried to count dad but lost count at 40.

I never gave you so many it was;

Be quiet and bend over and grip your shins my girl.

Turn with your back to Jon, I want him to see every stroke.

We will give her 50 Jon, would you count for me please

Yes dad. Jon had a perfect view of her 18-year-old slit, black curly hairs and all.

Open those legs his dad said as he slapped her bottom hard with his hand, I want a big target.

This brought even more pleasure to Jon and he was glad he had put on his dressing gown to cover his massive stiffy.

Her cunt had all the charms of a secret cave, just waiting for the chance to be entered.

She took up position and the first stroke hit like a bullet.

One, two, three.

Stroke after stroke cut after cut, wheel after wheel.

At 46 his dad stopped, ok son, you use the last 4.

Thank you dad. The last 4 were almost unbearable. Hard cutting blows at full strength from a young fit boy.

Ok punishment over. You stay in that position my girl till I say you can stand, do you understand that instruction he said sarcastically

Yes sir she managed to stammer out.

Take your belt back upstairs Jon, good boy.

You can ponder on your wrong doing whilst we go to the kitchen.

He and Carla left the room to make a drink.

Jules, still in the whipping position cried almost uncontrollably now she was alone.

It went over and over in her head what he had said before he left, why had she been so stupid, why did she not ring the restaurant like all her training had taught her.

She was then startled as a hand touched her bottom, stay down, it was Jon.

If you get up or shout out I will call dad and say you heard me come down stairs and attacked me again.

He rubbed her bottom then pushed 2 fingers into her very tight open slit, she winced.

Bet every boy in school has been up here, right cunt She stayed silent. He grasped a handful of her slit hairs and said, you deaf cunt

Ow, no, no one has ever been there. Well I could be the first.

She then saw his face as he bent down and looked between her legs, ok he was upside down to her view but she could see his smirk as he pushed his fingers in an out of her. He withdrew his fingers.

He reached through her legs with both hands and grabbed at her swinging tits and nipped her nipples hard, she let out a stifled whimper.

After he had had his fun with those he worked her slit again, too inexperienced to also work her clit.

Ok cunt be prepared to be fucked. His stiff cock touched against her open lips.

Please no, anything but that.

He walked to the front of her.

OK lady you have 2 choices, you either take my cock in your mouth and suck me off, or I shout dad, your choice.

She knew she had no chance if her dad came back; the evidence on his bottom was plain enough.

And surely a young boy would not have that much jizz in him after she had on wanked him a couple of hours ago.

She said nothing but raised her head and opened her lips.

He grabbed her ears and guided his 5" into her mouth, now suck baby he said.

It was only like a pencil she thought to herself as he rammed and rammed her lips.

He kept It up a lot longer than his wank in the bath, surely this would soon end.

He pulled it out and pushed it all over her face. Then went behind her and touched her damp lips again without entering and covered the end of his cock with her juices.

Again to the front, lick cunt, let me see that tongue.

She stuck out her tongue as instructed. He stuck it back in her mouth and stared pumping harder and harder, her worst pain was his hard ball sack hitting between her chin and mouth.

Suddenly his back arched and he rammed his cock in as far as it would go.

She gagged and pulled her head back for a little breathing space and felt a trickle of salty liquid hit her throat, instinctively she swallowed.

After a few more pulses fro Jon he took his cock out.

You left a bit on lady he said, lick it off. She brought her tongue to the end of his hole and licked and sucked him clean.

I knew you were a fuck slut he said as he fastened his dressing gown.

He heard his dad coming back so made it to the back of the room.

You had better not he said.

Better not what his dad asked

She said she would get me for this.

She did did she, we`ll see about that.

He began spanking her as she was still bent over, he gave her 20 more spanks emphasizing his words of warning if she ever touched Jon.

When it was all over she was told to get dressed and get home. Her father had something else to give her.

She put on her knickers first very carefully then her jeans and socks and trainers. She always dressed in this order so why should she change now; she could not suffer any further embarrassment.

Finaly her bra, blouse and jumper. She took her coat from the hallstand and never spoke a word whilst opening the door.

She walked uncomfortably down the path to the drive, her poor bottom was so sore.

Hey fuck slut she heard and looked back at the house.

Jon was in his bedroom with his window open rubbing his cock up and down.

Told you `d see your tits and slit didn't I. He laughed as he closed the bedroom window.

When she got home her dad was waiting. She collapsed into his arms.

She told him all about what happened, every detail.

Lets see the damage he said.

She removed her trainers and socks, jeans and knickers and turned to let him see.

He really gave you it good sweet heart Don said.

He rubbed her bottom gently and said ok bedtime.

I want you outside my study at 8-tomorrow night, I owe you a whipping.

Yes dad, thank you, I love you, she kissed his cheek and went up to bed.