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Title: Winter Term - Author: Don Brown

Published: Jan 29, 2008 - Contact:

How about if we all find somewhere to share said Linda

Pete was in agreement but would Zoe agree.

Yes, why not she said, lets do it.

That's how it started.

Three 19-year-old students looking to share a house whilst in their first year away from home and at university.

All 3 searched the papers and local estate agents.

Linda commented how nearly everyone needed 4 or 6 to share.

Could we all afford to chip in a little bit more and take a 4, asked Linda.

The general consensus of opinion was yes, so they concentrated on looking at 4 shares.

After looking at several properties they chose one just on the outskirts of the town but in a very brightly lit street, for the girls at night, and a bus stop on either side of the road, almost opposite.

They rang the contact number and reached Mr. James.

He arranged to meet them at the house that afternoon at 2.00pm

Mr. James had some concern as to whether the 3 could meet the monthly payments.

The usual practice was to take 12 post dated cheque off each resident to ensure he got full payment. Mr. James did not do this, he said he could let the house at any time and was an ex student and realized it was hard for some people to sign to such a contract.

He did not want any bond or even one month in advance; he just wanted their word they would pay on the last day of the month.

He worked out the cost and they agreed on $50 a week each

He stipulated severe consequences if they did not meet the payments.

They realized how severe it would be not to pay and be forced into the street.

All agreed and signed the contract.

Mr. James said they could move in immediately and as it was the 24th of August they could have that week free, but their first payment would be due on the 30th September.

The first week flew by, meeting fellow students, joining this association and that club.

Linda got a job in the local pet shop.

She worked from 4 till 6 Monday to Friday and 8 till 2 on a Saturday. It paid $96 a week; her share of the house was $200 a month so she knew she could manage quite well.

Zoe, the quietest, found work the Co-op. She worked one of the tills from 5 till 9 Monday to Friday and got paid $113 a week.

She wanted every weekend off, as she liked to swim at the weekend and even some mornings before lectures or in free periods.

Pete got set on at the Red Lion; his family background was pubs so he knew the work inside out.

He did several shifts including weekends but it suited him. He was a social outgoing lad, a bit small for his age but a huge personality. He earned around $160 a week with tips but also put some back over the bar when it was not his shift.

September also went by in an instant and on the 30th Mr. James duly arrived and picked up his $600 for the previous 4 weeks rent.

The gas and electric were on a coin meter so he emptied that at the same time.

Studying, course work and general lectures were going extremely well for all three. Although they all worked they managed quite easily. All 3 were "A"star pupils, lots of knowledge but little common sense.

The last day in October arrived.

They all gathered round to pay Mr. James his rent.

Pete first gave his $200.

Mr. James counted it and said, sorry, you are $50 short Pete.

Pete counted it again, all twenty's, one hundred and eighty, two hundred.

Yes, said Mr. James, but it is $50 a week each.

Yes they all agreed.

But this month has 5 weeks in it, so it is $250 each.

Pete opened his wallet and had 3 twenty's left; he gave them to Mr. James who gave him $10 back.

Next was Linda, she panicked a little, she went back to her room and retrieved the $40 which was going towards her dress for the ball, she asked Pete if he could lend her the $10 she was short, which he did and she paid Mr. James.

Zoe was now getting anxious. She also only had the $200 plus maybe another $15 she could scrape up.

Sorry Mr. James, I never realized about the extra week, I can get it for you tomorrow from my employer, and bring it to your house.

You know the rules he said.

Yes but one day.

We all signed the contract.

Please do not throw me out Mr. James.

Well I always give my tenants 2 choices.

Eviction or a punishment.

Punishment, what punishment

As you cannot be trusted as adults then I offer you the chance of me spanking you like a child.


How I feel is necessary.

Do you mean really a spanking Mr. James

Yes, to start with.

Zoe thought about it, she had been spanked load of times at home, and worse. She so did not want to loose her home.

I agree Mr. James.

Ok Zoe, please wait for me in your bedroom.

You 2 can go about your business.

It was now 6.25 and both were late for their work.

Will you be ok Zoe or would you like me to wait

Oh I'll be fine thanks Linda.

Linda and Pete left and Mr. James went to Zoe's room.

Now Zoe, I will not do anything without your consent.

But everything I ask to do is part of the punishment to wipe off your debt.

Do you understand

Yes Mr. James.

I will be addressed as sir during your punishment.

Yes sir.

Zoe remove your jeans and knickers for a spanking.

Please sir, I do not have any knickers on, I put on my swimming costume to go swimming.

I usually do it at home to save time sir.

Then remove your swimming costume.

But.... Zoe was going to protest but thought better off it.

She had been naked enough times in the past.

Usually all her spankings at home were done when she was naked, her dad insisted.

Not that she was a naughty girl, quite the contrary.

She was a very quiet girl. She had a small circle of good friends and an even larger circle of admirers.

Dad was a magistrate, so dropping a pencil at the wrong time could get her a spanking.

