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Title: Eighteenth Birthday - Author: Don Brown

Published: Jan 26, 2008 - Contact:

Seeing Sally in all her glory reminded me of a few times years ago when the children were younger.

Pipa, the eldest thought she was a second mother to Teri and Jules. Ordering them about, slapping them when they did not react quickly enough, loving them when they had a fall.

On Pipas 18th birthday she asked if she could have a sleep over with her friends. We explained we did not really have the room but she insisted.

Ok we said, but you will have to sleep in the lounge and only 4 girls.

This was agreed and the day came. Her two younger sisters went to stay with their gran.

The girls parents dropped them off with their sleeping bags and the message, now be a good girl or you may end up with a spanking.

The evening went well and when it was time for bed, the girls came down from Pipas bedroom, we got the lounge ready for them and went to bed.

At about 11.00pm Jane woke me to say that the girls seemed to be getting out of hand. I listened and could here them shrieking downstairs. I put on my dressing gown and went down.

What a sight 5 girls soaking wet with soda water and orange juice, not to mention the orange stains on the carpet and suite.

Right, I shouted, who started this a deathly hush. I want to know who started it or you will all suffer the consequences.

Still no reply

Ok all of you into the bathroom and get out of those wet clothes, and Pipa you and your friends line up outside my study, and do not bother getting dressed, you'd only be loosing them.

But dad it was, stop I said, too late now. You had 2 chances and refused so it is a spanking for each of you. There was a gasp from them all.

Most parents on our estate spanked other peoples children if they were playing with their kids and did something wrong. Then sent home a note saying what had happened and the child would usually get another spanking when they got home, ours always did.

I went back upstairs to put on my jog suit and explain to Jane.

I walked to my study and found 5 naked and trembling young girls lined up and waiting.

Ok inside you lot and line up facing the wall with your hands on your heads.

Five cute 18 and 19-year-old bottoms, all pale unmarked, apart from Suzy's. Suzy was the eldest by a few months and was nearly 20. Her bottom was a little redder and had a few faint stripes across it.

Now Suzy, I said, she jumped with the sound of her name being called. Your bottom looks as though it has had some attention during the last day or so, am I right

Yes sir she replied quietly,

Sorry I cannot hear you, turn round and answer me.

She turned round and said a little louder.

Yes sir.

Tell me why Suzy.

I was not very well behaved with my little brother sir.

What did you do to him

He would not do as I said so I took his pants down and spanked him.

How old is he

11 sir.

Do you not think that at 11 years old it was a little embarrassing for him

No sir I have seen his thing hundreds of times.

Yes but you are not being fair, you are almost 20 and let us compare you to Sylvia. Sylvia turn round please. Sylvia turned round and was a bright shade of pink.

Suzy, compare yourself to Sylvia, see how different your bodies are and only a year difference in age.

Yes sir, put that way I see your point.

Ok Sylvia turn back to the wall.

Now Suzy, continue.

My mom came in and saw what I was doing and made me take off my shorts and knickers and spanked me in front of my brother. She said she would tell dad too when he came home from work.

Yes then what.

When he came home I was in bed, he came up and made me remove my nightie and bend over my dressing table chair. He took off his belt and whipped me sir.


Now all of you turn round.

Some dropped their hands, keep those hands on your heads and push your elbows back.

I might as well take full advantage of the situation I thought.

As all five turned round you could age them by the shape and size of their bodies.

The youngest was Sylvia; she had just small tangerine sized tits, a plumpish belly and a sparcly haired unswollen slit.

Jamie was next and was a few months older. Her tits were the size of small oranges with pink flat nipples. A more straightish belly and the signs of her slit just starting to swell with a small hairy mound.

Pipa was next, she was quiet well on with puberty and had tits the size of Grapefruit and slightly enlarged pink nipples. A flat tummy and the scattering of black hair on her slightly puffy lipped slit.

Rosy next, she was the most developed with firm orange shaped tits with proud nipples. A flat tummy and a large growth of unkempt blonde hair almost covering her puffy lipped slit, puberty had been very kind to her.

Finally Suzy, also well developed with similar sized tits to Rosy but not as much pubic hair. She also looked to have larger floppier lips to her slit, something I will examine more closely when she is over my knee.

Ok, Sylvia you are the nearest come here and bend over my knee. You will get 5 hard spanks on each cheek, so count them, if you miss any we start again, ok

Ok sir.

Thwap, one sir, thwap, two sir, thwap, three sir, by 6 she was sobbing and by 8 crying, thwap, 10 sir, and sorry sir.

Her bottom was so soft and floppy it reminded me of the first time I had Pipa in my study for a spanking at about 9 years old. Before that Jane administered the girls punishments.

You may get up Sylvia and rub your bottom. You may also keep facing this way to see the others get spanked, and if I am right when you get home with my note you will get more than a spanking, am I right

Yes sir.

Tell the others what I am talking about Sylvia.

Mom uses a table tennis bat on us.