Her mum was on a very short fuse most of the time so failure to put a cup in the dishwasher resulted in her going over the kitchen table with her knickers down.

Only a couple of months ago she lent her "Prove It" card to her younger sister, Anna, who was then 17.

Anna was caught in an under age raid at the Blue Boar. As it was her first offence she got off with a warning from the police.

Her father found her guilty, grounded her for one month and beat her.

Zoe was found guilty of encouragement and fraud by her dad.

She had an appointment with dad on his return from the golf club.

Her mum, never one to miss out had told her the seriousness of her actions.

Lets have those knickers down Zoe.

Zoe lowered her cut offs and folded them onto the back of the chair.

She slid her white Next knickers down and placed them on top of her pants.

Her mum was eager and started pushing her over before she had finished and instinctively Zoe pushed her away so she did not fall.

She grabbed her by the arm and threw her across the table.

You wicked girl she shouted and stared to rain spanks on Zoe's pale bottom.

Zoe screamed and wriggled till the spanking stopped.

She was in floods of tears and started to get up. Oh no you don't my girl and her mum pushed her back down and started hitting her bottom with the large wooden mixing spoon.

The spanking was for what you did with Anna; this is a beating for assaulting me.

Zoe could not speak she was crying so much and accepted the 20 or 30 smacks of the spoon.

Right up and in that corner she was ordered.

Zoe rose gently and gripped her bottom, her so sore bottom.

Come on hands on head her mum shouted as she gave her another half dozen with her hand as to remind her what to do.

What a sight, stood in a corner, hands on head with a bottom, which throbbed with every pulse, and spoon shapes spread all over it

After about 25 minutes the doorbell rang. It was Mrs. Brown; she always called on a Tuesday for a coffee and the latest gossip.

Come in Claire, take a seat.

Sorry about Zoe, I have just had to give her a spanking, naughty girl, and she walked past her to the kettle and gave her 2 more spanks, pushing Zoe further into the corner.

She knows no limits that girl; now Clare did you hear about the Wilson's.

Zoe removed her jeans and placed them on the bed, followed by her blue sweatshirt.

She pulled down the straps of her costume, over her tits and down her to her waist.

Over her bottom to the floor and that was also placed neatly on the bed.

Zoe was a beautiful looking girl.

The face of a model with shoulder length blond hair.

Her tits were a 34" bra size with a full cups. They hung just perfectly from her slender toned frame.

A straight belly led to a perfectly shaped bottom at the back and an immaculately groomed mound at the front. Not a hair out of place.

Her long slim legs finished off her 5 foot 6 body.

Lets have you arms by your side, let me check out this naughty girl.

Yes sir.

Right Zoe, I am going to start by spanking you, ok

Yes sir and she moved forward to where he was sitting on the bed.

He beckoned her to lean over and her hands touched the floor.

Her young bottom rose like small hill in a valley.

Unmarked, unblemished and pale pink in color.

Prepare Zoe, and he brought his hand down on her right cheek, then her left cheek.

Backwards and forwards he went, left cheek right cheek, turning them to a bright pink.

He was not harsh but hard. He did not skim the surface with his spanks like her old gym teacher used to do, no his were full hand spanks.

She began to whimper as each slap began to penetrate. He stopped and told her to stand.

Her whimpers had become tears and sobs.

You were $35 short Zoe that was $15, ok

Ok sir.

Right pass me one of your trainers please.

Zoe passed her left Nike to her punisher.

Pull out your dressing table stool please.

Zoe moved the stool from under the dressing table into the centre of the room.

It was a large bedroom, not the largest; Linda won that in the draw they had made for rooms. But never the less a big double bedroom.

It was at the front of the house with a view over the park to the city centre.

A double wardrobe, dressing table and a three quarter bed.

Most of the walls had shelves on too.

Ok Zoe, bend over the stool and grip the stool legs, I want your bottom facing skywards.

She did as instructed knowing her most private area would be on show.

Come on now, legs apart, yours is not the first slit I've seen.

Her slit was like the rest of her body, perfect.

Shaved lips from her curvy, if red, bottom to the top of her clit.

Ridges and valleys protected by a wall of puffy lips.

The trainer came down like a bolt of lightening and reminded her of the task she had agreed to accept. He gave her six on each cheek, which caused her to break out in more tears.

I will that $10, so still $10 owing.

Stand up from the stool.

Zoe stood carefully.

Move the stool please.

The stool was replaced under the dressing table.

She stood facing him as he started to remove his belt. The last $10 will be recovered by 10 strokes of my belt. You will count each pound, if you miss one or are too slow it will not count and you will receive a new stroke which we will call interest.

Turn and touch your toes.

Zoe cried a sigh and bent over and touched her toes, with ease.

He lay the folded belt across her bottom just lifting slightly then resting again gently then it lifted and landed with a Thwack, 2 seconds later Zoe jumped forward and yelped, one sir.

It rose again, Thwack two sir, Thwack three sir.

Angry bright red wheels were appearing in tramline formation.

Thwack nine sir, she braced herself for the 10th knowing the last from anyone was always the one to remind you never to do it again.

Mr. James had always given the last as his signature stroke. The belt whistles through the air and cut across the others in a diagonal, thus inflaming already sore lines.

The door flew open as she screamed 10 sir.

I have it Zoe, I borrowed $35 from, she stopped in her tracks. It was Linda.

She had borrowed the money from a work mate and it had taken her so long to return with it, bloody busses.

She stared at Zoe's fiery bottom, Oh Zoe, I got here as quickly as I could, I`m so sorry it was not earlier.

She kept staring and mover her eyes to Zoe's slit. It was beautiful, full, honest and untouched. Linda felt a wetness she only usually felt when her last boyfriend used to spank her.

It is ok now, said Mr. James, the debt is paid in full. But let Zoe's bottom be a lesson to you if you fail to meet the agreement.

Yes Mr. James she replied still mesmerized by such a wonderful sight.

Please leave the room Linda.

Linda backed out of the room and entered her own bedroom.

She took of her puffer jacket and lay on her bed. Her hand went up her skirt and down her knickers to her slit. She entered and began to push backwards and forwards.

Ok Zoe please stand up. You are a very brave girl, he pulled her towards him and she rested her head on his shoulder. He smelt of Chacharel after-shave, she knew the smell as her elder brother used it. She snuggled in and felt safe. He touched her bottom gently then moved her away.

Will you have the correct rent next month Zoe

Oh yes sir, for sure sir.

Have you anything to say to me before I leave

Yes sir, I am really sorry I let you down with the rent. I appreciate the spanking instead of being evicted. Thanks you sir.

Mr. James put back on his long Cashmere blue coat and left the house.

Zoe got herself together and slipped on her bathrobe.

Although Linda was too late she wanted to thank her.

She left her room and crossed over to Linda's room.

She knocked and went in.

Linda was lying naked with her left hand squeezing her right tit and her right hand nipping her clit.

Just wanted to th.... Oh! Sorry Linda.

Linda stopped with the shock of her visitor.

Zoe continued walking towards her. What made her keep walking.

She sat on the side of Linda's bed and reached down to her slit.

Linda placed her hand on top of Zoe's and guided her in.

Zoe's bathrobe fell open and Linda reached between Zoe's legs, she immediately spread them.

Each worked their friend's slit and clit the Zoe lent forward and licked Linda's slit.

She dwelt on the opening and rose to her clit, teasing, tormenting, nibbling and enjoying. Linda writhed about in exactly, moaning and groaning, pushing her mound higher and higher into her visitors warm mouth.

Linda withdrew her tongue and stood up, her juices staining the top of her inner thighs.

She dropped her dressing gown and got on the bed with Linda, top to tail. She lay on her back but quickly felt the non rent payment reminder so moved to her side, Linda was quick to respond and bit her Zoe's clit bringing another cry but not this time of pain.

They both enjoyed each other's offerings and nipped and cajoled each other's tits.

Both of their nipples were stiff and hard.

Linda squeezed Zoe's bottom and she came in an instant quickly followed by her own come. Each tasted for the first time another girls climax, and they lapped it up.

Zoe lifted herself off the bed and turned the same way as Linda, Linda reached into her bedside drawer and took out her vibrator.

It was fully 10" long and a girth of around 6". It had pleasured Linda on many a dark lonely night and now for then first time she was about to share it.

She touched it against the wet lips of her friend.

Zoe opened up and took it in. Linda moved it till she hit a slight barrier, they looked into each other's eyes and Zoe shook her head yes.

Linda pushed a little harder and Zoe squealed quietly.

It now went all the way in and Zoe was in a frenzy, she worked Linda's clit and slit with her fingers on both hands and bit her tits viciously. She raised her head and it was Zoe's turn to feel the teeth on her hard nipples, she again moaned.

Linda turned the vibrator to full and left it in Zoe. She then pulled Zoe on top of her and worked her clit on the thick end of the vibrator.

It was only minutes and both girls climaxed again together.

Zoe removed the vibrator and moved it up for Linda to kiss, but she took in her mouth. She then turned onto her front and removed the vibrator from her mouth and put it in her slit. Spank me Zoe, the only three words spoken.

Zoe did not need a second invitation and began to spank her friend. Soft loving spanks to begin with then harder and harder. Linda pulled one hand from beneath herself and inserted 3 fingers into Zoe, she moaned.

Zoe stopped, unplugged herself from Linda and went to her friend's wardrobe and found her jeans, removed the belt and returned to the bed.

Linda quickly reconnected and Zoe whipped her friend's bottom till they both came again.

Zoe rested on top of Linda's back for a while then stood up and went back to her own bedroom to pick up her towel then went for a shower.

Did you get sorted last night Zoe

Yes thanks Pete

What did her do

Just gave me a spanking and told me to make sure it did not happen again.

Were you ok with that Zoe

Yes, we all agreed.

Hell, hope I never fall behind with the rent.