On where Sylvia

On my bare sir.

Ok hands back on your head.

Next, it was the turn of Jamie who walked forward and bent over without asking.

I placed my left hand in the small of her back and brought down my right hand with a little more force than on Sylvia.

Ow, one sir, following Sylvias lead

Same again on her left cheek, Ow, two sir

The third spank was over the first and Jamie screamed Ow.

I waited with no other response so landed number 4, Ow 4 sir.

Sorry Jamie that is number one, you missed counting the last one, I did warn you.

Yes sir, sorry sir, one sir.

Jamie was careful to number 10 making sure she counted each one.

Ok Jamie stand up and you may rub your bottom.

Thank you sir.

Ok Pipa assume the position and Jamie put your hands on your head please.

Pipa was no stranger to being over my knee and her 10 were administered very hard and fast and she never missed a count.

She stood up and rubbed her bottom then put her hands back on her head.

Rosy, your turn over my knee please. Her body seamed more muscular than the previous girls.

Are you ready

Yes sir.

I hit her pretty hard with my first spank.

One sir

Two sir

Three sir

Four sir

Five sir

Counting was the only response no sobbing or even a sniff.

I raised her further over my knee so her bottom was a little higher.

The sixth spank was as hard as I spank Jane and I wanted to test her resolve.

Oooo six sir

Ow seven sir

After her 10 she too was told to stand and rub her bottom, she quickly put her hands back on her head and stood back in line.

After I worked through the first 4 it was the turn of Suzy.

Right Suzy as the oldest you should have known better, yes sirs, ok over you go.

I pushed her further down, as I wanted her bum right up so I could see her slit.

It was a lot bigger than the others with lips that seemed to hang down and were floppier a brighter pink.

I rubbed my hand over her bottom and could feel the ridges of her father's belt. When were you last belted Suzy

The night before last sir

And what will happen when you get home Suzy

I will get spanked by mom and belted by dad when he gets home from work.

Are you really that naughty

Yes sir, ok start counting.

Spank, one thank you sir.

Spank, Oo two thanks you sir.

She was weeping at 10 and wiggling her bottom making her slit lips flap.

When all had been spanked and were facing me, all still crying, all with their various sized tits bouncing as they jiggled about and sobbed, I asked a question.

Ok I will ask again, who started the trouble

Straight away Suzy stepped forward.

Please sir it was me, I am so sorry i did not say so before as I knew it would get a spanking and my bottom was still a little sore from my fathers whipping.

It is your friends you should apologize to, it was they who each got a spanking because of you.

I am going to strap you now Suzy and the others can gather round to watch.

What a result, I could now see what shape her slit lips were.

Bend and grip your ankles, feet apart, further, that's it.

Now Pipa pass me the senior belt from the locker, thank you.

The girls will help you count these Suzy, as you may be pre occupied. Ready girls

Yes sir came the reply.

As the belt whizzed through the air at some speed it made a resounding slap noise, one said the girls, and Suzy jumped forwards, her slit lips quivering. As I looked at the other girls they were transfixed by her lip size and shape.

Slap, two sir, as she quivered again.

Slap, Owwwwww three sir

Slap, Owwwwww four sir.

I gave her 10. Not because I wanted to see her lips, but because she did not own up.

After 10 I told her to keep her position whilst I lectured them.

Ok stand up Suzy, you may rub your bottom which she did with vigor whilst hoping from one leg to the other, her tits following the rhythm. Right go and get into you sleeping bags and not another word.

Pipa, as it was your party you were responsible and will receive a bedtime spanking for 5 nights, do I make myself clear

Yes dad, thank you dad.

The other girls gasped, and you Suzy, yes sir, not sure it is worth putting your nickers on tomorrow when you go home, do you, no sir she said with as big a giggle as she could under the circumstances of crying.

I returned to bed and explained to Jane what had happened and by the end of the story we were both eager for love.

I typed a note to their parents and in the morning gave it to each of their mothers.

When they had gone I took Pipa into the kitchen and told her to lower her knickers and bend over the kitchen table, in front of her two younger sisters, making sure her slit was on full view.

I will not tolerate bad behavior in my home, do you understand Pipa

Yes dad, really sorry dad.

To make sure you remember I am going to whip your bottom, I removed my belt and doubled it and gave her 20 hard strokes.

You may stand up now and I will see you at my study at 8 o'clock, is that understood. Yes sir she weped and I let her go to her bedroom.

We heard later that all the girls had received a beating when they were home and two of them had got a 3-night bedtime spanking too, yes Suzy was one.

At five to eight Pipa was outside my study in her dressing gown. I asked her in and she removed her gown and stood hands on head in her nightie facing the wall.

Ok Pipa come here and raise your nightie, she came over raised her nightie and bent over my knee. Her bottom was very bruised along the strap lines so I took it easy with her and gave her 20 spanks, she was soon crying. When I told her to stand up she put her arms round my neck and said love you dad and thank you.